Sunday, February 28, 2010

Video men's hockey Canada-USA

Tough clash between Canada and USA in the final of the Olympic men's ice hockey games. Just six minutes before the full time Canada leads 2-1 and is very close to claim the olympic gold medal. Canada want to preserve the score but the Americans try desperately to level the game. Even if Canada play defensively however they miss and extraordinary ocassion to distance to 3-1. Unbelievebly the desperate attacks of the americans turned out to be successful and they draw the score just 24 seconds before the end and Canada-USA 2-2 after official time.
Canada men ice hockey team wins the Olympic gold medal after S. Crosby scores the golden goal in the minute 8 of the extra time. Clearly Crosby's goal was the most important of his career and also one of the most famous point in the history of Canada men's ice hockey.
The 2010 Olympic men's ice hockey final: Canada - USA 3-2.
Video goals icehockey Olympic final 2010: Canada-USA 3-2 (for North-America)


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Imminent Pacific Tsunami after 8.8 Earthquake hits Chile

A strong 8.8 Richter magnitude earthquake occured Saturday in the Pacific Ocean nearby the Chile's coast. Country's president Michelle Bachelet announced 85 people dead only in the Maule region and the death toll is expected to rise. The 8.8 quake happened at 3:34 at a depth of 50 km and at a distance of 91 km north of the city of Conception and 42 km west of Cauquenes city. The tremor had a time span between 10-30 seconds and triggered Tsunami warnings in the whole Pacific basin and South and Central America area. The authorities from Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica are under alert. So far a 3 meters Tsunami hit already the Robinson Crusoe island, the biggest island in the Juan Fernandez archipelago. A village off the island was flooded and the people were displaced toward highlands. Following the initial 8.8 quake several powerful aftershocks took place including one of 6.9 magnitude.
Video 8.8 magnitude Chile earthquake 27/02/2010


Friday, February 26, 2010

Canadian women's hokey team celebration under investigation

The International Olympic Committee is gonna investigate the way the Canada's women hokey players celebrated their gold medal win. On Thursday, Canada won 2-0 over USA and after the awards ceremony the women team members remained to celebrate for more than 1 hour in the arena which was empty excepting the arena staff and media. Several players including also the 18-year-old Marie-Philip Poulin started drinking alcohol and smoking cigars on the ice field. Regarding Poulin's age, in British Columbia the legal drinking age is 19. Following these events, the IOC will investigate the case and will speak to the Canadian Olympic Committee and international hokey federation and require them to take measures. The Canadian officials try to protect their team under the excuse that was an emotional and exciting moment. They said the team did not want to break IOC protocols and should have been more discreet with the entertainment. Banning the team from closing ceremony or to exclude them out of the olympic village would be something too drastic,,,but at least they can keep the medals and that's the most important thing:).
View slideshow pictures of victory-party celebration of Canada women hokey team.


BBC's World's toughest driving test: the Romanian TR-85 tank

BBC seems to like Romania. After the Top Gear producers filmed one of their episode in this East European country, now it was the turn of the hosts from "The World's Toughest Driving Tests" show to try strong sensation by driving not a Ferrari or Aston Martin, instead a Romanian TR-85 tank. The show presenters, Will Mellor and Kirsten O'Brien were sent by BBC to an army facility in Pitesti, Romania, without having any idea about what they will drive. That's also the point of the show: the presenters must be totally unprepared and have to learn from very beginning how to drive the most spectacular vehicles. The surprize was the TR-85, the most powerful and robust Romanian Army's combat tank. TR-85 is a 50 tons monster built-up after an ex-soviet design but fitted with modern equipments. The two BBC people needed one week of training before the real drive. They had to endure temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius and participated in genuine firearms before competing against each other. It looks like they were quite impressed.
BBC Video The World's Toughest Driving Tests Season 1, Episode 1 - Romanian Army TR-85 tank (Overview)
Full Episode1/S1 The World's Toughest Driving Tests - TR85 combat tank (BBC)


Andrew Koenig death in Vancouver

Actor Andrew Koenig was found dead in a Vancouver park on Thursday, a family related source told CNN. The missing corpse of the Growing Pains star was discovered in Stanley Park. Andrew Koenig, 41, was reported missing since 14 February 2010 after failing to board a flight to USA booked for 16 February 2010. The canadian police also confirmed that a body was found in Stanley Park but they just said that "it is believed to be of Andrew Koenig." According to family and friends, the actor seemed to have been depressed after he had sent a letter to his parents written in a dejected tone. He had quitted taking medicine for depression about one year ago. More news and information on Andrew Koenig's death is expected for 5 p.m. (local time) when the Vancouver police set a news conference in the park. According to the investigation Andrew Koenig seems to have committed suicide.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Videohighlights: Unirea Urziceni - Liverpool

Unirea Urziceni gave their best trying to generate a surprize against Liverpool in the second leg of the Europa League round of 32 tie. Urziceni scored in min 19 by Bruno Fernandez. Their perspectives were becoming real but till minute 30 when Marcherano scores from long range and levels the score. Subsequently Unirea had some huge occasions to net but Liverpool is protected by fortune. The experience and talent of the Reds is shown once again in min 41 when Babel scores from the box after receiving the ball from Gerard's free kick. At half-time Unirea-Liverpool 1-2. After the break the Romanian team force its second goal but they are unfortunate and Gerard increases the Liverpool's advantage to 3-1 (min 57). Despite the score, the game is pretty dynamic and Urziceni play their chance continuing to put pressure on Liverpool. Big chance for Unirea in min 86, Agger is surprized on the wrong side of Bilasco but Reina denies the striker with a nice save from short range. The referee whistles the full time and Unirea Urziceni - Liverpool 1-3.
Watch Unirea Urziceni 1-3 Liverpool videohighlights and goals.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elizabeth Hurley at charity event in tranparent dress

The British actress Elizabeth Hurley, 44, participated at the Love Ball London charity event wearing an indian dress named also saree, instead the dress was not highlighted only by its specific but also due to fact that it was too transparent. Hurley managed to draw the attention of the paticipants and the media. The provocative images showed up shortly on the frontpages of the gossip newspapers. The actress became known at the beginning of 90s due to her relationship with the actor Hugh Grant.


