Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roatan quake. 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits coasts of Honduras. Tsunami alert

A strong 7.1 magnitude quake stroke Honduras on Thursday. The epicenter was located about 60 km northeast of Roatan (Bahia islands) and 130 km north of La Ceiba (Honduras coast). The low depth of 10 km enhanced the strength of the quake. There was reported one fatality and many evacuated.
Update2: Four people have been confirmed dead and 40 injured in the aftermath.


Bulgaria bus accident - 16 killed in Yambol bus crash

28 May 2009 At least 16 people have been killed and other 20 injured in Southeastern Bulgaria when a bus crashed into the crowd. The accident occured at 9:30 a.m. near the city of Yambol. The casualties were tourists gathered to celebrate the Ascension day (Spasovden) - the orthodox religios holiday. People were going up the mountain towards Bakadzhik peak when the bus approaching from opposite direction smashed into them. The cause of the Yambol bus tragedy is supposed to be a technical malfunction related to breaks failure. Bakadzhik accident is considered one of the worst in Bulgaria among the 16 deads, there were 10 women, 5 men and a 16 years old boy.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UEFA Champions League Final - Rome 2009. Manchester United 0-2 FC Barcelona 27/05/2009

27 May 2009 Manchester United FC and Barcelona FC, the champions of England and Spain will cross their destinies at Stadio Olimpico in Rome for the final battle of the UEFA European Champion Clubs' Cup. It is expected a great game, also Sir Alex Ferguson mentioning "It has the capability to be a fantastic final." A few highlights about the two opponent teams: Manchester has the chance of becoming the first team in 19 years to defend with success the ECC Cup and also continuing the "tradition" of not loosing a final of European Cup. For Barcelona to mention that they won the Liga and Copa del Rey and by winning the Champions League Cup will be an unprecedented Spanish performance.
Champions League 2008-2009 final, game goals and video-highlights Rome - Olimpico
High definition video highlights FC Barcelona 2-0 Manchester Champions League Final goals


Friday, May 22, 2009

Accident Pasajul Baneasa Bucuresti

22 May 2009 Four workers have been trapped under the ground while working at Baneasa passage in Bucharest. Shortly after the accident, one of the workers was rescued and transported to hospital. Baneasa drama occured at about 18:35 local time. Four fireman brigades and 4 SMURD ambulances arrived at the place in the shortest time. At 8 pm it seems that one of the three trapped workers was ungrounded dead.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Istanbul UEFA Cup final: Shakhtar - Bremen 20/05/2009

20 May 2009 Tonight Shakhtar Donetsk and Werder Bremen will dispute the final of the UEFA Cup at Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium in Istanbul. The glorious team will be the 38th and the last name added to the list of UEFA Cup winners before the contest will be called UEFA Europe League since 2010. The history of UEFA Cup started back in 1972 with Tottenham Hotspur FC's inaugural victory. The kick off time of the game is 20:45. For Shakhtar's coach Mircea Lucescu, winning the final is an exciting dream regarding the fact that he is linked to Istanbul by nice memories after he won the Turkish league title with Galatasaray and Beşiktaş JK respectively. The match announces tough Werder Bremen trying to put the second trofy near their first UEFA Cup claimed in 1992 while for Shakhtar tonight's show represents the first participation in a European final.
Update UEFA Cup halftime: Shakhtar-Bremen 1-1. After 45 minutes the score is 1-1, the goals being scored by Luiz Adriano (Shakhtar) in minute 25 after receiving a pass from Rat and lifting the ball over Wiese and Naldo (Bremen) in minute 35 on free-kick.
Update2 UEFA Cup: Shakhtar Donetsk became the first ukrainean team to win the UEFA Cup. With 1-1 after 90 minutes the game went into extra times where the Jadson's goal made the difference and brought the triumph, the 38th and the last UEFA Cup to Ukraine.
Goals and video highlights UEFA Cup final 2009 Istanbul "Shakhtar - Bremen".
Video all goals Shakhtar Donetsk-Werder Bremen 2-1.Video Istanbul UEFA Cup final 20/5/2009


Military transport jet airplane crashes in Indonesia killing nearly 100. 20/05/2009 Magetan air disaster

