Monday, April 26, 2010

Holiday: A few pics from Gran Canaria

Just a few photos this time, from ... my "ongoing" holiday (till end of April 2010). Not too many comments!!!

What else than out for beer:)
View of Atlantic and surroundings (Playa del Ingles).

"Un nuevo amigo" hard to get rid of.
Island view from Playa del Ingles-Maspalomas.
Again out for beer:)


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drasius Kedys found dead. Lithuania mourns the killer of pedophiles

Drasius Kedys - the lithuanian hero known as the killer of pedophiles - was discovered dead, the lithuanian police said. His body was found 30 km away from his home city of Kaunas and the identification has been confirmed by the members of his family. It is not clear at the moment what caused the death. Kedys, 37, has been dissapearing since october 2009 after killing the alleged pedophiles responsible for the torture of his 4-year-old daughter. He shot dead the judge Jonas Furmanaviczius and Violeta Naruseviciene - an accomplice woman - after the police was uncapable to answer his call for help regarding the abuse of his daughter Deimantela. Some police sources said that Drasius Kedys died because he was drunk and choked while throwing up but no one believes that and consider that he was killed by paedophile rings. Anyway Kedys has attracted a worldwide sympathy and he will remain a hero and fighter for justice.
Video Drasius Kedys burial (Drasius Kedys murder)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Video: Inter Milan 3-1 FC Barcelona: UEFA CL Semifinals

The first leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal between Inter Milan and Barcelona made the italians favorite for reaching the Final stage after a 3-1 victory at the San Siro Stadium. Jose Mourinho applied a perfect strategy by finding solutions to anihilate Messi and Xavi. Thus, Cristiano Ronaldo was right saying that Mourinho is an excellent, inovative and unpredictable coach.
Videohighlights: Inter Milano - Barcelona 3-1 : UEFA CL semifinals.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lech Kaczynski funerals - Video: Burial ceremony Warsaw

The funeral ceremony of Lech Kaczynski and the Polish victims killed in the Smolensk aircrash has been held today in Warsaw where more than 100000 people participated. The alarm sirens sounded on Saturday marking 7 days since the air tragedy. The coffins of Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria will be transported to Krakow where will be laid in the Wawel cathedral. At the Wawel cathedral there are also buried the kings of Poland and Marshal Jozef Pilsudski - the founder of modern-day Poland. The Kaczynski's memorial ceremony took place at Pilsudski Square in Warsaw and lasted for about 4 hours. Each victim of the aircrash was represented by a giant picture. The burial of the polish president and his wife will take place on Sunday in Krakow and many foreign official are expected, among them supposed to be Barack Obama, Dmitri Medvedev, Nicholas Sarkozy, etc. There are still fears that the ash released by the Island volcano will perturb the arrival of the guests. Tomorrow in Krakow around 1.5 million people are to turn out for a farewell bid to Polish Prezident Kaczynski.
Video: Polish victims crash memorial Warsaw (Warszawa): 17/04/2010.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Online gambling casinos vs. house casinos

For most of the folks, playing at the casino is associated with the possibility of getting income. The online gambling is usually based on some betting strategies and tricks which can be easily found in the gambling tutorials. Normally the people split in two categories. Part of them prefers to go to casinos just because of the real and physical sensation. It is actually the feeling offered by luxurious and fancy casinos. Still, the other category likes to make use of the internet facilities and play online. Why? The answer is pretty simple. By using the games online you are assured of the comfort of getting money from your own location. It was concluded several advantages offered when playing and betting online. The most important benefit consists of the fact that gambler is not hindered or embarrassed by the presence of the other people or croupiers around, case which normally occurs in house casinos, hence the privacy is assured. Furthermore you can analyse and take a longer time to think about the situation and consider better the available options before betting. Besides that you can gamble for free such as a training process in order to become more experienced. Best online casino is a widely spread term across the web therefore it is recommended to verify the comments and the ratings about a chosen casino and all these can be discovered by browsing the specific related websites. An interesting aspect to bear in mind is linked to the rewards and bonuses. If thinking to try casino online, practically you have nothing to loose. You just have to navigate the internet in search for the top lists best with the most reliable and trustful online casinos and then go playing.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Video: Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona El Clasico 10 Apr 2010

In El Clasico, Real Madrid was defeated 0-2 at home by Barcelona. Thus, Guardiola's team took the leadership of Primera Division and has the chance of claiming for the forth time in a row the Spanish Championship trophy.
Real Madrid - Barcelona 0-2 goal Messi (video).

