Sunday, January 30, 2011

At least 10 died in Hordorf train collision near Magdeburg Germany

Ten people have been killed in a serious train accident in Saxony-Anhal on Saturday evening. A spokesman for the Federal Police said at least 18 people were seriously injured. A freight train and a local passenger train collided in Hordorf bei Oschersleben and the cause is yet unclear. The witnesses said that the crash took place around 10:30 p.m local time in heavy fog weather conditions. The rescue operation is ongoing with more than 50 people sent to help at the collision site. Read more on the Hordorf Magdeburg train collision.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Video: Egyptian killed by police during protest

The Egypt protests escalated and are already out of control. Yesterday a man was shot deadly in the street as can be seen in the video footage filmed by one of his friends. He died in short time despite the fact that people around tried to rescue him.
Video: Shocking images: Young Egyptian man deadly shot during street demonstration
Latest news confirmed that Mohamed ElBaradei was placed under house arrest (More info here)


Monday, January 24, 2011

Video: Terrorist bomb attack at Domodedovo Airport 24 January 2011

A bomb was detonated by terrorists at Moscow's crowdest airport on Monday, killing 35 and injuring around 152, Russian authorities said.
President Dmitry Medvedev asked for more security forces at Moscow's other two airports and metro transportation lines, and authorities raised the alert level in case of other bombings.
The blast took place at about 4:30 p.m. local time at the entrance of the international arrivals section of Domodedovo Airport.
Russian authorities revealed that the bombing was carried out by a suicide bomber who built up a homemade bomb containing small metallic objects to make it more deadly, then gone off in a packed zone where lots of people were either preparing for boarding flights or waiting for incoming passengers.
Video report Bomb explosion at Domodedovo airport in Moscow.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Video Nicolas Mahut wearing female dress in mixed double with Kristina Mladenovic

Nicolas Mahut delighted the public who attended a training match at Hopman Cup in Perth, Australia. The spectators from Burswood Doom have been surprized by Mahut who was wearing a female outfit in the company of Kristina Mladenovic. The French player looked pretty gracious and at a certain moment got closer to Mladenovic to compare their breasts. Which ones were bigger? SEE VIDEO AND PICTURES HERE. 
Nicolas Mahut, 28, is famous as the one of the protagonist of the longest tennis game in history but after his female dressing aspect at Perth's Hofman Cup, his popularity will get higher.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Universe map released by Sload Digital Sky Survey

Sky surveillance SDSS program successfully announced the most detailed map of the sky following a scanning work which started in 1998. The Universe Map contanins about 7 million images and about 3 trillion pixels such that half a million HD tv's would be necessary to display the image. The scan of the sky was done with a 138 Mpixels camera on 2m telescope at Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico. It is estimated that about half  billion of starts and galaxies are mapped on the huge new image.
Photograph and video of Universe map by SDSS project.


Hundred of pilgrims died in stampede at Sabarimala celebration in Kerala

More than 100 people have been killed while coming back from a religious feast that takes place annually on a hilltop temple in Sabarimala area in Kerala, Southeastern India. The pilgrims died because of a stampede which occured following a car crash. A vehicle with pilgrims plunged into the crowd after the driver lost control. The devotees who were walking along a Pulimedu forest path in Idukki district of Kerala, became scared and got trapped in the stampede. The hindi feast is in general attended by 2 million people and following the ending ceremony on Friday it was thought that more than 100,000 took the paths out through the dense forests.
Detailed info and updates on Sabarimala Kerala tragedy


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Video demonstration: Conversation Mode App - Google Translate feature for Android

Google Translat just released a new application called Conversation Mode and designed so far for Android platform mobiles. The new technology is still under experimental development and it is working for two language, Spanish and English. This is going to be a bright point in the future regarding the fact that Conversation mode will facilitate an easy conversation especially when involving difficult languages. Everything you have to do is just to press a button and then to speak. Google Translate will translate and read out for you. can be performed at a press of a button and then. A video demonstration shows the great utility and advantages of Google's conversation mode application.
Video Conversation Mode at work for Google Translate.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shakira says splits-up from boyfriend Antonio de la Rue

Shakira contributed to the VIP 2011 separation/divorce list by announcing her breap-up with Antonio de la Rue, her boyfriend for 11 years. Shakira, 33, made the announcement on her blog on Monday Jan 10, 2011. Even if they decided to separate (since August 2010) the couple is gonna remain in close professional contact and perhaps they will get together again in the future.
Here details on the story of Shakira breakup.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Video: Old man drives inversely in Sibiu

A retired man had a risky adventure by driving in counter direction on a Sibiu road. The 61-year-old guy motivation his gesture be saying that confused the traffic marks. When got onto main road the trouble-man considered safer to increase the speed to 130 km/h to find an exit. Conclusion? Higher speed, faster reach of exit.
Video dangerous drive Sibiu ring road.


