Thursday, December 31, 2009

What to know about the wedding events

The wedding ceremony is considered one of the most important events in everyone’s life therefore choosing the location is an important aspect to keep account of. Wedding location needs to be booked very early in advance and the chosen place will tell you what type of wedding you are going to have such as formal, funny, casual, stylish, elegant, etc. A Las Vegas wedding represents the nicest dream of every couple. There are trendy possibilities for broadcasting your life event worldwide over the internet. In Vegas you can find a large variety of wedding themes and styles, the religious ceremony being easily organized and celebrated in one of the nicest chapels. The organizers come up with diverse schedules and ideas which are very helpful in marrying without experiencing any unexpected unpleasant surprise. There are a few important tips when thinking about marriage: plan the budget, hire a consultant, prepare the guest list, make various reservations and think about the honeymoon. If you decide for Las Vegas weddings, then it is compulsory to plan everything to the last detail if would like to enjoy greatest memories for the rest of the life.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Video: Cristiano Ronaldo - the finest goal of 2009

FIFA revealed on 21 December the winner of the finest goal scored in 2009. The trainers and the captains of the national football teams concluded that Cristiano Ronaldo netted the world's nicest goal in April 2009 against Porto in the semifinals of the Champions League between Manchester and FC Porto. Ronaldo was awarded by FIFA during a ceremony held in Zurich, Switzerland. Everyone was delighted with the portuguese goal scored from about 30 meters. The prize came as a comfort as Ronaldo missed the golden ball trophy at the expense of Lionel Messi.
Video Cristiano Ronaldo world finest goal 2009, Manchester - FC Porto


Connection to satellite internet services

The satellite internet is successfully used in places where terrestrial internet is not accessible such as rural locations and mountainous areas. The service is great for users with a high degree of mobility. The internet is delivered with the help of geostationary satellites which orbit the Earth. Usually satellite internet experience latency, the delay due to the distance travelled by the signal to the satellite and back but this is not really a problem regarding the fact that the internet data are broadcast at speed of light. There are various internet service providers that can be found online supplying the best and complete services, and one of them is wildblue. With wild blue internet service you will be quickly convinced to replace the low speed internet such as dial-up, ADSL, 56kbps modems, etc and choose one of the most advanced networking technology. The service presents diverse advantages and come up with a complete solution in the satellite communication field allowing bidirectional connection, mobility, optimization of the IP protocols. There is needed just a satellite dish for capturing the signal and a modem that is linked to the dish. You will experience no dependence on the land infrastructure, terrestrial phone, etc. The only thing you must be aware of is the signal loss due to precipitations but this technical issue is mostly overcome. The satellite internet technology became one of the most spread services being extremely adequate for personal use or business management and in general the distributors provide all the necessary equipment, technical support and maintenance in order to get you connected in the fastest way at a very lucrative price.


Monday, December 21, 2009

CNN reports on Romania and its successful Dacia carmaker

CNN presented a report on how Dacia carmaker overcame the difficult economic situation encountered by Romania. The american TV station recorded a footage at Mioveni, from Dacia manufacturer. According to the analists, Dacia turned out to be the most successful car company during the 2009 financial crisis period. Dacia is a subsidiary of the French Renault group and boosted its production due to cash for clunkers programs.


Video Barcelona - Estudiantes La Plata 2-1 Club World Cup FIFA 2009

FC Barcelona has beaten 2-1 Estudiantes La Plata in the final of the FIFA 2009 Club World Cup Championship. Estudiantes scored in minute 37 on goal by Mauro Boselli but Barcelona hits back and scores a very late goal by Pedro in minute 89. The game went into extra times and Lionel Messi decided the faith of the final by netting in the 110th minute. Therefore after the 2-1 win against the Argentina's Estudiante La Plata, Barcelona conquers the FIFA2009 Club World Cup Tournament and lifts up the sixth trophy this year.
Video FC Barcelona - Estudiantes La Plata 2-1


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy dies of heart attack

The american actress Brittany Murphy died Sunday morning following a cardiac arrest. Brittany, 32, was found unconscious by her mother and paramedics could not revive her. The LA firemen department confirmed for TMZ website that around 8 o'clock the emergency service received a phone call from actress husband's house. Brittany Murphy was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was declared dead right upon arrival. Murphy played in various hollywoodian movies such as 8 Miles, Clueless, Girl Interrupted, Don't say a world.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Unirea Urziceni - Liverpool, the 16th of final of the Europa League

After the Europa League draw deciding the games between the 32 teams, Unirea Urziceni turned out not to be lucky. The opponent team of Urziceni is a five star british team, namely Liverpool. Despite this fact, yet Unirea has the honour to get confronted against famous and well reputated players like Tores, Kuyt, Gerard, etc. The first game will take place at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool.


Blue Air flight Bruxelles - Bucuresti Baneasa postponed due to snowfall

A Blue Air flight connecting Bruxelles to Bucharest Baneasa was postponed last evening due to strong snowfall. The Blue Air plane was supposed to fly 187 passengers but the people are still stuck in Bruxelles after 12 hours waiting. Many flights from Brussels airport have been postponed or canceled and not much information was released so far.
Blue-Air is a low cost airline based in Bucharest, Romania which started operating in December 2004. Apart from the European destinations, the company focused recently also on Romanian regional airports such as Cluj-Napoca, Arad, Sibiu and Bacau.


Introduction to imagination experiences

When the situation is not pink in a romantic relationship, it might help if the involved partners will try to understand why. Many times there are sexual related troubles and it is compulsory to make changes into this direction, therefore the Sex Toys and other specific items are the first thoughts coming to everyone’s mind. Usually if you are in a relationship that experiences problems then ask yourself questions such as: do you love each other? What do you want out of the relationship? Do you still enjoy your life with you partner? Are you prepared to spend time and energy to make your relationship run again? The sexual appetite is tightly bound to imagination and the Sex Toys are well known to play a quite important role. By searching on the internet you can find various distributors that provide the best and complete packages of sexual accessories. For sure, it often happens when both partners could be steamed up and the sex works perfectly. But apart from these and happy periods, couples often complain that they don’t make love anymore as much as they did in the past, or that one or both partners have lost the appetite and attraction to such activities. The tiredness is often the main thing to blame here. For men for example, if they complain about the undersized “tool” a solution can rely on Sinrex. As conclusion, you have to use fantasies, always presuming that the same kind of things will turn you on.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kaka trying unsuccessfully to sing using a vuvuzela

Vuvuzela is known as a stadium horn which is blown by fans at football games in South Africa. The instrument made out of tin became famous in South Africa in 1990s. Vuvuzela became also controversial being sometimes banned from the stadiums because of the high noizes which distract the attention of the footballers. Being at the presentation of the official ball of the 2010 South Africa tournament, Kaka was not very happy when constrained to sing something using the vuvuzela. Besides Kaka some other of his colleagues from Real Madrid such as Xabi Alonso and Gonzalo Higuain used the blowing horn but they did not have any problems in producing some rhitmic noizes.
Video funny Kaka singing at vuvuzela.


20 years since the Romanian revolution. Timisoara 17 Dcember 1989, the first incidents

Mourning day in the city of Timisoara where the people comemorate 20 years since the beginning of the Romanian revolution. The flags were lowered marking the darkest day in citizens mind. On 17 December 1989, Timisoara raised against the dictatorial regime lead by Nicolae Ceausescu. It was a courageous act paid with many sacrifices by the young ranks. Following the revolt in Timisoara, the revolution extended in the whole country leading in the end to the fall of Ceausescu who was executed at Christmas that year (25 Dec 1989). The Romanian Revolution was probably the blodiest among the East European uprisings.


