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What to know about sinkholes

Sinkhole in Seffner, Florida (AP /ABC Action News-WFTS TV)
A gaping, 16-meter sinkhole that claimed the life of Jeff Bush from Florida, after his bedroom collapsed underground, kept the news headlines around the world. However sinkholes, proved to be something more regular than you believe. This phenomenon for example, is common in Florida. Hereunder a few details about sinkholes:

1. How does a sinkhole take shape? "Cover-collapse" sinkholes emerge when groundwater leads to underground cavities and voids that grow so large the ground above can’t sustain itself. Therefore these holes can feature tremendous sizes enough to swallow a street, home, a field or a swimming pool.

2. What extra types of sinkholes? There are 2 other different kind: "solution" and "subsidence" sinkholes, which emerge due to changes to the topography that happens slowly over time without devastating outcome.

3. Which states have sinkholes? The entire Florida is exposed to sinkholes because of sitting on top of a layer of limestone rock known as karst, which is easily dissolved by acidic groundwater.
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) claims that other vulnerable states include Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, Texas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

4. Are sinkholes something usual? Hurricanes and quakes are tracked but sinkholes are not.

5. Can people cause sinkholes? The answer is yes. Human activities such as drilling for a well or mining, which lower water levels underground, can trigger sinkholes.

A giant sinkhole reported in Guatemala was created in 2010 most likely by human actions.


Zimbabwe woman killed by lion while having sex with lover

Zimbabwe woman killed by lion during sex act with boyfriend in bushes
A lion attacked a couple who was having sex in a wooded area and killed the woman while boyfriend managed to escape and run away naked.

The king of the jungle devoured the woman identified as Sharai Mawera as she was enjoying romantic moments with a man whose name was not released. The incident occurred near the town of Kariba, a region known for its large number of wild animals.

The attack apparently took place on Tuesday on the outskirts of the town while the twosome had sex in nature. It seems that the lover ran away wearing nothing except a condom and left his female partner behind. She died after being torn apart by the creature.

Mawera was a vendor at a local store, while her partner is a fisherman. The bush where she died was one of their favorite meeting places.

"Unfortunately she was killed by a lion, but her friend managed to escape. He ran to a safe distance, where he witnessed the attack. Later, the man called for help ", said a friend of the victim.

Currently, authorities are trying to catch the lion, which is blamed for several deaths in recent weeks. City residents are afraid because dangerous wild animals began to eat people.


Funeral Procession: Hugo Chavez coffin heads to military academy in Caracas

Hugo Chavez casket was transferred from morgue to military academy
Funeral procession with the coffin of President Hugo Chavez left the morgue of the military hospital in Caracas on Wednesday and goes to the military academy, under the eyes of thousands of people, informs AFP.

The coffin covered with Venezuelan flag was flanked by Elena Frias, deceased-President's mother, his brothers and members of the Government Administration from Caracas.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Caracas died on Tuesday 5 March after fighting cancer. He was 58-year-old.


Russian woman to explore space after 20-year-break. Elena Serova to go on a mission in 2014

Elena Serova
Elena Serova, a Russian female cosmonaut, will be part of a 2014 space mission, an event marking the return of Russian women in the race to conquer space after a break of nearly 20 years.

36-year-old Serova, a member of the professional cosmonauts, "is currently preparing for a space mission that will take place in the second half of 2014," said Aleksei Temerov from the astronaut training center known as the Star City, near Moscow.

Russia celebrates this year the 50th anniversary since the first mission in space carried out by a woman - Soviet Valentina Tere┼čkova- on June 16, 1963.

Elena Serova is set to spend six months aboard the International Space Station, becoming the fourth Russian female cosmonaut remaining in space for a long time, said Temerov.

"The work timetable on the ISS shows nothing extraordinary. It is going to be a regular scientific program. No exit outside the ISS is scheduled," he added.

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