Sunday, October 4, 2009

Important tips when choosing a website template

Before looking for a site template there are a few things to pay attention for: first of all you must know which category your site fits the best e.g. personal blog, business page, social community website, etc. The second important thing to keep in mind is what kind of supposed visitors you expect (students, game-players, adults, kids). The third aspect to think about is the best niche for attracting visitors, more exactly what you want to offer (information, communication, dating, funky, serious). If you are not skilled in writing the website code by your own, then you can simply download the preferred template from the internet. Regarding the costs, the templates can be split in general in two main categories: free website templates or paid templates. If you are a beginner and you’d like to have either a more personal webpage or an internet advertised small business then a free template is the most suitable. Paid templates instead, come up with a more professional image of your site; therefore it is worth to use them when running a high-scale business. Some other useful tips are related to the way the free web templates are coded. The main code sources are html and flash. The html templates are widespread and present a series of advantages: they are written in simple editors like FrontPage or notepad, they are simple and static and have a good efficiency regarding the loading time of the web pages. On the other hand, the flash templates give the opportunity of implementing graphical moving design and animation. A well-designed website template can be a successful source of income if it is optimized and promoted accordingly over the web.


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