Using performant extension techniques

It is known in general that the men want to increase their sexual performances but probably in many cases they are confronted with a nightmare, namely the small size of their “tool”. For long time it was searched for methods of icreasing the potency and sexual appetite. Certainly the first thing that comes to the mind nowadays is to apply various enlargement techniques and one of the most effective relies on the use of Penis Extender devices. There are several advantages of these products firstly because they are certified and approved medically; secondly it uses a new technology coming with silicon tubing therefore offers a higher degree of comfortability. If you would like to know the featuring and want to see how the Best Penis Extender works, then is simple to have a look over the internet because all the necessary information is uploaded online. Lots of men who suffer of sex undersizing consider that their relationship is jeopardized just because of incapability of satisfying the partner during sexual act. According to the professionals a Penis Stretcher is a quite suitable solution because the human cells are capable to regenerate during the stretching and extension process. Furthermore it offers permanent effects. Across the internet there is dozens of websites advertising positively their products and many clients are sceptical with respect to the veracity of the information. Therefore you have to read carefully the reviews and rated comments.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Video CFR Cluj - PSV 0-2 Europa League

In this season of Europa League, CFR Cluj was far from the team that impressed in the previous edition in Champions League, the Romanian squad ending the european competition with a 2-0 home defeat against the Dutch from PSV Eindhoven. The goals were scored for PSV by D. Lazovic min.19 from penalty spot and N. Amrabat in min. 68. In the Group K rank, CFR finished the last with just 3 points and PSV showed that they deserved to lead the group by accumulating 14 points. The other game of the same pool found Copenhagen coming out victorious with a 3-0 against the hosts from Sparta Prague.


Mihai Morar kicks out of show one of Lazarus girls

The TV presenter Mihai Morar invited out of the studio an invited blond girl - one of Lazarus fighters - who was not willing to continue the television debate. Considering that the discussion can not be held as long as the invited person does not answer anymore, Morar sent her out for a cigarette smoke, a very suggestive invitation.
Video Mihai Morar gets rid of a TV invited guest.


Actress Michelle Hicks falls at Ford Fiesta launch

Funny situation at the presentation of the new Ford Fiesta where the actress and top model Michelle Hicks falls while uncovering the car. Hicks behaved in a professional way, she raised up and continued the presentation with an amuzing tint like nothing happened. Of course, it is not the first time when these kind of "embarassing" happenings take place on special events. It is well know the main fault belongs to....the high heels.
Video Michelle Hicks fall Ford Fiesta presentation


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

B787 Dreamliner Test Flight

Finally after 2 years of delays, Boeing B787 Dreamliner is scheduled for its test flight on Tuesday (15 Dec 2009). The event is gonna be broadcast live from Everett, Washington, USA. According to Boeing, the B787 Dreamliner will be a very efficient plane regarding the fuel consumption. The main advantages consist of the facts that the airline operators will have less costs for flights, the passengers will pay less and feel more confortable when landing. The efficiency of B787 is based on its design and construction. The jet is made mostly of composite materials and the plane maker claims that air companies will reach up to 20 % savings in fuel expenses. The price of a Boeing B-787 Dreamliner is about $150 million and the company said it already received orders for more than 850 airplanes. B787 has a capacity ranging between 200 and 300 seats and is expected to operate the first passenger route flight in 2011.
Live coverage Boeing B787 test flight
Update: The B787 take-off went ok and now everyone looks forward for the landing.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Alain Prost wins the second Andorra race with Dacia Duster and approaches the top rank

The former F1 champion Alain Prost is separated only by 2 points from the Andros Trophy leader after "catching" the podium in Andorra races. Alain Prost drives a Dacia Duster (a Romania-made car) and after claiming 74 points on Saturday he won the second race on Sunday adding up some other 79 points. With a total of 299 points, Prost has big chances to surpass his countryman Jean-Philippe Dayraut from Skoda Fabia (301 points). The next race Alpe d'Huez will take place on 18 and 19 of December. The first Alain Prost's victory "onboard" Dacia Duster" occured last week during the Val Thorens rally contest.
In the video it can be seen a tight race with Alain coming out victorious. His Dacia behaved exceptionally.
Video Alain Prost second victory with Dacia Duster at Andros Trophy Andorra.


The main role of donation facts

The charity actions are represented usually by donations. When someone follows and wants to help a cause, then donating a good is the main point in fulfilling the purpose. There are also various benefits related to the donation act. For example if you want to donate car for charity you can be compensated with a nice surprise such as a vacation or tax reduction. In order to calculate the tax deduction it is advisable to make use of the market value which is usually listed in blue book. Detailed and complete information on donate car tax deduction can be readily found using the internet. If something is still not clear, there will always be a support team and free toll that help you understand all the rules and conditions. The main goal is to help poorer people in urgent need of transportation. Why would the folks get rid of the cars? The answer might be sometimes quite simple. In general the people are attached to their cars but if they own aging cars there will be a lot of costs going away for the repairs. Therefore the thoughts of replacement come back very often to everyone's mind. Before making the donation is better to go to a mechanic to have a check of the car just to know that it will not be sold bit by bit. The idea that your car might produce improvements in someone's life is a pretty feeling to have. In the case of donate car Colorado, there are representatives in many cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, etc where any kind of engine propelled vehicle can be given up from junk cars to boats, trucks. There are also a few important aspects to know. When you want to do give up your vehicle it is compulsory to send off also a statement of the donation to the tax office in order to be rewarded with the deduction. Thus the donor oblige the charity company to deliver the statement in the shortest possible time (the regulations varies from country to country). As an idea, you can put in your pocket 33 per cent of the car's value from taxes.


Video Liverpool - Arsenal 1-2 videohighlights

The "black" period extends for Liverpool which was beaten 2-1 by Arsenal London.
After the defeat at Anfield Stadium, Rafa Benites wonders for how long will be supported by the club's leading board.
Video goals Liverpool-Arsenal 1-2


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miss World contest won by Miss Gibraltar

Kaiane Aldorine, a 22-year-girl from Gibraltar produced the surprize by winning the Miss World 2009 title. This year contest was organized in South Africa and the surprize was highlighted by the fact that Aldorine originates from one of the smallest territory in the world. The second place was taken by Miss Mexico and the third one by Miss South Africa.


General aspects about swinglifestyle

There are a few words which are tightly connected to a relationship: confidence, sex, trust, communication, love, understandings. The relationships are different and that depends of course on the people involved. For some the most important things are the confidence, understandings, attraction, for others the sex and entertainment are the main keywords. Who is right here? Probably everyone but essential is to have a look and see what the primary needs of the relationship are. Swinglifestyle is related to establishing connections between individuals using social networking resources. It allows people to meet, talk, exchange photos or videos and have sexual experiences. Nowadays a swinger lifestyle is known also as Wife Swapping that is characterized by many pros and cons. It is compulsory for people involved in Swinglifestyle to have a pretty stable relationship, to show lack of jealousy and a good communication.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Illegal CD vendor killed by police in New York's Times Square

A CD pedlar was deadly shot by police in New York after opposing identification. Raymond Martines was illegally selling CD copies close to Times Square area when a policeman asked him to show the licence. Martines ran away initially and suddenly took out a pistol and fired 2 shots to the policeman. The NY agent reacted back firing 4 bullets, one of which proved to be fatal to Martines. All the incident was witnessed by the terrified passers-by walking around for shopings.
Amateur video police shooting CD vendor in New York


Clear Wireless Internet – advantages of mobile 4G technology

Clear company, came up this year with the innovative 4G WiMAX wireless broadband network, which allows the users to navigate through the web at broadband speed. As comparison, the modems made by clear brand are capable to handle up to 6 Mbps download speeds while mobile Internet customers can hope for up to 4 Mbps average download speeds and from time to time even peaks overtaking 10Mbps.The main advantage is that the clear 4g technology grants wireless internet speeds usually experienced only by LAN networks such as DSL. What is exactely the 4G technology?
4G is the fourth platform of mobile wireless tech and is obviously the successor of the protocols 2 and 3G respectively. It’s worth to know that the 4G is able to easily upgrade the present networks, generates safe IP related clues and guarantees various options such as voice, data and online multimedia at higher transmission rates unlike the previous versions. Furthermore, 4G related networks support also the IPv6 protocol.
Concerned customers would readily find online the details about packages, development projects and other info on 4g mobile internet. The new system invented by clear wireless starts increasing its popularity in United States and spread quickly across the globe. The company has already many distribution points in USA such as clear wireless chicago, Austin, Atlanta, Las Vegas and some more representatives will soon operate across US.


