Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Video footages Asia total solar eclipse 22 July 2009

The longest solar eclipse just swept across Asia. CNN real time video recordings of the 2009 solar eclipse and comparisson from different places. Video 1 - Asian solar eclipse 2009 - general overview about an eclipse, Video 2 - Asia solar eclipse filmed from China, Video 3 - Asia solar eclipse reaching the Japan Island of Iwo Jima.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3


Video Milwaukee car accident: Woman and two kids saved after being trapped in burning SUV car

22 July 2009. An impressive risky effort made by local community from Milwaukee (Wisconsin) who saved the lives of three by helping trapped woman and her two kids escape burning car. Off-duty firefighter and policeman were also involved in rescue operation. It seemed that the woman fell asleep while driving and subsequently the car rolled over after hitting a post. Video of Milwaukee burning SUV car accident was shot by a mobile phone camera.


Shocking accident on Magheru Boulevard in Bucharest

Magheru Boulevard in Bucharest proved one more time that yet remains a dangerous area for those involved in road traffic. A shocking video footage filmed by a surveillance traffic camera shows in real time how a pedestrian was hit on zebra crossing by a high speed car, probably a BMW 3 series. Following the impact, the victim has flown about 10 meters in the air. Possibly the pedestrian was not permitted to pass the street due to red coloured traffic light, still according to street legislation the vehicles should be driven inside a city by 50 km/h, a speed that allows the avoidance of many accidents.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New amateur video on Iran protests shooting 21 July 2009

21 July 2009. Iran protests July 2009 updates. It seems that the Iranian unrest continues. A new amateur video recording shows the Iran militia shooting at the protesters on Tuesday 21/07/2009. In the video, a policeman and another person dressed in a black suit can be clearly seen shooting at the demonstrators. Later, the same footage reveals images of a wounded woman lying on the street and people gathering around her.


Asia view longest total solar eclipse of 21th century 22/07/2009

22 July 2009 Total solar eclipse viewed from Asia. Still 4 hours to go and millions of locals and tourists will witness in Asia the longest total solar eclipse of the 21th century. The solar eclipse narrow band will pass through following countries: Maldives (north), India (north), Pakistan (north), Nepal (east), Bhutan, Bangladesh (north), Myanmar (north), China (center), Japan Islands (south) and Pacific Ocean including the Marshall and Ryukyu Islands and Kiribati. Best considered places to watch the Asia eclipse is Taregana (Bihar state - India) but there will be also partial eclipse over a large aria of Asia. The longest timespan of the today's Asian solar eclipse is calculated to be 6 minutes and 39 seconds at highest peak that occurs at 6.20 a.m local time (8.50 p.m ET). At Taregana (best visibility) the duration will be 3 minutes and 48 seconds. In terms of time, the eclipse is the longest because it is supposed to last for about 3.5 hours due to 15150-kilometer travel of the moon's shadow across the Earth. Video 1 solar eclipse NASA.

No longer total solar eclipse expected untill 2132.


Video: Radu Mazare romanian mayor dressed in SS Nazi uniform

Radu Mazare, the mayor of Constanta city attracted worldwide media controversy after he showed up wearing a SS Nazi general uniform during a fashion parade held on Sunday 19/07/2009 at the Black Sea shoreline resort of Mamaia. The Mayor raised outrage among the jewish community due to his gesture. Despite the fact that in Romania is forbidden to wear a Nazi WWII uniform, Radu Mazare declared pretty relaxed that he did not do anything wrong justifying his action as being inspired by a movie called Walkiria. Furthermore, besides Mazare on the stage turned up also his son Raducu, dressed up the same. Normally in Romania the use of fascist, rasists or xenophobe symbols can be sentenced between 6 months to 5 years in prison. In fact in the video Mazare looks quite handsome, probably willing to get a Hollywoodian contract.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Germany: Hanover Peine A2 motorway crash

66 people have been injured in a huge crash involving 259 cars. The accident happened on the A2 highway close to Hanover and the cause of the crash it is believed to be the excessive speed and unappropriate humid weather conditions. Plenty of ambulances and helicopters rushed to the crash site and the police officials said that 10 people fight for survival after experiencing life-threatening-wounds.
Video A2 Hanover-Peine freeway 259 car crash.


