Thursday, April 30, 2009

Queensday Netherlands 2009 - dutch party, orange crazyness or drinking paradise

30.Apr.2009 Because today the dutch celebrate their queen's day, I will outline a few facts on this event. Queen's day or "Koninginnedag" (in dutch) is a national feast (probably the biggest one) in the Netherlands and on this occasion, the people throughout the country celebrate the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands. Now it follows the funny aspect. The present queen of the dutch is Queen Beatrix and her birthday is on 31th of January. As winter period is not the best time to party outdoor, Beatrix decided to celebrate her birthday on 30 of April which is actually the birthday of her mother, Queen Juliana. Therefore Queen Beatrix is a kind and lovely queen and offered the opportunity to the dutch the celebrate with the best possible weather in this country. What is the most representative on queen's day? Obviously the orange colour and implicitly orange crazyness. What can you see on this day in a city (like e.g Amsterdam)??? the answer is simple: all over orange banners, concerts, full terraces and clubs, drinks, food, drinks, drunkers and again drinks.
Koninginnenacht or Queen's Night. Something more here. The dutch are cautious people and they know that one day is not enough to party. For that reason they decided to start "the beginning of the end" on the evening ahead the Queen's day, more precise 7 PM. The conclusion is simple up to here: party, sleep, party, sleep and so on. To back up the above afirmations, I will come up with pictures and videos in...3 days from now, although images from previous years can be easily found on Youtube. Cheers and "juicht"
2009 Queensday tragedy. Royal birthday car crash: A nice day shadowed by a tragic car attack aimed at Royal family. Following the crash 7 people died and some others are injured.
Watch video "Koninginnedag Apeldoorn auto ongeluk 2009" - Apeldoorn car accident 2009/04/30


Manchester United 1-0 Arsenal; John O'Shea Goal. UEFA Champions League Semi-finals, first-leg 2009

29.Apr.2009 This evening at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester United and Arsenal met for the first time in UEFA Champions League. Arsenal was confronted with a series of selection problems among the missing players being Robie van Persie, Gael Clichy, William Gallas and Andrey Arshavin - the last one is still ineligible due to fact that he already played in UEFA Champion League this season for Zenit Sankt Petersburg. Manchester managed to beat Arsenal 1-0, the only goal being scored by John O'Shea in the minute 17 with a short range effort. Alex Ferguson's team played much better than the opponents but with lack of efficiency, therefore Arsenal is not out of the tie and will try to reverse the final result next week. See below video of O'Shea semifinals goal.
Watch video Manchester - Arsenal highlights. Video Champions League highlights, UCL semi-finals first-leg 29/04/2009. Video O'Shea goal.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea UEFA Champions League semifinals 28-04-2009

28.Apr.2009 Soccer: Barcelona vs. Chelsea, the first leg of the 2009 UEFA Champions League semifinals starts at Camp Nou Stadium, kickoff time 20:45.
FC Barcelona failed to win against the british opponents from Chelsea in the first-leg semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League. Guus Hiddink applied a great strategy congesting the areas where Lionel Messi, Hernandez and Iniesta usually perform dangerous passes. Thus, Barcelona got only a blank score at Camp Nou for the first time since last year semifinals.
Watch video highlights Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea UEFA Champions League semi-finals first-leg 28/04/2009


Swine flu 2009 – a world danger of pandemic???

Swine flu - signs, symptoms, virus, transmission, effects and impacts.
Swine flu is caused by following virus subtypes H1N1, H1N2, H3N1, H3N2, and H2N3. Also the avian H5N1 virus was detected in pigs.
The symptoms of swine flu are similar to those of flu-like illness and include fever, fatigue , body aches, cough, lethargy, lack of appetite, headache, sore throat and chills.
Prevention is based on personal cautions like hand-washing, coughing in tissue, elbow, etc, and the recommended medication for treatment of infection are Tamiflu (oseltamivir) or Relenza (zanamivir). Antiviral drugs work best if taken soon after getting sick (within 2 days) and prevent complications.
Present updated statistics.
The swine flu "escaped" the American continent and the alarm bell starts to ring worldwide. The most affected country is Mexico with more than 150 people dead and 1600 infected. United States declared 40 infected people near New York but no deceased and Canada is the third country reporting the presence of virus in humans. Spain became on Monday (27/04/09) the first European country contracting the virus after a traveller returned from Mexico and shortly after, UK confirmed its 2 cases. Therefore the swine flu reaches a pandemic level.
The flu has an alternating effect on the markets. A negative impact lies on everything related to travel, the shares of the biggest european aircompanies like Lufthansa, KLM, Air France and British Airways dropped and as a consequence the price of the oil lowered affecting corporations like Shell, BP and Total. On the other side the only positive aspect is seen on the pharmaceutical market where the shares rose for Swiss company Roche and british firm Glaxosmithklein. These 2 companies increased the production of Tamiflu and Relenza, the main anti flu drugs.


