Monday, August 31, 2009

Michael Jackson hoax video, an experimental test

Finally it was shed light on the hoax video released last week showing Michael Jackson jumping out of coroner's van minutes after his official death. The video was produced by the RTL German television as an experiment in order to test how fast the gossips and hoax news can be spread worldwide without being verified. More than 1 million people accessed Michael Jackson's hoax footage and many of them believed its content despite the fact the german TV station held a press conference before releasing the video to announce that it will be a fake.
Bogus videoclip Michael Jackson hoax made by RTL.


Recent news on Michael Jackson

I do not know if Michael Jackson was burried or not (the event was too many times postponed), but I remember that 2 day ago it was his birthday when the singer would have celebrate the 51st anniversary. Anyway the scandal, gossip and roumors world came up with a new story that Macaulay Culkin is suspected to be the father of Blanket (one of Jackson's childred, if they are his childred). A complete puzzle here, I think someone should make some blood tests to close this story which seems that never ends.


Some tips and info on the diet, weight loss and body health

Many overweighed people wonder about the best and the most efficient diets leading to the reduction of the body fat. Of course there are plenty of methods to try but here I will describe one of them that is related to the acai fruits and seems to be very lucrative. Next, it will come a short informative notice on the acai-based products.
Acaiberry is widely considered a weight-loss supplement and provides increased energy levels, improved digestion, toxine removal from the body, good fiber content, good looking skin, better heart performances, improved sleep and reduction of cholesterol levels. All these properties are in general based on the content level of the antioxidants that promote the body health although the weight loss effects are still a debated topic if they are induced by the antioxidants alone or in combination with something else. Acai products can be sold in several forms such as tablets, drink powders, juice, etc and several studies have proven that the blood antioxidant level rises after their consumption in any of its forms.
An important advantage of the acai supplements relies on the fact that it is completely natural without containing some other chemical compounds and the effects on the human body can be seen in a very short period of time. When asking yourself where to buy acai you have to keep in mind that there are many retailers of the acai products across the internet, therefore it is recommended to check carefully for prices, discounts, reliability and the origin of the products.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Romania League derby 2009: Steaua Bucuresti - Dinamo Bucuresti 0-1

30 Aug 2009: Steaua - Dinamo direct live on internet. (select match from list). Kick-off time: 20:45 (local time). Live on TV: Antena1 and GSPTV.
Tonight at Ghencea Stadium, Steaua and Dinamo - the Bucharest squads - will fight for the supremacy of the Romanian Championship. Both teams come with good moral after recent successful evolutions in Europa League.
Min. 23: Steaua-Dinamo 0-1 goal Tamas.
Steaua-Dinamo 0-1 Video-highlights.


Friday, August 28, 2009

"Aliens revenge"- Marao Lopez, the farmer who found alien baby died in car fire outburst

Weird coincidence. Marao Lopez - the Mexican farmer who discovered the alien baby in 2007 - died burning alive in his car after a fire outburst. His corpse was found on a road outside Metepec. The cause of the fire is still unknown and the string of unanswered questions just begins. Marao Lopes found the the alien baby caught in a mice trap (along with another one that escaped) and he drowned it after a struggle of hours.
Different oppinions came up: the local farmers employ the myth and consider that it was a revenge of the alien parents, an american researcher in supernatural phenomena says that the flames temperature was higher than normal and many other "experts" believe that everything is a well done hoax.
More detailed info on alien baby story can be found HERE and conclude yourself.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

FC Liberec - Dinamo Bucuresti 0-3 aggregate 3-3 (Dinamo wins 9-8 on penalties)

27 Aug 2009. Dinamo Bucharest wins on penalties by 9-8 over FC Slovan Liberec and qualifies to the group stage of the Europa League.
Incredible away match made by the puppies (Dinamo Bucharest) which succeded to overcome a three goals deficit. In the first leg played last week in Bucharest, Dinamo was initially defeated 2-0 but due to their supporters outburst UEFA punished the romanian team with a 3-0 loss.
This evening at Liberec, A. Cristea and M. Nicolae made Dinamo's day. Cristea scored shortly after the start of the game (4') and in the second half Marius Nicolae made his double (58' and 82') increasing Dinamo's advantage to 3-0. Thus, ending up in a 3-3 leveled aggregate the penalties lottery had to decide which team will progress to the next stage: "It was FC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti" after a 9-8 overall score.
Slovan Liberec - Dinamo Bucharest 0-3, (8-9 penalties) Video-highlights and goals.

