Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What to do when joining a trade show event

A trade show event should be regarded as an investment for your business. You have the oportunity to find out the latest trends in your niche, make new contacts, tighten the relationship with your customers, spy the competition, test new products and promote the name of your brand.
Dozens bucks are normally invested in promoting products at various trade shows during a year. It is not a surprize that a good percentage of those who participate do not really know exactly the reason of their attendance. Many of them just go there because they were used to, however that is an abosultely wrong perception.

Before opting for trade show displays, the business people must make clear in their minds what they want to obtain. you spent the money for participation, the next step to to focus on is the advertising. So, practically make yourself known and sell your niche.
Once joining the tradeshow, the best method to advertise your products is by looking for exhibit boots. The boots are most suitable but if they are too expensive then you need to use your imagination and find alternatives such as booking a suite at a location around, e.g. hotel, restaurant where you can simply set up your things.

To bring up your stuff and highlight your brand it is good to employ logo floor mats.There is a wide range of floor mats you can choose from. They are essential because is one of the trade show item which quickly captures the attention of the visitors.

As a professional marketer, the truss is something to think about. Trusses are interesting items used as supporting frames and their structure should contain light materials, therefore an aluminium-made truss turns out to be quite reliable. A truss can feature specific shape and design and usually it is seen most often supporting the lighting systems during the spectacles, concerts, etc.
So, in conclusion, do not go to a trade exhibition for the sake of going, but try to make a plan in advance because in fact everything is about your money.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Russian hockey player Alexander Galimov who survived Yaroslavl plane crash died in Moscow hospital

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team's Russian player Galimov Alexander, who survived a plane crash last week died in hospital due to injuries on Monday.

"In the morning of September 12, despite ongoing therapy, which used the most modern treatments, Alexander Saidgereyevich Galimov died of significant burns," it was said in a statement released by the hospital that hosted the 26-year-old player.

The information was confirmed by the Russian hockey federation which posted the gruesome news on its official website: "We express deepest condolences to family and friends of Alexander, and all those who regarded his struggle for life as a last hope in this terrible tragedy."

Galimov had severe burns on more than 80% of his body and was placed in artificial coma after being transported to a Moscow hospital.

Steward Alexander Sizov who remains the last survivor of the accident is still in hospital in critical condition.


Moving photos WTC commemoration Ground Zero

Today the whole world commemorated the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attaks and paid tribute to the people who lost their lives in the tragedy.

Dozens people gathered at New York's Ground Zero where the names of almost 3000 victims were spoken out by relatives, friends, officials. US President Barack Obama and former president George Bush participated at the event joining many other personalities.

The mourning day at the memorial ceremony revealed countless moving images and photos captured on tape.

For example Robert Peraza, whose son Robert David Peraza died in the terror attacks of the WTC twin towers, stopped by at his son's name at the North Pool of the 9/11 remembering site ahead of the 10th anniversary, Sunday 11 September, 2011, in New York. (AP Photo/Justin Lane)

You can see HERE dozens moving picture taken during the memorial anniversary.
Video grown-up Peter Negron mourns, remembers, misses father Pete.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Basic benefits of online degree scholarships

Have you ever asked yourself about the comparison between an online degree program and a full time class attendance? Well, initially the online education was regarded a little suspicious mostly because of the accreditation matters. However nowadays these issues have been settled and the online diplomas are widely recognized everywhere.

Yet, you must pay attention because you might find online programs which are not accredited. Obvioustly it is 100% recommended to attend the classes of an accredited education program. The benefits of Online Courses rely mostly on the fact that you can enjoy a flexible time and even have a full-time job. For example many folks, especially those who are employed full time, do not dispose the necessary time to pursue a full degree in a college/university. Claiming your degree using the virtual environment or distance learning means that the education is brought in your home, therefore you can manage the time at your own pace and comfortability. Furthermore you do not have to worry about the location of the university. If a prestigious college is too far away from your place that's not relevant anymore and the online communication propagates with the speed of light.