20.May.2009 A C-130 Hercule transport plane with 112 people aboard (14 crew and 98 passengers) crashed this morning in East Java - Indonesia. Nearly 100 are thought to have died in the crash and around 15 have been rescued - indonesian official reports. The indonesian plane crashed in a residential area of Karas in East Java and destroyed four houses killing at least 2 people living in.
Video footage "Indonesia jet plane crash" - East Java crash


Monday, May 18, 2009

EC Brussels incident 18/05/2009. European Commission headquarter evacuated due to fire

EU headquarter was caught by fire and the offices were evacuated there being reported no casualties. The flames had begun in the basement of the Berlaymont building before spreading to the upper floors and affected electrical wires, housed cables and other technical stuff. The incidend occured at 12:50 Brussels time and the cause of the fire at Berlaymont building is still unknown. The Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia and Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes were escorted away from the zone by security staff.
Video "Fire at EC headquarter 18/05/2009"


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Party 16/05/2009

No other comments.
A few pictures
Nice video


Thursday, May 14, 2009

JAL incident at LAX airport - baggage cart ingested into B747 plane engine

A fabulous picture from Los Angeles airport (LAX) where a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 airplane sucked a luggage container into its outer left engine. A baggage cart carrying empty containers was passing by right at the same moment with JAL plane, this event reminding somehow about Bucharest incident when a TAROM B-737 plane hit a car on the runway during the takeoff, therefore the romanians are not the only ones to blame. Following the LAX happening the witnesses regard the positive sides, firstly that there was not a person (as some pilot declared that once happened) and secondly the crew observed the container on the ground and not in the air:)
Video "baggage cart sucked by plane engine". Japan Airlines at LAX picture luggage stuck into engine.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-125 mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope. 11/05/2009 Video images from the perfect liftoff to orbit

11.May.2009 Atlantis Space Shuttle and STS-125 seven astronauts crew lifted off Launch Pad 39A from Kenedy Space Center - Florida to perform a servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. STS-125 also called HST-SM4 (Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission 4) is the final shuttle mission to NASA's Hubble. The STS-125 is the 30th flight of Atlantis Shuttle and the first mission not visiting a space station since 1994 (also first mission not visiting ISS from Columbia disaster in 2003). Because of the orbit difference between International Space Station (ISS) and Hubble Telescope, Atlantis would have been uncapable to get to ISS in case of a issue damaging its protective shield. For that reason, the STS-125 program was backed-up with another shuttle - Space Shuttle Endeavour ready to liftoff from Launch Pad 39B on a Launch On Need (LON) mission to save Atlantis crew.
Complete and great video footage of the STS-125 and Space Shuttle Atlantis from liftoff to orbit (Atlantis feedline camera).


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Romania football derby: Steaua - Dinamo 1-1

08.May.2009 Five games before the end of the romanian soccer championship finds Dinamo Bucharest still in the leading position after the "red dogs" obtained one point in the away contest against the main local rivals from Steaua Bucharest. The final fixture of Steaua Dinamo derby was 1-1, the goals being scored lately in the minutes 81 by Eric Biclfalvi (Steaua) and 88 by Claudiu Niculescu (Dinamo). The atmosphere at Steaua stadium was incendiary, instead the teams made a poor quality game on the pitch. The following squad behind Dinamo is Unirea Urziceni with a difference of only 3 points and one game less but the first two will play the direct decisive game at Urziceni.
Nice picture from Steaua Dinamo 1-1 08/05/2009.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shakhtar Donetsk - Dinamo Kyiv and Hamburg - Bremen, Semifinals 07/05/2009 Video Highlights UEFA Cup semifinals