Soccer: LA Galaxy - AC Milan 2-2 video highlights and goals 19/07/2009

MLS American team LA Galaxy played a 2-2 draw result in a friendly football game against AC Milan. The Rossoneri had twice the lead but LA Galaxy managed to comeback. LA Galaxy goals were scored by A. Gordon (min 30) and B. Jordan (min 65) whereas for AC Milan scored T. Silva (min 16) and F. Inzaghi (min 61). Despite his confrontation with the fans, David Beckham played 75 minutes and had a decissive contribution to both Galaxy goals.


UFC fighter BJ Penn makes giant 3 feet jump out of pool

UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn performs a nice three feet vertical pool leap out using only the strength of his legs. Jumping out of a pool became quite trendy among sportsmen.


Tour de France 2009 Stages 14 & 15 analysis 18 & 19/07/2009

Tour de France 2009 Stage 14 was shadowed by a tragic accident. A 60-year-old woman died and two other injured when a police motorbike struck them. The woman was hit while trying to cross the street and after collision the motorcycle slid and ran into the crowd wounding the other two spectators. Tour de France Stage 14 accident occured in the city of Wittelsheim at the 38.5-km on the 199 km long route between Colmar and Besancon. The stage was won by Russian rider Sergei Ivanov who escaped the peloton in a breakaway move at about 11 km from the finishline. Sergei Ivanov triumph on 2009 Tour de France stage 14 added to his first stage success from eight years ago.
Tour de France 2009 Stage 15, a 207.5 km race from Pontarlier, France to Verbier, Switzerland was won by the Spanish rider Alberto Contador claiming thus the yellow jersey.
Tour de France Stage 15
Tour de France Stage 14


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dorin Chirtoaca arrested after meeting with voters

Dorin Chirtoaca, the mayor of Chisinau, R. Moldova and vice-president of Moldovan Liberal Party was arrested Saturday night at Băcioi around 23:50 after a meeting with the electors. The reason invoked by the police for Chirtoaca's arrest was that firstly he infringed the standard related to the voters meeting timing and secondly he presented a movie showing Moldavia post-election unrest.


Internet video of idaho US soldier captured by talibans

A 28 minute video released on the internet by talibans, shows the emotional speach of a the US soldier who was captured in Afganistan on 30th of June 2009. The name of the soldier is Bowe R. Bergdahl aged 23 originating from Ketchum, Idaho.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Uncle" Walter Cronkite died at 92

Walter Conkite has just died at 92. Conkite was known as CBS tv presenter, newsman, journalist, CBS anchor, broadcast icon, nation's narator and fulfilled a large media activity during the 20th century. Walter Cronkite's most famous title was "the most trusted man in America" for his uprightness and solemnity. His activity started early in the 20th century and extended to the first decade of the 21th. He was also involved in many recent historical events like man landing on the moon, Vietnam war, became USA correspondent in World War II and got in contact with various presidents as former Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat, President Lyndon Johnson, etc.


Simple trick on how to download, record, capture CNN videos without installing any software

The simplest way to obtain a video off the web without making use of any software program! In the case of youtube files, the procedure is trivial but have yet to install "youtubedownloader". What to do when wishing to get CNN, BBC or other video streams.
1. The first step is just a matter of simplicity - clean up Temporary Internet folder for a easy finding of the video.
2. Secondly, open the Internet Explorer browser and point to the website containing the desired video and let it play entirely. That video will be downloaded (buffered) in Temporary directory (you will certainly find it there with a .FLV extension).
3. After the video ends, just go to Temporary Internet Files and copy the clip to another location on your own hard drive.
4. That is all.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Tips on brand protective glasses and goggles for eye shielding

In the experimental work done mostly in research laboratories and industry, the safety glasses are indispensable tools for performing a secure job. Because I am an experimentalist working in the physical-chemistry field I will try to give some proper advices in general based on my experienced facts and incidents. I will not extend to all possible fields, but I will limit myself to those related to mechanical, chemical and electromagnetic environment.
As general information it must be know that the goggles come in different types, sizes and designs being dependent on the various kind of needed protection. Therefore good care must be taken when ordering the glasses, before doing so it is compulsory to know exactly their application: for those playing with organic or inorganic chemical stuff it is recommended to have goggles covering entirely the eyes and sealing perfectly on the face to avoid protrusion of chemical substances, therefore the producer has to be informed about the use purpose.
When working in the field of lasers, optics and spectroscopy, the most important property of the safety glasses is the optical density at different wavelengths which is dictated by the type of material the glasses are made of.
Besides the type of glasses application, another important aspect is the pricing. There are different brand products among to choose, like pyramex safety glasses or UVEX safety glasses. These spectacles are based on mechanical protection, having a good resistance on impact with flying objects and the prices are tempting but however, the very low pricing might reflect a poor quality of the product . Furthermore the products can be delivered also in customized version as the client has its preferences.