Nog twee dagen tot Koninginnedag 2009 - Still two days left till Queensday 2009

28.Apr.2009 There are two days remaining untill Queensday 2009. One of the biggest Koninginnedag event in Amsterdam is the Museumplein outdoor party hosted by Radio 538. This year will perform the following artists: Kate Ryan, Alain Clark, Bertolf, Racoon, VanVelzen, Gerard Joling, Jeroen Van Der Boom, DJ Tiesto. The show starts at 12 hrs and ends at 22 hrs.
27/04/09 Kate Ryan is on the first place in the MTV Dance charts in UK


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Romania earthquake - Seism in Romania

25.Apr.2009 An earthquake of 5.3 magnitude on Richter scale occured in Romania in Vrancea region at a depth of 120 km. The Vrancea earthquake was felt in Bucuresti, Focsani, Iasi and Constanta as well as in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) and Varna (Bulgaria). There were reported no victims. The shake started at 20:18 and ended at 20:23 local time. According to the seismograph, the maximum amplitude had a duration of about 3 minutes. Minutes aftes the shock, the emergency number 112 and the mobile phone networks collapsed due to overstressing from scared population. The scientists predicted a new replica tomorrow evening (26.Apr.2009).
Watch videos Romania earthquake 25.Apr.2009
Cutremur Romania VIDEO1, Seism Romania OTV VIDEO2, Earthquake Romania RealitateaTV VIDEO3


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is April a safe or not a safe month to fly? Migratory birds-airplane collisions, high risk at airports.

The Romanian airports are confronted with risky circumstances due to the presence of the birds of passage that arrived in the area for this part of the year. The collisions between aircrafts and birds are something usual but sometimes with catastrophic outcome. Such an event took place recently at Iasi where a TAROM plane was cracked by the birds before landing. In January a similar accident involved an US Airways airliner which crash landed in the Hudson River in New York after the two engines choked after sucking birds during the take off procedure from La Guardia airport.
The highest probability the airplanes might collide with birds happen at low altitude before landing or after take off. In those situations the aircrafts are either in a steep climb or in a slow glide with engines power reduced and less can be done to execute an avoidance maneuver.
At Baneasa airport there were installed propane guns close to runway shooting every minute in order to scary away the flying creatures but despite this action they come back to their nests made in the surroundings.
To my friends who went to Romania to enjoy the Easter holiday, I wish them good luck on the way back to NL, watch the loving birds and take care that "planes and the birds are not a good mix” (even if they have somehow the same purpose)


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Transilvania Restaurant Den Bosch; Party Easter Eve 18.Apr.2009

Pictures (here) and videos (V1, V2, V3 and V4, V5, V6, V7) taken on 18.04.2009 - Den Bosch NL.
P.S. All images are borrowed and poor sound quality of videos V1-V3 (phone camera)


Friday, April 17, 2009

Dinamo Bucharest aircraft incident at Iasi (RO). "Red dogs hit by white storks"

Romanian football team Dinamo Bucharest (calling themselves "Red Dogs") was involved in a flight incident after the airplane which was carrying the team to Iasi hit a flock of storks just about 15 minutes before landing. Following the impact with the birds the plane got a huge hole into his nose and started to shake tremendously but in the end the pilots managed to land safely at Iasi airport. Dinamo travelled to Iasi to play against the local team in a game counting for romanian soccer national championship. As it can be seen in the picture, the nose of the aircrast was seriously damaged.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ferrari vs SLK entertainment: some morons competing in a car contest at Cluj-Napoca

