Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan dead after Marocco plane crash

Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the managing chief of the Abu Dhabi Investment fund was found dead four days after he vanished following an airplane crash which occured in Morocco. Shaikh's plane crashed into a lake of the African country on Friday. The late sheikh was the brother of the president of the UAE and ruler of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The corpse of the sheikh was found by the search forces in Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah lake Skhirat Temara, an outskirt of Rabat - the Morocco capital city. The soulless sheikh is gonna be transported to Emirates where he believed to be buried on Wednesday, Abu Dhabi television stated. According to Forbes' The World's Most Powerful People, the late sheikh was ranked as 27 in 2009. The pilot of the crashed plane was saved in good conditions.


Moscow attacks by Chechen groups?

The bomb attacks that occured yesterday in central Moscow at the metro stations Lubyanka and Park Kultury are thought to be organized by a chechen extremist organization. Despite the suspicions cast on caucasus group, the chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said that the terrorists who target inocent civilians should be hunted down and poisoned like the rats. Kadyrov made the statement in the Russian daily Izvestia just a day later after the subway terrorist attack.
Video report Moscow terrorist bombing, footage coutesy of CNN


Monday, March 29, 2010

Moscow metro bomb attacks kill dozens

Moscow subway was hit by two suicide bombings this morning during the rush hours. So far at least 37 people were reported dead. The first bomb exploded at Lubyanka metro station at 7:56 AM (local time) and following the blast 25 got killed and 10 injured. Regarding the dead, Moscow police said that 14 people were aboard the train and 11 on the platform prior to the blast. The second blast occured 40 minutes later about 8:38 AM at the Park Kultury station were 12 people died. The Russian authorities said that the Chechen separatists are to blame for the attacks but the chechen leader Aslan Maskhadov condemned the tragedies. Both subway stations, Lubyanka and Park Kultury as well are located on the busy Sokolnicheskaya line. Moscow's mayor declared that the suicide bobers are believed to be women who used belts with explosives. Russia prime minister Vladimir Putin is visiting Serbia and he is updated by security agencies on the current event.
Video Moscow terrorist bomb attacks at metro stations.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Video: Unirea Urziceni 4-4 Dinamo Bucuresti

The Romanian derby between Unirea and Dinamo proved to be a total spectacle after a 4-4 draw. The evolution of the score was like: (first half) 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2 and 2-3, 2-4, 3-4, 4-4 (second half). Dinamo was 1 minute away from a temporary first place of the romanian league but Bilasco leveled the score in min. 90+4 when nobody expected.
Video Unirea - Dinamo 4-4, videohighlights and goals
or Play the video below (only the goals and replays)


Expertise and information on insurance related issues

It is well know that the insurance such as the health insurance is an extremely important form of collectivism by means of which the folks secure their risks, it means that the risk of paying medical costs is supported by the insurance. Usually the insurance companies might be non-profit organization or for-profit companies. Obviously not all the companies are reliable, the liability depending on a good management and the developed routine finance structure. The main role of an insurance organization is to assure that the money is available to pay the health care benefits stipulated in the insurance contract. These benefits should normally be administrated by a government agency, non-profit organization or private business. Because sometimes people might experience troubles in getting compensations from the insurers there came up a solution through Medicare Set-Aside. With their professional team of experts in law, medicine, claims, etc. they can expertise, submit and defend cases with the most complete weight of legal and medical procedures. The Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements managed so far to save millions of dollars for its customers by initiating detailed and well prepared MSA processes and supporting their position with solid evidence collected and analyzed by experienced attorneys and well trained medical staff. The MMSEA Section 111 Reporting was introduced in 2007 but created many times situations of confusion and misunderstandings. Medicare instead tried to come up with clear explanations on this issue and their success made most of its clients to remain as long-term associates.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Bianca - Botezatu scandal. End of love story

The relationship between Bianca Dragusanu and the fashion designer Catalin Botezatu seems to have come to an end. Because of Bianca's recent visit to the apartment of Dinamo footballer Andrei Cristea, the fashion guy became very upset. During the TV debate at Dan Capatos show (Antena3 TV) Botezatu has sent a message to Capatos in which he says "For me Bianca does not exist anymore" (Pentru mine Bianca nu mai exista). Following the hearing that Botezatu renegates her, Bianca Dragusanu fainted during the show and it was necessary the intervention of the medical staff.
Video Despartire Bianca Dragusanu & Catalin Cotezatu - Un show pacatos Antena3
Video Bianca Dragusanu lesina in direct la Antena3.


