Friday, October 30, 2009

Sylvie van der Vaart BMW 3 cabrio wind tunnel "hair"test

The Dutch presenter, actress and model Sylvie van der Vaart showed the difference between the 1987 and 2009 BMW serie 3 cabriolet by performing short tests in the BMW wind tunnel. In the video it can be seen the Sylvie's hair is pretty "shaken" when sitting in the 1987 model, whereas her hairdo remains still when using the 2009 cabriolet.
Video Sylvie van der Vaart BMW 3 cabrio windtunnel test airflow.


Ferrari 612 Scaglietti test drive 2012 model

Ferrari started the tests of a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in preparation for the new successor model whose production is expected for 2012. The first spy pictures spread over the internet show the 612 Scaglietti in a hazy weather like the italian brand prefers to keep the tests away from surrounding eyes. The rumors say that the new model will be fitted with a twin-turbo V12 system but in this early phase Ferrari still does not have a body to match the engine.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chinese woman survives 10000 V high voltage shock

A mid-50 woman from China amazingly survived a 10000 Volts electric discharge while protesting climbed on a high voltage post. From the video either she touched with the finger one of the wires or it just occured an air discharge due to high electric field in the wiring area, instead it can clearly be seen that she lived afterwards.
Video China woman survives high-voltage 10000 Volts discharge


Jan Molby "unseen" goal against Manchester

Video of Jan Molby goal from 1985 in the FA Cup game between Liverpool and Manchester has just been released. At that moment because of the TV strike the game was not broadcast and the only people witnessing the goal were those 40000 spectators at Anfielt Stadium. Instead recently a record from Liverpool police reveals the goal unseen before.
Video Jan Molby goal Liverpool-Manchester 1985


Taylor Mitchell dies after bitten by coyotes

Canadian singer Taylor Mitchell died tragically after being bitten by 2 coyotes while hiking alone in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia. The 19 year old folk singer was attacked when reaching the Skyline Trail area. Despite that she was taken to the Halifax Hospital following a 911 call, she later died because of the multiple body wounds. Usually the coyote attacks are very rare because these animals called also prairie wolves are afraid of humans. Other hikers heard singer's screams for help and called the emergency police services. The rangers arrived quickly in the area and shot one of the coyote wounding it but the injured animal managed to dissapear. Mitchell turned 19 two months ago and her debut album "For the consideration" was recorded earlier this year.
Taylor Michell Facebook, Myspace, Biography.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alcorcon - Real Madrid 4-0 in Copa del Rey

Real Madrid was humiliated in the 16th of Spain Cup by losing 4-0 against Alcorcon - a 3rd league team. Even if the stars Ronaldo, Kaka, Casilla, Alonso, Ramos did not play, still Real sent on pitch valuable players like Raul, Drenthe, Guti, Van der Vaart, Benzema, Albiol but it was not enough to stop Alcorcon from a memorable victory.
Video goals Alcorcon 4-0 Real Madrid, Copa del Rey.


Peshawar car bombing kills over 90 in Pakistan

About 90 people died and more than 200 injured after a car containing 150 kg explosive just went off at Peshawar's Meena Bazaar on Wednesday. Most of the victims were women as they went for shopping in the labyrinth of stores in Peepal Mandi section. This was the second attack on a Peshawar marketplace this month.
Video Peshawar car explosion at Meena Bazaar.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shocking videos of Baghdad twin blasts

Iraq officials released the camera video of Baghdad twin bombings that left at least 160 people dead. One video shows the traffic circle on Haifa Street before a strong explosion at Justice Ministry. The other video shows vehicles covered in debris originating from a second nearby blast.
Camera Video Baghdad bombings - Haifa Street blasts.


NASA's Ares X-1 rocket set to launch from 39-B pad

The 39-B launch pad of the Florida Kennedy Space Center will reveal for the first time in decades the presence of a rocket intead of a space shuttle. Ares X-1, a thin 100 meter rocket, is scheduled to launch from Kennedy Center on Tuesday between 8 a.m. and noon and its spatial behavior will be essential for determining NASA's next generation of space vehicles. The Constellation Program, with Ares X-1 as part of it, is assigned to build up new vehicles to replace the space shuttle whose last flight is scheduled for September 2010.
WATCH LIVE STREAM NASA ARES X-1 LAUNCH. (CNN live select "NASA launches Ares I-X rocket")
or Direct link (eventually set up pop blocker)
Ares I-X launch was already postponed a few times due to weather conditions which were going "red"
After many postpones, NASA cancelled the Ares rocket launch due to coudy, windy, bad weather.
Update: After a delay of one day, Ares 1-X was finally launched on 28 October 2009 at 11:30 (Florida time). The Ares I-X flight time was about 2-3 minutes and the rocket managed to reach a 4 Mach speed before separation and falling down back to Earth.


Natalie Cole "Still Unforgettable" in Bucharest Romania

The American singer Natalie Cole is gonna hold Tuesday a concert in Bucharest as part of her "Still Unforgettable" tour. Despite the fact that she wishes to visit Transylvania and some other Bucharest surroundings, Cole will leave Romania Wednesday being en route to Warsaw, Poland, the next place where she will perform.


Colombian football team Los Maniceros killed by guerilla

The bodies of ten players of the Colombian football team Los Maniceros were found in the Venezuela district of Tachira. Los Maniceros players who had been kidnapped 2 weeks ago were known also as "Peanut men" because usually they were selling nuts across the Colombia-Venezuela border. Everything started on 11th of October when according to the witnesses, 15 armed people showed up at the Fernandez Feo municipal stadium and sized 10 colombian players, a venezuelan and a peruvian national. Leomango Flores, the senior official of Tachira state blamed ELN - a colombian guerilla - for the killings. The colombian national Manuel Junior Cortez aged 18, was the only survivor left alive by the extremists in order to tell the people how his team mates were tortured under a bridge and later shot dead.
Video report Los Maniceros team massacre site.


Yahoo closes Geocities after 15 years

The personal Web-hosting site Geocities was just closed by Yahoo after 15 years of existence. Geocities which was launched in 1995 and owned by Yahoo Inc. since 1999 was to be shut down by Tuesday (27/10/2009). In September 2009, GeoCities had 10.3 million users, dropping by about 16 percent from 12.1 million it was reported one year earlier. The historical records reveal that in December 1998, GeoCities was the 3rd most visited website after AOL and Yahoo with 19 million unique visitors. Following GeoCities closing, Yahoo urges the worldwide users to try the company's pay web-hosting service. Some other Yahoo! services like Yahoo! 360, My Web and Yahoo! Briefcase have also been shut down recently. More on GeoCities history, records, information you can find here.