Gay penguings break up after a 6-year relationship

Funny story presented by CNN. After a long term relationship, a couple of gay penguins broke-up due to fact that one of them became straight by finding a female-penguin and moving with her to "next door". The alone penguin is also fine.


Jakarta: Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels bomb attack

At least 4 foreigners were killed in bomb attacks that took place in Jakarta, Indonesia. Two luxury hotels - Ritz-Carlton and Marriott - were hit by blast. Marriott was attacked also in 2003 when 12 people died. The explosion ripped off the facade of Ritz-Carlton hotel and because the windows of the second floor were blown out, it is thought that the blast occured inside the hotel. Futhermore the police found an unexploded bomb at the 18th floor of Marriott. According to witnesses and authorities the first bomb exploded at Ritz-Carlton at 7:48 a.m and five minutes later a loud boom was heard at Marriott at 7:53 a.m (local time). Early after the blasts five bodies were found at and one fatality at J. W. Marriott. Manchester United football team was scheduled to check in ar Ritz-Carlton next Sunday but the terrorist acts made them cancel the trip to Jakarta.
Update: Death toll raised to 6 and 16 of those (50) wounded are foreigners. Along with the victims can be counted also 2 killed bombers at both hotels.
Thick smoke can be seen rising from Ritz-Carlton (left picture) as well as blown-out windows of the same hotel (right image). In the video (below) a terryfing CCTV footage of the Marriott explosion caught on tape.


NASA clearest videos of 1969 moonwalk - Apollo 11 mission

Thursday (16 July 2009) NASA released the restored clearest videos of the 1969 Apollo 11 moonwalk. The release celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first manned landing on the moon. Apollo 11 spacecraft lifted off on July 16, 1969 and the astronauts stepped on the moon on 20 July 1969. The crew was formed by Neil Alden Armstrong, Edwin Eugene 'Buzz' Aldrin, Jr and Michael Collins, the first two astronauts landed on moon while the last one orbited the Earth satellite aboard the Command Module. Besides the sharpest footage of the original moonwalk, NASA released also "missing images" or never seen before images of the Apollo 11 mission.
One important aspect is that NASA lost the original video of the moon landing live TV transmission, the released video being reconstructed by Hollywood after NASA gathered four copies. The American Agency declared (embarrased) that the original footage was deleted on reason of tape re-use.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mircea Lucescu suffered a heart attack

Mircea Lucescu, 64 - the trainer of Ukrainean team Shakhtar Donetsk - suffered a cardiac arrest Wednesday night and underwent a surgical intervention. The owner of Shakhtior - Rinat Ahmetov - brought a medical team from Kyiv to operate Lucescu, whose state is now stable. Romanian coach accused heart pain during the team training stage made in Switzerland but despite that he refused to have a medical check.


Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial Accident 27 Jan 1984 - released by Us Weekly Magazine

Never-before-seen video of Michael Jackson's Pepsi Commercial Hair Burning Acident released by Us Weekly Magazine. One of the most tragic and frustrating event in Michael Jackson's life ocurred on 27 January 1984 when his hair caught fire while filming a commercial for Pepsi. The accident happened at Shrine Auditorium in L.A. in front of 3000 people. The commercial recordings went ok until the sixth take when the pyrotechnics exploded earlier than planned and Michael Jackson's hair was set in fire. The singer did not realize what was happening and continued dancing untill the crew members intervened to douse the flames. Jackson suffered 2nd and 3rd degrees burns on the face and scalp. It is thought that the 1984 accident was the starting point for Jackson's dependence on prescription medications, Us magazine entitling the story as "The Day His addiction Started" (Us magazine will not give information on how the footage was grabbed).
Video Michael Jackson Pepsi Accident.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Passenger jet plane crashed in Iran near Qazvin city killing 168