Dog bites and destroys the bumper of US police car

Insistent dog just got "behind bars" after attacking a police car in US. The dog called Winston rushed to the bumper of the car and started to bite it. After a couple of seconds the bumper was completely broken. The animal was helped from time to time by some other 2 "quadruped friends". The policemen tried to stop the dog by using some kind of piper spray or electrical shocks but it looked like nothing worked. In the end the guilty Winston was caught and taken to the animal shelter where his owner paid 200 bucks out of the pocket to release him. Furthermore the pit-bull mix faced a court decizion where the judge "sentenced" Winston to canine good citizen classes. If the classes are completed then the charges against the owner Nancy Emerling will be dropped.
Video Tennessee dog bites bumper of police patrol car.


Russian Tu-160 bomber jets intercepted above Britain

British Ministry of Defence published a series of images showing two Russian Tu-160 bombers flying in the UK airspace. The incident occured on March 10, 2010 and it was one of the many intercepts made by the Britain Air Forces in the last 12 months. The Russian bomber jets were escorted by two British Tornato F3 fighter jets belonging to RAF's 111 Squadron. The fighter jets were sent from the Leuchars base, Scotland to accompany the Tu-160's as they were getting closer from the Isle of Lewis. The Tordanos shadowed the Russian planes as they were moving south, then north along the Nothern Ireland coast and finally leaving the UK space. Mark Gorringe, the commander of the 111 Squadron said that this was not an unusual incident and the british crews have successfully intercepted the Russian aircrafts on more than 20 times since the beginning of 2009. The Russian officials confirmed the presence of the planes in the area but denied the violation of the UK territory. Tupolev Tu-160 - known as Blackjack by NATO forces - is a supersonic strategic bomber with wings of variable geometry designed in the Soviet Union. The Russian jet is similar but faster than the american counterpart bomber B-1 Lancer. Tu-160 is the last soviet strategic bomber and considered the biggest fighter jet ever built.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Terneuzen coffee shop fined 10 million euros

Meddie Willemsen, the owner of the biggest cannabis-selling coffee shop in the Netherlands was fined ten million euros ($13.3m) for infringing the Dutch drug law. Furthermore Willemsen, 58, was sentenced to 16 weeks of jail term as well. The owner of the Terneuzen Checkpoint coffee shop was convicted because of possessing much more than the allowed amount of 500 grammes of drugs at the cafe. Checkpoint coffee shop was known as the biggest coffeeshop in the Holland with more than 3000 people served daily before being closed in May 2008. Previously the police confiscated more than 200 kg of cannabis when raided the coffee house. The prosecutors proposed initially a fine of 28 million euros because of the "high role of the authorities in permitting the coffee shop to grow unverified". The municipality had a great contribution to the expansion of the drug cafe. The city hall installed signs showing the direction to the Checkpoint and built a parking lot near it in order to diminish the traffic jam in the town. At the moment there are about 700 licenced coffee shops across Netherlands allowed to stock up to 500 grammes of soft drugs.


Chocolate benefits and effects

The chocolate is a food product obtained by mixing cocoa, butter, sugar, milk and some specific aromas. No matter what kind of specific, the chocolate represents one of the most favourite deserts for us. The chocolate products are excellent energizers and important sources of magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and other minerals. The chocolate wholesalers are able to provide a large variety of the finest selection of gourmet chocolate. The most delicious manufacturers originate from the following countries: Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Ecuador and Venezuela. For sure there are also some other regions with long tradition in the field. The wholesalers can deliver to worldwide customers gourmet chocolates and for those who are interested carrying the chocolate products, the orders can be easily done online. Thus by simply sending an email, any seller is happy to provide you any info you require on the items. When wishing to serve chocolate you can chose among various shapes, tastes and designs. The most known types of chocolate are: the black, the white and milky. The researcher reported several benefits for the human body following the chocolate consumption: the aphrodisiac effects, antioxidant effects, cerebral stimulus, cough inhibitor, etc. Some studies showed that during the chocolate melting in the mouth the cardiac rhythm increases and the brain experiences a better electrical activity. In conclusion, the chocolate offers the people only pleasant moments and the only think to take care of is to avoid the excess consumption.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