Air France AF445 in troubles near AF447 crash area

Air France examine the critical situation experienced by another French jet close to the site where AF447 crashed on 1st of June. On the night of 29 November, Flight AF445 with 215 people onboard was en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, the identical route followed by doomed AF447. When reached the same area over the Atlantic where AF447 dissapeared, the AF445 encountered severe turbulences. It was happening about 4 hours into the flight and the situation determined the pilots to lower the altitude by sending at the same time warning signals on change of flight level. After half an hour of troubling turbulences, flight 445 continued flying normally on its route. Following the chain of coincident events, BEA announced that November flight was operated by an Airbus A330-203 jet, the same type as that involved in June catastrophe, but Air France said that November plane was an A300-200 instead.


Advantages of using waste recycling systems

Most of the industrial application results in unavoidable generation of waste products. A real challenge is how to deposit or to get rid of the “trash”, many times the residual compounds exhibiting a high degree of toxicity. A genial and efficient solution is to call for a Waste Recovery System. As a clear example, in the research laboratories, especially those in the chemistry field, many experiments imply the use of various solvents and chemicals. Sometimes these chemicals are expensive and besides this “inconvenience”, they have either a short lifetime or degrade quite fast under experimental conditions. Therefore a significant budget is necessary to secure the raw products for your work. Solvent Recovery will help cut the expenses because of simple reason that lots of stuff can be re-used. There are some other advantages you can benefit from such as less paperwork for ordering, settle the lack of depositing waste space through waste minimization, spare of time, environment pollution prevention, cleaner working facilities, lower costs regarding auxiliary procedure like transportation, taxes, etc. When buying a Solvent Recovery System is compulsory to check if it meets the environmental safety conditions and comply with the regional regulations and standards.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Video Stuttgart 3-1 Unirea Urziceni, UEFA Champions League

VfB Stuttgard won 3-1 over Unirea Urziceni and qualified to the next stage of the UEFA Champions League. For Unirea it was enough a draw result to progress to the play-off at the expense of Stuttgart but Marica & co needed only 11 minutes to set a painful 3-0. After that the Romanian team balanced the game and managed to reduce the german advantage on goal scored by Simao in minute 46. Despite the defeat, Unirea Urziceni will play in the Europa League thanks to the great performance and the 8 points obtained in the group of the Champions League.
Video VfB Stuttgart - Unirea Urziceni 3-1.
See also Jens Lehmann urinating during the game behind ads banner


Romanians claim to have built the first terrestrial UFO

Shocking disclosures. Several witnesses said that the romanian authorities have worked since 1980 on a project of constructing the first "terrestrial" UFO. The object which resembles the shape of a flying dish, is capable of breaking any record of speed, height and time of flight. Moreover the strange device provides the ability of not being identified.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mini-submarine crosses successfully the Atlantic

For the first time in history an unmanned submarine successfully traversed the Atlantic ocean by using the drift currents. The mini-submarine was retrieved on Friday from Spain's waters. The underwater device was powered by batteries used to modify the buoyancy in order to catch the Atlantic currents. During its 7 month trip, the glider measured the ocean temperature and the salinity. From time to time it was going up to water surface with the purpose of broadcasting the recorded data from an onboard computer to the satellites. Knowing the temperature of the North-Atlantic helps improving the weather prediction map for West Europe. The sub left New Jersey in April 2009 and was recovered on 04 December 2009 in the Spain's port of Baiona. The travelled distance was 7410 km and the total costs including also the submarine construction raised up to $200000. A similar mission was tried in 2008 but it failed with the submarine never being recovered.
Video mini-submarine Atlantic crossing and how sharks can threaten the device.


Broadband and fast satellite internet by Hughes Net technology

The connectivity to the internet can be done in many different ways such as dial-up, DSL cable, ADSL, broadband fibre optic. Besides all these connections, the satellite internet is by far the best suitable in remote and isolated areas such as rural or mountainous regions. When ordering internet satellite you get a hardware terminal consisting of outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor part includes usually the satellite dish, feed support and RFU head. The indoor set contains the transmitter and receiver module, the router and satellite gateway. The hardware equipment is obviously installed by company professionals. There are various advantages of the satellite internet technology: no restriction regarding the geographical coverage, mobility, user can opt for voice over IP or SSL VNP, non-stop internet access, available for individual persons, small businesses or professional network providers. The Hughes Net’s powerful tool is based on the HN7000S modem which represents a revolutionary 2 way satellite platform. The HN7000S terminal can provide up to 1.6 Mbps uplink and 120 Mbps download speed thus becoming one of the ideal solutions for broadband internet.


Proofs that apocalypse comes in 2012

21 December 2012 is a date which disturbs many human minds. Why? Because according to maya prophecy the world apocalypse is calculated to arrive on that day. Amazingly many international scientical forums feed the psychosis developed around the controversial topic. The hollywood 2012 movie was not too impressive and did not come with reliable theories. Flux of neutrons heating the Earth's core... The conclusion? We will live and see.


Louis Vuitton collection stuff

When talking about louis vuitton the first things that come to the mind are the handbags and purses which became already a must have of every season. Strong colours, nonconformist shapes and extravagance are the keywords of Louis Vuitton collection. It is well-known that the louis vuitton bags are comfortable, eye catching and living colours like orange, green, yellow dominate the collection. The luxury is sometimes replaced at the expense of fantasy and oddity, the boundary between fashion and art, commercial and creativity becoming invisible. The products extend on a wide trendy range and many of them are made of expensive stuff. Louis Vuitton is covered by a prestigious fame such that Madonna, one of the sex-symbols of the world's showbiz accepted to represent the brand image in 2009. Even if luis vuitton handbags are the wish of most of the women, still many of them buy imitating copies because they can not afford to have an original one.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nude Roman Polanski picture sold for $11250

A nude photo of Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate was sold at an auction on Monday in New York. The unknown private buyer paid $11250 for the picture showing the couple embracing. The black & white picture is a copy of the 1969 original which was shot by David Bailey a few months before Sharon Tate was brutally killed. Actress Sharon Tate and 4 others were murdered by followers of Charles Manson.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Video incidents Austria Vienna vs Athletic Bilbao 0-3 Europa League neo-nazi violences

Extreme violences in Wien at Europa League game between the local Austria Wien and the Spaniards from Athletic Bilbao. It was a hard night for Austrian team that was kneeled 3-0 by Bilbao, but even harder was for referees who had to deal with serious incidents provoked by Wien's supporters. The troubling fans, believed to belong to a neo-nazi group were spotted showing various items with the image of spanish dictator Francisco Franco. They stormed the pitch and it was necessary the intervention of security forces to calm down the spirits. Following the crowd disturbances, the match was delayed by about 20 minutes. Fernando Llorente (19, 84) and San Jose (62) scored for Athletic and secured the progress of the spanish squad to the round of 32 from Group L.
Video violent incidents FK Austria Wien - Athletic Club Bilbao 0-3


