Saturday, March 19, 2011

Video: Loudest supporters in the world found at Galatasaray-Fenerbahce game

The Turkey and Istanbul's derby between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce set a new world record as the loudest crowd on an outdoor stadium. In order to list an eventual record, a delegation from the famous Guinness Book went to Turk Telecom Arena and performed acustic measurements. It seems that they chose the rightest possible place on Earth. Galatasaray fans managed to generate 131,76 decibels despite the fact that their favorite team lost the home game by 2-1. It is a pitty because any team on Earth would be very proud to have such fans.
VIDEO RECORDED DURING THE GAME: Galatasaray-Fenerbahce, the loudest game ever - Guinness World Records.


Liviu Varciu big celebration on his 30th birthday

Liviu Varciu organized a very monden party on the occasion of his 30 year anniversary. It looked like the number of invited people exceeded 100, among them spotting Pepe, Jean de la Craiona, Oana Roman, Andreea Banica, Oana Lis and her husban Viorel, Costi Ionita and many others. During the party there have been lots of entertainment but also emotional moments with Varciu remembering the death of his brother last year. The distinct guests enjoyed the funny moments innitiated by the celebrated person however the media reporter noticed that Varciu's father was somehow upset on his son's former wife Adelina Pestritu.
Watch VIDEO, PITURES, and more detailes from Liviu Varciu's 30th birthday party (17/03/2011)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Video: Acces Direct, Oana Zavoranu cries on phone

Oana Zavoranu seems to be a tough and restless woman but unfortunately her marriage turmoil is even tougher. That situation determined her to show that she is still human and has feelings. Zavoranu is puzzled because Pepe's action are somehow senseless. Her husband picked up his baggage and ran away. For one month he was not seen at all. He motivated his absence because of trying to avoid a couple scandal; anyway he generated a bigger one accompanied by divorce procedure. Oana was invited at several tv shows at Antena1 TV. She attended three times "Un show pacatos" and during a phone interview with Simona Gherghe (Acces Direct) Zavoranu started to cry when unveiling her love for Pepe.
VIDEO: Acces Direct-Oana Zavoranu crying on phone


Oana Zavoranu and Pepe staged marriage during "Te pui cu blondele" show

One month ago none believed the scandal about to ignite between Pepe and his wife Oaza Zavoranu. On Valentine's Day the twosome have been invited by Dan Negru at his show "Te pui cu blondele". During the show Zavo and Pepe were supposed to play the role of the perfect couple and it looks like they proved to be good actors: nobody figured out they were in troubles. Actually they staged their marriage in front of the romanian nation and three days after the TV show Pepe left his wife and home. Since then they did not meet each other because Pepe tried to avoid as much as possible Oana and...he managed that.
VIDEO: Pepe Pascu and Oana Zavoranu- Te pui cu blondele show (Dan Negru/Antena1/Valentine's Day/14Feb2011)


Amazing videos of Japanese tsunami and quake

The disastrous quake and tsunami which struck Japan showed stunning images with the unleash of the mother nature. There have been numerous amazing footages recorded during the catastrophic events and 2 of them are related to the swaying of the Tokyo skyscrapers and the moments when the tsunami waves raged into the Japan territory.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Video Japan quake triggered tsunami moves fast inland

Devastating video footages of Tsunami triggered by a strong 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan which took place Friday.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

BBC news team held and beaten by Gaddafi forces in Zawiya

Three British men who were making up the BBC news team in Libya were detained by Libyan Gaddafi's troups when trying to approach Zawyia city. The news team members were locked down for 21 hours and over that period they were  hit with knees, fists and various kind of weapons. They were also threatened to face execution by libyan police. Reporters Chris Cobb-Smith, Feras Killani and cameraman Goktay Koraltan identified themselves at a road stop close to Zawyia - a city at just 50 km from capital Tripoli. The three people were arrested, blindfolded and transported to a Tripoli military base where they experienced terifying moments. They were convinced they are going to die and during their ordeal they saw evidence of torture of Libyan detainees mostly originating from Zawiya. Over a 6-hour detention period the BBC members made efforts to help the other detainees to drink, urinate or sleep; it was a difficult task because most of the prisoners were badly wounded and did not have part of any treatement.
It seems that later a Libyan government official appologised for BBC team's bad experience.


