Friday, March 26, 2010

Dog bites and destroys the bumper of US police car

Insistent dog just got "behind bars" after attacking a police car in US. The dog called Winston rushed to the bumper of the car and started to bite it. After a couple of seconds the bumper was completely broken. The animal was helped from time to time by some other 2 "quadruped friends". The policemen tried to stop the dog by using some kind of piper spray or electrical shocks but it looked like nothing worked. In the end the guilty Winston was caught and taken to the animal shelter where his owner paid 200 bucks out of the pocket to release him. Furthermore the pit-bull mix faced a court decizion where the judge "sentenced" Winston to canine good citizen classes. If the classes are completed then the charges against the owner Nancy Emerling will be dropped.
Video Tennessee dog bites bumper of police patrol car.


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