Dan Petrescu running for Scotland manager’s job

Unirea Urziceni trainer Dan Petrescu has applied for taking over the Scotland National Football team. The manager job is vacant at the moment and Petrescu is one of the 20 candidates so far. Following the application, Petrescu CV was passed to the Scottish Football Association. The SFA board members gathered on Thursday (3 December 2009) to talk about the procedures and their intention is to name a new chief before the European Championship draw which takes place on 7 February 2010.
It seems that one of the favorites is Dundee United’s Craig Levein, but he was somehow reluctant to talk about the opportunity. John Collins, ex Hibernian boss, and Jimmy Calderwood, who quit Aberdeen 6 months ago, have shown their interest on the challenge.
Meantime, Dan Petrescu has also revealed that the job is attractive. The 41-year-old Romanian, a former Chelsea defender, "drove" Unirea Urziceni to Romanian title last season and also to Champions League where is about to qualify to the next stage after smashing 4-1 Rangers at Ibrox and defeating 1-0 Sevilla in Bucharest.
In May 2008 after dismissal of Chelsea's Avram Grant, Petrescu predicted that the "Blues" will have an italian boss such as Mancini or Ancelotti and indeed he anticipated well.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Debris no danger to space station and its crew members

A piece of space debris approached dangerously the International Space Station but NASA assures that the junk will not get closer than 1 kilometer from the station. The two crew members - an astronaut and a cosmonaut - were initially awaken by the Mission Control in order to take refuge on the ISS-attached Soyuz spacecraft in case of emergency. Following the evaluation of the situation, the experts considered that it was too late to make any kind of maneuver away from the debris. Jeff Williams and Maxim Suraev, the two present inhabitants of the ISS will be replaced on 23 December 2009 by Oleg Kotov (Russia), Soichi Noguchi (Japan) and T.J. Creamer (NASA).


How Antena3 TV station do manipulate the electoral statistics!!!

Antena3 said that 93% of its 9000 readers prefer Mircea Geoana as president, which is a total aberration and a lie. The post-comments are clearly manipulated. How can that be checked? Very simple!!! I was trying to post a “pro-Basescu” message where I criticized somehow Geoana and my message never came up on the Antena3 website (actually I tried 2 times). Then I wrote a simple message totally irrelevant and that message was quickly posted. How can this situation be explained? Obviously they keep an eye on everything reminding of communism-related methods.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Traian Basescu makes public the expertise of the hit child video

Traian Basescu is expected to show on Wednesday (02 Dec 2009) at 19:00 (17 GMT) the result of the expertise made on the controversial footage in which the Romanian president looks like hitting a child in 2004. On 30th of November 2009, president Basescu - who considers the video a well done fake - asked the National Institute of Criminal Expertise (INEC) to analyse the video and release a notice on its veracity. INEC verified the images and provided a statement to Basescu who has the right wether to make it public or not.
Meanwhile Basescu filed also a lawsuit against Dinu Patriciu and Gardianul newspaper because of not checking the autenticity of the tape prior to broadcast and requested to be paid moral damages of only ... 1 RON (~0.25 EURO).
Traian Basescu presented INEC report which says that the video footage is a fake and presents elements of image processing. The president closed the speach saying: "Shame on you Dinu Patriciu".
Video Traian Basescu on INEC expertise - Video Basescu publica expertiza INEC.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Romania - a new "Revolution" after 20 years since communism fall???

Romanian TV stations manipulate the Romanians - TV websites do not show the events that took place on 1st of December 2009 - country's national day.
1 December represents the national day of Romania. Just 6 days before presidential elections the population started a series of anti-PSD protests across the country. The protesters express their disagreement with Mircea Geoana - one of the main runner for presidency - and his PSD party. In a hit of the coincidence, like 20 years ago, today's demonstrations started in Timisoara where 3000 people booed Geoana, Antonescu and Johannis and later some other protest movements occured in Brasov, Iasi, Constanta, Targoviste and Bucharest. At the moment it looks like more than 1000 people are gathered in central Bucharest. Most of the Romanian televisions are shadowed by censorship the only TV station broadcasting from Bucharest's University Square is OTV. The televisions loyal to PSD either do not air anything (keeping the events hidden) or present WRONG statistics about the people. For example ANTENA3 said that 3000 pro-PSD and 200 pro-PDL were in Timisoara and in REALITY it was the other way around (3000 ANTI-PSD and less than 200 of PSD sympathizers gathered from surroundings)


Italian police crashes a 165000 Euro Lamborghini

A 165000 Euro Lamborghini Gallardo offered to the Italian police as a present from the famous car-maker was completely destroyed in a traffic situation. Lamborghini accident took place near the city of Cremona and according to the witnesses the police driver tried to avoid another car and got into collision with a vehicle stopped on the roadside. One of the 2 policemen was wouded and the other one escaped without injuries.
Video images Italy police Lamborghini Gallardo crash in Cremona


Timisoara people booed Mircea Geoana and PSD on 20-year anniversary of Romanian Revolution

Disaster for PSD in Timisoara on Romania National day celebration.
Tension situation in Timisoara over the presence of PSD at Opera Square. Mircea Geoana is supposed to hold a speach but he and PSD members are not welcome. The gathered people said is a shame that after 20 years since Romanian revolution the communist PSD take over the Opera Square Timisoara where many Romanians died fighting against the dictatorship. Some red-dressed PSD sympathizers (probably paid by PSD) were screaming "Geoana presedinte" but they were overwhelmed by the dissatisfied population.
- Geoana did not have the courage to speak outside and face the population.
- From outside Opera the people shout "Thieves, come out and talk to us".
- After his poor speech inside Opera Goana along with Antonescu and Johannis left the building using the backdoor
. Even inside Opera the PSD candidate was booed as well.


Air France A380 compelled to return to New York while flying over Atlantic

An Airbus A380 - the largest passenger plane - was forced to turn back to New York after 90 minutes into the flight. The Air France plane bound to Paris made urgent return due to "minor incident" the company said, without specifying exactely what the technical problem was. An official said that "It was a problem with the flight computer that made the navigation slightly imprecise...but incident had nothing to do with plane speed". The A380 landed safely at New York's JFK Airport at 10:17 ET on Friday 27 November 2009. The 538-seat passenger jet was checked and 3 hours later took off again with 402 people on board. It completed its transatlantic flight getting to Paris without any further incident. Air France celebrated the new-A380 inaugural commercial transatlantic flight on 21 November 2009 when the brand aircraft was en route from Paris Charles de Gaulle to JFK New York. Air France received its first A380 at the end of october becoming the 4th airline operating the most famous superjumbo after Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Australia's Quantas.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lucian Bute knocks out Librado Andrade and keeps IBF boxing title

Saturday (29.Nov.2009) in Quebec city, the Romanian-born Lucian Bute beat clearly the Mexican Librado Andrade to keep the IBF middleweight world title. Bute knocked out Andrade in the forth round (2:57 count). With 20 knockouts Bute improved to 25-0 while Andrade fell to 28-3 with 21 victories inside the term.
Video Lucian Bute knocks out Andrade, 4th round IBF 2009.


