Sunday, January 31, 2010

Video: Arsenal-Manchester 1-3, the gunners smashed by red devils

Arsenal London experienced a painfull defeat at home's Emirate in a clash against Manchester United. Manchester claimed a clear 3-1 result and continue following from close range the leading Chelsea. Ferguson's champions played greatly being superiors to the gunners and the talented Rooney and Nani were decisive for the faith of the confrontation.
Video Arsenal-Manchester 1-3, goals and highlights 31/01/2010.


Video: Egypt-Ghana 1-0 : The pharaohs defend the Africa Cup of Nations title 2010

Egypt won the Africa Nations Cup for the third time in a row after a 1-0 over Ghana. Egypt set new records of 7 won titles in the overall number and remaining unbeaten in 19 consecutive matches since the 2-1 defeat against Algeria at the 2004 Africa Cup of Nations held in Tunisia. The only goal of the game was netted by the top-scorer Mohamed Gedo in minute 85 after a harsh-fight and an excellent firing of the ball. Ghana was not very efficient at this year tournament regarding the fact that they scored only 4 goals during the progress to the final.
Videohighlights Egypt v. Ghana 1-0 goal Mohamed Gedo @Africa Cup of Nations - Angola 2010


Roger Federer wins Australian Open 2010 and the 16th Grand Slam

Roger Federer defeated Andy Murray at Melbourne's Australian Open 2010 to claim the 16th Grand Slam title. Federed turned out to be unstoppable. The Swiss won without difficulties the the first 2 sets 6-3 6-4 and the third set was dramatically balanced but Federer claimed it after a spectacular long tie-break 7-6 (13-11). As final conclusion, Roger Federer finds himseld in an excellent shape with a high appetite for winning. How many Grand Slams is he gonna win further? Roger does not look like having thoughts of retirement.
Video matchpoint and championshippoint Roger Federer v. Andy Murray Australian Open 2010 Federer - Murray 6-3 6-4 7-6 (13-11).

For complete and detailed comments of the Australian final 2010 check BBC.


John Terry vs. Vanessa Perroncel: a scandalous affair in UK

John Terry, the captain of Chelsea and England football teams, generated a scandalous sex topic in UK after his involvements with the underwear French model Vanessa Perroncel, the former girlfriend of Wayne Bridge. The nightmare started when News of the World showed the intention to write an article and publish some pictures with Terry leaving Perroncel's house. Terry is married with Toni Poole since 2007 and also father of 3-year-old twins. The situation became more complicated when Saturday it was announced that Terry arranged an abortion for Perroncel during their 4-month relationship.
Previously John Terry made a request at the high court to prevent the affair from being made public but his application was rejected by the judge. In fact his try to use the super-injunction to stop news of affair spreading has just worsened the situation stiring even more anger. The player was already ruled out any contract with one of the former sponsors. Terry’s troubles represented the frontpage news around the world this weekend. It is thought that Chelsea's captain might have generated irepparable damages to England's chances at the World Cup 2010 but however, the private life and the professional aspects should be regarded separately: Terry is a good and experienced footballer and did not say his last word in this sport.
The picture 1 reveals John Terry and his wife, Toni Poole. The pictures 2 and 3 show John Terry-Toni Poole and Wayne Bridge-Vanessa Perroncel couples at Joe Cole's wedding. Lastly the picture 4 was released by News of the World and shows Terry's Bentley leaving Vanessa Perroncel's house.
Video news on John Terry and Vanessa Perroncel affair case.


Solutions and troubles when writing academic essay, research thesis or dissertation

