Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Samoa earthquake, Samoan Tsunami video images: live camera and satellite footage

First video images of Samoa Tsunami caught on camera and also the tsunami waves pictured by satellite.
Amateur video South Pacific Tsunami video footage (Samoa Islands tsunami video).


AC Milan-FC Zurich 0-1 and Real Madrid-Marseille 3-0 UEFA Champions League group C

The group C of the UEFA Champions League outlined a big surprize at the San Siro Stadium where FC Zurich managed a great performance by defeating 1-0 the host team AC Milan on the superb goal scored by H Tihinen early in minute 10.
Video highlights and goal AC Milan vs. FC Zurich 0-1.

In the other game of the same group Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka gave Real Madrid a 3-0 advantage over Olympique Marseille. All three goals were scrored only within 6 minutes: C. Ronaldo (58, 64) and Kaka (61 penalty).
Video highlights and goals Real Madrid vs. Olympique Marseille 3-0.


7.9 magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia and triggers Tsunami warnings

Following the Tsunami triggered by the 8 richter magnitude quake occured in American Samoa Islands on Tuesday, a new quake struck after only 24 hours this time in Indonesia. The strength of the Indonesian tremour raised warnings of a new Tsunami. In Samoa area the death toll presently stands at 85.


Google Wave beta test application

Google Wave, a product considered to boost the online communication will be delivered to about 100000 beta testers on Wednesday (30 Setember 2009). What is Google Wave? Google Wave is an internet application designed to combine services of email, Wiki information, blogs and photo-sharing websites in order to generate a kind of web communication named "wave" or "hosted conversation". The 100000 beta testers will help Google to trace and remove the bugs out of the application before an oficial release scheduled for the end of 2009. The "Wave" application was brought to life by Jens and Lars Rasmussen, the Australian brothers who designed Google Maps.
For more clarity, in the video the Rasmussens explain for about 20 minutes about Google Wave principles.


Elena Carstea - successful surgery

Romanian singer Elena Carstea passedMonday (28Sep 2009) through a successful surgical intervention of the removal of a brain aneurysm located behind her eyes. The Miami specialist who operated Carstea declared that the procedure was technically complex but ran normally without complications. There are necessary about two days of post-operation recovery before the singer can leave the hospital. The american doctors will re-examine Elena Carstea over 6 months and will conclude if it is a need for a new intervention. The costs of the surgery amounted up to $100000.


Videohighlights Fiorentina - Liverpool 2-0 UEFA Champions League group E

Italian squad AFC Fiorentina won 2-0 over the British FC Liverpool confirming Mutu's prediction that the cormorans are not an unvanquished team anymore. Fiorentina had an exceptional first taking advantege on goals by Stefan Jovetic (28' and 37') and missing some other important chances.
AFC Fiorentina vs. FC Liverpool 2-0

In another game Unirea Urziceni (Romania) obtained their first point ever in Champions League after a draw result against VfB Stuttgart. Tasci scored early in min 5 for Stuttgart but Dacian Varga canceled the germans advantage by a superb goal in minute 48. Despite the result Urziceni performed a fine play and could have gotten three points.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The new Lamborghini - Reventon roadster

Lamborghini released the oficial information of its new supercar: Lamborghini Reventon Roadster. Reventon specifications: 6.5 liters V12 cilinder engine providing 493 kW (670 hp); 0-100 km/h speed up in 3.4 seconds; top speed 330 km/h. Reventon's shape resembles that of a F-22 Raptor fighter jet. Lamborghini will keep Reventon production limited to 20 (11 of which will be delivered in US) and the car will cost about 1.1 million euros.
Video Lamborghini Reventon Roadster promo advertising.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Ghost speaking in family video footage

According to the Sun magazine a shocking ghost event just occured in Britain. Sarah Mackessy was enjoying a day out with her family at The Enchanted Forest reserve in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. She started filming the kids especially the 8 week-old son Mack while her partner and the other 2 children were playing around. In the evening they decided to watch at home the video shot over the day and remained shocked to hear an awful voice moan I'm alive as the little kid was starring at the screen. Sarah Mackessy declared that nobody else excepting her family was around during the baby filming, regarding the fact that it was almost the park closing time. The ghost voice can be clearly heard in the footage but it could simply be also a fake after processing the original video.
Video terrifying ghost voice groan I'm alive during child filming.


Dinara Safina defeated at Tokyo Pan Pacific Open by Taiwanese Chang Kai-Chen

The no.1 world champion Dinara Safina underwent a surprizing early exit at Tokyo Pan Pacific tournament after being knocked out by the 132nd ranked, the 18-year-old Taiwanese Chang Kai-Chen. Safina lost 7-6 (7-5) 4-6 7-5 to Chang Kai-Chen.


Catastrophic Ohio river lock break near Warsaw blocking ship traffic

A potential "catastrophic" lock break took place on Ohio river at 9 a.m. ET canceling the vessels traffic in both directions. By definition, a lock is a segment of the waterway, usually on a river, which is closed by gates. The ships transiting the area, get into the lock that controls the water level (higher or lower) in order to adjust the elevation differences. The cause of the Ohio lock damage that occured about 100 km northeast of Louisville Kentucky is still unknown. The main cargo passing through Markland gates is coal that supplies many electrical power plants located along Ohio river. Info on when the traffic will be reopen still on-hold.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Dallas terrorist act baffled

FBI prevented a terrorist attack in Dallas by arresting a 19-year-old man from Jordan who was trying to blow up a downtown skyscraper. The Jordanian drove and parked a vehicle loaded with explosive in the underground parking of Fountain Place, a 60-story building located at Ross Avenue and Field Street. The terrorist was under surveillance for more than 6 months after being uncovered on an islamic website. Hosam Maher Husein Smadi showed up in front of the court and agreed the accusations against him. He will be charged with attempting to detonate a weapon of mass destruction.