Slovan Liberec - Dinamo Bucharest 8-9 (0-3) VIDEO ALL PENALTIES.

Slovan Liberec - Dinamo Bucuresti 8-9 (0-3) video last penalty missed by Liberec and Dinamo qualifies.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

UEFA CL play-offs 26/08/2009: Arsenal - Celtic Glasgow and Fiorentina - Sporting Lisbon

26 Aug 2009. The toughest games tonight in the play-offs of the UEFA Champions League are played in London and Florence. The gunners seem to have an easy job granted by the 2-0 win last week in Glasgow whereas Fiorentina starts with the first chance after squeezing a 2-2 score in Lisbon. Kick-off time: 20:45 (19:45 GMT).
Final time:
Arsenal - Celtic Glasgow: 3-1 (Eduardo 28', E. Eboue 53', A. Arshavin 74 - M. Donati 90') Fiorentina - Sporting Lisbon: 1-1 (S. Jovetic 54' - J. Moutinho 35').
Arsenal and Fiorentina progressed to the groups of the UEFA Champions League.
Fiorentina - Sporting 1-1 video-highlights, J. Moutinho goal 35'.

Fiorentina - Sporting 1-1 video-highlights, S. Jovetic goal 54'


Images and videos Madonna concert Bucharest Izvor Park 26/08/2009

Update1: Video Madonna concert Bucharest Parc Izvor (early time - fans gathering)

Update2: 22:00. Madonna enters the stage-first appearance Bucharest, Romania.
After a Sticky&Sweet intro, Madonna sings Into the Groove followed by Candy Shop, Beat Goes On and Human Nature.

Update3: Madonna - Candy Shop: live from Bucuresti Parc Izvor 26/08/2009
Video Madonna - day 26/08/2009 schedule, timetable, training before concert (Antena1 report: Romanian commentary)

Madonna exclusive: Impressive training of Madonna prior to Bucharest Sticky & Sweet: Video fitness session.


Could Michael Jackson be still alive? "Confirming" video across the internet

A recent controversial video issued on internet stirs up the whole world giving rise to new questions, commentaries and debates on "Is Michael Jackson's death a hoax?" or "Is Michael Jackson dead or alive?" In the video a person resembling Michael Jackson jumps out of the same car that transported his dead body to the coroner office. The face of the individual can not be seen but the resemblance is overwhelming. According to Chicago Tribune, the person who posted the footage on internet declared that the video recording comes from a reliable source.
Video (supposed) Michael Jackson gets off the coroner van in LA.


Madonna arrives in Romania for Sticky & Sweet tour concert

Madonna's personal plane landed Tuesday (25/08/2009) at 19:30 (local time) at Bucharest Baneasa Airport. Madonna arrived in Romania along with her lover Jesus and her children Lourdes and Mercy. The pop singer booked rooms at four hotels but in the end she opted for Radisson SAS hotel. Wednesday evening at Izvor Park Bucharest, about 70000 people are expected to come and see Madonna's concert that is part of the Sticky and Sweet tour. The road traffic in downtown Bucharest will be closed for six hours during the show.
According to Romanian media, Madonna was near to be involved an incident upon arrival at Aurel Vlaicu (Baneasa) Airport, the mobile ladder car was almost crashing into the landed Gulfstream plane owned by the diva but technical workers avoided the accident in the last moment. Of course the frontpage of the Romanian newspapers with scandal specific displayed headlines such as: "Madonna, one step away from her death at Baneasa" or "Madonna's arrival in Romania could have transformed into a tragedy" etc.
Video Madonna arrival at Baneasa Airport Bucharest-Romania