Many people are puzzled if it is lucrative either to buy essay or to write the thesis, dissertation, etc, by themselves. A professional academic writing requires a lot of experience and very good writing skills. Before starting it is compulsory to have a suitable organization of the essay following specific drafts. High attention must be paid due to fact that a plan might be successfully for some and raise troubles for others. On that purpose there are a few standard tips and rules regarding general, scientific or research writing technique. The first thing to start with is the drafting; that means that you have to make short notes about the structure of the writing (thesis, dissertation, essay, etc). The contour relies usually on various chapters such as abstract, introduction, synopsis, main content, conclusions, and outline. Subsequently as going deeper into the essay, it is helpful to write down all the ideas you want to talk about at each individual chapter. It is possible to create subsections which are interconnected under logical aspects. Of particular importance is the creativity and continuity of the writing. The reader does not have to get tired after a few paragraphs. There are some main difficulties that can be experienced while writing: first of all you can be confronted with the lack of inspiration or ideas – this situation comes up when there is no plan or structure made; secondly you might have plenty of ideas in your mind but do not know how to put them in the context; the third problem is the originality – in this case the way you compose might look like a plagiarism or a copy of another writing. Besides all of these, the excessive repetition of the content has to be avoided by any mean. Therefore it is clearly not an easy job to type a high quality and original “masterpiece”. If wish to spare your time and not racking the brain, you can appeal for expertise regarding custom essays. There are various corporations whose professional writers can help you have the task done. Just simply searching on the internet you can take a look at the best rated companies in the field. On their websites they provide also sample essays and in such a way you can have an idea on how the things would look like. If choose to buy essay it is advisable to check the pricing lists and also for possible discounts.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Serena Williams beats Justine Henin and wins Australian Open 2010

Serena Williams won the 2010 Australian Open championship after beating 6-4 3-6 6-2 Belgium's Justine Henin. Following the win of the second consecutive Melbourne title, the 28-year-old Serena claimed her 5th Australian trophy (leveling the Billie-Jean King record in all-time list) and the 12th Gand Slam title in her career. For unseeded Justine Henin it was a great performance to reach the Melbourne final in her second tournament after a 20 month rest. In the direct meetings between the pair, Serena Williams leads 8-6, counting a 6-2 6-0 victory in 2008 in Miami, right before Justine Henin retired even if being world nr. 1 at that moment. Henin comeback gave results regarding the fact that she played two finals in the last 4 weeks. The Belgian tenniswoman claimed the Australian Open in 2004 and quit the tennis while playing the 2006 final due to stomach troubles.
Video Serena Williams - Justine Henin 6-4 3-6 6-2 highlights Australian Open 2010, final moments and setpoint.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton presented the 2010 F1 car: McLaren MP4-25

The last two champions in Formula 1, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton revealed their hope for winning the 2010 title: McLaren MP4-25. The bolide was unfolded in front of the press flashlights at the headquarter of the main team sponsor. The pilots are confident and look forward to trying the MP4-25. Button and Hamilton represent the first british F1 pair since 1968 when Graham Hill and Jim Clark made team for Lotus.


Australian Open: Federer sweeps away Tsonga and reaches the 22nd Grand Slam final

Roger Federer practically smashed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga with a 6-2 6-3 6-2 in the semifinal of the Australian Open 2010. It was necessary only 88 minute to end a so-called one-sided semi-final. So far, Federer won three-times the title at Melbourne Park and went into his 22nd Grand Slam final. The world's number 1 is going to meet Andy Murray in the final of Australian Open which takes place Sunday. It will be a tough match as Murray wants to win his first Grand Slam title and also the first for Britain tennis since 1936.


Owner of Porsche Cayenne steals the winscreen wipers of another Cayenne

It happened on Thursday night in Bucharest, Romania. The intriguing question "how is it possible to have a luxurious Posche Cayenne and to steal the wipers off the windscreen of another one" still puzzles many. Video images clearly show how a thief grabs the wipers of a Porsche Cayenne, then surrounds the car maybe finding something else to steal and in the end jumps in his own Cayenne and goes away. The footage was released by the owner of the Cayenne remained without wiper, the video material being filmed by a surveillance camera attached on the roof of his house. The looser is gonna hand over the original DVR tape to the police and hopefully the recording will provide enough resolution for identification of the robber.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Video Bucharest street skiing, a new winter sport

The plenty of snow in the last days made some of the Bucharest people go into the street but not for a walk, instead for...urban skiing. It was the case of two friends who decided to try artistic skiing downtown Bucharest. One of them was being a professional skier and the other one just a...driver. Therefore the skier put the skies on, grabbed the cord and started to unveil his skills behind the tracting car. They had a vast and long itinerary through "Piata Romana", Dacia avenue, mid-Bucharest and their show was stopped by the road police car. Probably the police officer were astonished to see the guys practicing the winter sport in the middle of the capital car traffic.
Video street skiing Bucharest 1
Video street skiing Bucharest 2


