Monday, February 28, 2011

Video: Drunken lady makes show after car accident in Chisinau

A 29-year-old lady from Chisinau was involved in a road accident after she crashed her vehicle into a State patrol car. This situation did not look too serious for the young lady and her subsequent reaction was surprising for everyone. Under the curious watch of the bystanders the lady started to strip, dance and sing. She admitted her fault in the incident to a TV reporter and witnessed that she drank some “early beer” during the morning. In the video she says that celebrated her birthday since the previous day and it looked a bit angry because none congratulated her. Furthermore the good mood of the Moldavian lady continued even if the police withdrew her driving licence.
Chisinau woman makes spectacle after car crash


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Customer orders food but gets money bag at KFC

It happened in Overland Park! A 21-year-old young man was praised for reporting after he received by mistake a bank bag filled with money instead of his ordered food at KFC-drive. The honest man drove through KFC’s drive-area and picked up his food without looking in the bag. When he arrived at home was surprised to see that actually he was handled a bank bag with cash inside. The man called the police and announced the happening. The officers went to man’s place and as they were leaving the residence they were announced by the dispatch that the KFC employee reported the missing cash bag. A restaurant employee deposited the money into the bag which was picked up by another employee and delivered mistakenly as food to the customer. All the money were given back to KFC. “I would like to thank this young man for his example of honesty and right-doing things”, police Chief John Douglas posted on his blog.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Libyan military plane crashed in Ajdabiya

A Libyan fighter jet just crashed near the city of Ajdabiya after its pilots refused to follow orders to bomb Benghazi. The pilot and co-pilot of the Sukhoi-22 aircraft bailed out and parachuted before crashing the jet. The military plan took off from Tripoli and was scheduled a bombing mission on protesters but fortunately the pilots denied the orders.
Video and updated info on Libya's Ajdabiya fighter jet crashed by pilots 


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Massive blaze devastates Diergaarde chemical company

Fire at Amsterdam chemical company which covered the Western Harbour region of the city is already under control, the firemen said. Diergaarde company was affected by the blaze which spaked at two of its sheds, one with cocoa and another one with rubber. Despite the fact the situation is restained, yet the fire at the rubber warehouse is not completely extinguished. 4 companies in the close area had been evacuated and nobody was injured in the incident. The cause of the incident is still unknown.
Detailed info and video on Diergaarde chemiebedrij fire incident


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is Lara Logan a bad mother?

This is the odd question asked recently and connected to Lara Logan, the reporter who was abused these days in Egypt. Hollywoodlife website considered that what happened to Mrs Logan is partly her fault. Why? According to website writers it is irresponsible as a reporter to have 2 kids at home and dare to go into a conflict area where your life is jeopardized. The problem is that many other reporters who risk their lives in dangerous regions around the world have families, spouse, kids, etc waiting at home. If following Hollywoodlife opinion, most of the news correspondents should be singles but also in that case they might have parents worrying about them, therefore what is to do? The answer is “simple”: quit the job and do something else.
Here quoting writer, Katie Dunn on Lara Logan:
It’s great that Lara is so passionate about her job and that she loves what she does for a living. And it’s so awful what happened to her in Egypt — there’s no excuse for that kind of violence. But did your feelings about putting yourself in danger change when you had kids? Some people start wearing a seatbelt after they become a parent. Or stop smoking, etc., wanting to be there to take care of their kids as they grow. Don’t your needs come second when you have a child?


Mobile phones leading protests and Middle East and North Africa

The cell phones turned out to be a powerful tool used by protesters against their governments. It was proved these days in Bahrain where demonstrators confronting the heavily armoured police in Manama’s Pearl Square used the gadgets of the tiny devices for protection.  The phone cameras were employed to picture, record footages and upload them to Webpages like YouTube, Facebook, yFrog and Twitter reflecting thus the real happenings. These actions put the governments into a sensitive situation as the info spreads quickly and catches the worldwide attention to people’s demands. Practically the cell phone became a vital tool to connect to the world. The initial reaction of the countries rulers and their governments is to shut down the internet or to limit the phone coverage in specific areas but it looked like this was not enough. It was demonstrated in Egypt. “A video gadget which fits into the palm of a person can film everything and the footage can get around the world within seconds”. The information is used by human rights organizations and activists as well as the global news broadcasters. In conclusion the cell phones represent the knives to the throat of many autocratic regimes in North Africa and Middle East. A first example was proved in Tunisia where long time president Ben Ali was ousted: phone camera stores the revolt and the uploaded scenes determine important broadcasters, satellite TV news networks to focus their attention on the conflict. But the mobile images are used also by the protesters to coordinate their deeds. Bahrain authorities shut down Bambuser, a Swedish based live streaming company but that is not the only website in the field. The next target is probably to enhance the video resolution of the filming devices as the demand for breaking real time news is continuously increasing.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Entertaining with online casino games

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