NWA pilots playing on laptops instead of landing

A situation which can be met only in the comedy movies. The FAA investigation revealed finally what the Delta Airlines/NWA jet pilots were doing when they missed the approach at Minneapolis airport a couple of days ago. Many people may have imagined that the pilots fell asleep or they were drunk but NO...the Flight 188 pilots were busy on laptops while their airplane was passing by the destination airport. According to the unbelievable statements of the two NWA pilots - Timothy B Cheney (53) and Richard I Cole (54) -, they were aware of the air traffic radio communication but were too focused on the notebooks, probably they were watching some new released movies, etc...anyway the A320 jet with 144 passengers just went further by about 150 miles when suddenly the crew remembered that have also to come down to the Earth.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Princess Juliana Airport - St. Maarten island

Video and pictures of landings at Princess Juliana International Airport - Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.
Crazy video KLM Boeing 747 landing at Princess Juliana Airport - St Maarten/St. Martin

St. Maarten/St.Martin is a beautiful tropical Caribbean island shared by two nations. The northern area of St.Martin is ruled by the French while the southern side of St Maarten represents one of the five islands that form the autonomous Netherlands Antilles, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Despite the fact that english is the main common language, still the Dutch is the official language of the southern part and French is the official language of the northern side.
Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) was recently constructed (2004-2007) with an estimated budged of $117 millions and is located on the dutch sector of St. Maarten island. There is something special with this airport due to its position with respect to the surrounding area.


Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump married Jared Kushner

Ivanka Trump, the heir of Donald Trump "empire", got married on Sunday in New Jersey with Jared Kushner, a jurnalist from the Observer. The 27 year old Ivanka wore a wedding dress created by Vera Wang and inspired by past actress Grace Kelly. The event was celebrated by about 500 invited guests at the Trump Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.


Future Toyota Electric Vehicle II FT-EV concept presented in Tokyo

Toyota presented its electric concept model FT-EV II at Tokyo Auto Show. The car shows a retro-futuristic inner design and it does not have pedals or normal steering wheel. Instead when it is not coupled on automatic pilot, the vehicle direction can be controlled by 2 handle bars. The FT-EV 2 concept is powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, has an autonomy of 90 km and a maximum speed of 100 km/h.
Video Toyota FT-EV II concept official presentation Tokyo.


Latvia meteorite

A meteorite-like object has fallen to the ground Sunday night in northern Latvia producing a crater of about 10 meters wide and 3 meters deep. The meteorite crashed into a meadow in the latvian region of Mazsalaca located close to the border with Estonia. Following the visit to the crash site, the geologists concluded after the first impressions that it was a meteorite although other international experts believe that it is surprizing that such a large meteorite managed to reach the Earth surface, usually most of the extraterrestrial objects burn into the atmosphere. There are still debates wether it was a meteorite or a satellite.
Video footage from crashsite of Latvia burning meteorite.
Amateur video Lavia meteorite in Mazsalaca.
In the end the Latvia meteorite proved to be a hoax and he crater was created by an excavator - Ilgonis Vilks the director of the latvian astronomy institute said.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gheorghe Dinica aged 75 hospitalized at Floreasca with septicemia

Gheorghe Dinica, 75, one of the greatest romanian actors was taken to Floreasca hospital, Bucharest because of suspected septicemia disease. Septicemia is a medical term related to the presence of pathogenic organisms in the blood stream leading to sepsis - a disease characterized by a whole body inflamation due to microbial blood poisoning. Gheorghe Dinica biography relies on more than 60 movies since his 1953 debut in "Strainul" (The Stranger). Some other known films of Dinica are: "Dupa-amiaza unui tortionar", "De ce trag clopotele, Mitica?", "Comisarul Moldovan", etc.


Giuliano Stroe, the strongest child World Records Book

Giuliano Stroe, a five year old Romanian child, impressed the people from Guinness World Records Book with his bodybuilding skills. The kid has been training from the age of two in Italy where his family lives. In the video (link) it can be seen Giuliano Stroe's impressive performances such as difficult 90 degrees push ups, mortal jums, deltoid exercises or the fastest ever 10 meters hand walk with a weight ball between the legs. The father, Iulian Stroe said he always took Giuliano to the gym when he was training. The italian media was recently overwhelmed by the trend topic: Giuliano Stroe, un bambino piu forte.
Video Giuliano Stroe the strongest child bodybuilder worldwide (detailed video)
Video Romanian Giuliano Stroe world's strongest child highlights Antena3


Friday, October 23, 2009

Canada bus driver plays sudoku while driving

Interesting activity of a Metro Vancouver bus driver who was completing a sudoku puzzle while driving in Surrey, Canada. Gordon MacDonald, a bus passenger, filmed the incident by his mobile phone camera and uploaded the video on Youtube. Following the media spread, the Coast Mountain Bus Company started an investigation. MacDonald said that he got off the SkyTrain in Surrey and shortly after climbing into the bus he observed the weird behavior of the bus driver.
Video Surrey bus driver sudoku puzzle game.


Baby boy born aboad AirAsia Flight AK6506 gets lifetime freeflights

A baby boy was surprisingly born on board Air Asia flight 6506 after his mother, Liew Siaw Hsia aged 31, went into labor.Flight 6506 was en route from Penang island to Kuching on Borneo island and due to the situation the pilots decided to land in Kuala Lumpur but the baby arrival occured at about 2000 feet just before the landing. To celebrate that event, the AirAsia offered the mother and the baby the oportunity to fly for free during their lifetime.


Sudan Airways Boeing 707 crashes in United Arab Emirates after takeoff

Live video Sudan Airways B707 crash in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
The Sharjah airport surveillance camera recorded the crash of a Sudan Airways Boeing 707 cargo plane shortly after its take off. The B707 cargo aircraft was carrying 6 people aboard and it was bound to Khartoum. There were reported no survivors following the accident.
Video Sudan Airways B707 Flight SD2241 crash Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.


NW Flight 188 misses Minneapolis airport

A Northwest Airline Airbus A320 making the Flight 188 route from San Diego to Minneapolis overshot the destination airport by about 150 miles fearing the ground controllers that the plane might have been hijacked. The air traffic control tower lost communication with the aircraft carrying 147 passengers, when it was flying at 37000 feet. After the communication was re-established the pilot answers were so vague that the controllers instructed the crew to make a series of unnecessary maneuvers to convince themselves the pilots were still in control of the jet. Flight 188 landed safely at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport at 9 p.m. The A320 pilots said they missed the airport because they were distracted due to a heated discussion over airline policy but FAA thinks also that the crew might have fallen asleep.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Giant seagull on australian news

A big seagull like inspired from Hitchcock movies made a live unexpected presence on the australian news bulletin. Peter Hitchener, a news presenter with Channel Nine, was telling a report about the police struggle to solve a crime, when suddenly the presumptuous gull showed up walking right behind the presentor and fitting perfectly with the nice background of Melbourne city. Of course, it was something extremely hilarious that put Hitchener in the difficult situation of not cracking up laughing while reading a murder story.
Watch Melbourne crazy seagull surprizing Peter Hitchener during news crime report.