Video: Sven Kramer 10000 meters race mistake Vancouver

Sven Kramer throws away gold Olympic.
World champion Sven Kramer, 23, made a huge and stupid mistake when changing lanes and as consequence he was disqualified from 10000 m skating race. With just 8 laps to go, Kramer was leading the race and had enough time to drink a cup of coffie or to talk with friends in terms of skating; but then the coach Gerard Kemkers pointed Sven on the inner lane when he should have switched to the outer one. That unaccountable mistake cost Kramer the win of one of his best 10000 races and a famous Olympic medal. Furious Dutch champion threw the sunglasses away and shouted at his coach "What did you do?". Furthermore Kramer's frustration is very understandable regarding the fact that he would have established a new Olympic record with a time of 12:54:50. Previously in the 5000 m race Kramer had already set an Olympic record of 6:14:60. After finding out what happened Sven Kramer said: "I wanted to go on the outer lane then just before coach Gerard shouted "inner lane". I thought he is probably right and went to the inner lane." Following Sven disqualification, the Lee Seung-Hoon from Korea claimed the gold and the Russia's Ivan Skobrev was promoted for silver.
Video Sven Kramer mistake 10000 m skating race Vancouver


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Local search services

Local search websites are extremely useful for getting all the necessary information you need in your area. The main purpose of a local search service is to make the search much easier and faster. The search directories come up with accurate details including ratings, reviews, photos, maps and events. One of the main advantages relies on the fact that the user is offered the possibility to find also hidden gems that only a local could know. Miami, FL is one of the world’s most attractive destinations for tourists therefore the availability of the information helps a lot in making their holiday or business trip more comfortable. Either you want to check for a dentist, read about the movie theatres or plan a dinner to a restaurant, now everything you wish to find is just one click away. For example in Pittsburgh, PA by clicking the map you can get the complete street network and view the listing of your search along the way. There might be experienced also some little inconveniences related to spam, irrelevant links or listings included in the database because of some imperfections of the index algorithm implementations but of course it is well known that the local search engines are improving continuously their services. Charlotte, NC has the reputation of the second largest US financial centre, thus the business should have a top position in the people’s search. Still besides that, the North Carolina city will surprise the visitors by providing cultural events, entertaining attractions, nightlife, etc, all of them with a southern ambiance therefore it is worth to give a search for that local.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Videohighlights: Steaua-Ceahlaul 1-3

Steaua Bucharest had a bad restart of the season and was humiliated by loosing 1-3 at Ghencea Stadium in the game against Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt. Steaua started strongly and scored early in min 14 on goal by Kapetanos. Waiting the break at halftime, the Bucharest team saw itself drawn by Ceahlaul in min 43 on goal by Onciu. The game was also animated and interrupted for about 10 minutes due to a snowball fight. The second half turned out to be dezastrous for Steaua. Ceahlaul's trainer was sent to the stands by the referee,instead the team from Piatra Neamt played excellent and scored two more goals by setting: Steaua Bucharest - Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt 1-3.
Video Steaua - Ceahlaul 1-3 gol Kapetanos min 14
Video Steaua - Ceahlaul 1-3 gol Onciu min 43


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gypsy woman slaps policeman; the cop slaps the gypsy back

Very funny fighting situation occured in Romania between a gypsy woman and a cop.
Catalina Domnui, a gyspy woman working as a teacher in the village of Sanpaul, Mures county, was blamed of abusing her class children therefore the police was sent to investigate the situation. But amazingly one of the cops in charge with the case was abused by the acussed woman who slapped him with a back handed stroke. The police officer was astonished and embarrased and a few seconds later he returned the "favour" with a very fast open hand slap to woman's face. Now it starts the beauty of this "rare" event, therefore it is worth to watch also the video: The gypsy female pretended to cry for sympathy, condolence, mercy, whatever,,,but moments later she wanted to hit the cop again, instead she restrained her action due to the man's vigilence who lifted his hand again. The gypsy teacher is known to be extremely violent and so far she terrorized the other teachers, the parents of the school children and the children themselves. On the other hand, the teacher claims that she feels discriminated because of being gypsy but the video images show a totally different happening.
Video teacher gypsy woman slaps cop in Sanpaul, Mures.
Video profesoara tiganca loveste politist in Sanpaul, Mures.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Video: Austin aircrash. Pilot steals plane and crashes into building

Incredible aircrash in Austin, Texas. A pilot stole a small plane and crashed into a building in what seems to be an deliberate suicidal act. Following the tragedy two people were seriously wounded and one remained unaccounted, the officials said Thursday afternoon. Some other 11 were treated with minor injuries. The authorities identified the pilot as Andrew Joseph Stack III. He set his own house in fire before smashing into an IRS office building with almost 200 employees. At the impact the plane exploded into fireball. The fire created by the crash was put out and now the attention of the authorities directs to a wesite message by Stack which looks like a suicidal note.
Video report Texas, Austin suicidal aircrash - plane crashes into building.


