Sunday, May 30, 2010

Skater Taig Khris jumps off Tour Eiffel

Taig Chris, multiple champion of roller skating contests, jumped off the Eiffel Tower in an attempt to set a new world record for the longest free fall. The extreme skating French champion deployed himself from a platform off the first stage of the tower which is located 40 meters above the ground and after a fall of 12.5 meter landed onto a ramp located at the base of the landmark. The previous freefall record was held by the American Danny Way with a 8.53-meter fall. Chris managed to set the new world inline skating record after its second try.
Video extreme inline skater Taig Chris set world record for freefall jump off Eiffel Tower.


Hamilton wins dramatic Turkey F1 Grand Prix after Red Bull team collision

The Mercedes pair Lewis Hamilton and Jason Button claimed the one-two places in the F1 turkish Grand Prix after taking lucky advantage of a collision between Red Bull racers, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel. Webber was leading the race when his teammate Vettel tried to overtake him on lap 41 out of 58 and managed only to crash into him. Following the accident Webber had to change the nose of his bolide at a pitstop and thus gave up the first position in the favor of Hamilton who engaged in a private battle with mate Button. In the end Hamilton won the race, followed by Button and Webber completed the podium. Thus the 3rd place taken by Webber helps him keep the lead in the title race with 5 points ahead Button.


Eurovision song contest 2010 - one of the best ever

The 55th edition of the Eurovision took place Saturday May 29, 2010 in Norway at the Telenor Arena in Oslo (Baerum). The Norwegian officials organized a perfect musical event whose costs raised to 24 million Euro, a quite large budget for a financial crisis period. After a tight contest the top-3 countries of the Eurovision 2010 were: 1.Germany , 2.Turkey, 3.Romania. Thus Germany claimed the title on song "Satellite" by Lena. The second place was booked by the turkish from Manga with their "We could be the same". The 3rd place at the Eurovision final 2010 was claimed by Romanians Ovi & Paula Seling with their song "Playing with fire". From a geo-political point of view, Romania got 12 points only from Moldova but in general they got points from most of the countries showing that "Playing with fire" had a catch to a large category of people across Europe. All Eurovision 2010 songs videos can be watched at or eurovisionyoutube.
1. Lena Meyer Landrut - Satellite (video winner Eurovision 2010)
2. Manga - We could be the same (video 2nd place Eurovision 2010)
3. Ovi and Paula Seling - Playing with fire (video 3rd place Eurovision 2010)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Emotional moments with Mourinho and Materazzi after Champions League final

One of the most popular recent videos present the emotional side of the football. Despite the fact that he is considered most of the time an arrogant person, Jose Mourinho was caught by the italian television into an sensitive emotional situation after the final of the Champions League in Madrid. Images filmed outside of Santiago Bernabeu shortly after Inter beat 2-0 Bayern, show Mourinho getting in the car and preparing to leave the site. After a short distance the vehicle stopped and "The Special One" got out and headed toward Materazzi who was staying alone on the pavement. Mourinho and Materazzi embraced each other and the portuguese trainer returned back to his car with the tears in his eyes. This situations are not seen very often at Mourinho.
Video: Jose Mourinho and Materazzi emotional flash after UEFA CL 2010.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Middle East area, news and info

In general Middle East, known also as Near East, is an area which contains south-western Asia and part of Egypt. Middle East has an extremely agitated and long history dating back to ancient times. Very importantly, the Middle East represents the origin of three of the world’s main religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Throughout the time, Middle East has been considered the central point of the world affairs. The region is dominated by a arid and hot climate and several countries have large resources of crude oil. Because of that fact, nowadays, Middle East is regarded as a sensitive region from a religiously, economically, politically and strategically point of view. Middle East War is a term very often heard worldwide. Throughout the 20th century and the beginning of the 21th, experienced a lot of alternating periods of peace and periods of strong conflicts and war. Usually the conflicts are mostly generated by economical and ideological reasons. The world media is very interested and concerned about the Near East as long as it represents a major source of news especially on political and economical ground and the most important news corporations opened representatives in the area.