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Images and video proving existence of aliens? (Mexico case 2007)

The german magazin Bild published photos and video footage of a weird creature discovered in a village from Mexic two years ago. The so-called baby alien - caught in an animal trap - was killed by a farmer from Metepec who tried to drown it for about 3 hours. After performing tests, the researchers concluded that they dealed with an intelligent form of life having quite an evolved brain. The creature measures a few ten of centimeters and resembles the shape of a reptile. Despite the discovery, the international press is somehow skeptic wondering if it's about an important discovery or a big hoax. The alien was found in 2007 and the first images were just recently published. The alien corpse is hosted by the University of Granada.
Video Mexico alien baby - and check also hoax teory info below.


“Sometime around May 11, 2007, a wealthy Mexican rancher named Marao Lopez found this creature, less than one foot tall, in a steel trap. The property was in Metepec, … Mexico. … The creature was alive, shrieking and scared. … the ranchers decided to kill and preserve it the morning of the third day … They dunked it in water … for many hours, and it finally drowned. It’s ability to survive so long underwater has made many feel it was amphibious. Within days, word about the strange creature had gotten to Jaime [Maussán]. … Jaime considered Marao Lopez an honorable man. Since Lopez was wealthy, and money was never mentioned as a variable in this situation, Jaime sees no motivation for a hoax. Jaime requested access to the body, now mummified, for tests at various universities. Around this period of time, Marao Lopez died mysteriously.” The Screamin’ Demon Of Mexico By Joshua P. Warren.

A very cheesy mystery thriller, full of plot holes and told by Jaime Maussán, illustrious member of Ufology’s Hall of Shame. So it’s really no surprise twist that the “Screamin’ Demon of Metepec” is just another hoax. Keep reading for the video and some ordinary investigations
I do recommend that you read the full elaborate story, even if it can’t be taken seriously. Beyond that, there’s the actual evidence of a publicized image and the video. What is that?
“As far as I can see, the photo and the video are the same thing: a small primate from which someone removed the skin and part of the muscles. A
squirrel-monkey is a good guess”, Maria Guimarães from Ciência e Idéias told us.
“I would guess it could be a species of
Tamarin, since the position of the eyes is a little more farther apart than in the squirrel monkeys. The size of the cranium does not help to clarify things, but it’s bigger in the squirrel-monkeys. In any event, it’s indeed just a baby primate,” added Portuguese Biologist Bruno Galrido, author of Macacologia. “Poor creature, it must have lost itself and ended up in a trap”.

Below, the skeleton of a squirrel-monkey and Tamarin: (via National Geographic):

If it’s hard to believe someone would be capable of capturing a harmless little monkey, either a fetus without fur, or a small baby that was then skinned; only to then put it into a trap (as Vincent Boudreau noted on UfoUpdates, it’s impossible for the small creature to be captured in the foothold trap in that pose), to invent a whole load of bullcrap…
Then it’s because one underestimates the amazing bullcrap-generating abilities of some illustrious “researchers”. The report we quote here was originally published by Joshua Warren
in his website, given that Maussán himself is holding this “evidence” for months already. In fact, he apparently still is, since he asked Warren to remove the material from the website because “the scientists involved did not want the attention to influence the perception of their results”.
Warren himself concedes that “these new developments do not help support the case for a find”. And indeed, if you are still swallowing even some of all that bullcrap, consider that Dr. Jose Antonio Lorente of the University of Granada, to whom “now, the creature has been sent …, undergoing the best DNA analysis in the world by one of the field’s top experts … As soon as the results are finalized, and all facts are compiled, there will be a world press conference in Spain, Mexico, or both, to unveil all the findings for the full scrutiny of the scientific community.”
Well, Dr. Lorente, as inquired by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos through Antonio Salinas and shared with Martin Shough…
That Dr. Lorente said he has never heard of Jaime Maussán and that nothing of the sort has been sent to him, nor does he know if it is ever going to be. He also clarifies that he is an expert in human DNA, therefore even if he did receive a sample he would only be able to tell if it was human or not, but could hardly do much if it wasn’t, especially if it wasn’t of a known species.
It’s possible that some will now say that Lorente is part of the Great Conspiracy, or whatever other bullcrap they may come up with. Perhaps Maussán asked Warren to remove the report from his website exactly because it mentioned Lorente, a plot hole so easy to expose.
This whole cheesy paranormal thriller must be very familiar. With all the clichés including scientific analysis that is always about to be conducted, or was conducted, but from which we never get to see the results; with threats, deaths and everything else; where all sorts of things happen and the creature always vanishes at some point; this is all part of a pattern of similar stories related to the discovery of such imaginary creatures. It can be seen in
the Garadiávolos tales, for instance. Just sea rays cut to look like humanoid creatures, the rest is pure, bad, fiction.
The senseless exploitation of harmless little creatures, including human babies, is sadly no news either. It can be seen in
the Uberara “Alien” Skeleton case. The remains of a child with hydrocephalus and other congenital problems. The rest is pure, inhuman, exploitation.
The Screamin’ Demon of Metepec, Mexico, is just a small, skinned monkey. The rest is pure, distilled and aged crap.
[With thanks to Maria Guimarães, Bruno Galrito, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and Martin Shough. I first saw the suggestion that it was a squirrel-monkey in the comments section at “
They Don’t See Through Us”]