The online degree programs will grant you a diploma, an associate/bachelor/master degree and even a PhD in various fields such as business, education, arts, social or exact sciences, psychology, computers, engineering and many others. For joining the online degree programs in science for example, you just have to crawl the web in order to find what you need ann then simply submit your application. They will come back to you with a response in the shortest possible time.

Because for sure you will be interestred to know the main advantages of the online education, then just read what they are: a broad spectrum of colleges you can chose from, selective range of fees that can match your budget, classes available non-stop, literature found online and simply download it, no need to travel to campus, flexible time management.
In case you have money troubles, yet you have an option by applying for a financial help. You can do that with various educational organizations such as http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/


Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is a dedicated server and what are the advantages?

A dedicated server is a computer that only works as a server an is not being used as a client or workstation. Such servers are called dedicated becaused they are optimized to serve the customers' demands and ensure the security of network files and folders. Thus, you don't rent a certain amount of resources on a computer system, but rent a full system, a separate physical machine, accessed and used solely by you.

When traditional hosting solutions no longer cope with the online business you have, it means that you have to move the business on efficient and reliable dedicated servers, which can support a variety of web applications, multimedia, virtualization or a large stream of transactions. A dedicated server is a professional and fast hosting solution. It's a recommended solution for those who own web pages that use a much larger number of resources and not fall into the resources of a shared hosting account or a VPS.

There are many advantages offered by a dedicated server:
• full control over the system and resources available within the system (allows the implementation of various software solutions, to customize security policies, to resell resources to third parties)
• You are the only user, do not have to share space and processing power with other users
• One of the most important advantage for those who already own servers is the collocation option
• Provides the flexibility to run any applications and / or services: you can host websites, run a game server or adapt system configuration to be customized to your needs
• Stability and technical assistance are advantages that characterize a dedicated server, which is held in a datacenter where it is monitored 24 / 7
• Enjoy unlimited hosted domains
• You can modify the server settings whenever you'd like
• Safety benefits in terms of security policies
• Take extra computing power for critical applications in terms of CPU utilization
• Monitoring file sharing and scheduled back-up

Dedicated server solution is the most professional web hosting method because it offers stability and data transmission speed or service running. Purchasing a dedicated server is eventually the wish every webmaster dreams at! You can smplify and secure your business as needed, by accessing online the managed hosting offers.


Friday, July 29, 2011

How to get fast financial aid

The payday loan, also known as a paycheck advance is regarded as a short-term small amount money lending purported to help folks' spending budget till their coming payday deadline. Such loans can often be granted in cash, however it usually refers to as cash provided against a pre-settled credit card. The rules governing the payday loans can consistently vary from country to country and in US between different states.
The service is a ideal solution for everyone in order to cope with little financial difficulties such as health expenses, vehicle maintenance, food bills, electricity checks, etc when in general people lack momentary the cash. Therefore the main idea of an payday loan is to generate fast and and simple access to a financial credit. When intending to apply for a loan, you just have to mail the lender a dated request specifying the desired amount of money including also the taxes (as lender's interest rate).
With payday loans online you are assured 24/7 non-stop services, hence you quickly get you out of troubles at any inconvenient moment. When the agreement deadline is up, the people need to pay back the borrowed loan in person. In case a borrower does not comply with the settled requirements and the terms of condition, them the lending authority might redeem the check. In most of the cases the lender asks the loan beneficiary to prove his payback reliability by providing a statement or an invoice of the source of income.
How to proceed in order to get a payday loan? Well, nowadays the things are quite simplified as the whole procedure can be done over the internet. As a borrower you have to look up for a request form and fill it out by providing a bank account, your social security number, the employment contract, your personal details and eventually a declaration of the employer (the last one is not always requested). All this procedure takes little of your own time, practically estimated at 15 to 20 minutes. So, if you are urgent need for cash you just simply apply for an online loan. It is rated as one of the most popular dealer in the field.
After revealing a statement of your bank account (or sometimes a check), the credit is transferred into your debit account. You have to keep carefully in mind that the loan will be withdrawn at the next payback deadline. Applying for such loans on the web is much easier and less consuming time than going personally to an office, store, etc. Once your request is handed over, a qualified dealing company will start searching for all potential lenders. That is obviously done in the shortest possible period.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Facebook-related shocking crime: Girlfriend killed for a breakfast

A 16-year-old UK teenager killed his ex-girlfriend after he posted threatening messages on Facebook, and one of his friend promised him a breakfast if committing the murder.