Drasius Kedys, a lithuanian hero killing pedophiles

Drasius Kedys, a 37 year old lithuanian citizen from Kaunas became an international supported hero after shooting to death two high ranked lithuanian officials supposed to have molested Kedys's 4-year-old daughter. Following the findings on her daughter sexual ordeal, Kedys called for justice for more than 1 year but his pleas remained unlistened which determined him to make justice on his own. Therefore the police believes Drasius Kedys is involved in the very recent killings of the judge Jonas Furmanavicius and the speaker of Lithuania's Parliament, Andrius Us. The murdered officials were 2 of the 5 blamed of allegedly raped and sexually assaulted the youngster Deimantela.
Despite that fact that Drasius Kedys got onto the Interpol wanted list, he became a hero in Europe and Lithuania with thousands of fans on Youtube, Facebook and other social media networks.
Video footage Drasius Kedys killing pedophile case, interviews, reports.
Video Drasius Kedys and his daughter, homemade footage fragments.


Real Madrid - AC Milan 2-3 all goals videofile

AC Milan proved as being still a tough team after beating 3-2 Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The galacticos were the first to score after a childish mistake of Dida but Pirlo leveled the score by a super kick from 25 meters. Pato brings advantage for Milan instead Real catches up on a goal by Drente from outside penalty area. The italians do not seem happy with the 2-2 and Pato makes Milan's night setting the final score: Real Madrid vs. AC Milan 2-3.
Video images Real Madrid - AC Milan 2-3 all goals and highlights.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Drunk Brad Pitt drives while filmed by paparazzi

Brad Pitt came out of Vincenti after a business meeting and while being filmed and pictured by paparazzi he jumps into the car and drives away even if he looked somehow drunk.
Video Brad Pitt drunk drive leaving Vincenti


Cat-girl illness puzzles medical staff in China

Li Xiaoyuan, a six year old Chinese girl amazed the doctors after dense thick grey hair started to grow on her body transforming her in a "cat-girl". A few months earlier she had just a small birthmark on the back but from that mole thick hair began to spread over her back and now starts covering also the arms and face. The medics believe the young girl suffers of a rare disease which sends normal moles beyond the control.
Read original cat-girl disease article at "The"


Cheerleader Desiree gets dystonia after flu vaccine shot

Terrible case experienced by Desiree, a former cheerleader who got a flu vaccine shot but she ended up with dystonia. Dystonia is a very rare cerebral desease with weird effects and happens 1/1million. Desiree is absolutely ok if walking backwards or running but terrifying effects and behaviors can be observed when she just walks normally (becomes unrecognizable).
Terrible video - vaccine flu shot makes cheerleader get dystonia.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rangers - Unirea Urziceni 1-4 videohighlights and goals

Romanian football team Unirea Urziceni performed extraordinary well by winning 4-1 over the host team Glasgow Rangers. The Scots took the lead in minute 2 on own-goal by Ricardo but 30 mintes later Unirea Urziceni restored the parity on goal scored by M. Bilasco (32), therefore at half-time Rangers-Urziceni 1-1.
In the second half Unirea Urziceni practically destroyed Rangers by scoring 3 more times in about 15 minutes Bruno Fernandez (49), L. McCulloch (o.g. 59) and P. D. Brandan (65).
After the final whistle of the game, Glasgow Rangers - Unirea Urziceni 1-4.
Video: Rangers vs Unirea Urziceni 1-4 goal Fernandez (K. Lafferty 0.g. 49) (2-1)

Video: Rangers - Unirea Urziceni 1-4 goal Ricardo (o.g. 2) (1-0)
Video: Glasgow Rangers - Unirea Urziceni 1-4 goal P. D. Prandan 65' (1-4)


UEFA CL: Goals Video Barcelona vs Rubin Kazan, Inter Milan vs Dynamo Kyiv, Glasgow vs Urziceni, Alkmaar vs Arsenal

20 Oct 2009: UEFA Champions League, Fixtures and results half-time:
Debrecen - Fiorentina 2-4 (P. Czvitkovics 2, G. Rudolf 28 / A. Mutu 6 20, A Gilardino 10, M. A. Santana 37)
Liverpool - Lyon 1-0 (Y. Benayoun 41)
Barcelona - Rubin Kazan 0-1 (A. Ryazantsev 2)
Inter Milan - Dynamo Kyiv 1-2
Rangers - Unirea Urziceni 1-1 (Ricardo (o.g.) 2 / M. Bilasco 32)
Stuttgart - Sevilla 0-1
AZ Alkmaar - Arsenal London 0-1 (C. Fabregas 36)
Olympiakos Piraeus - Standard Liege 1-1
Video A. Ryazantsev goal Barcelona - Rubin Kazan 0-1

UEFA Champions League second half:
Rangers - Unirea Urziceni 1-4
Barcelona - Rubin Kazan 1-2
Inter Milan - Dynamo Kyiv 2-2
Stuttgart - Sevilla 1-3
Debrecen - Fiorentina 3-4
AZ Alkmaar - Arsenal 1-1
Olympiakos Piraeus - Standard Liege 2-1
Liverpool - Lyon 1-2


Blue Air flight en route from Madrid to Bucharest lands in Arad due to drunk passenger

The Blue Air flight Madrid - Bucharest made an emergency landing at Arad airport Monday night due to a drunk passenger who became violent and started agressing the other passengers. At 3 a.m. (local time) the pilots decided to interrupt the flight and the police took the troubled passenger by force out of the aircraft. The plane continued his route to Bucharest after a 30 minutes break.


Monday, October 19, 2009

ZZ Top in Bucharest, Romania

The famous American rock band ZZ Top is gonna hold a megaconcert in Bucharest on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ZZ Top is expected in Bucharest accompanied by the best cooks who are assigned to prepare special food for the singers. ZZ Top are well known for their long beards and having the same band members during the 40 year of existence.
Video ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man live concert Texas, US.