Escort opportunities and services

Looking for famous and well-known Miami Escort services? Miami is considered one of the ideal places for entertaining escapades. Furthermore, many people learned about the select and elegant escort industry in the American peninsula. The guests can fill their time with lots of occupations such as playing golf, swimming, clubbing in the beautiful area of south Florida. Escort agencies offer high-class escorts to successful people who wish to have nice and pleasant companions for various events such as dinner, city visits, etc or to enjoy the time and discussion around an intelligent and attractive woman. The girls have good reputation as being models, college students, etc and most of them speak several languages. The Florida escorts represent the perfect choice for those who want to have relaxed and unforgettable time during their holiday and they can benefit of private and discreet services.
The miami escorts can be easily found on the internet and every professional website provides a well organized database with various search indexes. You can contact the agencies by looking in the phone book or on the net. Depending on the preferences the customer can opt for either sexual services or just visual entertaining. Despite the fact that the price worries many, still the experience is obviously worth.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Video: Surfing spectators injured by California rogue waves

Several people watching a surfing contest on the coast of California have been wounded after two rogue waves swept them away. About 13 watchers ended up with broken bones when the two Tsunami like waves effectively flooded them. Mavericks Surf Contest was held in a small harbour about 40 km south of San Francisco along the highway1.
Video: Two giant waves hit watchers at California's Mavericks Surf event.


Airborne Boeing 747 attached laser beam destroys ballistic missile

US defence agency announced the successful test of an airborne high energy laser beam which destroyed an in-flight missile.
An US Airforce Boeing 747 equipped with a high energy laser beam managed to shoot down a ballistic missile. Since the time the missile was launched it took the airplane laser beam only 2 minutes to destroy it. Practically the focussed laser beam energy performed a hole in the shield of the missile.
The experiment conducted high in the sky off the California coast demonstrated the future of the laser beams in the defense technology. The main advantage of the laser beam technology stays in attacking multiple targets at the speed of light. The test marked the first time when a laser beam device destroys an in-flight missile.
Video Boeing 747 airborne laser beam destroys in-flight ballistic missile.


Valentine's day space walk on STS-130 Endeavour mission

NASA decided to extend the STS-130 mission of the space shuttle Endeavour by one day, therefore the member crew will return back to Earth on 21 February 2009. On Valentine's day the astronauts performed an almost 6 hours spacewalk by doing work on the International Space Station. Nicholas Patrick and Robert Behnken completed the 2nd and the 3rd scheduled spacewalks of the STS-130 mission. They spent 5 hours and 54 minutes in space finishing their work at 3.14 a.m EST. For Robert Behnken it was his 5th space spacewalk while for Nicholas Patrick the 2nd.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Playing online vs gambling in real casino

For many people, playing roulette is a real source of income. It is regarded somehow like a kind of business such as investing in stock markets, opening an own affair or inventing any other money generating source. Compared to the other methods, the roulette play is considered much less risky. As a gambling system, the roulette principles have to rely on some betting strategies and tips which can be found in gambling related books; reading them can improve the chances of winning. In general the folks prefer to go to casino just because of the live and physical sensation. It is actually the feeling conferred by luxurious and fancy casinos. However another category of people prefer to use the internet and play online. Why? The answer is simple. By using the casino games online you can count on the comfort of winning money from your own home. There are several benefits offered by the online participation and betting. One of the most advantages consists of the fact that player is not hindered or embarrassed by the presence of the other croupiers and players around, situation usually experienced in real casinos, therefore the privacy is assured. Furthermore you can take your time and consider better the available options before placing a bet. Besides that you can practice the gambling for free in order to become well experienced for a money involving bet.
Best Online Casino can be found by easily browsing the internet and searching for the most accurate and updated information related to the roulette games.
As a general conclusion, it is more lucrative to win big amounts staying at home and playing online than going to a casino.


Efficient enlargement natural products

Very often the men want to increase their sexual performances but probably in many cases they are confronted with troubling situations and experiences, namely the small size of their “tool. The Doctor Approved Male Enhancement procedures can be performed in various ways employing diverse methods and techniques but the most known are the pills, the pump or the stretcher tool. The pills represent one of the very efficient and simple choices for male enhancement. It is well know that the most promoted option supposes the use of such pills that can be selected from a large category available for anyone in needs. The major advantage when using the drugs relies on the fact that they are one hundred percent natural, so practically there are no artificial chemicals in the composition. According to the specialists the two in one formula products from Sinrex do not exhibit troubling side effects, usually experienced in other situations, that is, the herbal-made pills are well integrated and assimilated by the human body. Besides the enhancement results there are some other unique characteristics such as removing the poisoning chemical components out of the body and contributing to skin regeneration. Thanks to the new developed medications, the erectile dysfunction is no longer a problem in the men’s real life. As an advise, try to avoid the synthetic pills you can see everywhere in the market and opt for those based on herbal and natural ingredients.


Travelling by fastest european trains

The Euro Trains represent a very simple, swift and comfortable manner to travel from UK to mainland Europe. It is advisable to use the rail if wishing to visit the old continent in the most relaxing way. The train trips offer several advantages over the other mean of transportation. There can be counted a few benefits: multiple networks, every town has at least one station served by train many times per day; efficiency, it means that you do not have to waste time with check ins and you can reach very close the destination point; freedom of motion, in the train you have plenty of space for walking, eating, admiring the landscapes, talking with the other passengers, etc; less pollution, because the trains are electrical run and do not generate toxic emissions. Usually the main difficulty is to figure out how and where to buy the Euro train tickets. The easiest way to purchase rail tickets is just to check on the internet the websites of the main European rail carriers and the affiliated companies. Trains to Europe packages can be found at very low costs and various profitable discounts. Travelling by train permits you to cross the borders without too many restrictions due to fact that the frontier checks are limited in most of the continent countries due to Schengen space agreement. From London, the main European capitals like Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin can be reached quickly because these cities span within distances of about 500-1000 km. Europe is well known for its famous world’s fastest trains such as the brands InterCity Express (ICE-Germany), Train a Grande Vitesse (TGV France), Eurostar and Thalys (International joint opperation). All these trains can easily speed up to 300 km/h or even more.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sven Kramer wins Olympic men's 5000 m speed skating event in Vancouver

The Dutch champion Sven Kramer won the gold medal in the 5000 meters speed skating race by setting an olympic record of 6:14:60 min. Kramer claimed the olympic title at Vancouver's Richmond Oval surpassing by 6 hundredths of a second the Jochem Uytdehaage's record established in 2002 at Salt Lake City.
Highlights: video Sven goud Vancouver schaatsen and Holland Heineken Huis.