New blackhole 20 times bigger than Sun discovered by VLT

A distance record-breaking black hole was discovered by astronomers from Very Large Telescope - Chile, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) announced on Thursday. The stellar-mass black hole is located at 6 million lights years from Earth in the NCG300 Galaxy and with a mass of about 20-times that of our Sun, makes it the second biggest stellar-mass blackhole ever found. In our galaxy (Milky Way) the black holes do not exceed 10 times the size of the Sun and only three out of twenty discovered in Univers so far are 15 times larger than the Sun. The newest seen blackhole is categorized as stellar-mass black hole because it originates from a collapsing star which exhausted its energy. The spiral NGC300 backhole has also an interesting partner which is a Wolf-Rayet star. Wolf-Rayet stars are almost at the end of their lives and escape energy into the surroundings prior to blasting as supernovae with their core imploding to blackholes. In the present discovery the Wolf-Rayet star is stripped of its matter by the blackhole. The scientists expect the two blackhole to merge together


Zoe Saldana alias Neytiri "Avatar" - photo session Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico

Zoe Saldana, 31, the actress who played Neytiri role in Avatar was seen Monday in Cabo, Mexico for a photo shoot. She pictured in bikini as Avatar was surpassing Titanic as the highest grossing movie of all time. Avatar stays at the top of the box office for 6 weeks in a row and earned about $1.24 billion so far. Zoe Saldana was born on 19 June 1978 in New Jersey as Zoe Yadira Zaldana Nazario and relocated to Dominican Republic for about seven years where she followed ballet classes at Ritmos Espacio de Danza academy. Subsequently Zoe went back to USA to continue her career. She studied acting in New York at Faces Theater program and obtained the first relevant role in the Center Stage movie (2000).
More pictures of Avatar's Zoe Saldana from Cabo, Mexico


Antidoping control finds Adrian Mutu positive

Fiorentina forward Adrian Mutu was tested positive by an anti-doping check. Following the doping test taken on 10 January 2010 after the 2-1 win over Bari, the Italian Olympic Committee announced Mutu as being contaminated with Sibutramine - a substance banned by FIFA. Sibutramine forbidden in European Union is a substance used for weight loss and hunger supression.
Adrian Mutu is liable for a ban ranging between 1 and 4 years. Mutu situation did not pass unobserved as the player failed a cocaine test in 2004 when he was playing for Chelsea. At that time he was banned for 7 months. In 2010 Mutu had an excellent evolution on the pitch, scoring seven goals in six games and taking on his side the public oppinion in his conflict with the Romania trainer Razvan Lucescu. Lucescu criticized Mutu for his extrasport life.
Video Mutu goal against Bari, Fiorentina - Bari 2-1.
Video Mutu scores for "viola" Fiorentina - Chievo 3-2.
Video Mutu netted also in Fiorentina - Lazio 3-2.
Romanian: Adrian Mutu sibutramina - test pozitiv Ianuarie 2010


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Steve Jobs presents Apple iPad tablet in San Franciso

Apple unveiled at San Francisco the iPad PC tablet, the most expected gadget of the beginning of the year. The iPad characteristics and properties were presented by Steve Jobs - the Apple CEO - who said that the new invention offers a great experience for internet navigation and the prices are as low as $499 for 16 GB version without 3D included. The most expensive iPad version costs $829 in USA and includes 3D and 64 GB storage space. The iPad comes up with a 9.7 inch screen, weighs less than 700 grams and the battery lasts about 10 hours. S Jobs says that anyone flying from San Francisco to Tokyo can watch video files continuously without recharging the iPad. The tablet is categorized between smartphone and laptop.

Steve Jobs video presentation Apple iPad video1
Steve Jobs video presentation Apple iPad video2
Steve Jobs video presentation Apple iPad video3
Steve Jobs video presentation Apple iPad video4


Avatar - Na'vi sex scene parody

Video parody of Na'vi sex scene from Avatar. Because the director James Cameron cut the sex scene in the Avatar 3D superproduction, the movie's fans released their own version - a sex cartooned parody which sparkled interest at Hollywood. In the re-make, Neytiri explains Sam Worthington how sex act is made on Pandora. As a result it looks like Sam wants to go back to Earth.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Personalize and configure your car with accessories

