Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Russian woman to explore space after 20-year-break. Elena Serova to go on a mission in 2014

Elena Serova
Elena Serova, a Russian female cosmonaut, will be part of a 2014 space mission, an event marking the return of Russian women in the race to conquer space after a break of nearly 20 years.

36-year-old Serova, a member of the professional cosmonauts, "is currently preparing for a space mission that will take place in the second half of 2014," said Aleksei Temerov from the astronaut training center known as the Star City, near Moscow.

Russia celebrates this year the 50th anniversary since the first mission in space carried out by a woman - Soviet Valentina Tere┼čkova- on June 16, 1963.

Elena Serova is set to spend six months aboard the International Space Station, becoming the fourth Russian female cosmonaut remaining in space for a long time, said Temerov.

"The work timetable on the ISS shows nothing extraordinary. It is going to be a regular scientific program. No exit outside the ISS is scheduled," he added.


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