07.Apr.2009 FC Shakhtar Donetsk hopes in a qualification to the UEFA Cup final in Istanbul. Mircea Lucescu's team starts with the first chance holding the advantage of an away goal scored in previous week 1-1 draw in Kyiv but Dinamo announces willing to do everything to pass this semifinals stage. The kick-off time of Shakstar - Dinamo game is 18:30.
The other UEFA Cup semifinal will be disputed as a national germany derby, Hamburg SV playing at home against Werder Bremen. Hamburg won the last week away contest by 1-0, instead Bremen plans to score as fast as possible and bring the game into balance. Kick-of time 20:45.
The two finalist of the UEFA Cup are Shakhtar Donetsk and Werder Bremen. Shakhtar won the home game against Dinamo Kyiv by 2-1 and qualified with a total aggregate of 3-2 whereas Werder Bremen won in Hamburg by 3-2 and qualified thanks to away goal, total aggregate 3-3.
Video highlights and goals Shakhtar Donetsk - Dinamo Kyinv semifinals UEFA Cup 07/04/2009
Video highlights and goals Hamburg SV - Werder Bremen semifinals UEFA Cup 07/04/2009


New York 9/11 flashback. AirForce plane flyover panics New York City to death on 27/04/2009

27.Apr.2009 An undisclosed New York low-altitude flyover by a 747 plane used as Air Force One brought a flashback in the mind of many people who reacted exactely as everyone thinks they would - crying, going in the streets, evacuating buildings and calling 911. The flight was ordered by the White House Military Chief Louis Caldera without notifying even the president Obama and was assigned as a photo shoot training. The state and local autorities were informed in advance about the flyover but with directives not to reveals information to public. Because the plane identically like Air Force One and futhermore being accompanied by a F-16 Fighter Jet, many americans believed that Obama was in the plane and black thoughts started to shed on them. Later, the officialities appologized for the incident and promised that will never happen again.
Video Air Force plane flyover terrifying New York (MSNBC report)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chelsea - Barcelona semifinal 06/05/2009 video highlights UEFA Champions League 2009

06.May.2009 Just a few hours to go untill one of the most disputed semifinals of the Champions League, Chelsea - Barcelona. In the last game, Hiddink had defensive problems on Saturday when claimed a 3-1 victory against Fulham and he does not want to see that against Barcelona, while the spanish opponents come in a good mood after a prestigious 6-2 over Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Because of the blank score from first leg at Camp Nou, this evening the goals are compulsory. If Chelsea qualifyes, then it will play the second consecutive Champions League final against same last year rivals, Manchester Utd.
UPDATE: Chelsea Barcelona 1-1. Tragically, Chealsea lost the qualification in the final of the champions League in the last minute. Chelsea had the lead of almost the whole game by the superb goal scored by Essien, instead Barcelona got one of the luckiest day in the history, Iniesta drawing in the last minute of the game (92) and denying Chelsea's chance to get revenge against Manchester. Actually Iniesta's 93rd-minute strike was Barcelona's first shot on target of the entire match. Chelsea played pretty well and had most of the good occasions missed by Drogba who also claimed a penalty. In the last minute, Essien (who scored for Chelsea) made a huge mistake missing a simple ball which subsequently was shot nicely by Iniesta from outside of the area and ended in Cech's net. Another aspect to be noticed is that Anelka is one of the worst players (he missed also last year final's penalty) and Chelsea should get rid of him. After Drogba got injured, Chelsea's attack was doomed. Luckily Barcelona is the second team who booked the tickets to the UEFA CL final where they will meet the present champions, Manchester United. Video Chelsea vs. Barcelona goals and highlights UEFA Champions League semifinals second-leg (Iniesta goal min 92)


Carpatair incident at Timisoara 05/05/2009

05.May.2009 Carpatair reveals more and more troubles with its airplanes. A new incident occured Tuesday 05-05-2009 when a plane made an emergency return to Timisoara airport just 6 minutes after take-off. The Carpatair flight was scheduled at 15:20 on a route Timisoara - Iasi and shortly into the flight a piece of the right engine shield was ripped off and determined the pilots to go back to Timisoara. The landing was done safely and all 50 passangers were taken subsequently on board of another aircraft. The most serious incident involving Carpatair took place on 28th of February when a plane made and emergency landing after the frontal landing gear failed to open. Here a video of the Carpatair plane troubling engine recorded on landing.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arsenal 1-3 Manchester video highlights and goals UEFA 2009 Champions League Semi-finals, second-leg