Video of the day

Space Shuttle Discovery on top of Boeing 747 shuttle carrier plane take off from Edwards Air Force Base heading back to Kennedy Sapce Center.


Top Gear Transfagarasan filming

Top Gear team continue their adventure filming on Transfagarasan road - the highest Romanian asphalt road (2000 meters) linking Transylvania to Wallachia. The Transfagarasan video shoots are scheduled for two days, therefore the Romanian authorities closed the traffic between Balea Lac and Balea Fall on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m and Friday from 6 a.m untill 1 p.m.
Watch un-processed on-site video footage Top Gear Transfagarasan road - Romania.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Magritte painting stolen from Northern Brussels

A 750000 euros painting by Rene Magritte was stolen from a Belgian museum. The robbery occured during daylight briefly after the museum opened. Two un-identiffied people -one Asian type- speaking english and french rushed in armed with a gun, constrained the guards to lie down as the theft was taking place and then ran away. There were no injuries or casualties.
Rene Magritte considered one of the most influential artist of 20th century died in 1967 and his work inspired pop art, an Oasis video, Rolling Stone record cover, Paul Simon and John Cale songs, etc. The 1948 Olympia painting depics artist's wife Georgette lying on her back having a shell on her stomach.


Anti-HIV vaccine results look promising

For the first time a vaccine to prevent HIV infection was released and showed promising test results. Statistically the new vaccine may diminish the risk of contracting HIV by 31 % which represents a significant improvement. The study was done by the US military HIV research program and it was conducted in Thailand on more than 16000 participants aged between 18 and 30 all being HIV negative at the beginning of the tests. After three years monitoring, 51 vaccinated people contracted HIV compared to 74 cases in the group who did not receive vaccine. 23 less cases show a step forward but the results exhibit many flaws due to fact that the tests depend on many random conditions even if the subjects were classified as at "medium" risk of getting HIV. The new vaccine is the outcome of a combination of two vaccines which have failed to work previously on their own. The vaccine against HIV is produced by Global Solutions for Infectious Deseases and Sanofi Pasteur and the research was founded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Deseases and the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Action News reporter funny accident

It must be very amuzing for the spectators to see a distracted reporter hitting a post during a live broadcast. It just happened to a Action News jurnalist as seen in the video.


Romania Top Gear filming in Bucharest at Parliament Palace 23 Sep 2009

The filmings of the Romania Top Gear show started today in Bucharest. Clarkson, Hammond and May raced through the Parliament tunnels raising clouds of dust around. They seem to have liked the bolids noise amplified by the tunnels echo.
Video images Top Gear Romania-Bucharest - Parliament Building tunnels.


Video:Dust storm sweeps across Sydney Australia

A dust storm hit the southeastern part of Australia this morning. Because of the very low visibility all the flights to and from Sydney were deviated and ferry-boat trips were canceled.
Video dense red haze Sydney.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Barack Obama on Letterman show

The US Presiden Barack Obama made the first presence ever by a sitting American president on CBS's Late show with David Letterman. Obama was also the only invited guest of the Letterman's show and his visit is the last one in a string of TV appearances part of a presidential media campaign. Besides entertaining the audience as usual, Obama held also serious topics on war in Afganistan, economic crisis, health care plan.


United - City incident: Craig Bellamy punches a restrained fan

The game between the city rivals Man Utd and Man City was a harsh one with plenty of goals but not devoid of incidents. City's player, Craig Bellamy scored two important goals but hit also a fan who was held by stewards after he had gotten to the pitch. Another incident occured as the teams were leaving the field at half-time when City's Javier Garrido was hit by an object "assigned" for Carlos Tevez (this can also be seen in the video).
Video Man. United - Man. City incidents (Bellamy strikes fan & Garrido hit by object)


Michael Jackson last repetition

As from the video, it looks like Michael Jackson was perfectly ok just 2 days ahead his death. It is also know that Michael Jackson last recordings were seized by his sister LaToya Jackson who got possession of all hard disks comprising unreleased music Jackson recorded with Akon, Ne-Yo or Will.I.Am. The new released video shows Michael Jackson singing before his death.
Video Michael Jackson last rehearsal performance Staple Center 23 June 2009 - CNN Exclusive
Video Michael Jackson last repetition 23/06/2009.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Justin Lee and Oliver Yeh - Space camera balloon Project

Ingenious idea of two MIT students Oliver Yeh and Justin Lee who took pictures of the Earth curvature by using a digital camera lifted up by a helium-filled weather balloon and tracked down by a GPS mobile phone attached to the flying device.
Their idea developed as follows: a $150 Canon camera (purchased on e-bay) should be launched into the stratosphere by a $20 latex weather balloon filled with helium (~$30). Regarding the fact that the temperatures go down to -50 degrees, the batteries and electronics fail working but to overcome this problem the students closed the camera inside a styrofoam cooler and some handwarmers were placed tightly around the equipment to maintain it functioning. Another tricky job was to find a way to control the position of the balloon during its trip. Usually the flight tracking devices rely on expensive and heavy GPS modems but the MIT guy figured out an much more inexpensive and simple solution by securing the balloon with a $50 Motorola Boost GPS-equipped mobile phone whose task was to report the GPS coordinates via text message. The ballon was deployed on 2th of September 2009 in Sturbrigde, Massachusetts and it was eye-viewed for 1 hour. Most probably about four hours later the balloon poped due to very low pressure and the parachuted equipment landed back on Earth in Worcester where it send its GPS position.
The experimental device travelled up to 17 miles.


Ecaterina Andronescu falls asleep during Geoana's speech at Targoviste

Specific Romania! It looks like the Minister of Education Ecaterina Andronescu was very tired and took short naps while PSD president Mircea Goana was holding his speech in Targoviste. On another hand Andronescu gesture it is understandable because of the well known fact that Geoana is very boring when speaking.