15 July 2009. An Iranian airplane with 168 people aboard has just crashed in northwestern Iran. At the moment not much detailed information is disclosed. Iranian media reports all aboard "most probably dead". Iranian state television says the plane crashed near the city of Qazvin, 90 miles (140 km) northwest of Tehran. The doomed Tupolev airplane owned by Caspian Airlines was en route from Tehran, Iran to the Armenian capital, Yerevan. An iranian official reports that the jet was completely destroyed and the wreckage was in flames. The Caspian Air jet registered as Flight 7908 was carrying 15 crew members and 153 passengers (mostly Armenians) and crashed 16 minutes into the flight near Jannat-abad village, close to Qazvin, the local time of the tragic accident being 11:33 a.m. Eye witnesses said the jetliner fell from sky and exploded when hit the ground. 2009 proves to be the deadliest year for the Airline Industry every month at least one major aerial catastrophy taking place.
Video Caspian Airlines Flight 7908 crash site - CNN.


Four survive after airplane - car collision in Grossostheim, Germany

14 July 2009. Small plane making acrobatic loops crashed into a car after the pilot flew too low and lost the control. The incident occured in the city of Grossostheim about 65 km southeast of Frankfurt. The three occupants of the hit car - a couple and their daughter - escaped unharmed and also the pilot survived.
Video aerial acrobatic show Grossostheim plane crash.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tour de France 2009: Mark Cavendish wins his 3rd stage on Bastille Day (10th stage)

British rider Mark Cavendish won his third stage victory at 2009 Tour de France by crossing the first the finish line of the 10th leg race between Limoges and Issoudun (194.5 km). Cavendish was followed by Thor Hushovd (2nd) and Tyler Farrar (3rd). The top three of the overall standing sees no change with the italian Rinaldo Nocentini leading the tour by 6 second ahead the Spanish Alberto Contador and 8 seconds ahead the seven-times winner, the American Lance Armstrong.
Video Mark Cavendish victory Limoges-Issoudun last 4 km of the 10th stage Tour de France


Italy wedding plane crash: Bride's bouquet causes airplane to come down

Comedy or tragedy? Unbelievable, it seems that everything is possible. An Italy wedding celebration was almost turning into a burial memorial after the throwing of the bride's bouquet crashed a plane into a hostel. The wedding was held in Suvereto, close to Livorno where the bride and the groom hired an aiplane to throw the bouquet over the invited guests. Isidoro Pensieri, 44 was assigned to cast the bouquet but the unexpected happened and the flowers were sucked into the plane engine which caught fire. Subsequently the small plane plunged into a hostel with over 50 people and fortunately everyone escaped without injuries excepting ms Pensieri who was taken to hospital by helicopter.


Southwest Airlines airplane makes emergency landing with hole in fuselage

Watch also video report of April 1, 2011 fuselage hole incident of SWA812 flight Arizona.
A Southwest Airlines B737 plane with 126 passengers and 5 crew aboard made an emergency landing at Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia, on Monday after a hole on the top of the fuselage depresurized the cabin. Southwest Flight 2294 departed Nashville, Tennessee and was heading to Baltimore, Maryland when sudden loss of pressure occured at about 10.5 km above the ground causing the oxygen masks to drop. As consequence, the plane was forced to land at Charleston at 5:10 p.m. and there were reported no victims or injuries. The cause of the Southwest flight 2294 incident is still unknown. Video Southwest Flight 2294 at Charlston for inspection.

Cabin Video footage Southwest Airlines Flight 2294-football sized hole filmed by passenger.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Small business recession survival tricks