Monday, May 24, 2010

York Duchess Sarah Ferguson filmed by reporter in cash deal

Scandal in UK as Sarah Ferguson - the York Duchess - asked 500000 pounds from an undercover reporter in exchange to offer him access to her ex-husband, the Duke of York. Prince Andrew denied having any idea about the deal between Ferguson and the World of the News reporter. The duchess is thought to have received initially 40000 pounds cash and has requested to get later some other half million to convince the prince to help the reporter posing as a businessman. Ferguson apparently met the reporter twice, firstly in a New York hotel and a second time in a London club. The Buckingham Palace refused to comment the acusations brought by the News of the World publication but the Duchess of York said in a statement that she is sincerely sorry for her serious lack of judgement and the embarrasing situation created. Furthermore she blamed her financial situation for this happening. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson divorced in 1996 but they remained close friends. According to the UK media the Duchess of York, 50, is almost bankrupt for the second time since the separation of Andrew.
Video cash deal Sarah Ferguson - The Duchess of York.


Storage locker selection

The lockers are in general known as compartments used for the storage of the goods. They are normally found in large numbers in different locations such as shopping centres, work places, universities, gyms and sport centres, offices, airports, railway stations and the like. The lockers are extremely useful in the crowded or highly populated areas and they vary in size, design, goal and security. Regarding the construction materials the lockers are made of sheet metal but most of the manufacturers provide also wood or plastic lockers.
The lockers must fulfil certain characteristics features with respect to the size of the bank, the tiers, locking option, security system, price, size, etc. Despite the fact that as a buyer you can choose among a large selection of lockers, before ordering one it is recommended to mention its purpose and even better if come up with your own design and configuration. The plastic lockers are thought to fit the best in places with high humidity, moisture or chemical agents since the plastic does not get corroded, while the metal lockers are best suited for educational institutions like schools or colleges. Moreover you can opt for wood lockers because they confer an aesthetical look to any inner space, e.g. sport clubs, health facilities or recreational centres.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Video: Inter Milan - Bayern Munich 2-0 UEFA CL Final 2010

Diego Milito fulfills Inter Milan's dream. In the UEFA Champions League Final played at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Diego Milito scored in each half (35 and 70) as Inter Milan crowned champions of Europe after beating 2-0 Bayern Munich. It was a performance for the italian team as they achieved the triple, with the Serie A and the Italian Cup already won. Furthermore Inter claimed its 3rd Champions League trophy after a long wait of 45 years. Jose Mourinho becomes the third trainer to win the UEFA/CL trophy with two different teams, thus following Ernst Happel and Ottmar Hitzfeld.
Videohighlights and goals: Inter Milano - Bayern Munchen 2-0 UEFA Champions League video.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Athletic Bilbao wins an impossible game against 200 juniors

Athletic Bilbao from La Liga played a charity game against 200 young football players. The game was organised as celebrating the separation from Joseba Exteberria who played 15 years for Athletic. Despite the fact that the kids had a quite organized scheme 66-80-51 and 3 goalkeepers, they did not manage to withstand and professional team Athletic won 5-3.
Video Athletic Bilbao against 200 younsters, charity game for Joseba Exteberria.


Autovehicle lighting systems

The safety on the roads supposes that your car is equipped with several compulsory accessories such as airbags, safety belt, proper lighting system, etc. Many of the traffic accidents are generated due to lack of visibility; therefore most of the famous car brands try to come up with new developed and innovative lighting systems.
The lighting system of a car relies on lighting and signalling devices attached or integrated to the front, sides and back of the vehicle. The goal of such a system is to generate suitable illumination for the driver in order to maintain the vehicle safely into the dark, to enhance the conspicuity of the motorcar and to provide information regarding the vehicle's presence, location, size, direction of driving, and driver's intentions with respect to the direction and speed of travel. The headlight is one of the most important component of the car lighting. Its characteristics are determining factors for the safaty of the driving. The headlight like also the other electrical lamps is widely standardized by traffic convention. The hadlamps are split usually in two categories: the low beam (or meeting, dipped, dip, passing beam) headlamp and high beam (or driving, main, full beam) headlamp. The dipped beam must provide a specific distribution to give proper forward and side illumination without blinding the other driver with excessive glare. The beam is designed for being used when other vehicles are present ahead. The main beam instead is characterized by an intense, centre distribution of light without much control of the glare. Thus, they are suitable for use whe alone on streets as the intense light would bling the other drivers. There are various electical components used for front lighting such as normal filament bulbs, xenon lamps, etc. One of the newest technology is based on hid lights which allow the driver to see the road with an impecable clarity, thus avoiding the presence of invisible spots, blured images. The hid headlights are known to have a longer lifetime and a hight brightness than the halogen bulbs like xenon gas based lamps.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BBC presenter stirs scandal after Queen death joke

