Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Emotional moments with Mourinho and Materazzi after Champions League final

One of the most popular recent videos present the emotional side of the football. Despite the fact that he is considered most of the time an arrogant person, Jose Mourinho was caught by the italian television into an sensitive emotional situation after the final of the Champions League in Madrid. Images filmed outside of Santiago Bernabeu shortly after Inter beat 2-0 Bayern, show Mourinho getting in the car and preparing to leave the site. After a short distance the vehicle stopped and "The Special One" got out and headed toward Materazzi who was staying alone on the pavement. Mourinho and Materazzi embraced each other and the portuguese trainer returned back to his car with the tears in his eyes. This situations are not seen very often at Mourinho.
Video: Jose Mourinho and Materazzi emotional flash after UEFA CL 2010.


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