So far, the recession reached a pretty high level all over therefore some survival tips for small firms are welcome. A few main problems that maintain the recession are related to the lack of confidence in the partnership, blockage of funds transfer, etc. To found a business at this moment is quite difficult because it is not devoid of risky factors, therefore good care must be taken at the starting point, practically should be taken into account some fundamental factors like choosing the right niche, making a suitable and efficient plan, organizing things, and monitoring the ongoing operations. When having already a large budget business it is obvious that the marketing and management departments are well implemented and developed, but if conducting a smaller affair there might show up troubles in its management. The order fulfillment is a very sensitive process which takes time and supposes a strong connection between the supplier and customer, the most desirable thing being the fastest delivery of the ordered products.
Usually the shipments can be done by using directly one of the most reliable worldwide spread services like DHL, TNT but there is also another easy alternative: employing a fulfillment partner acting like a third party which offer support services and helps running the business by charging convenient costs. One main recession survival tip is to compete on quality and service. It is good to know that the profit and the value of a business are dictated by some important characteristics like accuracy, quality and fastness and the 3rd party advisors take care entirely of the product fulfillment from depositing goods, completing orders, real time tracking of packages and shipping the products from one point to another. During recession the unemployment raises, more and more people will start their own business and the competition is fiercer such that being less experienced or a beginner in the business field represents the most recommended case to request the help for support services.
Another tip to better overcome any recession is to maximize the productivity in order to sell more to customers but higher product sale rate leads to an overwhelming time consuming job, therefore the fulfillment corporations are ideal associates in helping achieve the complete chain of activities from orders processing to products delivery. To keep in mind that is better to use less expensive advisers eventually using free services available. Some other brief recession related tips: identify the competitors, cut prices (not always), try to reinvest, have a good financial check.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

British Airways 747 plane evacuated before take-off due to smoke in cabin

British Airways Flight BA288 scheduled en route from Phoenix (Arizona, USA) to London Heathrow reported smoke in the cabin while heading to runway for take-off. The incident occured at 11p.m (E.T), around 100 firefighters and medical staff were displace to the site and all 298 passangers of flight 288 were evacuated. There were reported 15 passangers with just minor wounds. The rescue teams could not localize the source of fire even if using a thermal imaging camera and suppose the smoke came up from electrical problems. The BA engineers examine the plane.
Luckily the incident happened while plane still grounded and not somewhere above Atlantic.


Friday, July 10, 2009

27-year-old man killed at 2009 Pamplona bull feast

Risky running at Pamplona July 7-14. Daniel Jimeno Romero - a 27-year-old spanish guy - died after he was gored in the neck during the yearly running of the bulls which takes place in the city of Pamplona, Spain. As video recordings showed, the incident occured at short distance from the bullring entrance where along with the killed man also three other people were gored but they escaped with minor wounds. The previous death at Pamplona bull festival happened in 1995 when a 22 aged american had the same fate. Pamplona run has a 400 years history and 14 individuals have died since 1924. For me it is a bit hard to understand the pleasure of running with the bulls because it clearly looks like a life-threatening-job.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson body will be brought at Staples Center Memorial for public view

A last moment surprise from Jackson's family who decided to bring Michael Jackson's body to the Staples Center memorial service therefore there is a possibility for a last public view of the king of the pop music. Initially anonymous sources declared the singer will be buried prior to ceremony. The family and the closest friends gathered for a private meeting at Forest Lawn Memorial Park before heading to the public ceremony downtown L.A. Jackson's body is carried in a hearse from Hollywood Park to Staple Center where the coffin will be delivered to the arena, a gesture pretty fair for the fans who travelled across the world to see Michael Jackson' casket. Inside Staples Center, Mariah Carey, Stevie Woder, John Mayer, Jermain Jackson (performing "Smile"), Usher, Shaheen Jafargholi were among those who sang for Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Brooke Shields, Bernice King & Martin Luther King III had a last remembering speach to the king of the pop. After about three hours the MJ memorial ends with a touching performance of the all artists (singing "We are the world/Heal the world") and the emotional words of Paris Katherine Jackson (Michael Jackson's daughter) who started crying during her speach: quote "Ever since I was born, my daddy has been the best father you can imagine".
Videos: Michael Jackson Memorial/Funeral Highlights:
Video 1: Michael Jackson hearse carrying the body from Forest Lawn to Staples Center
Video 2: Michael Jackson corpse arriving at Staples Center - CNN
Video 3: Michael Jackson funeral-Beginning of memorial at the Staples Center and Mariah Carey performance 07/07/2009
Video 4: Michael Jackson memorial - "We are the world/Heal the world"
Video 5: Michael Jackson memorial - Paris Katherine Jackson cries at Michael funeral


Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson’s funeral – the most viewed event in the world