About spam messages and how to avoid them

The spam or spamming is known as a process of sending unsolicited electronic messages, mostly with commercial character in order to advertise products and suspicious services. The spam is an annoying procedure characterized by aggressiveness, recurrence and privation of the right to choose. The spam is widely used by the people who want to get some earnings by irritating the other internet users. Because the spam is an unsolicited email it means that the recipient did not grant to permission for it to be delivered. Usually when overwhelmed with troubling unwanted messages then it is advisable to divert them to an allocated folder called trash, bulk. In case you own a private domain name you have to figure out a method of avoiding the Domain Spam.
The spam complaints proved to be useful because of several reasons and as importance I will mention only two of them here: firstly, they show how the internet user follows the best practices and secondly, the ISP and anti-spam services employ the complaints in order to improve the spam filter software and block the undesired messages. It is always recommendable to report the spam messages and there are various options to do so: 1) most of the ISPs highlight either a link or a button that permits the email recipient to report a spam message; 2) the recipient files the complaint directly to the spam email address at ISP, and 3) the recipient can make use of special complaint services. Use the following advices to avoid being caught by spam services: while browsing the internet, you should never provide your email address if a specific website does not look trustful; use eventually at first a “buffer” email address specially made for this kind of situations; do not accept the passing of your personal details to a third party; check carefully disclaimers, terms and conditions; if they are provided then read them with patience. I do not know if TechieMedia.net Complaints are motivated, but in case there is a spam source behind, then they should quit.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LHC CERN to recreate Big Bang on 30 March 2010

The scientists from European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) are gonna employ the Large Hadron Collider in an attempt to recreate the Big Bang on 30 March 2010. The accelerator which lies 100 meters underground between Swiss and France is used by physicist to study the tiniest known particles - the fundamental building ensamble of all surrounding things. Two beams of subatomic particles called hadrons (protons or lead ions) with energy of 3.5 TeV each, are scheduled to collide at 7 TeV on March 30, 2010. The beams circulate in opposide directions inside the LHC, gaining energy with every lap and expected to reach as high as 3.5 TeV each - the highest energy yet obtained in a particle accelerator. In the experiment the physicists will try to create the conditions just after the Big Bang. The particle released in the collision will be detected by special detectors and analized by physicists from worldwide.


Dutchgirl Millie Boele kindnaped and killed by policeman

The 12-year-old Milly Boele from Dordrecht disappeared from her home on Wednesday 10th of March at 5:50 p.m. After a one week long searching effort including also TV announcements, Millie's body was found buried in a neighboring garden on Tuesday (16/03/2010). The neighbor, a 26-year-old policeman admited that he killed Milly Boele in his house and later buried her in the garden. Before going to the police, the murderer told his girlfriend about the killing. She adviced him to give up and the police said the girlfriend is not involved in the crime. So far, not much is known about the reason of the crime and the police statement is expected after the case investigation.


Google withdraw from China

Google.cn will be closed!!!
Google decided on Tuesday to shut down google.cn and the China users will be directed to google.com.hk (Hong Kong). Google wanted to remove the censorship of its website and to stop the filtering of its searching service, actions which disturbed the chinese authorities. Following the failure of the negociation, Google.cn is supposed to become inactive as from today but some users confirmed that the serch engine was still running. Chinese state-run media reacted quickly blaming google of "violating its written promises when entering the Chinese market by stopping the search censorship." Google made the closing announcement at 3.03 AM local time (3.03 PM ET). It is known that China blocked previously access also to popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Optical information on eyeglasses

Before thinking to purchase any type of eyeglasses it is good to have some knowledge about the optical field therefore notions like astigmatism, anti-reflecting coatings, refractive index, lens aberrations, all these are terms that characterize the quality and the defects of an optical item. Usually the production of the optics is pretty expensive due to the high finesse and the advanced quality control methods involved. Hence, it is obvious that the pricing is an important factor to keep in your mind. Some merchants advertise cheap UV eyeglasses but in most cases the customers discover that they are made of plastic which in fact does not stop the UV radiation, therefore this example let you know that the glass is actually the material that lets the visible spectrum pass through and obstructs the UV radiation. It is recommendable to read the comments on the internet and here one of the most relevant is Eric’s Review of Zenni Optical. One of the nicest glasses are those with thin full-rim frame because they confer a kind of business type and a serious attitude for anyone. Sometimes it is tempting to choose famous expensive brands but like most of the people, I prefer to opt for the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses. It is a bit difficult to fit this compromise because normally higher the price higher the quality but once I spent about 15$ on a good quality glasses. Initially just did not expect a high quality product but I ran a little experiment in a laboratory (at the working place) by placing the eyeglasses across the pathway of a laser radiation centred at a wavelength of 266 nm (UV light) and verifying the materials they were made of. Surprisingly the item turned out to be made of glass after seeing that the UV laser light was blocked. The #1 online Rx glasses store comes up with the most competitive and attractive prices especially now before the sunny season is about to start. In general I own two pair of glasses and I like the design as that in the figure:


Friday, March 19, 2010

Video: Fox News' Bret Baier interrupts Barack Obama on health care talk

Wednesday at the White House president Barack Obama was interviewed by Fox News host Bret Baier on health care reform. The american president was repeatedly interrupted by an irritating Bret Baier who later appologized for his interjections, declaring that he wanted to "get more bang for buck."
Part of Barack Obama statement on health care strategy and idea:
BARACK OBAMA: "I'm confident it will pass. And the reason I'm confident that it's going to pass is because it's the right thing to do. Look, on a whole host of these measures, whether it's health care, whether it was fixing the financial system, whether it's making sure that we passed the Recovery Act, I knew these things might not be popular, but I was absolutely positive that they were the right thing to do and that, over time, we would be vindicated in having made those tough decisions.
I think health care is exactly the same thing. We -- I've got a whole bunch of portraits of presidents around here, starting with Teddy Roosevelt, who tried to do this and didn't get it done. The reason that it needs to be done is not its affect on the presidency. It has to do with how it's going to affect ordinary people who right now are desperately in need of help."
Video Barack Obama's contentious Fox News Interview with Bret Baier


Jesse James vs Michelle "Bombshell" McGee

Earlier this week Sandra Bullock left her home aparently due to an alledged sexual affair between her husband Jesse James and Michelle McGee. McGee is a tattoo model from San Diego who declared that she has been involved in an affair with Jesse James for several months. Of course James denied and considered all the declarations as lies but still he appologised to his family for a poor judgement. It looks like Sandra did not believe entirely his denial of the affair and decided to leave for a while if not forever. Michelle McGee seems to be a person not having a very nice background regarding the fact that she is connected to adult videos and profiles. The only thing which is clear stays on the fact the she reflects the image of a person who likes partying and entertaining. The education of Michelle McGee, 24, is based on a biology bachelor's degree and a two-year medical school. Apparently the contact with the medical staff makes her hot according to one of her statements: "Now, I especially love to have affairs with doctors. Their medical talk makes me hot. I love to be challenged, and I love to put know-it-all doctors in their place."


Online casino gambling

For many of us, playing at the casino represents an important source of income. It is regarded somehow like a kind of business such as investing in stock markets, opening an own affair or inventing any other money generating source. The online gambling relies on some betting strategies and tips which can be discovered eventually in the gambling related books. Usually the people split in two categories. Some of them like to go to casinos just because of the live and physical sensation. It is actually the feeling conferred by luxurious and fancy casinos. Yet, another category of people prefer to use the internet and play online. Why? The answer is quite trivial. By using the games online you can rely on the comfort of earning money from your private location. There are several advantages offered when playing and betting online. One of the most benefits consists of the fact that player is not hindered or embarrassed by the presence of the other players or croupiers around, situation which normally happens in real casinos, therefore the privacy is assured. Moreover you can think longer and consider better the available options before placing a bet. Besides that you can gamble for free such as a training process in order to become more experienced. Casino online is a widely spread term over the internet therefore it is recommended to check for ratings and related comments which can be found on the specific related websites. Some relevant aspects to keep in mind are the rewards and bonuses. You can locate the top lists with the most reliable and trustful online casinos by simply browsing the web.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Taylor Swift new look: straight hair for 2010

The country singer Taylor Swift just said good-bye to her curled hair and surprized the world with a totally new look: straight hair and bangs. With the new image on the cover of the April issue of the Elle magazine, Swift was hardly recognizable. Regarding the new makeover, the 20-year-old Grammy winner seems to feel very comfortable with it. Joe Zee and Eric Kaplan from Elle magazine are considered the masterminds behind Taylor's new look designed for the spring trend. In the April edition, the Fearless singer talks about her fears, media scrutiny and about those unveiling lyrics. More cover shoots can be found on the website of Elle.
In the video it is presented the top 10 of the celebrities' hair style.

The Thread, Most Searched Hairstyles @ Yahoo! Video


Sandra Bullock flees home

According to recent news the film star Sandra Bullock seems to have left her home on Monday after and infidelity report involving her husband Jesse James came up to surface. The actress who won the first Oscar for The Blind Side on 7th of March also canceled a scheduled travel to London were she were expected to assist at the film premiere. Sandra Bullock, 45 and Jesse James, 40 met each other for the first time in 2004 during the tour of the Discovery Channel "Monster Garage" which James starred in. A year later, July 2005, the pair married at a Santa Barbara ranch where more than 300 invited guests participated for the ceremony.


