Thursday, March 10, 2011

BBC news team held and beaten by Gaddafi forces in Zawiya

Three British men who were making up the BBC news team in Libya were detained by Libyan Gaddafi's troups when trying to approach Zawyia city. The news team members were locked down for 21 hours and over that period they were  hit with knees, fists and various kind of weapons. They were also threatened to face execution by libyan police. Reporters Chris Cobb-Smith, Feras Killani and cameraman Goktay Koraltan identified themselves at a road stop close to Zawyia - a city at just 50 km from capital Tripoli. The three people were arrested, blindfolded and transported to a Tripoli military base where they experienced terifying moments. They were convinced they are going to die and during their ordeal they saw evidence of torture of Libyan detainees mostly originating from Zawiya. Over a 6-hour detention period the BBC members made efforts to help the other detainees to drink, urinate or sleep; it was a difficult task because most of the prisoners were badly wounded and did not have part of any treatement.
It seems that later a Libyan government official appologised for BBC team's bad experience.


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