Dinamo - Unirea Urziceni 2-1 Torje brings unhoped victory in last second

It seems that goals on the last seconds are scored not only in the Premiere League but also in the Romanian League. The same as United-City 4-3 when Owen netted in the last moments, an identical pattern occured at the game between Dinamo Bucharest and Unirea Urziceni where dinamo player Torje brings three points for his team by scoring in the last second of the confrontation. Dinamo-Urziceni reveals three exceptional goals by Apostol (Urziceni), Andrei Cristea (Dinamo) and Torje (Dinamo).
Dinamo Bucuresti - Unirea Urziceni 2-1 video Andrei Cristea super goal min 48.

Dinamo Bucharest - Unirea Urziceni 2-1 video Torje nice goal min 93.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Manchester United vs. Manchester City 4-3 video goals and highlights

Michael Owen decided the fate of a fantastic Premiere League game between same city rivals, Manchester United and Manchester City. Owen, the United substitute managed to score the winning goal deep into the injury-time (95') setting the final score Man. United-Man. City 4-3.
Video all goals Manchester United 4-3 Manchester City (highlights).
1. Manchester United-Manchester City 4-3 Rooney goal 1-0.

2. Manchester United-Manchester City 4-3 Barry goal 1-1.
3. Manchester United-Manchester City 4-3 Fletcher goal 2-1.
4. Manchester United-Manchester City 4-3 Bellamy goal 2-2.
5. Manchester United-Manchester City 4-3 Fletcher goal 3-2.

6. Manchester United-Manchester City 4-3 Bellamy goal 3-3.
7. Manchester United-Manchester City 4-3 MichaelOwen goal 4-3.


Universitatea Craiova - Rapid Bucuresti 3-4 Romanian League

A spectacular football game with no less than 7 goals was played at Ion Oblemenco Stadium where the host team Universitatea Craiova met Rapid Bucharest. Despite the fact that Rapid had almost all the time the lead, yet Craiova performed nicely and showed strong comebacks.
Videohighlights and goals Universitatea Craiova-Rapid Bucuresti 3-4.


Shuttle Discovery Astronauts Urine dump viewed from Earth - Night glow "mystery" solved

A strange and nice sparkling glow in the dark night sky puzzled the viewers on Earth. It looked like a celestial event but the in fact it was....urine. The STS-128 mission carried out by Space Shuttle Discovery was sheduled a urine dump that was the task of the pilot Kevin Ford. The mix of urine and waste water (amounting 68 kg) stored on board Discovery during the 2 weeks mission was thrown in space Wednesday night giving rise to visual effects.
The nice picture represents nothing else than...pee on Hungary sky seen from the Ruins of Essegvar.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

West Ham - Liverpool 2-3 Premiere League

Video highlights and goals West Ham-Liverpool 2-3.


Mexico city Balderas station shooting caught on camera

A surveillance camera recorded the moments when a gunman killed 2 people at the Balderas subway station in central Mexico City. The shooting occured after the police tried to prevent Luis Felipe Hernandes Castillo 38, from writing graffiti on the walls of the metro station. Castillo considered police action as a threat to his job of writing and opened the fire killing the officer Victor Manuel Miranda Martinez and a 58-year-old construction worker. The murderer was caught shortly after by dozens of police officers. The authorities first impression was that Hernandes Castillo is mentally sick and he will be face charges of double murder, attempted murder, opposing arrest, public disturbance, etc.
Video fatal Mexico Balderas subway shoot-out.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Cerro Azul, Panama mysterious creature killed by terrified kids

A new weird creature was spotted in the Panama city of Cerro Azul. Saturday four kids aged between 12-14 were playing by the waterside of a lake when the 5 foot beast came out of a cave and was heading towards them as if to threaten them. In a desperate reaction to protect themselves, the youngsters threw stones at the strange creature to sly it before hurling the corpse into the water. The parents did not believe their story and returned to the lake the next day and they were amazed to find the body on the shore. The locals said the Panama tv stations and media that the creature is "Gollum from Lord of the Rings".


Europa League: Ajax Amsterdam-FC Timisoara 0-0 video highlights

17 Sep 2009. Ajax Amsterdam - FC Timisoara 0-0 report and commentary of the game as witnessed at Amsterdam ArenA Stadium.
Ajax Amsterdam - FC Timisoara turned out to be a poor game with two teams uncapable to create clear occasions or to show a spectacular football. The Romanian team as usual was happy with a nil result whereas the Dutch side remained frustrated despite the territorial advantage and ball posession. Timisoara played defensive aiming a draw game but despite this they had a lot of counterattack opportunities which were missed due to lack of support from "inexistent" midfield line, therefore the strikers Bucur and Parks were the only ones struggling to put in danger Stekelensburg's goal but of course without success. Timisoara's best players were the goalkeeper Costel Pantelimon (who had a pretty quiet evening besides irritating the Dutch stands:) and the togolese defender Dare Nibombe who made the same perfect play we've been used to.
General conclusion: Frustrated teams? Nope!!! Frustrated were me, myself, my friends and a few thounsand fans. Furthermore they did not even serve a beer,,,everything was just "alcoholvrij". Hope PSV - CFR Cluj will be better.
AFC Ajax 0-0 FC Timisoara, the game brief report.

Ajax-FC Timisoara 0-0 stand video footage on site - anthem.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ansbach school attack

A new school incident occured in Germany but this time in the city of Anbach (haltfway between Franckfurt and Munich). A 19-year-old student attacked several children at the Gymnasium Carolinum-Ansbach, injuring 10 people. The attack happened at 8:35 a.m. (6.35 GMT) and polife arrested the agressor 10 minutes later. It is still unknown what the attacker was armed with and the exact situation of the involved children. The violent teenager was also wounded during his arrest.