This kind of scenes are most likely to happen in Romania. Sometimes is not necessary to watch a comedy genre movie but it is just enough to walk in the street and see situations like in the following footage. It is a pitty for non-romanian speakers, the video would deserve to be translated (entertaining language). As a short survey, some stupid aboriginals, one in a Ferrari and 2 in a Mercedes SLK competing with their cars in the middle of the city and admiring each other's car,,,actually the guys in SLK are amazed of the other one's Ferrari.
Watch video "Ferrari vs SLK at Cluj-Napoca"


Moldavia election recount has begun

Moldova officials started recounting more than 1.5 million votes after a last week disputed election. Moldavia's Constitutional Court ordered the Central Election Comission to recount all the vote ballots after a request of Vladimir Voronin. The ex-president hopes this decission will bring trust and stability among the population after one week of violent street protests. Voronin has intesively criticized Romania of involvement in Moldova uprising, but all charges were denied by Traian Basescu - the president of Romania - who replied back in a hard way accusing Moldova communists of population repression. Following Basescu's speech held in the romanian Parliament, Vladimir Voronin changed the strategy seeming to be less "aggresive" and more friedly. Moldavian opposition believes that Moldova vote recount is a fake, the communist gaining enough time to hide the evidence of poll fraud and therefore they ask for new elections.
Watch shocking disclosure (in romanian) of Doru Dendiu - TVR correspondent - last romanian jurnalist at Chisinau. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FC Porto 0-1 Manchester United and Arsenal 3-0 Villarreal; UEFA CL Quarter Finals second leg

15.Apr.2009 After the second day of games in the UEFA Champions League quarter of finals, Manchester United defeated FC Porto on Estadio do Dragao (Porto) by 1-0, the only goal being scored by United's portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (6). In the other game, Arsenal London won 3-0 against the spanish opponents from Villarreal. The british goals were scored by Walcott (10), Adebayor (60) and Van Persie (69). The last 4 teams remained in UEFA CL semi-finals are therefore: Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester United and Arsenal


Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool: UEFA Champions League Dramatic game at London's Stamford Bridge

14.Apr.2009 Football. UEFA Champions League-Quarter Finals, second leg. One of the best, unexpected and worth to see game, played at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge Stadium. After the first leg win, Chelsea was leading 3-1 and was preparing for a confident game, but Liverpool proved that is a tough team, 30 minutes into the play the Cormorans had already 2 goals ahead due to Aurelio and Xabi Alonso (0-2) and they were hoping for only 1 goal assuring the semifinal stage; but it was still long time to go. After the break Chelsea turns the situation into its favor by scoring 3 times in a row by Drogba, Alex and Lampard (3-2). Liverpool does not give up and takes again the lead by scoring at an interval of just 2 minutes by Lucas and Kuyt (3-4). There was still 10 minutes to go, enough time for a team like Liverpool to score the needed winning goal but in minute 89 Lampard sets the things by sending the ball into Reyna's net. Chelsea-Liverpool final score 4-4, an amazing aggregate of 7-5 and Chelsea ensures a semi-final meeting against FC Barcelona.
Watch CHELSEA 4-4 LIVERPOOL Highlights 14.APR.2009 (UCL QF 2nd LEG)
Watch LIVERPOOL 1-3 CHELSEA Highlights 08.APR.2009 (UCL QF 1st LEG)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wizzair incident at Timisoara airport on 12.Apr.2009, gear troubles

12.04.2009 A Wizzair airplane was forced to return at the airport of Timisoara (Romania) after reporting a problem with the landing gear which remained open-stuck. The plane with 147 passangers on board was flying on a route to Rome (Italy) when 20 minutes into the flight a strong smell of burned plastic was felt into the cabin. The landing was done without troubles at about 14:30 local time. This is the second incident in only 4 days involving Wizzair, on the 8th of april an Airbus A320-200, making flight W6-227 from Budapest to Eindhoven (Netherlands) with 107 passengers, returned to Budapest when the crew received an unsafe gear indication after retraction of the gear. The Timisoara airport has become overwhelmed by aerial trouble situations in the last 2 months if counting also CarpatAir incidents. Wizzair is a Hungarian based low cost airline and although it passed the aviation black list there are reported a lot of minor troubles with the airplanes and furthermore the main complaints are related to the long time delay of the fights.


