Thursday, March 10, 2011

Australian fisher escapes crocodile attack

Todd Bairstow, a 28-year-old Australian miner, was fishing at Weipa creek in Queensland when suddenly a 4 meter long crocodile came up from under water and grabbed him.
Mr Bairstow was using a lure for fishing and while he was throwing the lure into the water the reptile jumped and bit his hand by cutting off one of his fingers. Even that action did not threaten his life, yet the man had the bad luck to slip and then the crocodile caught him and tried to drag him into the water. At that point Todd Bairsow started screaming for help which fortunately were heard by one of his pals who were sitting on a pub porch. The rescuer ran quickly to the fighting place, grabbed a big tree branch and started hitting the crocodile over the nose. Then the animal left Todd Bairstow free and dissapeared into the water. Mr Bairstow does not suffer of life threatening wounds but however he has to recover from a missing finger, two broken legs, punctures and dislocated joints.


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