Denmark tourism video considered "promiscuous"

A video ad supposed to promote the tourism in Denmark was taken out off the internet after being considered promiscuous. The Denmark promiscuous tourism video was initially posted on Youtube but it was pulled after complaints from Danish media came up at shortly after. The video is 3 minutes long and shows a nice blonde lady holding in her arms a baby who was the result of a one night stand with a foreigner and now the young woman tries to find the kid's father. The Danish tourism minister explained that the woman was an actress and the advertisment was intended to attract the tourists in Denmark but the problem seems to have been put in a wrong way. The video received about 800000 hits in only 4 days spent on youtube and despite its withdrawal it can be still found elsewhere on the web.


Annie Le murder investigation

The police made some progress in the case of Annie Le - the Yale student - crime investigation. It seems the Le was strangled and the examiner issued the cause of decease as "traumatic asphyxia due to neck compression". One person - Raymond Clark - was detained by police in order to provide blood samples for DNA tests and he was released afterwards because he agreed the procedure and was cooperative. Clark, a Yale technician answered for a while the police questions but subsequently he got an attorney and stopped. He remains under surveillance like some other suspected persons but at the moment none is arrested or accused. The investigators gathered more than 250 pieces of evidence samples and the searches continue. In the end Raymong Clak is accused of killing Annie Le. Clark's former girlfriend, Jessica Del Rocco revealed that the technician seemed to be a perfect guy in the beginning but later he became possessive and controlling.


UEFA CL 16Sep2009: Standard Liege-Arseal 2-3, Dinamo Kyiv-Rubin Kazan 3-1 and VfB Stuttgart-Rangers 1-1

Videohighlights and goals of the most entertaining soccer games today in UEFA Champions League.
Standard Liege - Arsenal London 2-3 highlights and goals.

Dinamo Kyiv-Rubin Kazan 3-1 highlights and goals.

VfB Stuttgart-Rangers 1-1 highlights and goals.


BBC Top Gear in Romania

Top Gear - the successful british auto show - will film in Romania lately this month. The team members will record videos at several places across Romania such as Transfagarasan road which connects Transylvania with Wallachia, Black Sea coastal line, Danube Delta and Bucharest. Top Gear trio - Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May - and their test driver, the Stig will also drive brand cars like Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini through the tunnels of the Palace of Romanian Parliament. The Parliament building is the second largest building in the world after the US Pentagon. The filmings are scheduled for 22nd September 2009 and represent one of the 14th episodes advertising different places around the world.
The Romania Top Gear s14 ep.1 contains 6 parts (A-F) the Top Gear team filming in Mamaia, Bucharest (Parlament) and Transfagarasan.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sevilla - Unirea Urziceni UEFA Champions League

Sevilla - Unirea Urziceni videohighlights and goals.
Tonight at Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium Unirea Urziceni play for the first time ever in UEFA Champions League and their oponents are the Spaniards from Sevilla.
Half time: Sevilla-Unirea Urziceni 1-0, Sevilla opened the score in min 45 on goal by Luis Fabiano.
Final time: Sevilla-Unirea Urziceni 2-0 Video-highlights and goals.


Barack Obama calls Kanye West a "jacksass" audio recording CNBC

In an interview with CNBC the United States President Barack Obama expressed his opinion about the hip-hop singer Kany West calling him a "jackass" for his outburst at MTV music awards when West grabbed the microphone from the country singer Taylor Swift during her video award speach to tell that Beyonce has the best video made. Part of the off-the-record remark was posted on Twitter by Terry Moran - an ABC employee - compelling the news TV network to appologize later to the White House and CNBC for the unprofessional gesture.
A portion from Barack Obama's declaration: "I thought that was really inappropriate. You know it was like she's getting an award. Why are you butting in? The young lady seems like a perfectly nice person. She's getting her award. What he's doing up there? He's a jackass." - and the President Obama was perfectly right, he said it well. West deserved that and indeed...what was he doing up there???
Of course also Kanye West appologized on his blog for his act which was rude. He behaved childish and it tourned out that the blame against him became also "presidential".
Audio Barack Obama, Kanye West is a jackass, CNBC off-the-record posted by ABC.

And here the moment when Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift during her video award speech at VMA music awards.


UEFA Champions League: FC Z├╝rich - Real Madrid 2-5 video-highlights and goals

FC Zurich lost 2-5 against the galactics from Real Madrid but the score does not really reflect the reality. Real started well and claimed a 3-0 at half-time on goals by C. Ronaldo, Raul and G. Higuain. Everything looked formal and supposed to work by the book but a surprise outlines in the 64 minute when the Swiss team reduces the difference on goal scored by X. Margairaz from penalty spot (1-3). Just one minute later, 65, Zurich sends the ball once again in Casillas net by S. Aegerter (2-3). At this point Real started to fear and they figured out that they are not invincible at all. The Spaniards honour is saved lately in minute 89' when the same C. Ronaldo scores from a free kick and an unacceptable mistake of the Swiss goalkeeper (2-4) and minute 94' when J.M. Guti sets the final result 2-5.
FC Zurich-Real Madrid 2-5 video highlights and all goals.

Some other results UEFA CL 15-09-2009:
Besiktas - Manchester United 0-1
Chelsea - Porto 1-0
Maccabi Haifa - Bayern Munchen 0-3
Juventus - Bordeaux 1-1
Wolfsburg - CSKA Moscow 3-1


Guideline for evaluation of a real estate or property

FHA which means Federal Housing Administrations was created to fulfill several goals such as securing the mortgage market, developing and improving the housing conditions, providing appropriate house financing by insurance system. When owning a home, it is of important interest to know its real value. If the property is over evaluated there comes up the risk to have it too long time posted on the market; if it is under priced than it might sell quickly but with no comfort knowing that you could have less money than you could have gotten. FHA Appraisal is the best option in such situations because professionals will tell you how much your home is worth. It is good to keep in mind that the FHA estimation of the real estate has also some requirements therefore it is recommended to check them to know which are compulsory and which might be excepted. There will be a detailed inspection of the property to set its real price and the appraisers (approved by the FHA Appraisals agency) should be provided with all needed information regarding finances, sale concessions, down payments, closing costs, etc. In order to get good quotations you have to focus carefully on the physical aspect of the property, of particular interest being the way it was preserved repaired, fixed. Try to remove all possible defects and deficiencies because all the immovable components from the roof to the basement will be evaluated and registered in an official report. If you want to hire an FHA Appraiser then you only have to search for the suitable appraisal companies. This can be done online by using their names, locations, licence types or other particular details.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze dies at 57 of pancreatic cancer

Patrick Swayze, the well known actor who played in Dirty Dancing and Ghost has died this Monday at age of 57. Swayze was battling a pancreatic cancer since March 2008. Swayze is survided by his wife, Lisa and his mother Patsy.