A new scandal in Great Britain after BBC announced that Queen Elizabeth II has died. The joke was made by Danny Kelly, a presenter of the BBC WM local station in Birmingham. Kelly aired the national anthem and told the british people that the queen is dead. Quickly after, his producer intervened and asked him to withdraw his words. The presenter appologized and said that everything was just a joke but already generated outrage across the country. BBC also appologized and did not post the recording over the internet. On the BBC website, Kelly, 39, is known to have an "unique brand humour".


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Video: Atletico Madrid 2-1 Fulham. Europa League trophy handled by Spaniards

Diego Forlan scored a dramatic winner in the extra time of the Europa League final as Atletico Madrid won 2-1 over Fulham and claimed the trophy.
Videohighlights Atletico Madrid - Fulham 2-1 Europa League final 2010


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tripoli plane crash kills around 100

An Airbus A330-200 carrying 93 passengers and 11 crew memebers on board crashed at Tripoli airport while trying to land. The plane operated by Afriqiyah Airways departed from Johannesburg, South Africa and was bound to Libya's capital. So far 93 bodies have been recovered and it was also confirmed that a 8-year-old boy survived miraculously the crash. The president of the European Parliament said that people from various worldwide countries boarded the plane. The Dutch officials announced the possibility that several dutch citizens were on the plane. The Airbus of the Tripoli based Afriqiyah Airways crashed upon landing after a 9 hour long flight. It was one of the three A330 model owned by the Libyan airline.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Video: Craiova 2-3 CFR Cluj

With only two remaining matches to the end of the 2009-2010 season, CFR Cluj was almost dropping the leading position in the romanian football league. CFR played away at Drobeta Turnu Severin against Universitatea Craiova. At halt time Craiova had already a 2 goals advantage thanks to Alex Piturca (11) and Mihai Costea (21). Cluj team found themselves in a difficult situation as long as only a victory could keep them ahead followers from Urziceni and Timisoara. With the chances of winning the 2010 title visibly vanishing, CFR pushed hardly in the second half and managed to take over control of the game. They reduced the difference in min 63 on goal by Kone, drew the result in min 85 by Bud and won the match in the injury times (93) on goal by Cadu (penalty).
Video Univ. Craiova - CFR Cluj 2-3 (all goals).
Video Craiova - CFR Cluj 2-3 (supergoal Piturca 1-0)

Video Craiova - CFR Cluj 2-3 (goal Costea 2-0).
Video Craiova - CFR Cluj 2-3 (goal Traore 2-1).
Video Craiova - CFR Cluj 2-3 (goal Bud 2-2).
Video Craiova - CFR Cluj 2-3 (goal Cadu 2-3).


Volvo S60 fails safety test

Volvo announced the release of a new safety system designed to stop automaticaly the vehicle when encountering an iminent obstacle. Volvo mounted such a sytem on one of its models, S60 and organized a test in the presence of the media. The S60 with a dummy inside was directed towards a truck at a speed of 35 km/h but surprisingly the car did not stop and crashed into the truck. It was a funny situation especialy for the journalists present at the spot. The company officials blamed the engineer who prepared the car for the test. They considered that the failure occured due to a malfunction of the battery which was supplying the safety system. This was just a test and hope that in reality the new system will work.
Video Volvo S60 crash test failure.


Chelsea 8-0 Wigan and british title goes to Stamford Bridge

Chelsea won 8-0 over Wigan Athletic and claimed the Premier League title with just one point ahead the rivals from Manchester United. The red devils managed to beat Stroke 4-0 at Old traford but it proved to be just academic. At half time Chelsea was leading 2-0 due to goals by Anelka and Lampard but in the second half they made the fans delighted with Drogba's hat-trick, Anelka's second and Kalou and Ashley Cole also on target. Chelsea has a chance to make the double with a win over Portsmouth in the FA Cup final which takes place at Wembley Stadium next week. Chelsea set also a record, Drogba's first goal and Chelsea's fifth represented the 100th goal of the season, being the first time this has been achieved since the creation of Premier League.

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