Michael Jackson killed by diprivan (propofol) overdose

Michael Jackson's death becomes more clasified as a murder after the coroner found a lethal dose of diprivan - known also as propofol - in the blood samples. The singer was given the strong sedative to help him sleep and furthermore the toxicology results revealed the presence of overdosed drugs like Valium, Ativan, Versed and Propofol. It seems that Jackson's personal doctor Conrad Murray will be accused of murder regarding the fact that he was around the singer at the moment of the tragedy. Murray told investigators that he was giving Michael 50 mg diprivan each night prior to his death.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Madonna concert Bucharest Parc Izvor - Sticky & Sweet Tour 26 Aug 2009

A great concert by the well-known American pop star Madonna will be held on 26 August 2009 at Bucharest Parc Izvor. The show is part of the singer's Sticky & Sweet World Tour which promotes the "Hard Candy" album. Sticky & Sweet - considered one of the most successful tour of a solo artist - was viewed in 2008 by about 2.5 million people from 58 cities. The invited guest of Madonna is DJ Paul Oakenfold who opens the evening show. Two days before the event one of Madonna's counterparts - Melissa Totten - had a great performance showing that she can imitate and resemble the singer in all possible ways.
Video Melissa Totten performing Madonna's song.



Michael Jackson funeral postponed till 3rd of September

Iniatially announced to happen on 29 Aug 2009 that would have been Michael Jackson's 51st anniversary, the singer's burial was postponed untill 3rd of September. The remains of the pop star are supposed to lay to rest in The Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn-Glendale. The Jacksons' spokesman declared that the burial will be attended only by the family and close friends but he did not give any explanation regarding the reason of the delay. Michael Jackson's death is still under police investigation.


Women's world: at the gas station

Interesting the way a woman was trying to fuel the tank of her car. The good part is that she was very insistent and did not give up.


Toronto Rogers Cup 2009: Dementieva - Sharapova 6-4 6-3

Elena Dementieva beats the Russian fellow Maria Sharapova in two sets 6-4 6-3 at the Toronto WTA Rogers Cup tournament. The victory at the Rogers Cup - the warm up before US Open - repesented the 14th career title for Dementieva and just the third all time win over Sharapova.
Video Elena Dementieva - Maria Sharapova 6-4 6-3 Toronto Rogers Cup 2009


Cincinnati Masters 2009: Federer defeats Djokovic 6-1 7-5 and claims the title

23 Aug 2009. World no.1 Roger Federer claimed the 61 trophy of his career after winning the Cincinnati Masters title by defeating the forth ranked Novak Djokovic in two straight sets 6-1, 7-5. Federer seems to be in an excellent shape and he looks forward for another success at the US Open which starts next week.
Federer Vs. Djokovic 6-1 7-5 Cincinnati Masters final video-highlights full match.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cincinnati Tennis semifinal: R Federer - A Murray 6-2, 7-6