Roger Federer loses US Open 2009 in five sets

Roger Federer just lost the US Open final and the chance to get his sixth consecutive Flushing Meadow tournament. Federer instead became the first tennisman to earn $50 million in career prize money.
Roger Federer - Juan Martin Del Potro 6-3, 6-7, 6-4, 6-7, 2-6
Us open 2009 did not start as the most spectacular one but turned out to be entertaining and ended up in no less than…5 sets. Federer began the first set in force and claim it by 6-3. The second set started following the same boring pattern with Federer winning game after game and potro barely keeping the pace. At 4-1 for Federer something happened and the Swiss showed signs of exhaust which in the end made him concede the second set at tie break 6-7. The third set became more balanced but Federer managed to win one more game and claimed the set 6-4. The set 4 is pushed again to tie break and del potro wins it after plenty of unexpected mistakes made by Federer. After 3 hours and a half the US Open final entered the 5th and its last set. Federer gets delayed by losing his first game and in the end concedes the set 2-6 and also the US Open title in the favor of Del Potro. Quite weird what happened to Federer in the second set, probably the tiring state after the long match against Djokovic while Del Potro progressed easy to the final after a very short semifinal win over Nadal. The Argentinian Del Potro becomes the second South American in the history to win of US Open.
Roger Federer vs. Del Potro US Open Final 2009 video last game.


Contact Air plane catches fire after crash landing at Stutgart airport

A Contact Air Fokker F100 passenger jet caught fire at Stuttgart airport after a crash landing due to a landing gear problem. The plane took off from Berlin-Tegel with 82 people and 5 crew members on board and was on an internal route. The pilots announced the Stuttgart air traffic control that the landing gear does not open and flew for a while around the airport trying to settle the problem and to allow the rescue teams spread foam on the runway. The fire outburst occured during the landing. There were no deadly casulaties but following the incident 5 passengers were in shock and one of the stewardess was injured.


Explanatory tips on title company and real estate insurance

Sometimes these expressions are hard to understand what they are about except for those who work in the field. What is the role of a Title Company? Here a conclusive example: suppose you want to purchase a house but you need lot of information about you new acquisition such as history record of the seller, his reliability, property registration and some other things which supposes to waste plenty of time paying visits to city hall, courthouses and all kind of legal authorities. These actions are many times called by the people bureaucratic facts. Well, in order to avoid all this kind of nuisances you just have to simply employ some expert who represent nothing else than a title company. Practically the Title Companies are in general hired to make searches for client and to give him various safe advices but their main roles are firstly to provide a report of all the information and public records found and secondly to provide a title insurance for the protection of the customer against any kind of claims and attacks like faulty registration, strict consents, documents fraud, etc. Title Insurance is in general an insurance used especially in real estate to secure against the financial mistakes in title to real value of the property. For everyone’s understanding, it’s meant to protect the owner investments in the case of a financial loss due to liens or other unexpected situations.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Federer amazing shot semifinal US Open 2009

Roger Federer made sensation at US Open 2009 semifinal after he played the best shot of his career in the match against Novak Djokovic. The amazing shot offered Federer also a match point. A similar hit was performed long time ago by the Romanian tennisman Ilie Nastase. The final result of the US Open 2009 semifinal Roger Federer-Novak Djokovic 7-6, 7-5, 7-5 and the Swiss reaches the six in a row US Open final at Flushing Meadows.
Video Roger Federer best shot of his life US Open semifinal 2009.


Remarkable comback of Kim Clijsters who won US Open

The Belgian Kim Clijster claimed the US Open title after defeating the Danish Caroline Wozniacki in two straight sets 7-5, 6-3. In the semifinal Clijsters run over Serena Williams in a controversial game where Williams got a penalty after she argued a lineswoman. Clijster retired for two years from the world of tennis due to her pregnancy but this year she returned unseeded to US Open where she proved her talent by winning the trophy. Clijster was also the first mother since 1980 to win a Grand Slam.


Yale University crime - found body possible to belong to Annie Le

The remains of Annie Le - the Yale student who dissapeared 6 days ago - were found by the search teams in one of the university buildings. A surveillance camera caught the moment when Le entered the university (Tuesday 10 a.m.) but never recorded her leaving, fact that determined the homicide investigators to focuss on that area. In the end a body was found Sunday inside a basement wall at Amistad Street 10. The remains were not 100% identified but it is assumed to belong to missing student. Annie Le, 24, was supposed to get married Sunday with Jonathan Widawsky, a graduate of New York Columbia University.


F16 Israel pilot, son of spacraft Columbia crewmember, killed in crash

Lt. Assaf Ramon aged 21, the son of the Israel astronaut who died onboard the doomed space shuttle Columbia in 2003, had the same faith as his father after his F-16 fighterjet crashed Sundey close to the city of Hebron, Cisiordania. The debris of the crashed F16 plane were found by the search teams and the jet was participating in a routine flight which was part of a training session course. The cause of the accident is still unknown. All F-16 flights were canceled untill further notice and an investigation team was deployed at crash site.
Col. Ilan Ramon, the first Israel astronaut who reached the Earth outer space, died in a similar tragic accident on February 1, 2003 when the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart at a height of about 60 km over Texas just 10 minutes before the scheduled landing in Florida.