Twitter social media: warnings on imminent danger in near future

Some reports revealed new findings on possible dangers that can be induced but Twitter social networking. According to scientists, a too fast transmission of information is regarded as a bad thing from emotional point of view, the human brain being unable to process "logically" the information in such short times (CNN source). On another side, governmental agencies are worried about the use of Twitter network by terrorist organizations in supporting extremist ideologies and planning terrorist attacks (BBC source). Many plots could be out of the governments control a few recent examples being the US Republican National Convention protest and Republic of Moldova uprising.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Moldova demonstrations - 10.April.2009 (5th day) Sources: Twitter, moldovan and romanian media

3:30 Twitter (#pman hashtag) discussions and Dorin Chirtoaca - the mayor of Chisinau, confirm the 10th of April (Friday) meeting at Teleradio Moldova starting at 10 AM (VIDEO MAYOR PRESS CONFERENCE). People intend to protest holding flowers in hands and turning into "Flowers revolution".
12:00 The public television is protected by people handling Kalashnikov weapons and probably also snipers (according to eye witnesses) Here VIDEO
V. Voronin, the leader of the Party of Communist agreed the demand of re-counting the votes and made an oficial request at Constitutional Court on this purpose. "The recounting of votes, will be an important reason to reinstall political stability, peace and mutual confidence in Moldova", Voronin said. Despite the call of opposition for a higher intensified anticommunist protest on friday, only about eight hundred protesters were marching in the center of Kishinev. The low size and intensity participation seems determined also by the fear state, less and less people risking to be arrested and kidnapped off the Chisinau streets by the police.
16:00 Romania: in a live show on Antena3 TV station, romanian oficials are amazed and make fun of Voronin and communists paranoia. Voronin's "proofs" about Romania involvement are actually the banners written in romanian and the people speaking romanian. NOTE: romanian and moldavian languages are identical. Hereby moldavian authorities said from the beggining of conflict that they have proofs against Romania but they showed none - denoting the communists desperation.
17:00 many romanian journalist were detained, the last one was the Antena3 reporter (a few minutes ago); also a swedish reporter was interogated by moldovan police,,,it is clear that Moldova is dominated by chaos. European Union is still silent.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moldova's riot: The 4th day - 09.April.2009 Updates

09.Apr.2009 - 4:00 AM Update 1. After a check on Twittergrid it seems that tomorrow will be again a busy day for Modovan revolutionists. More will be found out in a few hours at early time in the morning. The moldavian youth joined by romanians, can be found talking Here (twittergrid, hashtag #pman).
Update 2. The moldavian uprising seems to fade away in the 4th day, at 10:30 AM there was silent atmosphere at "PMAN", only a few TV camera teams being present in the area; by 12:00 hrs, 200 were protesting in front of Presidency before heading to Chisinau Main Square ("pman"). Meanwhile a group of students were picked up from their classes and taken away, again to an unknown location and from now on there will be repeated typical pattern actions clearly used by communists before 1990's (Security involvement, etc.). Unfortunately tough times will come for Moldavians, but the only positive thing is that the oppression is always the end of communists (they do not know how to deal these situations without arrestments and persecutions).
7:30PM Meeting of solidarity with people from Rep.of Moldavia organized in Iasi-Romania, live webcam images.
- One of the frontpage title of the StireaZilei Journal is called "Terror in Chisinau - Beaten journalists, kidnapped people and missing children" and indeed this is confirmed also by the following images courtesy of

From Chisinau-street kidnappings 09.04.2009

From Chisinau-street kidnappings 09.04.2009

EU, CNN, BBC, Eurorews reaction??? None!!! If these events happened somewhere else, all the international media would become very noisy. At these moments they broadcast news like ciclism, banking system in England, elections in Algeria and (weird) even about peaceful protests from Georgia but... nothing related to agitated "north corean type events" from Moldova???
Here one of the BBC news: "Tens of thousands of opposition supporters in Georgia have been taking part in protests calling for the resignation of President Mikhail Saakashvili." - coincidentally pretty similar demands in Georgia but there do not occur violent actions as in Moldova.
- on Twitter spreads the news that tomorrow (10.Apr.2009) there will be organized two legitimate protests in Chisinau, one of them at the public national television but the authorities (also opposition warn population that is a set-up)
- in General meetings might be so dangerous that different newspapers published some important advises for protesters as follows:
1) people should walk in huge packs, not individual, 2) keep contact with someone out of conflict zone, 3) do not talk to unknown persons, 4) avoid head shaved persons especially if speaking russian, 5) use the main boulevards, avoid narrow and dark streets, 6) do not hesitate to shout when in danger,,, the noise helps, 7) take care at night, people are easily kidnapped, 8) do not talk about protests when travelling by public transport, 9) if you are part of a Facebook group, just increase the privacy profile level and eventually remove your pictures.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moldova's Media Revolution: The third day of demonstrations in Chisinau. Highlights