Lily Allen photographed in Venice by paparazzi

Sexy photos of Lily Allen were taken by italian paparazzi during the singer's holiday in Venice Italy. Allen shows up in front of the window half naked delighting the hunting photographers. Lily Allen is a british singer and TV presenter. Her debut album, Alright Still (2006) made her a nominee for Grammy, BRIT Awards. The song "Smile" was ranked the first in UK Singles Charts. Since february 2008, Lily Allen is the host of the BBC Three tv show called Lily Allen and Friends.
Video Lily Allen - Smile.
Controversial pictures Lily Allen Venice.


Bus carrying dutch students crashes in Spain, north of Barcelona

A bus trip ended tragically for dozens of Dutch students when their vehicle rolled over north of catalan's capital Barcelona Monday morning. A teenage girl died and 20 more people were injured in the accident. There were about 60 people aboard in general aged 15 - 16. The crash occured at about 6:20 a.m. as the Dutch student bus deviated off the freeway, turned upside down and crashed in Bascara town, the Spanish province of Girona


Landscape photo of the year 2009

A superb photograph taken by Emmanuel Coupe of the sunrise over the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Coupe's picture won first prize in the Take a view - Landscape Photographer of the Year Award 2009.
Download Coupe's Old Man of Storr Isle of Skye.


Nati Meir accused of corruption regarding counterfeiting

Nati Meier - a candidate who announced his withdrawal from Romania presidential elections - was takes in custody by the police for interrogation regarding the forging currency. The authorities found at Meier's office many fake 500 Euro banknotes. The police investigates several complaints in relation to cases where Meier used forging money for payments.


Video Rio de Janeiro war field between police and drug gangs

Brazil erupted into violence after drug gangs shot down a police helicopter. Bullets hit the helicopter pilot in the leg making him loose control and crash on a football field. The two policemen inside the aircraft died in the crash. The streets of Rio de Janeiro became a battle filed between the police forces and drug dealers.
Watch "Rio street battles" in Brazil drug violence - Rio de Janeiro police fighting gangs.


Tragic three deaths in Detroit marathon

The Detroit marathon turned out to be a tragedy as three runners died durind the race. All three Detroit marathon deaths occured between 9 and 9.20 a.m. The first victim was a 60 year old man who fell down in unknown circumstaces and hit his head. He was taken to the hospital where was declared dead. The other two men aged 26 and 36 respectively collapsed also during the race and their deaths were confirmed at the hospital. All three deaths at US Detroit press/flagstar marathon happened at the end of the contest. The weather at the moment of tragedies was overcast.
Subsequently the officials said that all three men suffered heart attacks and nothing could be done even if the medical intervention was immediate.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Colorado "balloon boy" case was a hoax planned by Heene family

The incident regarding the balloon flying over Colorado and fearing that the 6 year old boy Falcon Heene was inside proved to be nothing else than a well done hoax. The true started to come to light after the Heene family was invited at CNN's Larry King Live show. During the interview, Falcon Heene - the boy thought to have been in the balloon - was asked why he did not come out when he was called by the parents. The answer of the boy was stunning: "You guys said we did this for the show". This was practically the remark that raised a lot of questions and led to a more serious investigation.
Watch body language expert analyze Heene interview on Larry King Live.


Vietnam veteran Pete McKibben finds family on facebook after 36 years

Unbelievably, the Facebook network helped Pete McKibber - a former US marine - find his family after 36 years of search. McKibben who fought in Vietnam in 1972-1973, found out that he has a son living in Paris and two grandkids. More on the story watch video Pete McKibben interview by CNN.


Marian Dragulescu and Flavius Koczi won the gold and silver at 2009 British Gymnastic Championship

Romanian gymnasts Marian Dragulescu and Flavius Koczi conquer the vault exercise contest at the 2009 British World Championships held in London. After winning the gold medal one day before on floor exercise, Marian Dragulescu performed greatly and claimed also the vault title. Furthermore at the same vault contest, Dragulescu was backed by his countryman Flavius Koczi who grabbed the silver medal.
Men's vault final: Marian Draulescu wins gold medal (16575 points), Flavius Koczi wins silver medal (16337 points), Anton Golotsutskova takes the bronze medal (16287 points).
Winning the floor and the vault titles, Marian Dragulescu became once again a double world champion, for the third time in his career (2001, 2006, 2009).
Raw video Marian Dragulescu gold winner on vault 2009 World Championshipss 18Oct2009 London
Video Marian Dragulescu winning gold on vault exercise first try, 18/10/2009 World Championships London


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Video goals and highlights Rapid-CFR Cluj 1-4

At Giulesti stadium CFR Cluj crushed the host team Rapid Bucharest by 4-1.
Video Rapid vs. CFR Cluj 1-4 Peralta's goal (CFR)


Sunderland 1-0 Liverpool, video ballooned goal by Darren Brent

Liverpool lost 1-0 against Sunderland due to an incredible "ballooned" goal. In the minute 4 Sunderland's Darren Brent scored in Reina's net after the ball was deviated by a... balloon. As seen in the video, the situation clearly hindered Reina but the goal was validated despite that normally by sport law such a goal should be canceled.
Video Darren Brent's balloon deviated goal against Liverpool (video Sunderland-Liverpool 1-0)


Ghana wins World Cup under 20 after beating Brazil 4-3

Football: World Cup Final Under-20, Cairo, Egypt: Ghana vs. Brazil 4-3 (penalties) (0-0 120 min.).
Ghana became the world top team in the under 20 football after winning 4-3 over Brazil. The score was 0-0 at the end of the official play time (90) and extra time (120) and the penalties lottery decided in Ghana's favor. To be noted the the Africans played 87 minutes with one man less.
Video Ghana U-20 0-0 Brazil U-20 (4-3 on penalties).


Terence Scott, a 10-year-old boy "troubles" Barack Obama in New Orleans

During his visit in New Orleans, Barack Obama was put in difficulties by Terence Scott - a ten year old boy - who asked "Why the world hates you? [Obama]". Surprized by the question, Obama replied defensively like: "well, now that I am being chosen as president it seems that not everyone hates me:)"


Marian Dragulescu wins gold on floor exercise in London

Saturday (17Oct 2009) the Romanian gymnast Marian Dragulescu claimed the men's floor title at the world championships organized in London. It was a big surprize for Dragulescu who came back from his retirement after the Beijing Olympics. The sportsman short retirement was caused by chronic back troubles.
Watch video Marian Dragulescu floor performance gold medal 2009 World Championships London.