Michael Jackson’s public funeral at the Los Angeles Staples Center might become the most watched ceremony of all time. Jackson memorial service must overcome some other famous events like the 1963 killing of JFK Kennedy that kept the people shocked for about three days, the moon landing of Apollo 11 mission supposed to have reached an audience of a billion or the 1997 Princess Diana funeral viewed by about 2.5 billion people according to BBC. So far, the resting place of Michael Jackson is still unknown because an official disclosure was not made yet but many sources point to either Forest Lawn Memorial at Glendale location or Hollywood Hills memorial park. The starting time of Michael Jackson's public view at Staples Center is set for 10 a.m on Tuesday (07/07/2009). Among the participants at Michael Jackson's memorial there will be a series of celebrities like Usher, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Martin Luther King III, etc. From the side of those who will not attend the funeral can be noted Elizabeth Taylor (one of MJ best friend) and Debbie Rowe (Jackson's former wife).
The pop-star death triggered also tragic side-effects, up to now 12 fans of Michael Jackson commited suicide. Thefore the officials of MJJcommunity make appeal to Jackson's fans not to kill themselves.
The best Michael Jackson live performance was the 1992 Dangerous Tour concert held in Bucharest-Romania.
Michael Jackson burial site and time.
Michael Jackson's corpse will not be brought at the Staples Center, instead (unconfirmed yet) sources declared that the singer will be buried at one of the Forest Lawn Park locations (most likely Hollywood Hills) at 8 a.m local time (15:00 GMT), two hours before the public ceremony. The burial will be attended only by the family, therefore there is no public viewing of Michael Jackson's body. The fans can pay a last tribute to the king of pop music during the official memorial at the Staples location. In terms of Amsterdam time the MJ memorial starts at 18:30 on Dutch Televisions (Nederland 3).
Where and how to watch Jackson's funeral.
Because the memorial service represents the last stage of Michael Jackson's story, then it is expected to be the biggest event in the world to have ever happened and with the highest audience that have ever taken place. Certainly the event will be broadcast everywhere by any mean of communication.
Some ways to view video of Michael Jackson's funeral service:
- 20000 people have the unique chance to attend in person the service held at Staples Center.
- most of Jackson's fans from all over the world will be watching the live coverage either on TV or through online internet video streaming. The majority of TV stations will battle for the high audience and besides the local or national funded stations the singer memorial can be simply watched on TV Networks with global coverage like CNN, BBC, etc. Regarding the internet media, the uStream viewing applications allow iPhone users to watch Jackson's funeral in real time, the Windows based Smartphones will be allocated special channels for service viewing and the TVUPlayer will make possible to direct the live stream to mobile phones. Update Michael Jackson funeral and burial 16:30 GMT 07/07/2009

Madonna already brought a nice to tribute to Michael Jackson's memory during her Sticky & Sweet concert held in London at O2 Arena on July 4th 2009 (See video Madonna's tribute)


Wimbledon 2009 Final - Roger Federer takes the 15th Grand Slam and breaks the record

Wimbledon 2009 - Dramatic final between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. Federer wins over Roddick after a 5 sets match 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14 and takes a place in the history of tennis by grabbing the 15th Grand Slam title. The Swiss surpassed Sampras record of 14 titles. The 2009 5th of July final between Federer and Roddick was the longest in the history of Wimbledon Men's Tennis Final in terms of number of games, the match counting 77 total games and 30 games in the 5th set. Regarding the play time, the longest Wimbledon Final was set in 2008 when Nadal needed 4 hours and 48 minutes to defeat Federer compared to 2009 Wimbledon final where Federer required 4 hours and 16 minutes to lift up the 15th Grand Slam trophy at the expense of Roddick.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


One of the greatest dance-event in the world - Sensation White Amsterdam Arena 03 June 2009 (21:00-06:00). First day just ended and this year (10 years anniversary) the show will be held also tonight (04 June 2009). The Original Sensation started in 2000 running for about five years only in Amsterdam Arena and after 2005 the event spread in 15 countries.
Pictures Sensation White Amsterdam Arena 2009
Videos Sensation White Amsterdam Arena 2009


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Air France AF447 crash investigation results

The latest news on the investigation of Flight 447 crash reveal that the A330 plane reached the water surface intact and broke up after impact despite the previous conclusions that the jet disintegrated in mid-air. So far, the Air France flight 447 investigation report was based on visual examination of the recovered bodies and plane fragments but the results of the corpses autopsy will shed more light on what happened on night of 1st of June.
The rescue teams managed to recover 51 bodies out of 228 and more than 600 components that belonged to the airbus plane. The search for Flight 447 black-boxes still continue for 10 more days despite the fact that usual signal emitting time of 30 days was exceeded.
Video Preliminary Report Air France AF447 Crash