Geoana afraid to face Basescu in direct debate

President in charge Traian Basescu sent off an invitation to Mircea Geoana for a direct electoral confrontation on Sunday at the Parliament building. Moreover Basescu agreed to give Geoana the privilege to choose the preferred television and TV moderators but Geoana denied cowardly the invitation. It is obvious that PSD president, Mircea Geoana is not capable to keep up in a "face to face" debate and proves once again the general suspicion that he is just a “toy” controlled by various hidden forces.
Even if he was sometimes motivated, Traian Basescu was blamed repeatedly for using indecent words against some individuals, but it looks like also his opponent is not really a saint, Geoana addressing population injurious expressions as clearly heard in the video. Recently (11 Nov 2009) being on a visit to Bucovina (Suceava county) Mircea Geoana gets beyond his nerves and calls the people "Nemernicii dracului", a romanian translation for "fucking bastards".
Video Mircea Geoana cursing romanian people.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

25 deaths in Moscow - St. Petersburg train crash

At least 25 people died and 63 injured after a passenger train en route from Moscow to St. Petersburg derailed on Friday evening. The Russian train crash happened 280 km from St. Petersburg at 21:34 local time - state television said. There were reported 663 people on the Nevsky Express train. 2 medical airplanes and more than 20 ambulance medical teams were displaced on the accident site. The authorities stated that 3 or 4 carriages derailed making the Express to overturn and the police investigates a suspect crater beneath the rails.
Update: Following investigations, police concluded that a bomb terrorist act caused Nevsky Express train derail killing 26 and injuring more than 100.
Video Report Nevsky Express Moscow-St. Petersburg train accident.


Necessary information on small business marketing

Why are the marketing and mailing lists important for someone who wants to start a business? How could these lists be helpful when making a trade? When launching a business practically you want to sell and buy various products or services. The first step to start with is the marketing process which is generally based on advertisement, promotions, deliveries and sales. This process is often a difficult and a time consuming one and in order to spare your time and money, there are professional companies that make detailed marketing research and subsequently these firms release marketing lists which are designed to help the marketers or small companies grow and satisfy successfully their needs and wants.
In the early stage of the business, it is important to have an estimate idea about the potential prospects and the existent number of customers. If you are a small business owner for example, it is obvious that your targeted areas are represented mainly by the neighborhoods. Therefore if you want to exchange and sell your products is advisable to gather all possible information about the market request and clients at the location of interest and that information can be used by having access to a mailing list for sale.
There are several ways to contact the consumer such as by email, phone, fax, etc. In the case of telemarketing the phone is the mean of contact but you have to pay attention here. Due to fact that many people do not want or expect sales calls they might subscribe to no-call lists hence it is not legal to phone someone registered on such lists. To get over this problem it is simple to call for telemarketing lists which provide information about the available phone numbers of the natural and juridical persons.


Dacian Ciolos, the European Commissioner for agriculture and rural development

Dacian Ciolos was assigned by Jose Manuel Barroso as European Commissioner for agriculture and rural development. One of the key supporter for Ciolo's candidacy was the Romanian president Traian Basescu. Despite the fact that Dacian Ciolos was not given big chances in Romania, yet the European Union considered him the best nominee for this job. He made a statement at the Cotroceni presidential palace: "I feel like I'm being a result of the huge chance Romania got when it became an EU member. I am glad I have now this chance to bring my contribution to this structure Romania is now a member of".
Ciolos has the responsibility of managing an important portfolio to which around 50 billion euros, almost 1/3 of the EU budget, is allocated for year 2010.
To mention that Dacian Ciolo is member of no Romanian political party.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Attending Tel Aviv 100 year anniversary

Revealing the hidden city – is a project consisting of photo exhibitions revealing the past and contemporaneous history of Tel Aviv. People from all over are attracted into the program by searching, collecting and showing all kind of documentations, artefacts, writings, pictures related to the known and unknown sides of Tel Aviv. This year there will be celebrated the centennial, that is, 100 years anniversary since foundation of Tel Aviv city and the authorities decided to inaugurate the Museum of History which will be located in the old city hall building on Bialik Street. It announces to be a pompous and imposing ceremony scheduled on 17 December 2009, therefore lots of interest is shown for attendance to the museum opening.
Flights to Tel Aviv represent probably the first step coming to the mind of any historian, art lover or tourist wishing to be present at the Tel Aviv’s big event. Moreover, the Israel's capital offers a large selection of activities and events, the Christmas and end of year period making a trip to middle east very exciting and adventurous.


Tiger Woods wounded in car crash Friday morning

Tiger Woods was involved in a car accident near his home early Friday morning. The golf star driving a 2009 Cadillac sport car, hit a tree and a fire hydrant as he pulled out of the freeway. Following the car crash, Woods suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized, Florida authorities say. So far the Florida highway patrol stated that Woods accident is not a alcohol-related incident and investigation is under way. Further details are expected in the coming period.
Update: It seems that Tiger Woods situation was not extremely serious and the golfer was released from hospital.
Tiger Woods car wreck incident report.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Traian Basescu punching a child - hoax or real???

In the middle of the electoral campaign a new controversial video appears in the media showing romanian president Traian Basescu punching a child in the face. The incident seems to have occured in 2004 and it is weird that it comes to life right now. Could it be a fake or something unintentionally done? The romanian stunt man Sobi Ceh stated on radion that the video might have been easily re-processed.
Original video on "Basescu hits child" HERE.

PROOF OF FAKED VIDEO!!! (The story complicates)
The scandalous video does not look like an easy one as plenty of graphics analysts make progresses in proving that the video is a fake.
People who analized the footage concluded that some video frames are missing and there are a few weird aspects such as: the lightflash is too localized on child's face, the axis of the forehand does not fit with the direction of the fist and a possible conclusion is that the kid withdrew after being scared eventually by the flash.
Ioan T. Morar reveals on RealitateaTV website how the video could have been readily faked.
Video Basescu hits child, a FAKE - explained by Ioan T. Morar.


Crin Antonescu and Mircea Geoana electoral video parodies

Just days before the second round of the presidential elections, plenty of funny electoral clips immitating Mircea Geoana and Crin Antonescu turned up on the internet. In one of the videos Geoana and Antonescu are presented together as communist pioneers, some other clips show how Geoana's dream of reaching cosmos comes true. More images depict the Grivco coalition, Mircea Geoana on hiphop music or Antena3-PSD connection.


Couple attends White House state dinner without being on guest list

The couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi from northern Virginia, sneaked to Obama's White House dinner proving the breach in the security that is supposed to protect the presidential staff. Tuesday's dinner was Barack Obama administration's biggest social event so far with about 320 (or 322) invited people including Hollywood stars, diplomats, cabinet members. The event was organized in honour of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. After passing all security levels at the White House, Tareq Salahi and his wife Michaele started taking pictures with various celebrities and politicians such as Vice President Joe Biden and White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. The following day, Michaele posted the pictures on Facebook as the trend goes.
In the photo from left to right: Tareq Salahi, Vice President Joe Biden and Michaele Salahi.


Why choosing house protection systems

When taking the decision to install an alarm system you have to make sure that you secure the house, office, garage, store and maybe even your life. The statistics showed that the usage of the alarm systems decrease the burglary probability. From a technical point of view there are several methods used to secure your goods such as thermal and motion sensors, video surveillance, GPS, wireless sensors, etc. The security systems practically protect your home on a non-stop schedule by connecting the installed alarm system to a wide network of professional control centers which notify the closest authorities in case of an emergency. In general if you know that you live in an area with somehow a higher risk of theft, robbery, violence it is recommended and lucrative to appeal to a local expert. For example the Sacramento home security services are very lucrative and efficient for family protection in a region where statistics studies proved in the last period a higher crime rate. Moreover the warning systems can protect a home also against unpredictable natural calamities such as fire or flood.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Video: Manchester United - Besiktas 0-1 and CSKA - Wolfsburg 2-1 UEFA CL highlights