Australian fisher escapes crocodile attack

Todd Bairstow, a 28-year-old Australian miner, was fishing at Weipa creek in Queensland when suddenly a 4 meter long crocodile came up from under water and grabbed him.
Mr Bairstow was using a lure for fishing and while he was throwing the lure into the water the reptile jumped and bit his hand by cutting off one of his fingers. Even that action did not threaten his life, yet the man had the bad luck to slip and then the crocodile caught him and tried to drag him into the water. At that point Todd Bairsow started screaming for help which fortunately were heard by one of his pals who were sitting on a pub porch. The rescuer ran quickly to the fighting place, grabbed a big tree branch and started hitting the crocodile over the nose. Then the animal left Todd Bairstow free and dissapeared into the water. Mr Bairstow does not suffer of life threatening wounds but however he has to recover from a missing finger, two broken legs, punctures and dislocated joints.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Relevant tips for profitable trade show display

The benefits of the trade event participations are based on the fact that can prompt you on top of the latest marketing trends, allow you to make new contacts and strengthen the connections with the former and future customers.
In general a trade show room is fitted with updated items and articles chosen from a large list of trade show displays manufactured and designed specially for such events. The primary purpose is to spread a positive impression about yourself and your business which aims at catching the attention of any visitor around who might become an eventual customer.
It is recommendable to have imagination and be creative in promoting the products or advertising the company’s name in a lucrative way. Hence an original option to highlight your image is by employing suitable logo floor mats. You can pick out a wide selection of logo mats with catchy designs which can fulfil your intentions.
An innovative method to make your trade exhibition even more unforgettable is by making use of exhibit booths. They must look like something new and special, with conceptual prints and high quality drawings in order to get observed and determine a possible client walk out with your brand name in his mind. Last but not least, an attractive item noticed during a trade show event is the display truss. In general the trusses are regarded as supporting stuff and they should be made up of light components therefore much confidence is put into aluminium-made truss. The trusses are found in various sizes and profiles and many times they are indispensable in the lighting system arrangements for entertaining shows or concerts. When thinking about a show display, it is good to remember several relevant factors such as the type of event, the allocated budget, how reliable is the advert investment, etc.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Video: David Arquette injured and taken to hospital after serious car crash

The 39-year old David Arquette just experienced a car crash shortly ago. He was driving his silver Cadillac behind another vehicle which stopped suddenly. The the actor tried to prevent hitting the fron car and swerved to left into the oncoming traffic. Following his manoeuvre, he crashed into a car coming from opposite sense.
See VIDEO and PICTURES from crash scene and moments when David Arquette is taken from crash spot.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Irina Columbeanu stays with her father. Child makes video revelations about Monica

The law-court rejected Monica Columbeanu claim for Irina's custody, hence the kid will remain with father Irinel until divorce is ended, it was said in an official statement today. Also Friday Irinel Columbeanu posted on the internet many videos which blame Monica for beating her 4-year-old daughter. The videos shows Irina's experience with her mother and also disclosures by Veronica Gabor, Monica's mother. The divorce battle announces to be very tough with he first term already scheduled for the end of March 2011. See info and video with Irina Columbeanu declarations recorded on tape.