08.Apr.2009 - UPDATE 1. Chisinau: The day three of protest began around 10 AM but without any sign of violence. The demonstration started with an initial number of 1000 people at 11 AM, peaked at about 5000 protesters at 2 PM and decreased down to 3000 at 4 PM. During the day, a series of new events took place: the romanian ambasador in Republic of Moldova was declared "persona non-grata" and must leave the country in 24 hours, president Voronin announces re-introduction of visas for romanian citizens and in response the romanian authorities declare that they will not proceed the same, a series of arrests were started by the communist (something specific and expected for such regimes) among the "victims" being Sergiu Mocanu (one of the liders of the moldovan opposition and ex-adviser of Vladimir Voronin) and Gheorghe Brega - romanian citizen (president of Hyde Park Association); at the same time an oficial told the demonstrators that 125 students were arrested the previous night (communist fear propaganda) and the protesters threatened back giving ultimatum to president Voronin and asking him to leave the power, release of all 200 people put under arrest up to now and organization of new elections.
It seems that the main fact that bothers Voronin is that the Romanian Flag was installed on the Parliament building on the 7th April protests. It looks like he does not remember that Moldova was part of Romania and furthermore there is no big difference between both countries flags.
-2 pro-communist meetings were organized in Soroca (2:30 PM) and Balti (4:00 PM) with paticipation of (mostly russian speaking) people aged 40-50. They condemned the yesterday events.
- train transport towards and from Romania was cancelled on technical reason.
- leaders of the 3 oppozition parties signed an agreement of not recognizing legally the 5th of april elections.
5:00PM the protesters threaten with taking over the Television building.
6:00PM and reveal that during the protest of wednesday, behind the Government Buiding (Chisinau) there were parked Secret Service cars registered with Transnistrian and Moldavian plate numbers (SEE VIDEO)
7:00PM "Facebook - social networking media" has been blocked by Moldtelecom - the main Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Moldova. Facebook played an important role in online transmission of the news from Moldova.
9:00PM moldavian media accuse the "Voronin's police" of agression against many journalists. Oleg Brega, a cameraman of Jurnal TV station was brutalized and beaten to blood by the police and subsequently left crawling in the street. 2,5 hours earlier four reporters from "Ziarul de Garda" have been threatened and scared by the same "law people". The foto and video cameras were either confiscated or destroyed ( ,
Vladimir Voronin shows up on TV for 15 minutes accusing the EU-member Romania of involvement in the Moldavia conflicts. Romanian oficials deny accusations and consider Voronin's declarations as a classical reaction used by communists when they do not manage to solve their own internal problems.
10:00PM protesters left the "Piata Marii Adunari Nationale" after they agreed to meet again tomorrow (Thursday-9.Apr.2009).
There were published the results of the parliamentary elections from 5th April: Communist Party obtained 49.48% of votes which represents 60 seats in parliament, insufficient to name the new president of Republic of Moldova.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Republic of Moldova Revolution News 2009 - information, media and linkable moldovan websites

7.Apr.2009 It looks like Moldova is on the brink of revolution. In such situations a major role is held by media. In order to keep things under their control, the communists tried to interrupt any mean of communication: radio, television, phone, internet network. Some of them were completely closed, others were slowed down or censured. The international media gets news by correspondents, social networking media, etc. Internal information on revolution like events from Chisinau and other cities in the country can be provided by the following Moldovan websites which still work: (ro)
Moldpres (english)
Moldova-suverana (ro)
Teleradio Moldova (ro) (ro)
Generally speaking, the conflict in Moldova was created by urban - rural duality. The first category represents the young educated generation of pro-west people and second one is the old fashioned, nostalgic pro-russian.
Although many called the events as Moldova's Twitter Revolution due to large number of informative messages posted on, however there a major role was played by YouTUBE website with plenty of video reports uploaded.
Twitter instead, compensated the lack of communication in Moldova and played an important role in the gathering of the people, the most popular posted messages were marked with the tag "#pman" which is achronyn from "Piata Marii Adunari Nationale" (Chisinau Main Square).