Lighting systems overview

The lighting of a facility can be considered a very important strategy especially when regarding reduction of costs and energy savings. The lighting of any indoor or outdoor area might be done with various types of electrical white light products such as lighting leds – which are known as very economical -, ionizing lamps, bulbs, advanced fiber optic, etc. When it comes to the term ampoule it is obvious that is related to one of the best illuminating systems. The commercial lighting manufacturers are able to provide a wide variety of products categorized by design, power, spectrum or colour. It is good to make a comparison between the bulb lamps and the led-based lamps. The led lamps are known for long life time and high efficiency therefore is very profitable to choose them despite the fact that they are somehow a little bit more expensive than the fluorescence or incandescence lamps. Assembly such as ampoule a led turned out to be a very efficient and reliable light product with a large angle of illumination and containing a multi-led array which is comparable in intensity with a 50 watts power incandescence lamp. To notice here another advantage that relies on its very small dimensions. 137. Now it is also possible to use the simulateur d’aube which performs simulation of the sun rising or fall of the night. The simulation system is practically designed to calculate and organize a specific schedule based on the light intensity during the daytime.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video: Bordeaux-Olympiakos 2-1

Bordeaux won 2-1 over Olympiakos and qualified to the next stage of the Champions League contest. Bordeaux points were netted by Gourcuff in min 5 and Chamakh in min 88 while for Olympiakos scored Mitroglou in min 65. To remark that each of the both teams were red booked, Derbyshire (60') and Diarra (68'). Thus, Girondins de Bordeaux becomes the second french football team after Olympique Lyon (Lyonnais) which progresses next in UEFA Champions.
Video Gourcuff goal Bordeaux-Olympiakos Piraeus 2-1
Video Mitroglou goal Bordeaux-Olympiakos 2-1
Video Bordeaux-Olympiakos 2-1 M. Chamakh goal (Bordeaux)


Video: Dinamo-Steaua 2-0, the 2010 derby

This was the 122th derby between Dinamo and Steaua, the Bucharest rivals. So far Dinamo claimed 42 wins and Steaua 34. In today's game Dinamo seemed to be in good shape and managed to win 2-0 by accumulating thus its 43 victory. Dinamo's goals were scored by Alexe in min 39 and Andrei Cristea in min 82. Cristea speculated a mistake of Zapata goalkeeper who missed the shot due to pitch deficiency.
Video Marius Alexe gol Dinamo-Steaua 2-0
Video Andrei Cristea gol Dinamo-Steaua 2-0


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim dies at 38

Corey Haim, the actor who played in several movies during the 1980s period died on Wednesday due to possible drug overdose after he was rushed to the hospital, Los Angeles police told. Haim was hospitalized at the Providence St Joseph Medical Center in California, where he was declared dead at around 3:30 a.m. PT. The actor's death looks like being accidental, probably overdose, the officials said. Corey Haim was mostly known because of his role in the 1987 movie "The Lost Boys" in which he played with his friend actor Corey Feldman. It seems that both Corey had a common path related to drug abuse and in 2007 they spoke to CNN about their struggle with drugs. According to his website biography, Corey Haim was born on 23 December 1971 in Toronto, Ontario. He showed up for the first time on television in 1982 in the Canadian series "The Edison Twins". Haim's first movie appearance occured in 1984 in the American production "First Born".


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Video: Dacia Duster Presentation Geneve Autoshow

Dacia Duster, the first SUV in the brand history, was unveiled Tuesday at Geneve car show. The main advantage of Dacia SUV is represented by the price which spans between 10500 Euro (4x2 version) and 12300 Euro (4x4 version)


Monday, March 1, 2010

Amateur video: The 2010 Hawaii Tsunami

Following the strong 8.8 magnitude Chile earthquake, the Tsunami wave hit Hawaii coasts. On site amateur video footage shows the moments the Hawaii tsunami floods the island beach.


2010 Winter Olympic Games Closing Ceremony video

The 2010 Vancouver's winter olympic games ended yesterday with a marvelous closing ceremony. Everything proved to be perfect for Canada after claiming no less than 14 gold medals. The olympics closing ceremony was preceded by the great shoutout from Sidney Crosby which brought the gold medal for Canada in the final of the men's ice hockey tournament.
Video Olympic Games 2010 Closing Ceremony Vancouver-Canada.

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