The value of the vehicle can be enhanced by making use of various accessories. Sometimes this can be called as “business protection method” if regarding the car as a little investment. Which kind of accessories could be purchased? That depends on the architecture of the car – if it is simple to modify it or not – and its needs. For example if you own a Ford – one of the most widespread vehicles in the world you can opt to personalize your car by choosing among the huge variety of ford accessories. Besides the esthetical part, the accessories can also be used as a necessity for vehicle’s protection for example. Rubber floor mats, canvas liners, dashboard mats, car covers are just a few of the large existent items. Along with various accessories, the online shops provide also auto replaceable parts such as air intakes, breaks, suspensions, grills, headlights, exhaust, etc. There can be found almost every component indispensable to your car. The main advantages when buying accessories relies on the fact that the suppliers come up often with discounts and warranty time.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Avatar: Na'vi, the newest laguage

Na'vi language used in Avatar movie became already widespread at a global level. It is not just a mixture of pretty sounds but a complete language with syntax, grammar and rules. Na'vi - a language particularly invented for the most expensive production in the history of cinematography. How did Na'vi come to life? As part of his scenario for Avatar, James Cameron tried to create a special language supposed to be spoken by Na'vi people living on Pandora planet. For that purpose, Cameron contacted a USC linguistic professor, Paul Frommer - professor of clinical management communication at the University of California's Marshall School of Business. Starting from a few dozens words including characters' names, Frommer's task was to develop an exotic melodious language capable to be spoken by the actors. In the end Na'vi evolved to more than 1000 words containing various properties as ejectives - voiceless consonants pronounced by a few of the world's spoken languages - but also limitations:
"The constrained, of course, is that the language I created had to be spoken by humans" Frommer said. "I could have let my imagination run wild and come up with all sorts of wird sounds , but I was limited by what a human actor could actually do."
Detailed info on Paul Frommer's process of creation of Navi language.


Ethiopian Airlines plane crashes in sea off coast of Lebanon

A Boeing 737 of the Ethiopian Airlines crashed Monday morning in the Mediteranean Sea off coast of Lebanon. The plane with 90 people on board had just taken off the Beirut airport and 5 minutes later smashed into the sea. A joint of British, French, Cypriot aircrafts started the search mission along with naval rescue teams and so far 23 bodies were found but no survivor. Ethiopian Airlines flight ET409 was bound to Addis-Ababa and according to the witnesses the plane caught fire before going down. The aircrash is suspected to have occured due to heavy weather.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deportivo La Coruna - Athletic Bilbao 3-1, Felipe Luiz breaks his ankle

The brazilian defendat Felipe Luiz scored the saddest goal of his career. Luiz netted for Deportivo in minute 49 but at the same time he suffered a serious injury by fracturing and dislocating the right ankle after Bilbao's goallie Iraizoz fell on him. In the end Deportivo la Coruna won 3-1 over Atletico Bilbao but Felipe Luiz will stay long time outside of the pitch.
Video Felipe Luiz injury during Deportivo La Coruna-Athletic Bilbao 3-1


Video Iran: 46 injured after a Tupolev 154 caught fire while landing in Mashhad

At least 46 persons were wounded after an iranian Tupolev 154 got into flames during the landing procedures at Mashhad airport, north-easter Iran. According to Iranian media, the tail of the Taban Air Tupolev 154 hit strongly the runway while trying to land in heavy conditions of haze. The russian national pilot managed to maintain the aircraft on the runway and stop it. Subsequently the plane caught fire and the swift intervention of security services prevented a catasthophe. All the 157 passengers and 13 crew members were evacuated. The plane was en route from Abadan (south-eastern Iran) and following the accident it was partially destroyed.
Video Taban Air Tupolev 154 accident Mashhad Iran


Friday, January 22, 2010

Video and pictures: Venus Williams almost naked at Australian Open 2010

So far Venus Williams played excellent at the Australian Open, the American tenniswoman progressing to the second round after defeating Lucie Safarova. But Williams drew the attention of the public with her outfit during the game, making many people think if she wore underwear or not. According to the pictures and the slow-motion video recordings, Venus Willliams looks like she is somehow naked. This is not the only time when Venus tricks the men imagination. In the double game played along with her sister Serena against the pair Raluca Olaru and Olga Savciuc, Williams wore a quite compromising outfit as well.
Video Venus Williams controversial outfit Australian Open 2010


