Sunday, May 3, 2009

Austria avalanche kills 6 people in Tyrol Alps

03.Apr.2009 Natural disaster event. Six hikers, 5 originating from Czech Republic and 1 from Slovakia died Saturaday (02.May.2009, ~4:15 PM) after being overtaken by an avalanche in Austrian Alps. The avalanche happened close to Soelden ski resort at about 500 metres away from the top of the 3,500 Schalfkogel mountain. The rescue teams were uncapable to reach immediately the scene due to bad weather and they recovered the bodies at a later time, Sunday in the afternoon. There was still a lucky survivor in the Czechs group, the 7th person - a 45 years old man who decided to stay behind in a alpine hut. The Austrain mountains received a lot of snow last winter and still present a real danger of avalanches even in the mid-spring period. One image of the site of the Schalfkogel avalanche can be seen in the picture below and here a video report on austrian avalanche victims search (ITN news).


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