Vancouver Olympics tragedy, georgian luger died in training crash

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games were shadowed by a tragedy. The Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, 21, died after a training-run accident at the Whistler Sliding Center. The georgian athlete was on the last corner of the course when he was suddenly thrown off the track and smashed into the structure posts. He died later at the hospital due to severe injuries. Due to Whistler track design, any small mistake can turn out fatal. At the last training session before the tragedy, 9 athletes out of 15 underwent failures by falling or rolling over. Among them also the Romanian woman Violeta Stramaturaru who got shortly unconscious after hitting her head and later the team decided to pull her out of contest. Whlistler Sliding Center is the world's fastest circuit built on the idea to have more spectacular races. If at Torino's Cesana Pariol center a luge can reach 120-130 km/h, at Whisler the speed can top up to 150 km/h. The olympics organizers announced that at the moment of the crash, Kumaritashvili was running 144.5 km/h. For many specialists the Whistler track is a big mistake just because of the rapidity. At too high speeds the athlet can not work on his technique which is the most important aspect during the luge contest. The photos show sequencies during and after the luge crash.
The video footage shows Nodar Kumaritashvili's last moments of his life shortly before the fatal crash at Whistler luge track.

Also video Nodar Kumaritashvili full luge race and tragic crash.


Rome covered by snow for the first time in 24 years

The winter reached the middle part of Italy. Rome was dusted by a thin layer of snow for the first time in 24 years. The snow brought happiness to Rome's people but also traffic troubles. The main touristic spots like Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain), etc turned white enchanting the inhabitants of the Italy capital. The tourists caught in Rome witnessed an unic moment and took plenty of pictures just to be believed regarding this rare event. Besides the joyful moments, the snow caused also inconveniences in Roma. The Ciampino airport was closed for a few hours and the italian authorities diverted the aerial traffic to Fumicino, the other airport of Rome.
Video 2010 Rome struck by heavy snow since 1986


Friday, February 12, 2010

Ashley Cole, a scandal with nude phone pictures

A new UK sex scandal is about to destroy the mith of a perfect relationship. Ashley Cole became the "hero" of a dirty story involving his nude pictures sent to Sonia Wild's phone. Sonia Wild, a 28-year-old glamour model confirmed that she received naked phone pictures with Ashley Cole along with provocative text messages and she replied back by sending her photos. More detailed, the model said that everything started with text messages and the conversation became hotter and hotter untill they started exchanging sexy photos. But everthing was done for fun, the model said. Cole tried to defend himself and came up with explanations. He admitted that indeed took photos while being in England's team hotel, instead denied that he delivered them to Sonia. Moreover Chelsea's player said that had forgotten to delete the compromising pictures and lent the phone to his friend Jay Wynters who passed the mobile device even further. Coincidentally, this sex episode comes to surface in the same week the TV presenter Vernon Kay admitted sending photos to a topless model. Thursday evening Ashley Cole had to justify himself in front of his wife Cheryl Cole. If Cheryl will forgive him, it still remains to see. Certainly their mariage is shaking at the moment. It looks like Cole-Wild encounter occured on 9 June 2009, the night before England won 6-0 over Andorra in a critical World Cup qualifying football game.
This story looks like and extension of John Terry's episode over his affair with team mate Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Perroncel. John Terry lost England captaincy following his sex involvement.
Upper-left picture - Ashley Cole and his wife Cheryl Cole
Lower-right picture - Sonia Wild
More about Ashley Cole - Sonia Wild affair.


Ilie Nastase and Amalia get divorced

The former Romanian tennisman Ilie Nastase and his wife Amalia decided to end their mariage. In a letter sent to Cancan tabloid, the couple made public their intention to divorce thus confirming the rumors spread in the last period in the gossip media about the troubles they are passing through. Ilie and Amalia Nastase met each other in 1996 during Sting's concert and started a relationship based on so-called love at first sight. They got married in 2003 in Paris despite the fact that nobody was giving chances to their partnership. A few short paragraphs of the pair's statement: "Due to rumors came up in the last period and to avoid the media speculations we decided to make public our decision. Therefore we confirm the rumors according to which Ilie and Amalia Nastase decided to divorce ... the biggest achievement as a couple is represented by our loved daughters Alessia and Emma. They are the reason why we write this letter ... we will not go further as couple but continue to be friends and parents" - Ilie and Amalia said.
Video news Amalia si Ilie Nastase divort


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Born of Hope, a successful replica of Lord of the Rings trilogy

Kate Madison - an amateur actress and a fan of Lord of the Rings trilogy - wrote, produced and directed "Born of Hope", a movie whose action occurs prior to that of the trilogy. Madison made up the story based on JRR Tolkien's books and to fulfill her purpose she used just an extremely low budget. Born of Hope costs were estimated at $28000, with $9000 provided by the film maker savings and the rest of $19000 coming from various donations. The quality of the new movie is as high as that of the Lord of the Rings and already recorded half a million (500000) view hits.
Watch online Born of Hope (link)


Alexander McQueen dies at 40

The fashion designer Alexander McQueen, aged 40 was found dead on Thursday at his home in London, England. So far, the Metropolitan Polices said that a 40-year-old man was discovered dead at a certain address in Green Street but cautiously they did not mention anything about the identity of the man. Some unverified sourced stated that the UK fashion guy commited suicide. Alexander McQueen, born Lee McQueen was famous for controvercy that embedded him the titles of "enfant terrible" and the hooligan of England fashion". Designer's family requested privacy to recover from this tragic event. Furthermore McQueen's twitter page revealed the news that his mother died recently on 2 February. The British designer creations were worn by many celebrities such as Rihanna, Mary J Blige, Anna Paquin, Cyndi Lauper, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, Lady Gaga, etc.
More about sudden death of Alexander McQueen on BBC.