Roman Polanski's wife Emmanuelle Seigner attacks paparazzi

Emmanuelle Seigner - Roman Polanski's wife - just when wild on a female photographer who was asking for an interview. After getting off the motorcycle in front of her Paris appartment, Seigner moved straight toward woman reporter and started to punch her untill she fled.
Video Emmanuelle Seigner attacks reporter in Paris.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Insight into the credit card ownership. Advantages, tips and info

How does it work? How can you get one? What are the best credit cards? Here I will provide you a few tips with respect to credit cards.
Why a credit card? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Want to be credited and buy a plain ticket or train ticket online? Pay good attention because nowadays many important corporations already do not accept other means of payment excepting credit cards.
The credit cards offer the advantage of getting a temporary loan whenever you need one but you must know a few important things here. Regarding the time, a credit card assures you a grace period of one month. Every balance paid fully back during those 30 days is charged no interest. But the banks make money due to those people who exceed the grace time and are charged a certain fee on their purchases. As a clear conclusion, use the loan whatever you wish but remember to pay back your debts before the deadline. Some other companies offer cards without any grace period, which is not very advantageous for the customer. Depending on your needs, you can choose among a large variety of credit card offers. Another important aspect is the fee you have to pay in case you want to withdraw money from an ATM. Before opting for a credit card ownership, it is smart to give a web search for credit card study articles and subsequently try to apply for consultancy with some professionals for making a good scan of all possible oportunities.


Baby escapes after falling under Melbourne train wheels

Miraculous escape of a baby who fell under the wheels of a Melbourne train. While waiting on the platform the mother forgot to apply the brake of the child's pram and in split seconds her 6 month old boy roll off the platform right in the path of the train,,,but he survived without many injuries. It seems that the boy and the troller have been dragged by the train for about 30 meters.
Video baby in pram escapes hit of Melbourne train.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Experimental homemade balloon carrying 6 year old boy over Colorado

A six year old boy untied his family homemade balloon which started to float randomly over Fort Collins, Colorado . According to the family, two boys were playing around the balloon before getting airborne. The parents became alerted when one of the two kids said that his brother remained trapped inside the balloon compartments. The authorities started chasing the hot-air balloon which subsequently touched down gently, but nobody was found inside. The Colorado officials ask themselves whether the boy was inside or not and even worse they are worried that the kid may have fallen down during the flight because the craft door was unlocked. A sibling saw Falcon Heene get into the basket and seconds later the balloon took off after the anchoring rope was undid. Such experimental balloon like craft is capable to reach as high as 10000 feet (> 3 km). The boy was finally found scared in the attic of his family house.
The final conclusion? International breaking news started simply by a little boy who untied a rope. It seems that the world media broadcast live images of the Colorado balloon odyssey. Various websites like Al-Jazeera, Australia's Sydney Herald, Twitter, Facebook, The Sun, BBC broadcasted updated news on the aerial odyssey occured at Fort Collin city, north of Denver, Colorado.
Watch video how the Colorado experimental homemade balloon lands (runaway US balloon landing).


Chisinau explosion during Stefan Banica Jr concert

At least 25 people have been hospitalized following a grenade explosion during the concert held by Stefan Banica Jr at Chisinau. The attack occured at about 10 p.m. local time.
Video aftermath grenade explosion at Chisinau concert by Stefan Banica jr.


Uruguay 0-1 Argentina: World Cup 2010 qualifiers

Argentina played away and won 1-0 over the national team of Uruguay securing its place at the South Africa World Cup tournament. Mario Bolatti scored in minute 85 making Argentina join Brazil, Chile and Paraguay.


Gold, the most secure and successful investment

What is the best investment? This is the question that stresses many people’s mind. The financial crisis and the economic recession proved recently that the real estate and the stock market shares might be sometimes painful or disastrous investments. One of the most secured investments is the gold. When the euro or the dollar has a fluctuating unstable evolution, the gold remains constantly on the floating line. Just think that also the national banks make gold acquisitions for safety. The gold reliability and stability rely actually on its quality and properties. If you want to preserve the assets on price evolution then the gold bullion coins will insure your goal. A large number of people try to secure their investment by purchasing jewelleries but the main disadvantage is that they are not 100% gold-made. It must be known that the best investing alternatives are either to buy gold coins or stock market assets equivalent in gold. A gold coin might have a high numismatic value due to its rarity, age, type of the print and the number initially minted therefore if you are a collector that’s the best target otherwise try to focus on bullion coins. Regardless the fact that represent a protective barrier against inflation or currency depreciation, the bullion investments provide less dependence on the hardly anticipated policies of the central bank and furthermore the price of the gold is continuously rising which makes this precious metal one of the most profitable item on the market.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Barack Obama dances with Thalia at Fiesta Latina

Barack Obama proved his latino skills by dancing with Thalia at the Latino Fiesta event organized on Tuesday at the White House. While performing "Amor a la Mexicana" hit, Thalia invited Obama to dance and his movements were appreciated by the singer who called the US president "macho".
Many believe that "apparently" Michele Obama wast not very happy with that but of course the gossip rumors have to make their way out.
Watch video Barack Obama dancing with Thalia "Amor a la Mexicana" at the White House's Latina Fiesta.


Maria Shriver speaks on phone while driving

Arnold Schwartzenegger thanked the media for warning him about his wife's illegal phone conversation while driving. Arnold dropped a few words on Twitter saying "Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention. There's going to be swift actions". Funny that while Terminator was preparing the swift actions, his dear wife Maria Shriver was filmed for the third time speaking on phone behind the steering wheel. Big deal!!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

StarWind - iSCSI Software Target

Today I'd like to tell you about iSCSI SAN solutions from the StarWind Company. The StarWind family consists of four products: StarWind Free Edition, StarWind Server, StarWind VTL and StarWind Enterprise Server.
StarWind Free Edition
The StarWind Free Edition is a free iSCSI Target software that turns any Windows server into SAN in less than 10 minutes and provides its customers with basic set of features that includes: iSCSI CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD emulation, iSCSI RAM disk emulation, I/O read and write caching, Compression and Encryption, CHAP user authentication and IPsec on-the-fly iSCSI network traffic encryption . The number of served physical or virtual Ethernet ports is limited to 1, number of served hard disk drives is limited to 2 (total target served capacity is limited to 2TB) and the number of supported CPUs or CPU cores – to 4.
StarWind Server
The StarWind Server is an advanced and reliable iSCSI Target software that converts any standard Windows Server into a scalable SAN that works over the existing Ethernet network. Its features include all the features of the StarWind Free Edition (plus SPTI mode support) and with no limitations on served physical disks (virtual Ethernet ports) number and served hard disks number. The number of CPU and CPU cores as well as the total target served capacity is not limited by the StarWind Server.
StarWind VTL
StarWind VTL provides its users with an affordable and easy-to-use enterprise-level Virtual Tape Library solution that uses disks to perform fast and reliable tape backups. It comprises all the features of the StarWind Free Edition and the StarWind Server (but without SPTI mode support and iSCSI RAM/CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD emulation) and includes iSCSI VTL (Virtual Tape Library) emulation.
StarWind Enterprise Server
StarWind Enterprise Server is the most fully-functional software solution that will turn any Windows server into a scalable IP SAN. The solution has an extensive list of features: CDP & Snapshots, Synchronous Mirroring & Asynchronous Replication, Thin Provisioning, Software RAID1 (mirror) support, SPTI mode support and iSCSI RAM/ CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD emulation.