22 Aug 2009. The first semifinal of the Cincinnati Masters Tennis put face to face the 1st ranked Roger Federer and the second seed Scottish Andy Murray. R Federer progressed to the final of the tournament by winning in two sets 6-2, 7-6 after 1hour and 29minutes.
Cincinnati semi-final video: Federer-Murray 6-2, 7-6 video-highlights full match.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Malev incident at Otopeni International Airport-Bucharest

A Malev B737 airplane hit a post before preparing to take off from Bucharest Henry Coanda International Airport . The plane was supposed to depart at 16:10 and it was en route to Budapest. The incident occurred at 16:05 local time when the Boeing B737 was leaving the taxi zone while being towed by a car to the runway and the impact took place between the right wing and a post located on the track. Nobody among the 100 people on board was injured and all passengers were transferred to another flight.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Dinamo - Slovan Liberec incidents: Europa League 20Aug2009

UEFA will take a decission next Tuesday regarding the incidents occured at the 1st leg of the Europa League play-off game between Dinamo Bucharest and Slovan Liberec. The violence chain started in the minute 86 when a Dinamo supporter unhappy that his favorites were led 2-0 got to the field stirring to unrest. He was finally stopped by the stewards instead 2 minutes later (88) a bunch of supporters stormed the running track around the pitch. At that moment, the Austrian referee Thomas Einwaller decided to interrupt the game and dispatched the players to the lockers. Dinamo-Slovan Liberec game result was 0-2 but some other consequences are expected coming from UEFA forum, most probably an official 3-0 for Liberec and possibly a series of interdictions for Dinamo including the rejection from European Cups between 1 to 3 years.
Video incident Dinamo Bucharest-Slovan Liberec 0-2 (min.88)


Europa League 20.Aug.2009: FK Sarajevo - CFR Cluj 1-1 video goals

In the 1st leg of the play offs of the Europa League, FK Sarajevo and CFR Cluj made a 1-1 draw result. In the minute 19 Dani scored for Cluj but Sarajevo managed to come back and level the score by the late goal of D. Hadzic from min. 77. The Romanian team will start with the first chance the 2nd leg on 27th of August 2009.
FK Sarajevo-CFR Cluj 1-1 (0-1) video highlights goal Dani 19.

FK Sarajevo-CFR Cluj 1-1 (1-1) video highlights goal D. Hadzic 77.

Amsterdam Arena, Ajax-Slovan Bratislava 5-0 goals L.Suarez (4) and M.Donald (1)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tips on printing items using online services

The online printing services are the simplest, reliable and money saving option especially when owning a business or the time is a precious factor. An important aspect is that the printed products can be customized as wished in any possible shape such as (mostly used) flat, folded, bound and they can be released using templates of the famous advanced graphic software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Corel Draw, jpeg formats, Publisher, PostScript templates, etc. The online printing offers can be used either on a large scale by different organizations that promote their products through custom bumper stickers, banners, posters, commercials or on a small scale by individuals. Depending on the amount of ordered items, a printing company can offer profitable discounts and the quotes can be quickly checked online. When it comes to print out some digital photos, the situation looks somehow like a complicated procedure, the pictures gathering in the computer and remaining forgotten there. At first glance the alternative is to buy your own inkjet printer (e.g. Canon, Epson, etc) but if want high quality printers it must be kept in mind that they are not too cheap and sometimes problems with the cartridge re-filling could be experienced. Furthermore most of the time, the printers affordable for regular people are able to print only up to A4 size. What if necessary to print in A3 format? You must either initiate a huge investment for an A3 printer, which costs a few hundred euros, or to readily use the online services at a much lower costs. Another case is when it comes to publish an official item like a graduation thesis. Then it is compulsory to use professional like PSPrint Online Printing because the great advantage is that they send feedbacks with examples and proof, as the printed article would look like and sometimes they catch also the unseen typos. The ordered product can be submitted via the website or through the company’s own software.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poli Timisoara - VfB Stuttgart 0-2 UEFA Champions League