A goal by Rodrigo Tello was enough to grant Besiktas three points at Manchester's Old Traford Stadium. Following this result Manchester United are still not assured the first place in the group B because Wolfburg have their chance to take the lead on the 8th of December in the direct home game against the british squad. Besiktas ends Manchester's eight years performance of not loosing one single game at Old Traford Stadium.
Group B Standings: Manchester 10p, Wolfburg 7p, CSKA Moscow 7, Besiktas 4
Videohighlights Manchester - Besiktas 0-1 Tello goal.
CSKA Moscow - Wolfsburg 2-1. In the other game of the group B, CSKA Moscow won 2-1 over Wolfsburg, therefore both teams are level now with 7 points and have real chances to qualify to the knockoput stage.
Video CSKA Moscow - Wolfsburg 2-1 goal E. Dzeko min 19 (0-1) UEFA CL
Video CSKA Moscow - Wolfsburg 2-1 goal M. Krasic min 66 (2-1) UEFA CL


Romanian Pussycat Dolls

A new music band made up of three blond girls and a brunette one are about to repeat Pussycat Dolls' history  but in Romanian version. One of the band member is Marina Dina, the assistant of the Antena 2 presenter Mihai Morar. It looks like the 4 ladies - Marina Dina, Marinela Avadani, Alexandra Voda and Raluca Tatu - do not have much in common with the music, instead they are good-looking and already had a photo session to prove that. Dolls already released its first single "Let's go" whixh was composed by DJ Icsu.
Video Dolls band Romania.


Important informative tips on sports and online betting

Here a few aspects that covers the notion of online betting. What to know when you want to bet using the internet. The interactive betting varies from nation to nation and from region to region even inside the same country. It is good to check about the rules, legality, acceptance regulations and if the betting activity is regarded as something honest. The sport betting supposes the fixtures prediction of various sports and placing a bet on the most expected results. The list with different contests available for betting can be usually found in sportsbook such as Sbobet. Some people consider the activity of online sports betting as a quite indirect activity, instead for others represents heart, soul, passion and love for sports and their favourite sport teams. Before getting into this job it is recommendable to subscribe with recognized sport agents such as Ibcbet. No matter if you are a beginner betting with heart or an experienced and addicted player, there are always new opportunities to choose your preferred sport and searching carefully the web you will find reliable promoters like Agen Bola that provide complete details through guides, reviews and articles. Do not expect to win big prizes at the beginning but in time you might become a professional and capable to get significant incomes.


Video: Unirea Urziceni - Sevilla 1-0 UEFA Champions League

Romanian squad Unirea Urziceni defeated 1-0 FC Sevilla and secures its presence to the next spring stage of the European Football. Second in the group G with 8 points accumulated so far, Urziceni made a giant step forward to the Champions League knockout stage, the Romanians needing a draw result in the coming away leg against Stuttgard. It will be a tough battle as for Stuttgard only a victory make them succeed to the next step of the european competition. In case of failing to progress in Champions League, Urziceni still have a booked spot in the Europa League (due to tonight's win).
High Definition Video Urziceni-Sevilla 1-0 highlights and Dragutinovic goal.

Group G standings (before last match): Sevilla 10p, Urziceni 8p, Stuttgart 6p, Rangers 2p.
Video Urziceni 1-0 Sevilla own goal Dragutinovic min 45 (TVR romanian comment).


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Del Potro beats Verdasco to reach ATP semifinals

The Argentinian tennisman Juan Martin del Potro won 6-3 4-6 7-6 (7-1) over the Spaniard Fernando Verdasco and keeps his chances real to reach the semifinals stage of the ATP World Tour Finals. Previously, in the opening match of the Group A del Potro lost against the home player Andy Murray. Today's contest showed many alternating situations with del Potro having lots of match points at 5-2 and 5-4 (third set) but all time Verdasco managed to fight back and stay alive. Being impossible to pick a winner, the game went into tie-breaks where nervy del Potro closed it out 7-1 and sealed the stressing victory after 2 hours and 23 minutes. This was the second defeat for Verdasco, therefore he must win on Thursday his final match against Murray and hope for some other favourable results in order to reach Saturda's semi-finals. Also on Thursday Del Potro is gonna have as opponent the world no.1 Roger Federer.
Video Del Potro-Verdasco ATP World Tour 2009 London O2 Arena (second set).


Video: Jennifer Lopez falls at American Music Awards 2009

Jennifer Lopez fell on the stage while performing Louboutins new single at the American Music Awards 2009. The singer climbed on the back of some dancers but the final jump was not as successful as wished and she fell on her butt. Quickly after the tumble, Lopez sprang into her routine and managed to end the performance enchanting the public.
The American Music Awards were held at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.


Video FC Timisoara - Dinamo 2-0 highlights and goals

After 12 years FC Timisoara managed to defeat 2-0 Dinamo Bucharest. Both goals of the game were scored by Gigel Bucur in minutes 67 and 86. Shortly before the end of the confrontation, Dinamo's Marius Niculae missed a penalty kick obtained by Zicu (88)
Video Poli Timisoara - Dinamo 2-0 goluri Gigel Bucur.


Galileo's cut fingers found after missing 100 years

Two fingers cut from hand of italian astronomer Galileo Galilei in March 1737 were found after more than 100 years since they were last seen. The fingers were brought to the Museum of the History of Science, Florence by a person who purchased them at an action -museum director Paolo Galluzzi said. The 2 fingers and also a tooth were last seen in 1905 as being sealed in a glass jar. Since then nothing was heard about them till recently. Galluzzi declared that the jar matches in every detail. At the time of the auction, the label saying what was in the jar had been lost and the sellers and actioneers knew only that inside were some fingers and a tooth therefore they did not know that the "items" belonged to Galileo and the significance was not figured out. The third finger was already had by Florence museum since 1927 and in March 2010 the people can view the reunited digits for the first time after centuries.


First collisions occured at Large Hadron Collider CERN

Today at the LHC-CERN the first flux of particle crushed into each other and the world still remained intact. The debut experiments subsided the world wide rumors that the accelerator might create blackholes into which the planet and univers will collapse, and that it is sabotaged from the future. The LHC circulated two proton beams for a low-energy collision experiment in the 27 km tunnel located beneath the border between Switzerland and France. Some purposes of the $10 billion projects are the search and discovery of never before seen particles and the explanation of new properties of the nature. The most searched particle is the Higgs boson which is supposed to give mass to the matter.


Simple business tip for becoming nouveau riche

In a tough world it is difficult to find the proper way to become a nouveau riche but there are many possibilities for achieving the purpose. The hardest part is to find the suitable niche for starting a business. The first thing to start with is the marketing plan and this is a time-consuming job. The way to a successful nouveau riche is based on many important factors to take account of such as the addressed category of the business, location, request for offer, financial situation, economical development, etc. A business can be launched by using the virtual world, namely the internet. Many people became wealthy by simply using in a proper way the web navigation. Of course many of them reached the wealth without intention and just matching the right niche by coincidence but their experience might be useful. If you have a reasonable amount of money and a bit of taste for adventure the best idea is to go to an economically poor country but politically stable because such countries are always open for investors and grant many privileges. If you want to start an affair in a more developed place a good tip is to buy a house and use it for rent. You can afford purchasing a house? Just get a load from a bank if you have a stable income. In locations like Amsterdam the real estate market is pretty stable and the step to a nouveau riche status is almost assured. By renting your home you can pay back the mortgage and put also some significant amounts of money into the savings.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Video: Oakland police officer using force during arrest at passenger station

Youtube video shows a Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer forcing brutally a man into a heavy-duty window. The man identified as Michael Joseph Gibson, 37 from San Leandro, California, was pulled off the train at West Oakland Station and following the incident he suffered hand, palms, head and arm cuts due to tough contact with the window which broke. The officer and suspect's sister declared that Gibson looked like intoxicated or under drugs and this can be also observed in the video. The autorities said that this brutal use-of-force by police will be further investigated and they also request anybody with some other evidence such as video, photos, info to come forward.
Video footage police and man scuffle at West Oakland California train station.