Benefits of using truck accessories

Normally the car accessories are used to make the car look better and to improve its performances. Even if the vehicle comes with all-included accessories from factory, after the usage in time these components need to be replaced. For example a bug shield helps bringing style to any pick-up truck. The bug shields provide good protection for the hood of the truck against bugs, insects, rocks, etc. They are made of light durable resistant materials and their aerodynamic shape will deflect all the debris sideways or over the windshield. There are numerous variants of bug shields and good care must be taken when buying one because it must fit your specific truck. A very important accessory which is indispensable for many truck owners is the bakflip tonneau cover. Such covers show numerous benefits relying on following characteristics: waterproof, can withstand to heavy weights, fast removable, secure locking system, rear window protection, etc. One of most useful truck accessories are the mud flaps. As vehicle component, the mud flaps provide several advantages. They are designed to protect the truck itself, the other vehicles and also the pedestrians from getting struck by stones and debris thrown away by the spinning wheels. Furthermore, the vehicles fitted with such flaps are protected against the corrosive agents and the owners spare lots of time usually spent for cleaning. The truck mud flaps extend over a broad range of prices depending on the shape, the attachment system, the materials they are made of, etc. The most known types of flaps are the stainless steel, removable, heavy duty rubber, moulded plastic or aluminium plate.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

American Airlines charging for blankets

The American Airlines (AA) decided to stop offering blankets and pillows for free on its domestic flights. As from 1st of May 2010 the carrier will charge $8 for a pillow-blanket pack. Besides that, AA will charge also the passengers flying to and from Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. The American Airlines will therefore join the regulations used by JetBlue Airways which started selling sleep kits from 2008 and US Airways which was charging the passengers since 2009. As a conclusion, the people who want to fly would better take an extra sweater because they will be "welcome" by a chilly environment on the plane, i.e. the airlines will not provide heat anymore.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging in detecting brain activity

A recent study employing MRI scans revealed that some "vegetative" patients are aware of their state. The experiments were conducted on 23 patients believed to be in so-called vegetative state, i.e unaware of their surrounding environments. When asked to imagine some actions, the brain of 4 of the subjects showed identical response as those patients considered under healthy control.
Video report on vegetative activity studied by fMRI - CNN.


Lock bumping technique and method

The lock bumping is usually regarded as a special technique for opening a lock by employing bump keys. One bump key will fit for all locks of the same category or type. Now you have the possibility to discover over the internet many manufactures revealing lots of convenient offers of highest quality bump key sets at the lowest prices. Of course, for those interested it is possible to get also guidance by downloading the instruction manual that introduces the customers into the bumping technique. The manual provides valuable information on the bump keys, lock designs and security, locking vulnerabilities, lock bumping methods, mechanics and protective countermeasures etc. The bump keys shop comes up with various categories of keys and locking devices extending within a broad range of prices and features.


Arranging and decorating the kitchen

When moving in your own house, the kitchen is considered a very important inner room. Daily, the kitchen might be used as a gathering place for every family therefore it is important to know what kind of kitchen accessories have to be purchased and how to arrange them. One of the most relevant aspects is to start thinking about the best cookware for you. The kitchen cookware is based on all necessary tools and vessels used to prepare the food in the most comfortable and tasty way. It is recommendable to look for products that are simple to clean and also money valuable. An essential key point (if possible) is to make sure that the cookware items come also with warranty. Now just some short advices. Do not order stuff at first glance, instead check carefully the various price opportunities over the internet. Many companies come up with special offers for every cookware components. If you buy complete sets there are great chances to get substantial discounts. Besides that, the providers update their offers on a daily or monthly basis with new exciting products. Because of the financial crisis period, it is advisable to move fast and buy at the lowest prices by choosing among the complete and extensive range of kitchen items. Ask also professional advice from a field consultant who can provide plenty of useful ideas.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Smoke signs from Air France plane at Bucharest Otopeni airport

Air France flight 2288 connecting Paris to Bucharest just landed at Otopeni International Airport. Shortly after landing there was signaled smoke coming out of pilots cabin. The plane was taxied and the firefighters check for the smoke source. The AF2288 flight was reported with 35 passengers aboard and none was injured.


Andrei Gheorghe produces car accident and runs away from spot

According to Antrena3 TV media, Andrei Gheorghe - the consultant of the Romania finance minister Sebastian Vladescu, - was involved Tuesday evening in a car crash which took place at "Piata Presei Libere" in Bucharest. It seems that the car driven by A. Gheorghe hit from behind another vehicle stopped at the traffic light. Following the accident, the driver of the struck car, a woman, suffered serious head injuries. Andrei Gheorghe left the spot of the crash without proving that he owns car insurance and moreover he did not even call for an ambulance or other emergency services; instead, Gheorghe advised the wounded woman to stay still in the car and assured her that she will get better - the Antena 3 reported.
Subsequently Andrei Gheoghe announced that he was actually involved in a minor accident and nobody was injured. He also said that reached an agreement with the other driver regarding the damages repair. Gheorghe blames the professionalism of Antena3 reporters who related the accident more tragically.


Video: Beyonce slips on stage in Florianopolis, Brazil

The American singer Beyonce, held a concert in Florianopolis, Brazil and during her performance she experienced a little incident by sliding on stage. Fortunately she prevented a harsh fall regarding the fact the she was wearing high heals (as usually:).
Video Beyonce Florianopolis show in Brazil.