VfB Stutgart is almost qualified in the UEFA Champions League group stage after defeating 2-0 at FC Timisoara on goals by Timo Gebhart and Aleksandr Hleb. Romania forward Marica (Stuttgart) had contribution to the first goal by winning a penalty after a challenge from his international mate Pantilimon.
Video highlights and goals FC Timisoara-VfB Stuttgart 0-2 18/08/2009

Video highlights and goals Celtic-Arsenal 0-2 UEFA CL 18/08/2009 (Gallas 43', Caldwell (o.g.) 71')

Video highlights and goals Sporting Lisbon-ACF Fiorentina 2-2 (Vukcevic 58' , Veloso 66' - Vargas 6', Gilardino 79')


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ana Ivanovic and Caroline Wozniacki street tennis in Toronto

Genuine entertaining idea of the Canadian organizers and Sony Ericsson who assigned Ana Ivanovic and Caroline Wozniaki to open the Toronto Tennis Tournament by playing street tennis in front of the passing-by fans.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Spike Banii - MTV video

The videoclip Banii by Spike was oficially released at MTV Romania. The song is the second extract off the album "Ramanem Prieteni" which will be released in September 2009 on the artist's website The first song of the album was "Tu" after a colaboration with Guess Who.


Booking an appointment online

Usually so far the appointments were done by phone and using a diary, but when being involved in businesses this is a time consuming job. Another opportunity is to use the Internet and the online appointment procedure. A primitive way of scheduling was already implemented by the email hosting websites like yahoo, google, etc through the calendar and appointment gadgets but for a professional purpose there is necessary a scheduling programming system. The online appointments are used in a large-scale environment from small to large business, educational programs, medical services, governmental and military divisions and non-profit organizations.
There are many advantages of the online appointment scheduling like automatic email reminders to the customers, easy to open and set-up an account, dedicated online support, readily to learn through the huge variety of demo programs, less time spent to set the meetings, etc. Some other aspect to mention is that the scheduling software can be customized as the user wishes and can be installed either in a single user mode or a many users group version where anyone has access to the schedule list and updates it in real time. In some situations the client can book an appointment by using the credit card or the paypal services, and this is possible due to high security encrypted data files provided by the scheduling software.
The best of the appointment programs consists of the fact that the business is controlled from everywhere, not only at the working office, the only needed thing is a computer, i-phone, smartphone and online connection. Across the Internet there are many types of schedulers developed and good care must be taken when choosing one because it must fit your needs, hence before paying the price it’s compulsory to know the field the scheduler is used for, the number of resources the business has to manage, the number of customers involved, etc. Up to now the only disadvantage of the appointment software is that it does not work as an answering machine and take the phone calls.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

International friendly soccer: Netherlands - England 2-2 and Hungary - Romania 0-1

Amsterdam Arena 12 Aug 2009: Netherlands and England - the European teams with the best record in the World Cup 2010 qualifying stage - will face each other at the Amsterdam Arena Stadium in a friendly game. Both teams won all the qualifying matches (7) so far, The Netherlands being already qualified for the South Africa tournament and England booking its place if wins the game against Croatia next month at the Wembley Stadium.
Budapest: At the Ferenc Puskas Stadium, Hungary will host Romania. The kick-off time: 20:00 (local time). Romania will play its 599th game which is dedicated to Marian Cozma, the romanian handballer killed on the 8th of February at Veszprem (Hungary).
Video highlights and goal Hungary-Romania 0-1 (goal Ghioane 42')


Tornadoes in Romania

A tornado outbreak was spotted Sunday evening (09Aug2009) near the Romanian Black Sea resort of Mamaia. The event occured on the sea, a few hundred meters away from the beach and it was clearly filmed by a lifeguard off his boat. A similar event happened Monday at about 20 km from the city of Timisoara.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hijacked airplane Xinjiang China

A passenger airplane was just hijacked in the northwest area of Xinjiang province (China). The incident was reported by Xinhua agency and further reports are expected.

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