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Video Fiorentina - Lazio 3-2 Coppa Italia

Fiorentina won 3-2 over Lazio and qualified for the semifinals stage of the Coppa Italia. Adrian Mutu turned out again to be one of the most prolific strikers by scoring the first two goals for Fiorentina and passing decisively to Kroldrup for the third point. With this dublet, Mutu reached in 2010 the performance of seven goals in just five games. In the semifinal, Fiorentina is gonna meet the winner between Inter Milan - Juventus Torino.
Video goals and highlights Fiorentina 3-2 Lazio Italy Cup


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

24 Season 8 Online

Reliable link for watching 24 season 8. The season 8 of 24 TV series was just launched in January in USA on Fox TV. The episodes of 24 season 8 can be watched online on the internet by using the following website which is the most reliable one:
NOTE: The only required thing is Firefox web browser.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Management services for small businesses

As it is known, the recession period reached its highest peaks all over hence some survival tips for small businesses are welcome. Some of the main reasons that maintain the recession are connected to the lack of reliance in the partnership, blockage of money transfer, etc. To figure out a niche or a lucrative business at the moment is pretty harsh because it is not devoid of risky factors, therefore high attention must be paid at the starting point, practically it is compulsory to be taken into account a few fundamental factors such as choosing the right niche, making an appropriate and efficient schedule, organizing stuff, and monitoring the ongoing operations. For those who dispose of consistent financial budget, it is clearly that the business marketing and management are well inserted and developed, but if leading a smaller affair there might come up troubles in the management. The order fulfillment is regarded as a complex process which takes time and supposes a tight connection between the supplier and client, the most desirable situation being the swiftest delivery of the ordered items.
Normally the shipping can be performed by employing one of the most reliable services such as DHL, TNT but there is also another simple alternative: hiring a fulfilment partner working like a third party offering support services and helping maintain the business alive. One of the main survival tips during economic crisis is to compete on quality and services. It is important to know that the rating and the worth of a business are evaluated by various characteristics, among them counting the accuracy, quality and rapidity. In such situations the 3rd party advisors administrate entirely of the product fulfillment from completing orders, depositing products, tracing the packages and shipping safely the goods from one spot to another. During the economic crisis the unemployment goes up to highest levels, more and more people will try their own business and the contest is fiercer. Therefore being less experienced or a beginner in the business world represents the most recommended case to request the help for management services.
Another idea to exceed in an easier way the crisis times is to increase the productivity with the purpose of selling more on the market, but higher product sale rate supposes more available time for paper machinery procedure, therefore the fulfillment corporations are ideal partners in helping accomplish the full chain of activities from orders processing to products delivery. Just to bear in mind that is better to hire less expensive advisers eventually opting for free services available. Some other short recession related tips: identify the competitors, cut expenses (not always), reinvest part of the profit, and make a careful financial verification as often as possible.


Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 annular solar eclipse enters history

The solar eclipse occured on 15 January 2010 went down to history by breaking two records, namely the longest solar eclipse of the century and the longest annular solar eclipse of the millenium as well (untill 23 December 3043). The maximum time span was recorded as 11 minutes and 7.8 seconds. The annular eclipse was visible over Central and Eastern Africa, the Indian Ocean, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Maldive Islands, Bangladesh, South East Asia.
Video 2010 solar eclipse from Egypt (partially)

2010 solar eclipse India, China, Bangladesh, Indian Ocean.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Haiti earthquake live footage

Real time video footage of Haiti earthquake was caught on a surveillance camera in state capital Port-au-Prince. The video reveals the early moments of the quake with the surrounding buildings collapsing. In the aftermath the authorities fear more than 100000 dead following the 7 magnitude tremour.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Video Palm Spring: Mariah Carey drunk or drugged?

The Palm Spring festival awarded Mariah Carey as the revelation of the year. Mariah behaved very weird on the stage raising many questions wether she was drunk or drugged. Since the beginning of her speech everyone observed that something was not right. The singer looked like being dizzy and held a long boring speech determining in the end the audience to applause her just to make her give up and leave the stage. The good part was that Mariah understood the allusion. Mariah Carey was awarded for her role in the Precious movie.
Video Mariah Carey Palm Spring 2010

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