Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Middle East area, news and info

In general Middle East, known also as Near East, is an area which contains south-western Asia and part of Egypt. Middle East has an extremely agitated and long history dating back to ancient times. Very importantly, the Middle East represents the origin of three of the world’s main religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Throughout the time, Middle East has been considered the central point of the world affairs. The region is dominated by a arid and hot climate and several countries have large resources of crude oil. Because of that fact, nowadays, Middle East is regarded as a sensitive region from a religiously, economically, politically and strategically point of view. Middle East War is a term very often heard worldwide. Throughout the 20th century and the beginning of the 21th, experienced a lot of alternating periods of peace and periods of strong conflicts and war. Usually the conflicts are mostly generated by economical and ideological reasons. The world media is very interested and concerned about the Near East as long as it represents a major source of news especially on political and economical ground and the most important news corporations opened representatives in the area.


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