Quake feedback: New eathquake felt in l'Aquila and Rome

07.Apr.2009 - a new powerful aftershock of 5.5 magnitude on Richter was felt today in l'Aquila and Rome, one day after the Monday 6.3 quake which killed at least 228. Another shake of 5 magnitude rocked Portugal, close to Madeira islands.


Violent protests in Chisinau - Rep. of Moldavia. Symptoms of another revolution? 7 Apr 2009

07.April.2009 - the 2nd day of violent events occuring in Chisinau (Republic of Moldavia). After the win of the elections by the communists, violent clashes take place in the moldavian capital with the participation of more than 30000. The people, most of them students broke into the parliament building and also Voronin's presidential office. They accuse the government of frauding the 5th of April poll by multiple vote and request new elections surveyed by international community.
The autorithies cut most of communication with the surrounding regions the only contact being established by internet and radio station "The Voice of Basarabia". As time runs away the situation seems to worsen, most of TV stations are shut down, the mobile phone communication is cut off in the protest zone and the road transport to Chisinau is blocked to avoid the crowd gathering to meeting.
Until 1300 GMT there were reported 30 light wounded among civilians and cops.
Check for more on DETAILED UPDATED INFORMATION (romanian)
Could these events called something like Revolution in Chisinau?
18hrs update: 1. crowd enter Parliament building breaking windows, throwing the furniture and setting fires; the police forces withdrew aside and watch. 2. First discussions regarding re-elections failed; debates were held between opposition (Liberal Party, Democrat-Liberal Party and Our Moldavia Alliance) and government (Communist Party). 3. Moscow oficials suspect occidental secret services and some other forces from Romania for involvement in the violent scandal.
19hrs update: 1. first deadly casualty, a woman died by inhaling carbon dioxide following the fire set at Parliament building - Moldavian television said. 2. Agreement between government and opposition for manual counting of votes.
20hrs updates: 1. at least 200 persons wounded in the incidents - "medical sources". 2. member of opposition declares "there is no agreement yet between political parties". Communists did not respond the requests, - situation still on hold. 3. In the city of Balti, 7 young people were arrested by undercover police after the closing of the anticommunist protest. The people are just grabed off the street and taken to unknown location. Chief of police does not comment. 4. According to the situation becomes out of control and spreads through the country. In Chisinau there are still 15-20000 people waiting for solutions.
22hrs updates: the Parliament building was set in fire. The crowd plan to gather wednesday in the morning to continue the protest. Most of the moldavian media or internet websites are either blocked or slowed down. The outside world struggles to get information using also the social networkings like Forums, Twitter, Facebook.
VIDEO JurnalTV 22 - debate Vladimir Voronin vs. opposition leaders. Latest news.

Watch below 2 videos of revolution scene situations from Chisinau.


L’Aquila prediction: Seismologist Giacchino Giuliani predicted l’Aquila earthquake. Controversy?

Is an earthquake prediction possible??? In the l’Aquila quake aftermath, the italian scientist Giacchino Giuliani declared that he announced the authorities about the imminence of a quake in central Italy but he was not taken into consideration on reason that his research was not based on a scientific foundation.
The action he initiated one month ago involved cars with loudspeakers driven through the city and warning people on the desastruous quake was about to come, but he ended up sparking fury of the mayor who reported him to police. Furthermore, he was constrained to remove his findings also from the internet. Now, after the disaster struck, the italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, talked in a defensive way mentioning that “predicting a quake is impossible and there is no one who can tell when the next shake will come, in the next hours or days”
Giacchino Giuliani is a seismologist at National Institute of Astrophysics and he said that earthquake prediction was actually "based on the monitoring instruments which identified the point and allowed him to see the seismic precursor, a sign that the quake will be imminent within 6 to 24 hours".
On one side, regarding the fact the first shocks in the Abruzzo region were felt starting with mid-January and continued at regular time periods the prediction became in the end “inevitable” but on the other side it is difficult to control the masses without saying something with high accuracy.


