Thursday, January 28, 2010

Video Bucharest street skiing, a new winter sport

The plenty of snow in the last days made some of the Bucharest people go into the street but not for a walk, instead for...urban skiing. It was the case of two friends who decided to try artistic skiing downtown Bucharest. One of them was being a professional skier and the other one just a...driver. Therefore the skier put the skies on, grabbed the cord and started to unveil his skills behind the tracting car. They had a vast and long itinerary through "Piata Romana", Dacia avenue, mid-Bucharest and their show was stopped by the road police car. Probably the police officer were astonished to see the guys practicing the winter sport in the middle of the capital car traffic.
Video street skiing Bucharest 1
Video street skiing Bucharest 2


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