4 died in avalanche at Pointe Nord du Grand Vallon

Four persons were killed this morning in an avalanche in the north point of Grand Vallon a region of Val d'Isere slope. The avalanche went down the whole slope to stop at the bottom of the Isère valley in which rises a few hundred meters upstream from this location. A group of 6 skiers with a guide from ski school was were caught by the avalanche and they were carried away over a kilometer over a height difference of about 750 meters.
More details on Vallon avalanche tragedy... 


Traian Basescu the World's Worst person

Traian Basescu, Romania's president, became subject of parody at MSNBC' Countdown show. Basescu was categorized as the world's worst person especially because of promulgation of the new law which introduces income taxes for astrologers, fortune teller and witches.
Video show Traian Basescu -world's worst man at Countdown.


Margreet Balk from Medemblik found dead after 3 months in parkeergarage at Hoorn hospital

Margreet Balk, 52, who was missing since October 5, 2010 was found dead in her car at Westfriesgasthuis hospital, Hoorn. It seems that Margreet laid down in her vehicle, a Volkswagen Fox, for three months and none observed her.
Detailed story on Margreet Balk death.


Image: NASA locates smallest planet observed beyond sun's solar system

A NASA's Kepler spacecraft has discovered a rocky planet that is 1.4 times bigger than earth and is the smallest ever observed outside our sun's solar system. Kepler-10b's size and solid structure would make it more probable than gaseous planets to posses liquid water, and maybe also some type of life, if it were the appropriate distance from its star, the scientists said. Yet, because Kepler-10b orbit time is about 0.84 days, will result in a too close to its star, about 20 times shorter than Mercury-Sun distance.
Read more details on Kepler-10b discovery by NASA.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Iran Air plane crashes with 105 on board near Orumieh

Another air crash hit Iran Sunday evening when a plane of state-running Iran Air fell from the sky in north-western Iran. Fars news agency announced that it is thought that there were 105 people onboard and that the aircraft was a US-made Boeing.
More info on the topic... here


Cristi Tanase deals with altercation in Oltenita

Cristi Tanase, a football player of Steaua Bucharest just showed that he is a restless and a hot-blooded buy. Saturday night he was enjoying the moments in an Oltenita disco club with his new aquisition, the 20year-old Diana Guresoaie from Oltenita. It looks like girl's ex-boyfriend (a gypsy guy) became jealous and began arguing with Tanase; that sparked a scandal between several gypsies and Tanase's friends.
More on the story (video).


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Augustin Zamora and his Great Dane prevent sexual attack in Chicago

A young girl from Chicago was saved by a brave Great Dane dog (Snooby) from being raped right in front of her home. After being brought down by a black man who tried to pull her clothes off, the 14-year-old girl shouted for help and luckily Augustin Zamora and Scooby were nearby. This was a case which people should learn from and intervine more in such situations.
More on the story...


Friday, January 7, 2011

Lady Gaga presents polaroid picture-taking sunglasses: Video

Yesterday at Consumer Electronics Show, Lady Gaga showed the outcome of her Polaroid design. Gaga did a pretty well job by describing in a professional manner the new GL20 Polaroid sunglasses fitted with a built-in photocamera. The GL20 camera stores the images on a chip placed in the glasses frame. Besides the photo camera, the pop star revealed info also on the new GL10 polaroid printer which can be easily connected to a mobile phone (not iPhone) and able to print a 3 by 4 inch picture in less than 40 seconds. The last surprize of the Polaroid event was the GL30 traditional camera which copes with both digital and polaroid prints.
Video Lady Gaga Polaroid GL20 camera sunglasses, GL10 printer and GL30 camera at CES Vegas


England defeats Australia away in cricket Ashes trophy after 24 years

England's cricket team just beat Australia in Sydney in the tournament counting for Ashes trophy.
More info on England-Australia cricket, Ashes trophy 2011


Video: Ted Williams Ohio homeless with golden voice

From homeless situation, turning incredible into a radio star. Ted Williams, a homeless guy from Columbus Ohio was hit by his lucky star or angel, and became in short time a radio celebrity with plenty of job proposals. In short: Ted was in the past a radio announcer with nice numerous family and a pretty happy life. After getting alcohol addicted he lost almost everything excepting his life. He got into the streets where was living in a tent placed a Columbus highway in Ohio. After someone spotted and (video) recorded him, Ted got lots of job offers and requests to give interviews (one of the them is the invitation to NBC New York).
 Detailed story on how to become a radio star. Ted Williams quick way to celebrity.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Maryland juvenile spot fish kill

The Maryland authorities are investigating a spot fish kill which occured in the Chesapeake Bay. 2 million fish are estimated to have died. Natural causes seem to be the reason for the kill. Cold water stress appears to be the main cause of this mass killing. Preliminary reports proved water quality is in normal parameters. The affected fish are almost exclusively juvenile spot fish, three-to-six inches in length. The first received reports of dead fish last week. The fish kill appears to be centered on the bay from the Bay Bridge to Poplar Island.
More on the story... 