Brangelina at Super Bowl 2010

The couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to end the speculations according to which they were already separated. What would have been the best place to show their love in front of the television's highest worldwide audience? The Super Bowl final between New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts disputed at Sun Life Stadium in Miami was the perfect location for the two stars to show a complete image of their affection like in early days. Brangelina pair took their 8-year-old son Maddox and rushed to Miami's stadium where they rented a private box to watch Orleans Saints winning over Indianapolis Colts. During the match Pitt, 46, and Jolie, 34, behaved very tender as they clung, hugged and kissed repeatedly.
In the picture, was that a passionate kiss or a Hollywood show?
More photos Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at Super Bowl Miami.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Megan Fox in Motorola commercial Super Bowl 2010

Megan Fox showed up naked in a bathtube advertising a Motorola smartphone as Super Bowl 2010 commercial. It is interesting that not Megan Fox captured the atention of the viewers, instead the actress' thumbs used in the Motorola ad. Many critics consider that Fox's real thumbs are not those seen in the commercial, therefore many concluded that someone else was pictured in the short movie. Because it is well known that sometimes Hollywood shy stars employ a double body for sex scene, also here it seems that Fox enroled a "hand double" to solve the lack of confidence in her hands.
Video thumb issue Megan Fox Motorola Super Bowl advert.


Video: 2 planes collide in midair in Boulder, Colorado

Three people died on Saturday when two planes crashed in midair above Boulder, Colorado. The pilot of a single-seat Piper Pawnee plane and two people on a Cirrus SR20 (second plane) were killed upon impact. To remark that the Piper-Pawnee aircraft was towing a glider with three aboard (pilot and 2 passengers). The occupants of the glider escaped miraculously after being dettached from the carrying plane. They landed safely in Boulder.
According to the witnesses, after the collision both planes exploded and desintegrated instantaneously. The glider's passengers were considered very lucky due to fact that the Piper's pilot realized quickly that he was on course of a collision with the other aircraft and chose to separate the glider from Piper Pawnee.


Global flower delivery at your choice

The international flower delivery services represent one of the most convenient ways to send a nice gift to almost any location across the globe. Depending on the celebrated event there can be sent various occasion bouquets such as valentine’s flowers, birthday flowers, congratulation, anniversary and romance flowers. The online flower companies represent a quick way to deliver flowers worldwide at any moment. Each destination country has its own specific; therefore when you check online for example flowers finland, it is good to know a bit about the floral trend in the northern countries. You benefit of the fact that the only thing you have to do is just to order and the professional florists will take care of the rest. Some other aspect to keep in mind is that the price is related to the distance to delivery place. If thinking flowers Bahamas, you can be sure that a bouquet is orchestrated with fine floral arrangements in contemporary florist traditions related to the island. Italy is known as a country with many romance related spots such as Venice, Milan, Rome, Firenze, etc. Sending floral bouquets to someone living in any of these cities and many others can be done in the easiest fashion with online flowers italy. It would be hence the best way to say I love you or I miss you to your loved persons especially now that the valentine’s day is coming soon.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

EMC unveils electric Dacia Logan

The American businessman Gene Gabus combined the most ecological technology with the cheapest European car to obtain electric Dacia Logan. The world's first electric pick-up, a Dacia Logan based EMC (Electric Motor Cars) was revealed by Gene Gabus' Des Moines Motors dealer. Practically Gabus replaced the classical engine of a pick-up Logan with and electrical one and wants to sell the new Logan-platform-based vehicle as Electric Motor Cars (EMC) brand. The US prices for the EMC models: the pick-up will cost $33950 , then $32950 for wagon model and the break model will reach as high as $37950. The battery charging time is 8 hours when using 110V power supply and only 2 hours for a 220V supply. At the moment only the 2 seated Logan-based EMC electric pick-up truck is available, but soon also the break and the wagon electric version of the car will be launched. The electric cars are assembled in Romania at Dacia carmaker and all the models use the chassis of gas-powered Dacia Logan which became the most successful in Europe. So far, only 3 EMC pickups arrived in USA (Friday 5 Feb), but they are followed by a break and a wagon model that will get to Chicago next week.
Just to note that the prices of the electrical Logan-EMC cars are about 3-times higher than a gas-powered Logan.


Article directories list submission

The article marketing could be a critical part of the internet business strategy. Many people often wonder how to squeeze the most out of the article marketing campaigns and they search for the best article directory website they should submit to. What is the purpose is submitting articles over the internet? It's becoming pretty well known among the marketers and webmasters as well that if planning to promote a website, web log or online business, one of the most powerful and free technique of generating targeted traffic is to submit articles to article directories. The manual submission looks like a slow and time consuming process, instead a necessary one if you wish the search engines to deliver that traffic to your site and to rank it as well. It is good to keep in mind that not just traffic alone is necessary, but also all the inbound links to give your sites the authority they need to compete in the search engine results. Furthermore even if submitting articles will require some work, just figure out that the article marketing contributes consistently to the growth of any online business. A free article directory service is assigned to bring a quite definitive and complete list of active article submission directories that are available at no expense. A high ranking article website should keep its article lists up to date and should allow you to add your article to their database, which in the end will promote your business to the other visitors, clients and subscribers.


Friday, February 5, 2010

China's boy locked by chain

Shocking images with chain locked chinese boy in Beijing. Many people alerted the police after spotting a 2-year-old boy chained to a street lamp post close to Huagual mall while his father Chen Chuanliu was working nearby. The father justified himsef saying that he works the whole day and can not afford to pay for childcare, therefore he chained his little boy to prevent him from being abducted. The man also mentioned that less than a month ago, his 4-year-old daughter vanished right from the same location where the boy was being chained. "I was affraind I was loosing him too", the father Chen Chuan Liu declared. Despite father's arguments, still the images of the child locked in cold winter embarassed and outraged China.
Video footage Chinese little boy chained to post in Beijing.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nokia C5: pictures of new smartphone

Images of Nokia C5 smartphone showed up on the internet. Although the official pictures were not made public, still the Nokia C5 properties and technical details can be found at Therefore the C5 is expected to run Symbian S60 operating system, with a QVGA display measuring 2.2 inch, a photocamera of 3.2 Megapixels, HSDPA/HSUPA, internal memory of 50 MB plus some Ovi Maps applications along with GPS and AGPS. Regarding the fact that it was not officially announced yet, the price and the release date of Nokia C5 are still unknown.