Manchester airport "naked" scanner

The airport security increased by the introduction today of a new scanner which reproduces naked images of the passengers. The travellers departing from Terminal 2 at Manchester airport will be asked if they have something against being strip-checked without removing their clothes. If the 80000 pounds scanner proves successfully, then it will be implemented at all UK airports. The "naked" scanning machine was already adopted in United States where the Aerial Transport Security Agency ordered last week 1000 pieces from Rapiscan Systems Manufacturer. The images are not considered erotic or pornographic but just a mild X-ray. According to airport officials 99% of the people will agree the new procedure if they get faster through the queues.
Video Manchester airport strip search scanner.


Spice Girls reunite, Mel B said

Melanie Brown known as Mel B confirmed the rumors on the Spice Girls band reunion for a strong comeback. The 34 year old singer did not want to provide much details because she wanted not to spoil the surprize. Last month Mel B intended to bring the girls together for a concert in Soulth Africa during the 2010 football World Cup.


Important seo tips and ideas to improve websites

There are a few important ideas to follow shortly after the launch of a personal blog or a website. A webpage is a good opportunity to promote a business and it is compulsory to make use of the best SEO tips and tricks and other advertising services in order to be easily found over the internet. For someone not skilled in SEO the optimization procedure might take longer than expected and then it is recommendable to ask for the help of some professionals. There are plenty available over the web and WebiMax is one of them. Now I will try to get a bit deeper into the problem. Usually the relevance of a website is dictated by the search engines through their Page Rank. In order to become well-known over the global network the web-domain must be listed by the crawlers and spiders of the search engines and one of the most important aspects is the niche-related-content of the site which is supposed to match users query. The first thing to do is to submit the site to a wide list of search engines and directories but this must be done after the webpage outlines a main content. Keep in mind that you need visitors who might turn into possible clients and in order to capture their attention you must have an attractive page-content. Here is where the web optimization starts to play its role and making also a swift free online marketing analysis it would be the best.
According to the statistics, the PR is represented by the online traffic more than three quarters comes from the search engines (and the rest from visitors). The most important aspect of the web-marketing is that the optimization is a way of promoting the targeted product. On that purpose the user must optimize the website content, which means that for a chosen combination of keywords the page entry will be displayed on top of an online search result thus bringing more interested visitors. Hence it is ideal to employ keywords that will show the least number of search results. Even if various agencies offer lucrative services for web optimization, still the outcome will be seen across the time and not shortly after. The must be used in an appropriate way if want to get reliable benefits otherwise can lead to troubling spam.


Monday, October 12, 2009

This is it, new Michael Jackson song released

This is it - the Michael Jackson brand new song was released on singer's website early Monday although 45 seconds of the song leaked out online Sunday before the official release. "This is it" song is gonna be followed by a two-disc album on 26th of October 2009 and "Michael Jackson's This is it" movie scheduled for 28th of October 2009.
The first This is it album will contain Jackson's biggest hits arranged in a sequence as they appear in the movie but more info can be found at


Elinor Ostrom, the first woman to claim Nobel Prize for economics

The 2009 Nobel Prize for economics was awarded to the Americans Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson, the Nobel Committee announced Monday. Nobel Prize for economics has a history of 40 years and Elinor Ostrom is the first woman winning this prize. Ostrom, a professor of political sciences at Indiana University was awarded "for her analysis of economic governance, especially the commons". Oliver Williamson is a professor in the graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley and he was praised "for his analysis of economic governance, especially the boundaries of the firm". Both professors' research has much in common at "an abstract level, still their methods are different", Ellingsen declared.
The glocal financial crisis did not influence the deliberation of the Nobel Committee because the Nobel Prize"tend to be not the work for the last year" committee member Beril Holmlund said.


Showroom presentation and interior space designs and displays

The inner space design of a showroom exhibition is in general based on market requirements, imagination and creativity in order to create a complete shopping efficiency. Sometimes to apply the best decorating ideas it is compulsory to consult the opinion and the offer of a field expert. Any interior space can be fitted with impressive ultramodern items chosen from a large offer of trade show displays performed in different styles.
One main purpose is to induce trust and to make good impression to any visitor who might lately become a possible customer. Anything should be done to advertise your products and you can capture the attention of the clients even at their first step in the exhibition by using suitable logo floor mats. When thinking at a show design, it is compulsory to take into account many factors, like the type of event, the allocated budget, how lucrative the display represents the image of the services, etc.
A simple way to highlight a show presentation is by employing catching exhibit booths. They must look like something innovative with detailed prints, conceptual drawings and models just to get noticed and make the visitor walk away with your brand in his mind. For sure an important item which is indispensable to a show presentation is the display truss. The trusses are used mostly as support components and an essential characteristic is to be not heavy therefore an aluminium-made truss is very reliable. The trusses come with different shapes and are mainly used for lighting of the concerts, entertaining events, etc. Depending on the funds or significance of the events, there are always lots of alternatives to choose from, such that to make an impressive trade exhibition.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Video Dramatic Argentina-Peru 2-1, Palermo saves Maradona

Incredible game performed by Argentina and Peru in the qualification stage of the 2010 World Cup (South Africa). After leading 1-0 since minute 48 on goal by Higuain, Argentina see itself leveled in the minute 90 when Rengifo scores for Peru. Thre minutes later in the extra time Martin Palermo is the right argentinian at the right place and brings a 2-1 victory for Argentina saving and giving hopes to Maradona.


Boyzone's Stephen Gately dies in Majorca, Spain

Boyzone member Stephen Gately aged 33 died Saturday (10.Oct.2009) while being on holiday in the Spain island of Majorca. The cause of the death is not known yet and the Spanish police said that there were no sign of weird circumstances. Stephen Gately was on vacation with his partner Andy Cowles. Boyzone members declared they were completely devastated and now they are travelling to Majorca.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

U.N. plane crashes in Haiti killing all 11 aboard

A Casa C-212 airplane carrying 11 military personnel on a U.N. mission crashed into a mountaneous area in Haiti killing everyone on board. The cause of UN C-212 crash is still unknown but investigation has been deployed. The plane was on surveillance mission of the Haiti border with the Dominican Republic and crashed 20 km away from the village of Fonds-Verrettes in a region accesible only by foot.


