Saturday, November 21, 2009

Romanian elections - the candidates last confrontation

Traian Basescu, Crin Antonescu and Mircea Geoana agreed to meet in a direct tv debate organized at the Parliament Palace on Friday 20/11/2009. The three candidates represent the most popular parties in Romania - PDL, PNL and PSD respectively (the order is not relevant here). Initial statistics showed that Basescu and Geoana were considered favorites for going next to second stage elections on 6th of December - presuming that none of them would get 50% of votes. After recent direct debates it seems that Antonescu - the leader of Liberal Party - announces himself a serious counter-candidate for the same second poll, therefore it is not clear at the moment who are those two who will meet in the final contest expected in December. Following Friday's talks and analysis, Traian Basescu looked somehow more peacefull and pretty well documented, he gave good feedbacks to his opponents and proves to be the most reliable person for being president (2nd mandate in a row for Basescu). Crin Antonescu was not as successful as at the previous tv contest organized in Cluj early this week. Antonescu was based on strong attacks on the other two competitors but this time it did not really work out. Mircea Geoana was hesitant and showed that he is not self-consistent, all time being backed by his own people with notices (e.g. V. Ponta) and Basescu was right when saying that Geoana is lead by influential politicians. Now, hope that romanians will be open-minded on Sunday (22/11/2009) even if they usually like the circus and the desire of change (of presidents). God bless them!!!


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