05.May.2009 This evening at Emirates Stadium (London) in a game against local Arsenal, Manchester United booked its place for the final of the UEFA Champions League which will be disputed this year in Rome. Starting with one goal advantage from the first leg, Manchester performed a very organized game and managed to defeat Arsenal by 3-1. Ji-Sung Park scored for Manchester early in the minute 8 and three minutes later (11) Cristiano Ronaldo increased the advantage to 2-0 by a superb free kick. In the second half the same Ronaldo put the ball into the net in the minute 61 after a great counter-attack whose autors were Park, Rooney, Ronaldo and the score was raised to 3-0 in Manchester's favor. Arsenal's goal was scored from penalty by Robie van Persie in min 76 . Video highlights Arsenal - Manchester 1-3 UEFA Champions League semifinals goals.


Turkey - Mardin wedding party attack, at least 45 died

04.May.2009 An attack on a wedding ceremony in the Turkey's Mardin province killed at least 45 persons. The assault on the Mazidagi Bilge village was done with automatic weapons and bombs. Autorities deny the event as a terrorism-related incident, instead they consider it a revenge between guests. The place of the tragic event is close to the border with Syria and for many years it has been overwhelmed by conflicts between Kurdish activists and government troups, therefore most of the people in the area bear weapons. Turkish wedding attack claims that 6 childred were also among those murdered in Bilge Koyu, approximately 20 km from Mardin city. The witnesses described the scene as horryfying, the supposed celebration transforming Mardin in a wedding massacre.
Link to video on wedding terror in Mardin - Turkey (BBC)


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Austria avalanche kills 6 people in Tyrol Alps

03.Apr.2009 Natural disaster event. Six hikers, 5 originating from Czech Republic and 1 from Slovakia died Saturaday (02.May.2009, ~4:15 PM) after being overtaken by an avalanche in Austrian Alps. The avalanche happened close to Soelden ski resort at about 500 metres away from the top of the 3,500 Schalfkogel mountain. The rescue teams were uncapable to reach immediately the scene due to bad weather and they recovered the bodies at a later time, Sunday in the afternoon. There was still a lucky survivor in the Czechs group, the 7th person - a 45 years old man who decided to stay behind in a alpine hut. The Austrain mountains received a lot of snow last winter and still present a real danger of avalanches even in the mid-spring period. One image of the site of the Schalfkogel avalanche can be seen in the picture below and here a video report on austrian avalanche victims search (ITN news).


Mars alien skull image by camera of NASA’s Spirit Rover.

03.Apr.2009 A new controversial image from Mars planet was broadcast by the Spirit NASA camera. The raw picture presents a skull shaped object and many UFO spotters started to speculate and analyze it. A few characteristics of the “extraterrestrial Martian skull”: an approximate dimension of 15 cm having eyes separated by 5 cm and the cranial capacity of about 1400 cc. The existence of a small narrow mouth and the blunted nose suggest a carnivore creature living in a chilly and windy environment specific to Mars. There are raised many questions: Is the alien skull seen on Mars beheaded or buried up to the neck?
Might be possible to be a real humanoid skull or is just another tricky effect?
Another famous image from red planet, known as Face on Mars was taken by Viking 1 spacecraft in 1976 and after re-filming the area in 1988 it was considered just a trick of the light.
Picture of "alien skull" spotted on Mars.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Queen's Day tragedy Apeldoorn 30/04/2009 - Koninginnedag auto aanslag Apeldoorn

Royal birthday car crash: This year the Queen's day turned into a big tragedy when seven people died in Apeldoorn (Nederland) after a car smashed into the crowds celebrating the queen's day. The Dutch Royal Family was travelling in a open-top bus and waving the people when a car went straight through the crowds before crashing to a monument. The dutch police declared that the target of the attack was the Royal Family and the killing-driver was a 38 years old guy who died later at the hospital. It is still puzzling how the Royals (in the bus) could have been attacked by a small class car like Suzuki Swift. Excepting Amsterdam (with 600.000 visitors), all the celebrations in The Netherlands were canceled. Below you can see shocking images from the scene with people lying dead on the ground and also The attack video reconstruction of the Apeldoorn tragic event.
Video1 Apeldoorn Royal car attack (violent images)

Video2 Apeldoorn auto aanslag Koninginnedag 2009, live Nederland1 TV.

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