Elizabeth Taylor heart surgery

Elizabeth Taylor 77, underwent a heart surgical operation in order to repair a leaky valve. She declared that the heart surgery was a success completing that "it was like having a new ticker". Taylor's statement came up on her Twitter page two days after announcing that she's gonna have a surgery at an undisclosed medical centre. The Oscar winner was already hospitalized before this summer for a check and at that moment her publicist rejected the rumors that Elizabeth hospitalization was caused by the grief over the sudden death of Michael Jackson. Elizabeth Taylor who suffers of scoliosis, uses regularly Twitter, her account name "DameElizabeth" having about 165,000 followers.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Video Cristiano Ronaldo singing for TV advertisement

Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo accepted to sing in a commercial for Banco Espirito Santo - a Potuguese bank. It seems that Ronaldo makes a much better job in football but probably Real Madrid did not play him enough regarding the fact that he accepted to earn some extra money from "singing" career.
Video Cristiano Ronaldo singer debut @ TV advert Banco Espirito Santo.


Charles K Kao, Willard S Boyle and George E Smith win the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2009 was awarded to Charles K. Kao (left), Willard S. Boyle (down) and George E. Smith (right). They contributed to the developent of two scientific works. Half of the $1.4 million prize will be handled by Charles K. Kao for his achievements regarding the long distance transmission of light through optical fibers for communication. The fiber-optic networks are broadband communication lines that help transmitting simultanously video, voice and internet data worldwide in a fraction of second.
The other half prize will be shared by Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith for the invention of the CCD sensor - an imaging semiconductor circuit. The CCD sensor which turns the input light into electrical signal outputs, represents the starting point of the digital camera era.
The three scientists were called by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science "the masters of light".
Charles K. Kao - (born 1933 in Shanghai, China) - Standard Telecommunication Laboratories UK, Chinese University of Hong Kong China.
Willard S. Boyle - (born 1924 in Amherst, NS, Canada) - Bell Laboratories, NJ, USA.
George E. Smith - (born 1930) - Bell Laboratories, NJ, USA.


Barack Obama wins the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Amazingly, the US President Barack Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize 2009. The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced at 11 a.m CET that President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2009 for his extraordinary struggle to tighten the world diplomacy and relations between people, therefore he became $1.4 million richer. The list of nominees for this year (2009) Nobel Peace Prize included 172 people and 33 organizations.
Text of 2009 Nobel Peace Prize citation for President Barack Obama:
"The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. The Committee has attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.

Video announcement Barack Obama winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2009.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

NASA spacecrafts scheduled to crash on the Moon

Two US spacecrafts are set to crash on the Moon on Friday and the events are about to be viewed. NASA LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) will drop its Centaur upper stage rocket on the Moon surface at 7:31 a.m. ET. NASA hopes that following the impact, enough dust and lunar particles will be kicked up to help LCROSS monitor and discover the presence of water in the lunar soil. Four minutes after the first impact, LCROSS will travel through the blown debris collecting and sending data back to Earth before smashing into the Cabeus crater close to Moon's south pole.
The LCROSS Moon live crash can be viewed only by telescope or on NASA TV. Broadcasting starts at 6:15 a.m. ET Friday.
NASA successfully crashed LCROSS spacecraft into moon.
Watch video NASA LCROSS crash moon impact (Moon bombing video).


Herta Müller wins the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature

The Romanian born German writer Herta Muller was assigned as the winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature. Herta Muller was born in the village of Nitzkydorf in the Timis county of Romania on 17 August 1953 in a Swabian family. She followed German studies and Romanian literature at the University of Timisoara. Initially Muller worked as a kindergarden teacher and from 1976 as a translator for an engineering company but in 1979 she got into the attention of the Security due to her refuzal to cooperate with the Communist regime. Herta Muller's first book was released as a censored version in 1982. In 1987 Muller and her husband Richard Wagner left Romania for Germany. This year, the Nobel Foundation grants Herta Muller the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature for her hard work using poetry and proze in describing the difficult conditions of life experienced by those dispossessed and oppresed by Nicolae Ceausescu's iron curtain in Communist Romania.
Herta Muller became just the 12th woman to have gained the Nobel Prize since it launched in 1901.
On the left side image it can be seen a 2007 picture of Herta Muller - the Romanian-born German novelist.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saturn's new discovered ring

NASA scientists have just observed an almost invisible ring around Saturn planet. The orbit of the ring is tilted by 27 degrees with respect to the main ring plane. Saturn's supersized ring starts at 6 million km from the planet and extends outward some other 12 million km. Its diameter equals 300 Saturns lined up and the occupied volume can handle 1 billion Earths.
The difficulty in the observation was due to the very low density of the ice an dust particles the ring is made up and the small sunlight received by Saturn which makes the reflection tiny.


What to know and how to order linen based items

Linen fabric are made of flax plant which is very appreciated for its resistance, durability and also know as owning antibacterial characteristics. All these properties make linen very suitable for manufacturing a large variety of products used in every day life such as Sheet collection, napkins, tablecloths, household materials, cleaning items, kerchiefs, etc. A few common types of linen are damask, sheeting, towelling, palin-woven. The linen based products have a significant contribution in the tourism industry especially because in every hotel room there are plenty of accessories whose composition relies on linen fabric. Before deciding to buy or not linen stuff, it is better to have an easy check on the internet. Hotel sheet collection in the simplest way can be ordered online and the payment possible to be done using several payment methods. Luxury hotel sheet collection is based on linen products of the highest finesse and contains a wide spectrum of items you can opt for. You have the opportunity to choose any your favourite colour or to order a personalized product printed with the desired advertising message. Either used for bath space, bedroom or kitchen the linen products come with various shapes, design models or sizes fitting in every interior space.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Gheorghe Stefan aka. Pinalti partying...

Gheorghe Stefan alias Pinalti or the mayor of the romanian city of Piatra Neamt shows that he knows to party. Getting a little bit more drunk he shares dollars to the singers, a gesture which is something familiar at the romanian parties.