Terrifying pictures of a mid-air collision: Boeing B737 vs Embraer Legacy

The last 2 pictures of a life.
Amazing unique pictures taken by Paulo Muller, a passenger of the crashed Flight GLO1907 that collided in mid-air 12.3 km above the Earth with an Embraer Legacy business jet. All 154 people aboard flight 1907 - including also the photographer - died as the Boeing 737 crashed in the Amazon forest, while the Embraer business jet, despite the left wing damages managed to land safely with all 7 people aboard. The passenger took the last photos of his life, shortly after collision while his plane was crashing. The images were recovered later from the memory stick of his Casio Z750 camera. A brave guy. Hat off!!
Picture1: Boeing 737 breaks up with view of the tail section and vertical fin.

Picture2: One passenger being sucked out of the B737 broken cabin.

Embraer Jet left winglet slices off almost half of B737 left wing causing fatal damages - (Wikipedia drawing)


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Actor Karl Malden passed away at age 97

Another VIP just passed away but this time the news is for real. It is know that afterMichael Jackson's death the social network websites "killed" many celebrities like Britney Spears, George Clooney, Harrison Ford, etc, which obviously proved to be fake roumours designated to increase the gossip wesites traffic. Karl Malden died at the age 97 joining the recent list of VIP deaths (David Carradine (03June2009), Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson (25June2009)). Malden's death occured during his sleep at 2:30 a.m. today (Wednesday 01July2009).


Public view of Michael Jackson's corpse set for Friday at Neverland

The public view of Michael Jackson's lifeless body is set for next Friday. Jackson's body will be carried on Thursday to his Neverland Ranch located north of the city of Santa Barbara, California. Plenty of TV satellite vans have already lined up on the road leading to the ranch for broadcasting a live view of the dead pop singer.
Update: Michael Jackson's Last Will and Testament was revealed today (Wednesday 01 July 2009) in Los Angeles. The will was written back in 2002 and Jackson who estimated his wealth at about $500 million assigned the entire estate to Michael Jackson Family Trust. The copy of the Michael Joseph Jackson will and testament can easily be downloaded off internet.

Update autopsy: Preliminary autopsy report disclosed awful information about Michael Jackson state before dying. The pop star weighed about 50 kg at the moment of his death, and his stomach contained almost no food but digested drugs. Furthermore some of his ribs were broken while trying to revive him and four needle stings were discovered around his heart in the attempt to start it by injecting adrenaline. Michael Jackson face was somehow disfigured due to the 13 plastic operations he underwent. A complete toxicology report will come up between 4-6 weeks.

Memorial service of pop star Michael Jackson will be held next Tuesday (7 July 2009) at 10 A.M inside Staples Center in Los Angeles. The californian arena can host up to 20000 visitors.


Creative items for showroom presentation

The interior design of a show exhibition relies mostly on imagination, creativity and taste. Sometimes to apply the best decorating ideas it is compulsory to consult the opinion and the offer of a field expert. Any interior space can be filled with impressive ultramodern trade show exhibits containing a large variety of items performed in different styles.
There are many exhibit solutions to choose from depending on the event or show. When opting for a show design, it should be taken into account many factors, like the type of environment the show display is used in, the allocated budget, how well the display represents the image of the services, corporation, etc. From a budget point of view, the range extends from personalized trade exhibits for those with high budget to panel, top table or pop-up displays for those with lower budget.
A nice way to highlight an exhibit is by employing the table top presentation displays. Some of the advantages of a table top display consist of its lightweight, portability and the fact that it comes with various colors, sizes and styles like banner, pop-up, panel, mixed displays and so on. Another important aspect is the case of the 2-sided tabletop displays where both faces of the display boards can be used to show the desired message. One possible drawback is related to the prices that seem to be somehow too high.Among the indispensable items in the art of designing and decorating an inner space I can count the table cover. No matter if it is a personal house, showroom or office space, table covering is always part of the environment. Usually most people try to choose the coverings from the department shops but they might not find everything they want. I think the best option is to choose for professional clothing designers because the table covers can be customized for any kind of table fitting any size and shape. The covers can be imprinted with any kind of messages, banners, and symbols. Depending on the funds or significance of the events, there are always lots of alternatives to choose from, such that to make a presentation well done.

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