Video: "Fireball" meteorite on Ireland sky

Amazing meteor lighted up Ireland's sky Wednesday evening at about 18.00 GMT. "The fireball was of a very bright green colour with orange tail and it was moving north at a fantastic speed, very high in the sky", the witness Joss Scott said.
Video "fireball" asteroid crashing in Irish sky.


Romania agrees to host USA missile shield

Romania agrees the installation of a US defence missile shield on its teritory.
The president Traian Basescu announced Thursday that the country's supreme defence council (CSAT) approved the United States plan to install on Romanian soil interceptive components as part of a new defence shield. The plan still has to go through parliament vote. "The defence system is not pointed at Russia; it is not hosted on Romania's teritory any defence shield aimed at Russia, but against other threats" - Basescu said. Furthermore the United States assured that its missile shield is assigned to protect NATO members against attack from dangerous states like Iran and not Russia.


Hubble telescope records asteroid crash - NASA report

The amazing collision of two asteroids was interpreted from an X-shaped pattern image of space debris caught by NASA's Hubble space telescope, the experts said Tuesday (02/04/2010). The space object named P/2010 A2 was observed in an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research sky survey (LINEAR) on 6th of January 2010. The trail of dust was pictured by Hubble on 25 and 29 January. The images recorded by Hubble unveil the complex filamentary structure of the X-pattern close to object's nucleus. The core (nucleus) of supposed blast is around 154 meters. The collision of asteroids occur very fast at an impact speed of 11000 mph.


Twitter hit by phishing attempt

The microblogging social website Twitter was hit Tuesday by a phishing attack which is supoosed to steal and gather the users login information; therefore it is recommandable for those who use Twitter to change the possword as soon as possible. The Twitter managing team re-set the password of a certain number of users as a consequence of the attack. Biz Stone, one of the social site co-founder warned in January that a couple of websites will try to masquerade as Twitter in order to gain users' sensitive information. As an example one of the scam URL you might receive will look like: (do not log on). The original and safe address is the well-known .


Colombian tailor shows efficiency of bulletproof garment

Miguel Caballero is a tailor from Bogota and recently he demonstrated to a VICE-VBS reporter from New York the advantage and safety provided by the bulletproof clothes. The American journalist was willing to have the test made on himself; therefore he wore one of the jackets and Caballero shot him. As seen in the CNN video the garment turned out to be very secure and no sign of bullet impact was left on the body.
Video bulletproof clothing test Miguel Caballero - CNN


Stretching and enlargement techniques and methods

It is known in general that the men want to increase their sexual performances but probably in many cases they are confronted with troubling situations and experiences, namely the small size of their “tool”. For centuries they searched for methods of enhancing the potency and sexual appetite. For sure the first instinct nowadays is to apply various enhancements techniques and one of the most effective is the use of the penis stretcher. The confidence in these products consists of the fact that their release is based on studies of real life situations. The penis stretching can be performed in various ways employing diverse methods and techniques but the most known are the pills, the pump and the stretcher tool. It is good to know that you can choose among the plenty of enlargement tool models which will fit the best for you. Also the pills can be selected from a large category available for anyone in needs. The jelqing exercises have a ancient history and are well known to generate successful enhancements. These exercises are clearly related to and based on stretching, milking or massaging techniques. When applying the jelqing efforts it is recommendable to monitor the efforts on a daily or weekly basis. For more info it is advisable to check eventually the professional programs.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bid for Ferrari 250 GTO from 1963 can reach $20 million

A very rare model of Ferrari was subject to aution in Geat Britain. It is about a Ferrari 250 GTO manufactured in 1963. 40 year ago the owner paud $18000 but now the price of the 250 GTO is estimated at $20 million. Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most desired model, there being only 36 such cars worldwide.
Video Ferrari 250 GTO at work.


New York: Empire State Building race

More than 240 people participated in a race organized inside Empire State Buiding from New York. The male contest was won by a german competitor who defended his title for the 5th successive time. The female contest trophy was taken by a woman from New Zealand. Empire State Building is a 86-story building and the marathon involved 1576 treads.
Video Empire State Building marathon-New York race 2010


Mel Gibson calls Chicago TV reporter an asshole

Mel Gibson gave a live interview on WGN-TV advertising his new movie, "Edge of Darkness". The TV presenter hit Gibson with questions regarding his alcohol problems experienced a while ago and looked like the actor was not very happy with that. As a consequence Mel Gibson called the tv-reporter an asshole after the live broadcasting was supposed to be off,,,but it was not. This happens when the VIPs open their mouth without checking if the interview is over or if the microphone is shut.
Video Mel Gibson calls interviewer an asshole live at Chicago WGN-TV (reporter Dean Richards).


Mircea Geoana bantered by CNN

PSD leader Mircea Geoana was subject of irony and jokes for CNN. During a debate regarding the funniest recent political moments, the journalists from Political Mann had refered to the way Geoana justified his defeat at the presidential elections: the influence of an expert in paranormal phenomena. Geoana blamed the parapsychologist Aleodor Manole for cursing him during a live debate against Basescu just a few days before the presidency voting moment. The CNN presentors advised Mircea Geoana to eat more garlic as long as he lives in Dracula's country.
Video Mircea Geoana irony topic for CNN Political Mann


Virgin's underwater plane revealed by Richard Branson

Amazing prototype underwater plane was unveiled by Richard Branson's Virgin Limited Edition. The 415000 pounds Necker Nymph submersible plane is capable so far to dive deep to about 50 meters but the company hopes in the future the vehicle will reach depths of 12 km. The underwater plane will "fly" at a speed of 2 to 5 nautical miles per hour for a maximum time of 2 hours. Unlike normal submarines which use ballast to sink, the Nymph uses downward pressure on its wings to navigate at various levels through the water and moreover the passengers will experience a 360-degrees view from the open cockpit. Furthermore the luxury vehicle is fitted with fighter-jet technology and can be maneuvered by a joystick. The inauguration event is gonna happen on 20 February 2010 when 2 passengers and a pilot will dive the Virgin's plane from land or boat.
The three-person Necker Nymph is mainly assigned for wealthy people who want to explore the Atlantic waters around the Necker Island in the Carribean Sea. The normal price is $25000 a week but there are some other expensive conditions: the vacationer can fly the Nymph only after booking also a $88000 place on Branson's 105-foot yacht, Necker Belle. In total the Necker Island experience can reach as high as $400000 a week.
Virgin's Necker Nymph was designed and manufactured by Hawkes Ocean Technology - a San Francisco based company.
Video report Necker Nymph underwater plane (video CNN).