Monday, April 6, 2009

l'Aquila earthquake: Quake of 6.3 magnitude strikes Italy - latest news, l'Aquila updates

A powerful earthquake of 6.3 magnitude hit central Italy on Monday morning 06.April.2009 at 1.32 AM GMT after an initial 4.6 magnitude shake. The quake occurred about 95 km north east of Rome near the city of l'Aquila (Abruzzo region) and it lasted for about 30 seconds. Its depth was around 10 km and initially the amplitude reached 6.7 on Richter scale but lately decreased to 6.3. ANSA news agency reported that many buildings were damaged in l'Aquila. The effects were felt also in the capital Rome.
According to the morning updates at least 27 people were declared dead (5 children among them); 3000 to 10000 buildings were destroyed and some 100000 people fled their homes. In Italy was declared emergency state.
Update2: the number of dead people is believed to be more than 50
Update3: more than 90 casualties reported at 13:00 GMT.
Update4: at 2300 GMT death toll rose up to 150 according to
Update5: aftermath: In the end the total number of casulaties reached around 294 people.
Live earthquake video footage from TG5 and CNN with rescuers searching debris.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jari-Matti Latvala big crash - Most Spectacular Crash on SS4 Portugal Rally WRC 2009

Video footage of one of the most spectacular and long crash experienced by the finnish driver Jari-Matti Latvala at the SS4 Rally Portugal 2009. His car, a Ford Focus, rolled over a distance of at least 200 meters in a steep valley after breaking the protection barrier. His future at BP Ford Abu Dhabi Team became uncertain after the huge accident of yesterday (03.04.2009).


Friday, April 3, 2009

Taliban militants beating 17 years old girl in north-western Pakistan

Video recording shows a 17 years girl beaten by talibans in Swat valley region, north western Pakistan. The girl was accused of having an affair with an electrician and was punished in public place. As consequence of the incident she got also married.


Positive side effect of nuclear bomb experiments - evidence of heart cells regeneration

Recent discovery shows that the human heart cells can regenerate over the course of the lifetime. The tests were done employing human cells irradiated during the 1950’s nuclear tests. It’s been found that the cells that control the heart muscle contractions leading to blood pumping through the body, could regenerate at a rate of 1% per year when aged 25 and decreasing down to 0.4 % at the age of 75.
Carbon 14 radioactive isotope peak detection.
The experiments were based on the spectrometric technique by measuring the radioactive isotope of carbon 14 whose concentration increased during the nuclear tests and led to contamination of anyone alive at that time. The outcome revealed that part of cells had a higher concentration of carbon suggesting that the respective cells regenerate themselves.
The discovery is considered a step forward for developing new medication that might help the growth of the cells in humans experiencing heart problems. The usual treatment consists of taking cells from other organs and introducing them into the heart.
The experiments were carried out by swedish researchers and the results published in Science, Vol. 324, April 3, 2009.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stupid and funny accident, biker hit by a barrier

It is unbelievable how blind some people are; when they do not focus their attention amazing hilarious accidents happen. Here a biker just being hit in the head by a train barrier. Funny for some, tragic for others:))
Link to watch video.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Netherlands-Macedonia and Turkey-Spain, results WorldCup football qualifying stage April 1, 2009

Video links of two nice football games for World Cup 2010 qualifying stage:
Netherlands-Macedonia 4-0 KJ Huntelaar (2-0)
Netherlands-Macedonia 4-0 D Kuyt (3-0)
Netherlands-Macedonia 4-0 R Van Der Vaart (4-0)
Turkey-Spain 1-2, all three goals


Carpatair plane makes emergency landing after bomb threat - 01.04.2009

A Carpatair flight made an emergency landing at the airport of Timisoara (western Romania) after a phone call announcing a bomb placed on board. All 22 passangers and 4 crew members were evacuated and the aircraft moved to a safe zone for checks by bomb disposal experts. It turned out to be a false alarm, no explosive devices being found on the plane. The autorities try to trace down the phone call which was made from Italy and they do not rule out the possibility of a joke made on the occasion of April Fools' Day.


Military plane crashes near Gdynia in Northern Poland on 31.03.2009

Another plane accident makes new victims. A Polish military airplane crashed in flames while trying to land in Northern Poland near the city of Gdynia. The plane, a two engines AN-28 of soviet provenience caught fire after land impact killing the 4 people aboard. Polish officials declared that it was a training flight and the crew was trying to perform the landing with one of the engines stopped. Witnesses said that the plain tilted sideways above the runway shortly before the crash but the cause of the incident is still unknown.

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