Video: Man arrested after shooting at Chandler mall in arizona

The US Marshals arrested the gunman who opened fire twice at Chandler Fashion Center in Arizona. The officers thought they were following another individual, who was by mistake released from jail, but in the end they concluded that the same, Adam Hernandez was the author of the 2 shooting events. US police forces trailed Hernandez's car into mall parking plot. Then the gunman got off the vehicle, fired the weapon at officers before dissapearing into the mall. Later, shootings have been heard inside Baja Fresh Restaurant. The incident led to a hostage-take situation but after negotiation with police the people nave been released and the attacker arrested.
Video report on shootings at Chandler mall in Arizona.


Best photo of the 2011 solar eclipse taken in Romania

During Juanuary 4, 2011 partial solar eclipse thousand of pictures have been taken across Europe and Asia but only one was awarded. The best solar eclipse photograph was considered that one taken by Catalin Paduraru of Romania. The photo shows the flyby of an aircraft across solar surface during eclipse.
See here the best picture of partial solar eclipse 2011


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Video: Fire at Moerdijk factory, puts in danger South Holland area

A massive fire ignated wednesday afternoon at Chemie Pack in Moerdijk. The blaze stated at 2:30 and dutch authorities issued a high code alarm. Around 125 firefighters were dispatched at the site to fight the flames. Workers of the factory disclosed that there were a few hundred thousends cancer inducing chemicals and the people were worried about the toxic smoke which was drifting towerd Dordrecht, a 20000 people city.
Video fire at Chemical Pack in Moerdijk, Nederland.


Anna Lesko ski accident Courchevel, France

Singer Anna Lesko was next on the ski crash list after Serban Huidu. Lesko who was enjoying her time on a ski slope in the resort of Couchevel, France, collided with another skier and following the crash she collapsed over the edge of the slope and fell 20 meters. The snow damped the shocks and te singer ended up with a hand fracture. She was tto hospital by rescue services and now she sees to be fine.
Anna Lesko ski accident France, Courchevel


Alma Sarbu and Laurentiu Ionescu file for divorce

The Romanian couple Alma Sarbu and Larentiu Ionescu decide to bring to an en their marriage. Alma is an actress and daughter of magnate Adrian Sarbu. She played in several movies such as Un film simplu, Hohoho, The Recordinst. Laurentiu Ionescu is a dancer and member of romanian music band Simplu. They got married in 2009 during a pretty fancy ceremony.
More on the news...


Video Rockhampton floods. Pictures and updates

People from Rockhamton, Queensland are struggling to save their lives and goods from serious floodwaters.  The main "culprit" is Fitzroy River which claimed so far the evacuation of about 1500 homes but instead the river level remained stable with 0.2m below the expected predictions (level of 9.2 m than of 9.4 m foreseen). The 0.2 meter raise would have damaged 400 homes and riched the doors of other 4000). Videos of pictures of floods from Rockhampton show the huge extent of the flooding with residents switching cars for boats. More rain is foretold for the next weeks and the danger heads to the town of St George. 10 people died in the Queensland floodwater since the start of the tropical storm on November 30. About quarter a million australian have been affected and 1 million km2 flooded. Water animals like crocodiles and snakes have been spotted in the waters and the authorities warn the people not to enter the waters. Video of Rockhampton floods, pictures, updates,forecast.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Video: Spectacular Partial Solar Eclipse in Europe, 04.Jan.2011

Europe witnessed today an early 2011 partial solar eclipse. The specatacular phenomenum could be seen in most Europe, Asia and slightly in North Africa and Arabic peninsula. The solar eclipse occured at dawn in Europe (~7-12) and it was spotted at sunset in West Astia. The greatest peak of eclipse occured in Sweden. Video footages of the 2011 solar eclipse was shot in various countries and the beauty of the phenomena depended on how much the sky was clear or not.
Videos partial solar eclipse 4 January 2011, Europe, Asia.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Barneveld search of suspect international train

Dutch authorities were alarmed on Monday evening after receiving an announcement about a suspicious passenger who was travelling on an international train. The train was searched by police but no suspect was discovered. About 300 passengers were evacuated and taken by bus to Amersfort. Also the people living in the area were evacuated.


Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis break up

Everything goes to an end. The stars Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin decided to split up following a long relationship which started in 2002. Kunis which became famous for her role in "Black Swan" has been involved with Culkin for 8 years and her representative announced they are not a couple anymore, therefore the New Year found them as singles. The actors rarely talked about their relationship and their romance was characterized by secrecy. Macaulay was widely know for Kevin McCallister role in Home Alone.
Detailed info on Culkin-Kunis split


Arkansas mistery death of birds and fishes in Beebe and Ozark

The towns of Beebe and Ozark have been struck recently by mistery events involving death of thousands of blackbirds and drum fishes. The beginning of the tragedies started on New Year Eve when citizens of Beebe called the authorities reporting that blackbirds fall out of sky. There were estimated that 1000 birds died (CNN) but some sources (AP) stated that the number might rise up to 5000. A few days later a large scale fish kill was spotted along Arkansas River near Ozark. The specialists believe the birds died due to firework display or weather, instead Arkansas Game and Fish did not figure out why 100000 fish were floating dead 30 km along the river. The pollution effects are excluded as long as this would lead to the killing of all kind of fishes.


Pamela Anderson shoked after Liverpool train fan arrest

Pamela Anderson got  scared after a fan confronted her on a train in Liverpool. A 21-year-old crazy stalker wanted to get closer to the star and board the same train. Anderson's security staff called the police who tried to convince the fan to go away instead he suddenly became verbally agressive to train staff and assaulted a policeman. Following the altercation, the officers were constrained to make use of pepper spray to hold back and arrest the man. Pamela Anderson participated last days at Liverpool's traditional  pantomime Aladdin where performed her role and on Sunday she was heading back to London.
More pictures of Pamela Anderson Liverpool train terror


Man attempting to commit suicide saved by New York garbage

A man survived after trying to kill himself by jumping from the nine floor of a New York building. The garbage sacks left on the street side broke the man's fall and saved his life. The police did not say the name of the guy who was still under critical condition on Sunday. The collection of the city trash will resume on Monday, New York official said.
Also on the story here.


Video: Chuck Berry falls on piano during Chicago show

Chuck Berry, an inductee of Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame became sick and fell over his piano during “Winter Dance” show the Congress Theater from Chicago. The 84-year-old singer leaned his head on the keyboard and stayed still for several minutes untill 3 people moved him out of the stage. 20 minute later, Berry came back on stage and tried to enchant again the audience but in short time he said that has no strenght to continue. A Chicago Fire Department ambulance was dispatched to the theater, and emergency team gave Berry a check-up. But he said he feels ok and signed a refusal for being taken to hospital and get further medical treatment.
Video Chuck Berry collapse Chicago's Winter Dance show.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shania Twain gets married with family friend on New Year's Day in Puerto Rico

Shania Twain just got married in Rincon, Puerto Rico with swiss manager Frederic Thiebaud. Twain separated in 2008 from her former husband of 14 years, Robert "Mutt" Lange, who allegedly cheated Shania with Anne-Marie Thiebaud, then Frederic's spouse. Since 2 years ago, Twain and Thiebaud got closer and closer being seen together at various locations and events and 6 weeks ago they announced their marriage intentions. The whole situation seems a husband/wife swap. The Puerto Rico wedding was a private celebration attended by about 40 close friends and family and the security was tight as long as guards with guns have been seen on site.
More details on Shania Twain Wedding, picture and video.  


Oprah Winfrey OWN TV goes online on New Year date

The famous US show hostess Oprah Winfrey had a nice New Year debut by airing the first premiere show of her new television network called OWN TV. The new television will be broadcast through cable networks and mainly focusses on fashion, lifestyle and especially women who represent the fundamental core of Winfrey's audience. OWN TV is already scheduled to air some interesting shows starring celebrities like Shania Twain or Duchess of York, Sarah Fergusson.
More on the story.


Video: Deputy Suzanne Hopper died in Clack County Ohio gunfire

A tragedy struck Clarck County, Springfield on Saturday when 40-year-old sheriff's deputy Suzanne Hopper was kille in a fire exchange. Hopper was investigating a report of gunshots at Enon Beach trailer park when the suspect hidden in a mobile house opened fire and injured her fatally. A seconf officer Jeremy Blum was also wounded but he was safed by the medical team. Hopper who had married last year and was the mother of two childred died without having the possibility of returning fire.
VIDEO Clarck County Enon Beach sheriff's deputy killing.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hotel FM wins Eurovision contest with "Change" on New Year Eve

On Friday (31/12/10)  Romania chose its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Dusseldorf, Germany. It was for the first time in Eurovision's history when a country organized its song selection stage on New Year Eve. What a better way to celebrate the night between years. The spectacle was aired by national television TVR that was submitted 77 songs out of which only 13 reached the final. This year the winner were Hotel FM and its song "Change". The selection was done by a mixed poll of jury (50%) and televoting (50%). Paula Seling and Ovi were the show hosts and Johnny Logan was the special guest and jury chairman as well. Hotel fm received for Change a total of 22 points in a ratio of 12 (jury) / 10 (public).
Video: Hotel FM - Change, Romania at 2011 Eurovision Song Contest Germany

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