Tricks on house construction plans

The home plans represent an important step in everyone’s life; therefore good advices are necessary before putting your ideas into action. While struggling to transform the dream house into the real one, it recommended setting into motion a detailed search for documentation and in such cases the most powerful tool is the internet where plenty of websites will take you to a virtual tour of a possible real house. There are a few important tips and ideas to pay careful attention for before starting to make your home plans come to an end. Asking advices of a consulting firm is a good step forward and eventually hire your own design architect before choosing the constructing company; you will avoid some costly and head aching mistakes. Never build a house bigger then necessary unless you wish to become its “slave”. Check the reliability and the history record of the builder before choosing it; make use of recommendations. There are different types of houses you can opt for, depending on several factors such as the environment, budget and utility. Another important aspect is location; if deciding to live in the city area it is preferable to plan a house made of bricks whereas if choosing to live in a mountainous region it is preferable to opt for log home plans. Once the house plans are well thought and done, you have to proceed to next step, namely the practice appliance. Have an active participation in all operations because in general many important decisions are taken by the future owner. To be sure that the new home complies with your expectation it is good to take into account the following main guidelines such as: understand well the terms of the contract, have an approximate estimation of the initial costs, check the quotations of the materials, be flexible in discussions and negotiations, keep a detailed evidence of the records.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to make personalized pictures using online editing websites

If you want to add up various effects to you favourite pictures then you can use the well know Photoshop or other editing program. Does it look too complicated or you are too busy to spend your time learning the menu and the entire tricks offered by such a sofware? No problem, there is another alternative by using directly an online picture related website. The procedure is based on three main steps: firstly upload your desired picture; secondly, once the picture is uploaded you can modify it as you wish by choosing your favourite sketch among the many offered by the online editing website; thirdly, the only remaining thing to do is to save the new worked photo in one of the image formats such as jpeg, bmp, gif or png. Subsequently your "masterpiece" can be used as desktop wallpaper, avatar, it can also be attached by email, shared with friends, printed out as poster and hanged on the wall or you can put it in a collage montage. You can employ several amusing tricks like Captions - where you can write a message over the image, Fake pictures - you can use your own image besides others belonging to VIP's, celebrities, etc, Fake magazines - you can make a magazine cover sheet with your picture implemented.
Therefore it is obvious that if you wish to work out graphically your own pictures in the shortest way and the shortest possible time, then the online editing tools are the best option.


Serena Williams disqualified at US Open

The women final of the US Open tennis tournament will be played between the Danish Caroline Wozniaki and the Belgian Kim Clijsters. Clijsters just succeded to win the semifinal by 6-4, 7-5 over the American Serena Williams who had a nervous outburst at the end of the match. The semifinal ended up in controversy after Williams argued with a lineswoman over a touchline foot fault. At that moment the US Open favorite was 6-4, 6-5 (15-30) down and the fault called against her set up a match point for the Belgian. Following the incident, Serena was given a point penalty that lead to the loss of the match.
Video US Open semifinal incident Serena Williams.


Hedonism the most tempting resort worldwide

Jamaica, the third biggest island of the Caribbean area, is one of the most visited islands where reggae music stars, writers, artists, VIP’s come to spend their holidays. By offering plenty of finest sandy beaches, high mountains and dream landscapes, Jamaica became an ideal destination for those who search for total relaxation. For tourists with special tastes and luxurious appetites looking for adult vacations, Jamaica has also an array of super-inclusive resorts such as Breezers, Hedonism, the village, etc. Hedonism (II and III) are unusual vacation resorts compared to others and they are located in the beautiful areas of Negril coastline and Runaway Bay. The resorts represent the central attraction of Jamaica by encouraging visitors to express themselves in a high degree of freedom. Hedonism are actually adult resorts due to fact that everything is allowed from fancy parties to nude weddings all the events happening inside the resort space are somehow kept secret to the outer world and to enter Hedonism there might be compulsory to need an invitation. Some info good to know is that despite the fact that in Jamaica the public bareness is forbidden, still the law is not enforced and applicable for private resorts like Hedonism. Once you purchased an all inclusive package there is nothing to worry about, you can enjoy the tropical hosting, romantic dining, drinks, entertaining shows, nude beaches and pools, Jacuzzi’s etc and furthermore the tipping is not permitted.If you like to enjoy the life, pursuit the pleasure of senses and want to send away the daily monotony then the Hedonism is the ideal place to go for an adult vacation.


Friday, September 11, 2009

US Open - Rain stops Nadal-Gonzalez quarter-final

The US Open quarter-final between Rafael Nadal (3) and Fernando Gonzalez (11) was interrupted for the second time due to heavy rain. Nadal was leading 7-6 (7-4), 6-6 (3-2) over Fernandez when the rain struck again the night session played at New York. During the game Nadal showed signs of abdominal discomfort and he got also treatment.
Nadal-Fernandez game will continue after Kim Clijsters-Serena Williams women's semifinal that is played at Arthur Ashe Stadium from 17:30 BST.


Unusual funny way to threaten and scare the thieves

It just happened somewhere in Romania. A guy whose bike was stolen, posted a threatening message (assigned to the thief) in order to retrieve his good. He gives the thief two options: either to bring back the stolen bike or he will be destroyed by religious prayers.
There might be a problem if the thief is a muslim,,,probably the bike looser should call Allah.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Romania space program - the first space rocket schedule

Romania prepares to conquer the Earth outer space by launching its first space rocket (Helen) in early October 2009. The program was run by 40 romanian physicists who built-up a three-stage rocket which will be lifted off by a solar balloon - a hot air balloon that gets buoyancy by using the sun radiation. The balloon (solar airship) will take up the equipment to a height of about 14 km and subsequently the rocket activates its own propulsion system to continue the space trip. The launch will take place from the Back Sea with the help of the Romanian military navy and ROMATSA. The ambitious project could bring Romania international reconnaissance but also a 30 million dollars Google Lunar X prize contest. Google Lunar X prize competition presumes the launch of a rocket to the moon able to land a mobile spacecraft on lunar surface, move it accros 500 meters and broadcast back to the Earth high-definition TV images of the moon environment.
The Black Sea lift-off depends on the meteo conditions therefore the exact date of the launch is still unknown and the balloon used for the opperation is the world's biggest solar ballon that was made by ARCA (Romanian Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Association)
Video Romania Black Sea space rocket launch overview (Romanian commentary).