Video: Romania - exit-poll presidential elections, Basescu, Geoana declarations and impressions

Impressive statement of Romanian president Traian Basescu following preliminary exit-poll results of the presidential elections and referendum.
Video PDL reaction Traian Basescu interview elections 22 Nov 2009 or video youtube
Video reaction PSD headquarter elections 2009.
Also a BBC report on Romanian elections first stage.
Partial exit-poll results of Romania referendum and presidential elections shortly after vote closing time (21:00).
CCSB- Antena 3:
Basescu 34.0
Geoana 30.9
Antonescu 22.1
Oprescu 3.4
Vadim 3.6
Kelemen 3.6
Becali 1.4
Remus Cernea Remus 0.4

CSOP/B1 - Vox News:
Traian Basescu 33,2%,
Mircea Geoana 30,3%,
Crin Antonescu 22%
Kelemen Hunor 4,9%,
C.V. Tudor 3,9%,
Sorin Oprescu: 3,2%,
Gigi Bercali: 0,9%

Insomar-Realitatea TV:
Traian Basescu 32,8%
Mircea Geoana 31,7%
Crin Antonescu 21,8%
Corneliu Vadim Tudor 4 %
Kelemen Hunor 3,6 %
Sorin Oprescu 3,5%
George Becali 1,7 %.
Remus Cernea 0,4

Traian Băsescu: 33,72%
Mircea Geoană: 31,44%
Crin Antonescu: 21,53%
Sorin Oprescu: 3,18%
Kelemen Hunor: 3,26%
C.V. Tudor: 4,22%
Gigi Becali: 2%


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Romanian elections - the candidates last confrontation

Traian Basescu, Crin Antonescu and Mircea Geoana agreed to meet in a direct tv debate organized at the Parliament Palace on Friday 20/11/2009. The three candidates represent the most popular parties in Romania - PDL, PNL and PSD respectively (the order is not relevant here). Initial statistics showed that Basescu and Geoana were considered favorites for going next to second stage elections on 6th of December - presuming that none of them would get 50% of votes. After recent direct debates it seems that Antonescu - the leader of Liberal Party - announces himself a serious counter-candidate for the same second poll, therefore it is not clear at the moment who are those two who will meet in the final contest expected in December. Following Friday's talks and analysis, Traian Basescu looked somehow more peacefull and pretty well documented, he gave good feedbacks to his opponents and proves to be the most reliable person for being president (2nd mandate in a row for Basescu). Crin Antonescu was not as successful as at the previous tv contest organized in Cluj early this week. Antonescu was based on strong attacks on the other two competitors but this time it did not really work out. Mircea Geoana was hesitant and showed that he is not self-consistent, all time being backed by his own people with notices (e.g. V. Ponta) and Basescu was right when saying that Geoana is lead by influential politicians. Now, hope that romanians will be open-minded on Sunday (22/11/2009) even if they usually like the circus and the desire of change (of presidents). God bless them!!!


Vacation timeshare rentals - a profitable idea for holiday

The holiday is the most waited moment which is supposed to compensate the hard work practised over a year period. Thinking and planning the way you want to spend the free time might look like something puzzling. A great idea that can help overcome the lack of inspiration is the Vacation Timeshare Rentals; this term means that you can rent temporarily a completely furnished house instead of going to a hotel. This kind of ownership is appealing for several motives like cost savings, private space, no taxes or some other tip practised in the case of a hotel room. Now the next step is to find a destination. There are many on Earth but one is eye-catching. Florida is considered one of the most famous destinations for spending the vacation time, most of the visitor travelling in the search of sun and entertainment. Walt Disney world, Magic Royal Park and Busch garden are just a few of the attractions that can be found in the American peninsula. But Florida means more than these. Sweet water lakes, hills, exotic forests and fascinating cities, 14000 km of coastal shoreline make Florida the most exciting place. Orange Lake Timeshare Rental offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy great time at one of the Orange lake resort villas with access to limitless activities, such as barbeques, karaoke, water skiing, beach volleyball, golf, etc. A great advantage is the fact that only about 4 minutes away from orange lake there is walt Disney world known as the second theme park of the Disney division after the Californian original. Disney World Timeshare Rental comes up with several interesting deals that can make you the holiday time owner of an all facilities property in one of the most famous and visited area.


Romanian soldiers injured in Afghanistan

Three romanian soldiers under NATO forces in Afghanistat have been wounded on Thursday following a missile attack in the Kandahar area. The attack took place right at the base supplying office where the troops were working. Fortunately the 3 romanians do not experience life-threatening injuries.
Video report by Antena1 correspondent in Kandahar.


Clear Wireless Internet 4G – feature, advantages

Clear company, introduced in early 2009 its first 4G WiMAX wireless broadband network, allowing costumers and businesses to access the Internet at broadband speed. Statistically, the modems by Clear brand provide up to 6 Mbps download speeds while mobile Internet users can expect for up to 4 Mbps average download speeds and sometimes even bursts exceeding 10Mbps. Unlike clasical wireless services, the clear 4g technology unveils mobile broadband internet speed usually experienced only by wired networks such as DSL. What is and why choosing 4G tech? As suggestive from name, 4G is the fourth generation of mobile wireless and is a successor to 2G and 3G standards. You must know that the 4G technology is able to upgrade the present transmission networks, provides secure IP related solutions and assures facilities such as voice, data and streamed multimedia at higher transmission rates unlike the prior generations. Moreover, 4G based networks support also the IPv6 protocol.
Interested customers can easily find online the complete details about packages, business projects and pricing options of clear wireless internet 4g. The new broadband internet mobile system implemented by clear wireless started to become popular in United States and spread quickly also worldwide. The company has lots of representatives across USA such as Clear Bellingham, Portland, Dallas, Austin, Chicago and some other distribution points will open soon.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Video: Utah meteorite lights up night sky alarming people

An impressive fast and bright meteor travelled across Utah sky Wednesday night. The fireball meteor was also filmed by several surveillance cameras. Seconds later after the event, plenty of people across Utah state started to call KSL and 911 being alerted by what they were seing. NASA researchers consider the meteorite a "remarkable midnight fireball". The Utah meteor was called bolide and at 12:07 (midnight), the pleople from western United Stated watched it crashing in the Earth atmosphere. In some places the lightflash was so intense that caused the light-sensor street lamps to switch off. In the audio-video footage can be clearly heard the agitated conversations of several Utahns who called 911.
Video footage Utah meteorite - bolid fireball - crashing into atmosphere.


France-Ireland 1-1, a slap in FIFA's face

France qualified to World Cup 2010 tournament after an incorrect handball by Thiery Henry. The illegal act was omitted by the referee and the irritation is more pronounced as it was clearly visible. FIFA's image - represented by Blatter and Platini - is seriously affected by this situation as thousands of people watched the controversial goal online, many leaving intriguing messages. In case you have not seen the controversial goal in debate it will not take long to find. Furthermore Thiery Henry admitted it was handball but it would have been an unbelievable act of fairplay from him to rush up top the referee and tell him the truth. FIFA is to blame because still rejects the use of TV camera replays to assist the match official. Even though Ireland was not granted direct qualification if France goal was denied, there being 17 minutes to play plus penalties, still the Irish had opportunity to go through and were deserved to play their chance, but referee said...NO. Shame on FIFA, it is not the first time when these acts of injustice happen but football board members are still blind irritating the whole world with their stupid and outdated rules. More on outraged messages addressed to FIFA can be found on CNN.
Video controversial goal and handball from Thiery Henry.