Lowest price for project management exam and certification

How important is a project management exam and the granted PMP certification?
It is well known that the responsibility of any project lies on the shoulders of the project managers. The successful accomplishments of the project objectives depend on the skills and capabilities of the leading manager. In order to prove their high-rating and abilities, the project managers have to learn, understand and use the knowledge from their area of interest. A manager qualification relies on various tests and exams such as PMP Exam. This kind of examinations which finally grant the much desired certification, supposes the attendance of specific courses which are usually organized by the Project Management Institute. The pricing of the courses ranges between large limits and peaking even higher than a thousand of dollars. One of the best possibility in obtaining the PMP Certification starts by simply checking and analyzing a project management certification product called PM PrepCast. The availability of the internet makes the thinks pretty easy because the management training courses can be found online in a free trial version and the paid version is extremely cheap, probably the cheapest available; therefore the low cost of this PMP exam package is an ideal opportunity for managers with limited budget or those who want to study during their spare time. The great advantage of the PrepCast consists in the possibility of downloading the lessons on any internet-supporting portable device such as iPhone, HTC, iPod, iPad, etc. Another important aspect stays in the PMBOK guide. The PMBOK guide and standard represents one of the 4th fields of the management expertise and provides detailed information on the fundamentals of project management such as the necessary processes, tools and techniques used drive a project efficiently.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cessna plane makes emergency landing on New Jersey freeway

A Cessna airplane managed to reach safely a highway from New Jersey following critical engine problems. Besides the pilot, the aircraft was carrying a journalist -Mike Lankfort-, with the purpose of surveilling and broadcasting the traffic conditions to a certain number of TV and radio stations. The pilot landed on the highway's emergency lane and subsequently created a traffic jam of approximately 2 kilometers. Following the incidend nobody was injured and no vehicle was damaged. "The pilot found a place to land safely on a motorway which is run by 600000-700000 vehicles daily" - the official Joe Orlando said. Fortunately the landing took place around 6.46 A.M when the traffic is less intense.
Aerial video footage Cessna landing site New Jersey freeway Cherry Hill.


How to increase the success of trade show business

The advantages of the trade event participations consist of the fact that allow you to be on top of the latest industry trends, make contacts, and strengthen the connections with the customers.
In order to fully benefit of all aspects of show presentation and accomplish the desired outcome from your work, it is advisable to check the knowledge base of the internet resources. Any trade show space can be matched with modern items and articles selected from a complete list of trade show displays manufactured with special designs and in various forms.
The main intention is just to make a good impression and capture the attention of any visitor who might come back lately as a client.
It is compulsory to be creative in advertising the products and promoting efficiently the company’s name, therefore a genuine way to highlight your image is by using appropriate logo floor mats. You can choose among a large variety of logo mats with beautiful designs which can successfully serve your purposes.
When it comes to an exhibition show, it is good to keep in mind several important factors such as the type of event, the available finance, how profitable is the advertising investment in the respective tradeshow display etc.
An innovative method to set the show presentation even more unforgettable is by making use of exhibit booths. They have to appear as something new and special, with conceptual prints and high quality drawings just to get noticed and make a possible customer walk away with your brand name in his memory. Last but not least, a relevant item which is indispensable to a show presentation is the display truss. The trusses are regarded in general as support components and they should be performed by light materials therefore lots of confidence are put into aluminium-made truss. The trusses are found in different sizes and profiles and many times they are used as part of shows or concerts stage lighting system.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Gigi Becali imitated in the airplane

An guy imitated Gigi Becali in the airplane right in the presence of Steaua's owner. It looked like the clone gave an original show as long as Gigi Becali was impressed and tasted the joke. Becali is well known as an exuberant person and his gestures and comments are always a source of inspiration for funny spectacles.
Video Gigi Becali imitat in avion.


AH1N1 vaccine side effects: british woman partially paralized

A UK woman remained partially paralized following the vaccination against the AH1N1 virus. According to the British news publications, the 47-year-old woman was administrated the H1N1 vaccine at the end of 2009 and subsequently she started suffering by a rare desease which affects the nervous system leading to lack of control of the legs and face muscles. The doctors confirmed that the ah1n1 vaccine was the cause of the troubles, instead they mentioned these kind of sideeffects are very rare. The woman is under medical treatment which consists of taking up to 20 antiparalizing pills a day.


Video: Smiley - Plec pe Marte feat. Cheloo

"Plec pe Marte" (Smiley feat. Cheloo) was launched online on 27 January 2010 and recorded so far 163000 hits on youtube. On 28/01/2010 the official youtube channel of Smiley's Hahaha production studio reached the 4th place as the most viewed music channels worldwide and a day later (29/01/2010) was seen as 2nd ranked. All these statistics represent the monitoring for the period corresponding to the end of January 2010. The new Smiley's single Plec pe Marte can be listened during the show the artist is gonna hold it at "Sala Palatului" on 1st of April 2010 from 19:30. More info on Smiley's facebook profile. In the picture, Smiley alias Andrei Tiberiu Maria.
Video Plec pe Marte - by Smiley ft. Cheloo, Hahaha music production.

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