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weird happening at german wedding

Sometimes the impossible becomes possible. A german singer swallows its microphone while performing at a wedding. It seems that someone by mistake pushed the microphone rack directly toward the mouth of the artist. The end is unknown but the solution was certainly a back pulling of the wire.


Adrenaline test - Amazing F18 Hornet close encounter

Impressive images showing a military guy staying stiff while a F18 Hornet fighter jet flies just meters above his head.
Video F18 Hornet low flyby.


What to know about unsecured loan and how to get Money

Usually most of the loaning agreements are classified as secure loans which are based on the borrower’s warranty to secure the payback of the loan to the lender. This is done to protect the lender against the borrower’s failure or risk. The pledge might be a property, car or any other valuable good that will be owned by the lender in the case of a terms break. However, sometimes it is possible to get a credit in a different way by employing the unsecure loans procedure.
Unsecured loans (or personal loans) rely only on the borrower's rating. In this case the lender hires a credit reference agency which makes a check on the borrower’s name, address and other details resulting in the calculation of the credit rating showing how risky is for the lender to grant the loan. The personal loans provide convenience to the borrower instead carry higher risk for the lender, therefore it is obvious that an unsecured loan is in general more difficult to obtain than a secured loan, which takes into consideration also the borrower's income. Still when an unsecured loan is conceded, it does not necessarily mean that is all the time based on a credit score, it could orso be granted merely on the client reliability but this happens when the talking about personal affairs and not a business transaction involving a bank, company, etc. Because the personal loan is that it is not backed by any physical pledge, the lending corporations will give you the money trusting your good debtor name correlated with your previous record related to debts payments. It is good to keep in mind that there are several types of loans such as personal unsecured loan – where the customer is directely responsible for the back payment of the loan, then the business unsecured loan, where the business takes care of the repayment - and in the end the unsecured business loan but with personal waranty on the loan. Practically there is possible to get a credit from the personal loans company but the main condition is to provide a good repayment record.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Johannes walking on water - IReal ProTV

Just wondering how the video sequences could be interpreted. Do not believe as long as there is no physical explanation, instead Johannes's illusion (I think) seems to be well done.


Monday, September 7, 2009

UFO filmed in China during the 2009 total solar eclipse

The UFO's and aliend became a trendy topic in the last period, this time the Chinese being very confident in what they've seen during the total solar eclipse that occured on 22 July 2009. The scientists from Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanjing, China, declared that they managed to catch an UFO on camera. They presented as a proof, a 40 minutes video footage showing an unusual flying object which was levitating in one fixed point in the sky. The images will be analysed in the following 12 months and a statement will be issued. The photos came up a few days after some other people observed another UFO in Deqing, China, the object having a spherical shape and changeable colouring.


Advices and tips on seasonal fashion and trends

When it comes to the fashion there should be taken into consideration a series of factor like location, season, personal hairstyle, make-up, etc. Many times people's decisions are based on price vs. quality principle but in general the quality is the main priority.
Here I will depict a few options on the fashion trend it can be chosen from.
Costumes: It is compulsory to choose those with a special design. The sack coat is that part that makes the difference and confer brightness. A complet costume seems to be too sober and boring like the office garment, instead the combination of the coat with jeans results in a highlight of the silhouette. A nice shirt could make you feel comfortable and the colouring is another aspect to pay good attention for.
The vests and/or the shirts: The joint of both is well recommended especially when wearing a shirt with large sleeves and a coat with classical cuts. There comes out an interesting outfit when matching coloured shirts with wide pants of grey stuff.
The shoes: This is a vast and delicate domain. In general for women it is preferable to opt for heel shoes that are grey or black coloured. It is well known the saying that the first impression over a person is made by looking at the shoes.
A lot of fashion information can be easily found by following the interacting mass media like TV, internet, newspapers but try to unify the expert advices with your own tastes.


Friday, September 4, 2009

First images and video of the new Ford C-MAX 2010. Frankfurt 2009 autoshow preview

Ford Europe released the first official images of the new model C-MAX which will be presented at the Frankfurt autoshow between 17-27 September 2009. The 2010 Ford C-Max MPV will be equipped with the new 1.6-liter EcoBoost 4 cylinder engine and it will be seen in the streets at the end of 2010. C-Max is the first Ford vehicle build on the completely new platform called C-segment.


Fire outburst at PSV Eindhoven Stadium

The stadium of the dutch football team PSV Eindhoven caught fire Tuesday morning during a welding work at one of the stands. Part of the stand and a small area of the roof burned and the damages amount to about 50000 Euros. Despite the incident, the 35000 seats Eindhoven Stadium is perfect operational and will host this year the Europa League games.


Suicide caught live on tape in China

It must be freightening to see (live) someone ending his days. It happened in China where nothing changed the mind of a person who jumped off a high building. It seems useless to try revival techniques in such situation.