Real Madrid - Barcelona 0-2 goal Pedro (video).


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish president Lech Kaczynski dies in plane crash

The polish president Lech Kaczynski was killed Saturday morning in a plane crash along with his wife Maria, the head of the national bank Slawomir Skrzypek, several military officials and many other top politicians. The presidential plane went down while trying to land in Smolensk, Russia where the polish delegation was supposed to attend the 70th anniversary of the massacre of polish war prisoners in the Katyn village. The airplane, a Tupolev-154 was carrying 97 people on board out of which 88 were belonging to the political official delegation. According to Russian sources no one survived the accident. The Russian investigators said the the cause of the tragedy was due to human error. The traffic controlers instructed the pilots to land at Minsk airport because of the unfavorable meteo conditions in Smolensk (dense haze) but the polish pilots neglected the warnings and tried 3-4 landing manoevers before hitting the top of the trees, catching fire and crashing.
According to the last updates, 132 people were aboard the Polish presidential plane crashed at Smolensk.
The first on-site video images of the Smolensk plane crash.

Video Smolensks plane crash killing Poland president Lech Kaczynski


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Video: Manchester United - Bayern Munich UEFA Champions League

Manchester United vs. Bayern Munchen at Old Traford Stadium in the second leg of the quarter of finals of the UEFA Champions League. Manchester started in force and after just 7 minutes had already a 2-o advantage thanks to the goals scored by D. Gibson (min. 3) and Nani (min. 7). The same Nani netted again in minute 41 setting a comfortable 3-0 for Manchester but two minutes later (43) Bayern's Olic reduces the difference to 3-1 and the game is on the run again. A single goal from Bayern would see the German team progressed to the next stage of the UEFA CL. The second half looks quite balanced but in minute 50 R. d. Siva from United is red booked therefore the british squad have the difficult task of keeping the result. The germans put lots of pressure but overwhelmed Manchester manages to withstand the situation. Bayern's effort is paid in minute 74 when the dutch Roben defeats his country man Van der Sar by a super volley goal. Just quarter a hour before the final whistle, Manchester - Bayern 3-2 and the Germany's most famous football team is already with one leg in the semifinals of the Champions League.
The referee blow the final whistle. Manchester United - Bayern Munchen 3-2, Manchester becomes the last english team kicked out of the UEFA CL and Bayern Munich qualifies to the UEFA Champions League semifinal.
Video Arjen Robben goal: Manchester United - Bayern Munchen 3-2.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Video: Kim Clijsters smashes Venus Williams in Miami's Sony Ericsson Open 2010 Final

Belgium's Kim Clijsters won the Sony Ericsson Open 2010 in Miami after beating 6-2 6-1 the American tenniswoman Venus Williams. Clijsters, 26, claimed the Miami Open title in just 58 minutes and thus ends the series of 15 consecutive victories by Williams. It was the second time for the Belgian player to win Miami's tournament and following today's succes she ascended on the 10th position in the WTA ranks.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Air France policy on overweight passengers

Air France is one of the largest air carrier in the world. As more and more airline companies took already into consideration the option of extra charging the heavy passengers, also Air France starts thinking on this idea.
Here a CNN report on Air France aspect regarding the overweight fliers.


Advantages of using tarps

The tarps became one of the most indispensable items when it comes to camping, hiking, covering, farming, protection against rain or wind, etc. The main advantage in buying tarps it is related to their weight and price. The products are known as being very light, cheap and easy to install. There are various models which can be found on the market depending on the colour, size and the type of the material they are made of. Briefly it might be illustrated the most important tarps such as the nylon tarps, mesh tarps, canvas tarps, metallic or plastic tarps, etc. A relevant example showing the comfortability of employing tarps is demonstrated by the hikers and people who like camping. Nowadays the folks started to replace more and more often the tents with the tarps. When using a tent the major problem is that you will be experiencing real troubles to find somewhere to pitch it. You have practically to search continuously for a flat spot. When owning a tarp all these troubling situations do not exist anymore. A tarp can be placed on all kind of accidental terrain and withstands very well against strong winds because it can be installed very low. The tarps are used very often by the military troops which are being on the move most of the time. Also the farmers take benefits of the tarps, e.g. hay tarps which are very important in covering the crops. Practically the tarps have very large range of applicability and very detailed information can be found simply on the internet.

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