Live footage of amazing escape of skier buried by avalanche in Alaska

Haines, Alaska: a skier is overtaken by an avalanche during his descend which was filmed by his helmet camera. He was buried under the snow for 4 minutes and 28 seconds untill the guide and the other skiers got to him. The skier was localized pretty fast due to one of his gloves that remained at the surface and indicated the burial place. Usually the estimated survival time under the snow is about 45 minutes.
Helmet camera video footage skier caught and buried by avalanche in Haines, Alaska.


Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology 2009

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three american scientists for their work on how the chromosomes are protected against degradation. Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider and Jack W. Szostak will split the $ 1.4 million prize which was the 100th awarded prize. Here a detailed report on Nobel Prize Medicine 2009


Martin Palermo scores with head from 45 meters as Boca wins over Velez

Boca Juniors - Velez Sarsfield 3-2.
Exceptional performance of Boca Juniors striker, Martin Palermo who managed to score from 45 meter long-distance header and granting his team a 3-2 win over Velez Sarsfield.
Watch video Martin Palermo 45-meters head goal Boca Juniors-Velez Sarsfield 3-2.


Madonna fighting Lady Gaga: Saturday Night Live

Despite the fact that it was just a parody, the fight between imitated Madonna and Lady Gaga spread quickly across the internet. Madonna-Lady Gaga fake battle took place at the Saturday Night Live musical show Deep House Dish hosted by DJ Dynasty Handbag (Kenan Thompson) joined by the co-hostess Tiara Zee (Rachel Dratch).


How to find and download the favourite mp3 music

Downloading mp3 files is one of the most convenient methods to get into possession of your favorite music. This can be done by using google utility, peer to peer programs or directly on a music provider website. Music MP3 downloads is simple and fast due to advantage offered by mpeg1 audio layer3 format which reduces substantially the amount of data requested to represent an audio recording but still granting a high quality of the original uncompressed soundtrack. The mp3 are widely spread over the internet and sometimes it is a time consuming job to search the most suitable and reliable websites. Here you can find a webpage with a fast data transfer rate offering a large variety of good mp3 music therefore it is very likely to see your favourite mp3 music.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Air India flight IC 884 incident: mid-air crew fighting

Air India IC 884 Sharjah-Lucknow-New Delhi flight battle.
The safety of the passengers should be the main concern of the plane crew members but only when they are not busy with a....mid-air fighting. This is what happened on board Air India flight 884 that took off from Sharjah and was bound to New Delhi. The two pilots and the stewards started a battle on reason that one of the pilots sexually harassed a 24-year-old air hostess. The 106 passengers of flight IC884 were watching amazed at the crew members conflict without understanding what was going on. Following the incident a stewardess and a pilot got several bruises and hand injuries.


Rio de Janeiro wins the bid for hosting 2016 Olympics

Rio de Janeiro won the contest for hosting the 2016 summer Olympic games. The International Olympic Committee decided in Copenhagen that Rio will host the 2016 olympics causing dissapointments on the streets of Chicago which was considered the first runner. It will be the first olympic games for South America and the positive decision unleashed cheerful samba dancing at the Rio's Copacabana beach. Despite president Obama speech, Chicago was eliminated at the first round. Tokyo, the 4th competitor was eliminated in the second ballot and in the end Madrid lost the final battle (32 votes) against Rio de Janeiro (66 votes).


Important tips when choosing a website template

Before looking for a site template there are a few things to pay attention for: first of all you must know which category your site fits the best e.g. personal blog, business page, social community website, etc. The second important thing to keep in mind is what kind of supposed visitors you expect (students, game-players, adults, kids). The third aspect to think about is the best niche for attracting visitors, more exactly what you want to offer (information, communication, dating, funky, serious). If you are not skilled in writing the website code by your own, then you can simply download the preferred template from the internet. Regarding the costs, the templates can be split in general in two main categories: free website templates or paid templates. If you are a beginner and you’d like to have either a more personal webpage or an internet advertised small business then a free template is the most suitable. Paid templates instead, come up with a more professional image of your site; therefore it is worth to use them when running a high-scale business. Some other useful tips are related to the way the free web templates are coded. The main code sources are html and flash. The html templates are widespread and present a series of advantages: they are written in simple editors like FrontPage or notepad, they are simple and static and have a good efficiency regarding the loading time of the web pages. On the other hand, the flash templates give the opportunity of implementing graphical moving design and animation. A well-designed website template can be a successful source of income if it is optimized and promoted accordingly over the web.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Becali vs. Basescu candidacy for presidential elections

Actual romanian president Traian Basescu has just announced his candidacy for 2009 presidential election. Gigi Becali, whose candidacy was made public earlier the same day, considered that Basescu imitated him. Furthermore, Gigi believes he has much higher chances of winning votes than PNL president Crin Antonescu and also that Sorin Oprescu will not candidate for this year elections.


Kevin Costner band to play at Romanian Film Festival in Arad

American actor Kevin Costner arrived in Romania for the International Film Festival held in the city of Arad on 3rd of October. The festival focusses on the movies produced in the Balkans and Black Sea region. On this ocasion Kevin Costner and his country-rock band Modern West, will give also a live performance.
Kevin Costner arrival in the city of Arad, Romania (video).


Friday, October 2, 2009

Horia Cretan rescues child from fire at New York

Horia Cretan, a romanian living in New York became suddenly a hero after saving a kid from a burning building. He was praised by the american media and lately, being invited to an incident related tv-show, he asked his girlfriend to marry him and she...accepted. All at once!! Cretan was described as the guy who knows to use his 15 minutes of fame.
Video of Horia Cretan NY romanian while saving 4-year-old boy from Bronx apartment fire.


Somali pirate attack on Spanish fishing ship

A 36 crew member Spanish fishing ship was hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia, the vessel owner said. Before the pirates attack, Alakrana - the spanish ship - sent out warning signals on the imminent danger and subsequently the contact with the vessel was lost. Two Luxembourg airplanes belonging to EU-antipiracy mission had a flight above the ship and observed armed pirates on board. This was the second attack on Alakrana in the last month after on 4th of September the crew had to defend while sailing in Seychelles islands waters.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Europa League: PSV Eindhoven vs. CFR Cluj from Philips Stadium Eindhoven

Tonight's match between PSV and CFR Cluj-Napoca is the first ever meeting between the teams. Kick-off time: 19.00 (local). Both sides performed good games previously therefore they are confident and promise a tough battle for a win.
PSV Eindhoven - CFR Cluj Napoca 1-0: Personal videos and pictures from Philips Stadium (on hold).

Group A: FC Timisoara - Dinamo Zagreb 0-3: videohighlights
Group F: Dinamo Bucuresti - Panthinaikos 0-1: videohighlights
Group H: Steaua Bucuresti - FC Twente Enschede 0-0: video highlights

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