Opportunities and ideas for profitable niche market

Everyone wants to be associated and connected to the nouveau riche expression but only a few succeed and most of the time the struggle to rise from poor to rich remains just a dream. In order to make the dreams come true and get to a financial growth there is necessary to find innovative business ideas which are mostly based on the people connection. Why? Because a business involves people, potential customers and many more means better in such situations. The most difficult part is to find the suitable idea or niche among the thousands or millions possible. This supposes to dig deep into reading and analyzing possible opportunities that fit your qualifications. Once an idea seems to be lucrative there is compulsory to focus on the business management, namely to check carefully what are the wants, the needs and the offers. In scientific terms the profit means that the output related to the input is bigger than one.
Here I will come up with an idea, which for some could be a possible nouveau riche opportunity. The business runs as slow as the snails move? Then start an investment that implies the snails growing. There are several advantages when raising snails. It is necessary a minimum initial budget, the entrepreneurs benefit of non-reimbursable funds amounting to 50 percent from initial investment, secure distribution market because plenty of companies take over the entire production for export, production space – for raising snails there is no need for high quality soils regarding the fertility or location, the snails raise themselves therefore a continuous presence it is not compulsory, and only 17% of the world snail market is covered placing this business on a high ranking profitable position. From some experience, the initial investment could amount to 5000$, the first 12 months the profit not being significant due to the time needed for snails multiplication but subsequently the financial results range between 20-25000$ a year without too much involvement.
Of course there are many possibilities of getting to nouveau riche, among the top ideas being the real estate investments but the business market depends on the region, countries interconnection, bureaucracy and some other regional factors. Hence you want to make money but you don’t wish to get burned and left without anything after first investment? Then check, pay careful attention and choose the less risking niche, start with small affordable amounts of money and have the confidence to go on your own without any questions left to ask.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Controversial DDB Brasil commercial in USA: Airplanes crash into WTC New York

DDB Brasil released a controversial commercial on behalf of World Wildlife Fund. The DDB Brazil video depicts the 11 September 2001 events but besides the two planes smashing into World Trade Center in New York this time hundreds of other airplanes attack the Manhattan area. The Americans and New York citizens consider the video as a cheap and tasteless advertising while the WWF deny the commercial telling that it was unapproved.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Madonna-Sticky & Sweet Tour Tel Aviv Israel

Last night Madonna held in Tel Aviv one of the two Sticky & Sweet Tour concerts scheduled in Israel. The US pop singer opened the show with her 2008 single "Candy Shop". Last time when Madonna performed in Israel was in 1993 but since then she visited on private the country in 2004 and 2007 being well known her special bond with Jewish nation. Madonna even took on a Hebrew name, Esther.
Video "Holiday - Madonna" Tel Aviv, Israel, Sticky and Sweet Tour 01Sep2009.


Madonna fainted twice on stage in Sofia

Madonna was almost collapsing twice on the stage during the Sticky and Sweet Tour concert held in Sofia on August 29, 2009. The reason of Madonna's faint was the high level of exhaustion accumulated during her European tour. In the video it can be seen the moment when Madonna losses temporary the consciousness and then is upheld by one of the backing dancers.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pussycat Dolls break up

The American pop girl band Pussycat Dolls split due to exagerated popularity of the group leader Nicole Scherzinger (known also as Lewis Hamilton's girlfriend). In a way it is normal because the world was spinning too much around only one of the girls. The group members agreed to separate fow a while and to evaluate their options. Pussycat Dolls held their latest concert early August 2009 in Beirut, Lebanon.


Guideline about eyeglasses, goggles and optical items

When deciding to buy eyeglasses, goggles, etc it is recommended to have some knowledge about the optics field therefore notions like coatings, refractive index, lens, aberrations, all are terms that describe the quality and the defects of an optical product. In general the manufacturing of the optics is not cheap because of the high finesse and the advanced quality control techniques involved. It is clear that the pricing is an important factor to keep in your mind. Some vendors advertise cheap UV eyeglasses but many times the customers figure out that they are made from plastic which in fact does not block the UV radiation, therefore in this example is worth to know that the glass is actually that material that lets the visible light pass through and obstructs the UV spectrum. How You Can Start Spending Smart depends on many factors such as income, personal taste, needs, etc but some tips can be easily found on the internet.Personally I like mostly the glasses with thin full-rim frame because they confer a kind of business type and a serious attitude for anyone. Sometimes it is tempting to choose famous expensive brands but like most of the people, I prefer to purchase quality glasses at a low price for example the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. It is a bit difficult to match this compromise because in general higher the price higher the quality but last time I spent less about 15$ on a good pair of glasses. Initially just did not expect a high quality product but I performed a little experiment in a laboratory (at the working place) by putting the eyeglasses across the pathway of a laser radiation centered at a wavelength of 266 nm (UV light) and checking the materials they were made of. Surprisingly the item turned out to be made of glass after seeing that the UV laser light was blocked. In general I own two pair of glasses and My favorite high fashion eyeglasses look mostly like those seen in the following pictures.


Michael Jackson tribute Bucharest Romania 29 August 2009

29 aug 2009 - An impresive 51st anniversary tribute brought to Michael Jackson by the Romanians who danced at different locations across Bucharest. Michael Jackson fans performed at Romana Square (Piata Romana), Plazza Mall and North Railway Station (Gara de Nord); it is funny to see them waiting and letting the cars pass and subsequently jumping in the street for a short dance (e.g. Piata Romana). Probably the pop music addicted fellows paid much attention to the dangerous raging car traffic from downtown Bucharest.
Video Michael Jackson tribute Piata Romana - Bucharest.

Michael Jackson celebration Gara de Nord-Bucharest

Michael Jackson tribute Plazza Mall-Bucharest


Celebration - Madonna's newest video

01 Sep 2009. Madonna released "Celebration", a hotly predicted video where she turns up dancing with her performers troupe (Sticky and Sweet Tour) but the clip includes either appearances of her daughter, Lola Leon and Madonna's lover, the brazilian DJ-model Jesus Luz.
"Celebration" has the exclusive world premiere on iTune as free download for a two-day period starting on Tuesday, 1st of September 2009.
Madonna - Celebration, video the newest hit.

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