Greece-Ukraine 1-0 and Slovenia-Russia 1-0 videohighlights World Cup 2010 qualifiers

Ukraine-Greece 0-1. Greece won 1-0 over Ukraine and qualifies to the World Cup tournament 2010. The only goal of the game was scored in minute 31 by Dimitrios Salpingidis. Ukraine pushed harder creating many occasions and having ball possession but Greece defended well and kept their own space goalless.
Slovenia-Russia 1-0. Probably the biggest surprise of the day was the 1-0 victory of Slovenia over Russia. After a 2-2 aggregate, the national team of the small central European country reserved the ticket to South Africa thanks to the goal scored in the away leg (Russia-Slovenia 2-1). For Slovenia this is the second successful playoff as they qualified to the 2002 World Cup by defeating Romania.
France and Portugal are another European teams which booked their spots to South Africa 2010.
France-Ireland 1-1. France qualified unfair after a scandalous and incorrect goal scored by Gallas in min 104 after Thiery Henry took over the ball by hand. The French won 1-0 in Dublin but in Paris they were lead by the Irish on goal scored by Robbie Keane in minute 33. It was proven once again that the famous teams are always favorized by...God or referees.
Video Ukraine - Greece 0-1 goal Dimitrios Salpingidis World Cup playoff
Video France - Ireland 1-1 controversial goal Gallas (Henry used obviously the hand).


Alcohol and drug abuse treatments

When people receive drugs they change their behaviors, feelings and the way of thinking. These kinds of substances are often called psychoactive and include the alcohol, tobacco as well as the natural drugs such as cannabis, opium and coca. There are various causes leading to use of drugs depending on sex, age, social environment, etc. For example the youngsters make exaggerate use of drugs just to be fancy, the adults because are depressed and here an important factor in dealing with the drug addiction is the education. The excessive abuse of the drugs (even the prescription drugs) gives in the end dependence and that is a real problem. The drugs are split in several categories with the corresponding effects: Depressives (heroine) is a sedative which acts on the nervous system and whose effect is an artificial relaxation, lack of stress but giving it up causes troubles due to dependency. Stimulating drugs like cocaine are agents that activate and increase the neuronal activity leading to headaches, fast heartbeats, etc. Hallucinogens such as ecstasy marijuana, LSD, are chemical compounds which produce mental changes like euphoria, restless sensation, paranoia. Sometimes the drugs are obtained even with a prescription and unfortunately not for medical usage but for personal comfort. Their iterative employment leads to addiction and dangerous consequences. In general the Prescription Pill Addiction has as main purpose the reach of a state of relaxation and calm but overstimulating the neuronal stimulus leads over the time to brain alteration and degradation by lowering the body performances which is of special relevance in the case of athletes and sportive people. Not all the individuals search for help ending up tragically, but many of them try to look up for addiction treatment. There are many methods for combating the drug abuse and rehabilitation programs can be attended in specialized centers.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Algeria beats 1-0 Egypt on super goal by Yahia and books ticket to World Cup 2010

Algeria defeats Egypt 1-0 after a dramatic game in Khartoum and books its place to the 2010 World Cup for the first time after 1986. Algeria, which claimed the last African spot to the next year tournament, was put ahead by Antar Yahia's super volley from minute 39. The playoff was compulsory after Egypt won 2-0 over Algeria in Cairo on Saturday. The Algerian football federation condemned Egypt for the violences which occured at Saturday's World Cup game where at least 32 people were injured. It seems that Algerian players revenged the events by a much-desired qualification in the final 32.
Video Antar Yahia goal Algeria 1-0 Egypt playoff World Cup 2010


Button and Hamilton - McLaren teammates in 2010

The 2009 F1 World Champion Jenso Button has signed a three-year $30 million deal for McLaren thus becoming team mate with Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 F1 World Champ. Hamilton, 24 and Button, 29 are both British. It was heard the Button's winning team - Brawn GP - was willing to offer Button a double salary to keep him for 2010 season but the terms and conditions have been rejected. Coincidentally the german carmaker Mercedes announced the cancelation of their contract with McLaren and the new association with Brawn GP. Button deal took place after the former world champ Kimi Raikkonen failed to have an agreement with McLaren and therefore will not race in F1 2010. Raikkonen - former Ferrari driver - decided to race in World Rally Championship.


How and where to search for best winter boots?

Now that the winter is coming the season footwear are the boots therefore it is the time to leave the light shoes and replace them with warmer ones. But there are multiple questions that come up to customer’s mind such as how to find the right winter shoes, what is the right design for the present season, where to find a boot shop or if it’s possible to buy shoes/boots using the internet. One of the online webshops which is very well known in the footwear industry is ugg. The Australian based brand with a history of over 200 years became very popular, many celebrities being seen wearing their products and ugg fame relies mostly on the best quality of the ugg boots which are comfortable and stylish keeping pace with the fashion.
Ugg-mall provides amazing consistent discounts up to 70 percent and offers a large selection of fine boots. In general when deciding to by boots it is recommended to wear them with a corresponding outfit in order to look fashionable but ugg comes with such a broad variety of items that fits any kind of garment. If searching the web it can be observed that ugg boots sale experienced a boom worldwide because of a perfect combination of high quality products and pretty low prices.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Video: Top Gear Romania Series 14, Episode 1

BBC broadcast Sunday (15 Nov 2009) the Top Gear episode filmed at the end of September 2009 in Romania. The BBC presenters have been somehow surprized because initially had imagined Romania a "country full of oxes and people throwing stones at gypsies" but subsequently they changed their vision over the country. When first entering the Black Sea resort of Mamaia, the Top Gear showmen remained amazed by the high number of top luxurious sport cars present around. Following the next filmings at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest and the Transfagarasan road - "The best road in the world" - Clarkson, Hammon and May got finally enchanted and happy with their trip to East Europe. The Romanian Top Gear video show is structured in 6 parts (A-F) out of which 3 are tightly bound to Romania (A, E, F).
Top Gear Romania season 14 episode 1 (part A) Mamaia.
Second part (B) of the Romanian show depicts the drive of the BBC presenters from Black Sea to Bucharest, their experiences through Bucharest and the race through the Parliament Palace tunnels.
Top Gear Romania season 14 episode 1 (part B) Bucharest Parliament Palace.
Part C and D are less related to Romania TG trip (even if part of same show), the hostmen covering the aired space with a car contest between BMW and Mercedes.
Top Gear Romania season 14 episode 1 (part C) BMW vs Mercedes.
Top Gear Romania season 14 episode 1 (part D) BMW vs Mercedes.
The part E (5th) of the episode 1 reveals the journey through mountains towards Transfagarasan road and also could see how a Romanian truck driver smashes a Dacia Sandero right in front of TG team's eyes. The presenters have still humour even if Sandero was rent by them (probably it was insured).
Top Gear Romania season 14 episode 1 (part E) journey towards Transfagarasan and Dacia Sandero crashed by a careless truck driver.
The beginning of the final part (F) video shows a funny situation where James May's Lamborghini Gallardo is involved in an accident (tiny crash) with a Dacia vehicle...or maybe everything was staged for entertainment.
Top Gear Romania season 14 episode 1 (part F) Transfagarasan race and accident James May Lamborghini Gallardo.


Weird sabotage at LHC CERN: Higgs boson' fault

It is well known that CERN Large Hadron Collider has been confronted with a series of malfunctions since its opening in 2008. Now the scientists found a funny and strange explanation for these happenings. It seems that what the researchers are looking for - Higgs boson or God's particle - is what destroys the experiments. According to physicist Holger Bech, the Higgs particle travels back in time and destroys itself looking like it does not want to be discovered. The experimental detection of Higgs boson would shed light on the origin of the mass in univers and of course reveal information on the Big Bang.
Video Holger Bech explanation on CERN collider malfunction

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