Liberal deputy Tudor Ionescu, key of scandal between Pepe and Oana Zavoranu

Update 05/Apr/2011: Tudy Ionescu, shocking indecent video recorded in the toiled (Oana dedication)
Cancan made extensive efforts to see what exactely is behind the near-breaking of relationship between Oana Zavoranu and her husband Pepe. The news reporters discovered the 26-year-old liberal politician Tudor Ionescu who was in fact the company of Zavoranu at the end of November 2010 when the two individuals were spotted in a club at dawn. It looks like Ionescu is rather Zavoranu's lover and not her friend and their relationship is quite advanced. Tudor Ionescu, nicknamed also Tudy by his friends, wrote some words on his facebook profile giving understanding that he is totally in love with Oana and wants her to divorce Pepe. Zavoranu's reaction at hearing that media found out about her separation was somehow weird to everyone because she tried to be more discreet and avoided the scandal, which is her favorite game. Now with Tudor Ionescu in the middle of the battle field the things are more clear.
Video update 10 Mar 2011: Oana Zavoranu just filed for divorce: interview


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oana Zavoranu and Pepe relationship to be terminated?

Hard to believe but true. Oana Zavoranu is in deep troubles: Pepe is missing!!! It was a harsh March 1 for Oana Zavoranu who was practically chased by paparazzi. Her possible separation from Pepe will be a perfect for a delicious hot news. Furthermore Oana is involved also in a scandalous lawsuit against her mother. She behaved unusual on Tuesday. During the daytime she wore a pair of sunglasses even if it was not necessary and in the evening she went out for a tanning session at about 9:30 p.m. She was very shy and tried to avoid the paparazzi. Furthermore she did not want her face to be seen. Late in the night Oana Zavoranu, known also as Querida, rejected live phone call with Dan Capatos during "Un Show Pacatos" parogramme, instead she sent him 2 SMS messages.
Detailed story of Oana Zavoranu and Pepe, scandal start, March 2011

10 Mar 2011 update: Oana Zavoranu handled divorce papers: interview


Elena Basescu and Syda get separated

Elena Basescu is engaged to Bogdan Ionescu aka Syda and they were scheduled to marry this summer on June 19. According to the last gossip news EBA broke up with Syda recently. The reason was nothing else than infidelity. Romanian president's daughter visited her fiance by stealth and was absolutely surprised to see Syda in the company of another...girl. Subsequently Syda tried to calm down EBA but without success. It seems that she told him..."adio". Good for her. Read more details on separation between EBA and Syda.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Western star Jane Russell died at 89

Hollywood sex simbol and starlet of Western movies Jane Russell past away at age of 89. The actress was discovered by Howard Hughes and appointed her for a role in the 1941western The Outlaw. Mrs Russell was in the middle of one of the most advertised censorship in the history of cinematography with the very delayed "The Outlaw". Etta Waterfield, the actress daughter in law revealed that the cause of the death was a respiratory related disease. Jane Russell was a medical assistent and when turned 19 Howard Hughes - a billionaire who shifted the field of his activities to movie making (following successful aviation career) - introduced her as the tempestuous Rio McDonald, Sheriff Pat Garrett’s girlfriend, in “The Outlaw,” -directed by rich magnate. As can be seen in the photo, a Jane Russell sitting in a haystack with the dress falling down along her arm raised controversial debates related to how much an actress can reveal her breasts - which at that time seemed too much. That led to an one year delay of the film. One of the main opponent was the Roman Catholic Church. The Outlaw was finally released in 1943 with a premiere in San Francisco but it was not admitted in New York till 1947 and obtained national coverage in 1950, just about 10 years after its production. Most of Mrs Russell career was based on western movies made between 1948-1957. She was famous between 1970-1980's as a television spokeswoman. Jane Russell was married thrice. She adopted 3 children - a girl and 2 boys-along with her first husband Bob Waterfield from who she divorced in 1967 followinf 24 years of marriage. One year later (1968) she married shortly to Roger Barrett, an actor who passed away three months after wedding, and in 1974 Russell married her last husband John Calvin Peoples who deceased in 1999. The deaths in her family determined the actress to become alcohol addicted and her children sent her to rehab when she was 79. Jane Russell's last stage appearance was in 1986 in an episode of Hunter, a drama aired by NBC.

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