Joshua Davies, aged 16, took the former girlfriend, Rebecca Aylward, to an isolated place where he killed her by using a rock as big as a rugby ball.

Joshua, a young student who comes from a religious family, shocked by the way he used the Internet to plan the death of his former girlfriend, aged 15.

Everything started from a stupid joke:
A few weeks prior to the murder, one of Joshua's (grild) friends made a joke saying she will buy him a breakfast if taking Rebecca's life. Shockingly, just 2 days before the tragedy Joshua responded: "You might be forced to buy me that breakfast."

Rebecca and Joshua Davies have known each other for five years and had a three-month long relationship that was ended by the young lady. However, Rebecca was very happy in October 2010 when ex-boyfriend said he wants to see her again. The boy killed her with several hits and abandoned the body in a forest, where he later brought a friend and showed him the corpse.

Subsequently Joshua Davies changed his Facebook profile, writing that he was at home during the crime and even stated he was concerned about ex-girlfriend's fate. Davies planned to blame the pal to whom he showed the body.

Young friends said that the murderer had a dark side and was extremely jealous and possessive with Rebecca. Shortly after their separation, Joshua began to share rumors about an abortion and her attempts to continue the relationship with him. The killer used to write threatening messages on social networking sites and sometimes sent them to friends via SMS.

Joshua revealed to his friends that he would kill Rebecca, by drowning her in a river or throwing her off a cliff, but none of the young people believed that these threats were real.

For several months before the murder, Joshua had posted messages on social networks like Facebook, Bebo or MSN Messenger, saying he wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend, but his friends responded to these posts with smiles and not taking it in seriously.

Joshua Davies was found guilty of murder.


Zuckerberg's Sister: Anonymity on Internet must disappear

Randi, Mark Zuckerberg's sister and Facebook's director of marketing forced the employees to use their real names and email addresses when accessing the popular social network.

Randi Zuckerberg says that the people have to give up the anonymous status on the Internet, because that will prevent any act of harassment on the web.

"I believe that anonymity on the Internet must go away. People have a much better prestige if signing with their real names. People hide behind anonymity and have the feeling they can say whatever they think of," said Randi Zuckerberg.

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO supports this initiative. Moreover, it says that the online anonymity is dangerous and he believes that the Government would ask soon the Americans to make use of their name in all online activities.
However there is a problem: what if the people prefer to have their own privacy then? Anonymity is dangerous but probably the accessible full personal details are even more dangerous in the case of a breach.


The role of the movies in a relationship

The movies and the wesites containing a sexual profile are spread everywhere across the Internet. We must admit that sex-related films are somehow regarded as a taboo subject, although they expose the actions of our individual lives. Even more interesting is that those who seem themselves intrigued by such type of movies are precisely those which peep from them. Why are they so reticent? Probably because that was the way they have been educated, or maybe because of having preconceived ideas or perhaps do not have the strength to recognize and exploit their sexuality. The things are quite simple. When it comes to xxx movies both men and women as well are divided into two categories: pro and cons. And to have an objective debate normally we should find out what both social categories say.
Those who are against sex movies believe that a real sex is better than any successful movie. That's an opinion. Often comparisons are made between a film which is viewed as a kind of junk food and a real sex which is associated with a delicious dessert.
In addition, sociological studies showed that the men who frequently go for the content of the movies on Internet are more likely to use onanisme technics by 50% more than those without dependence on movies.
The films also have plenty of advantages related to the couple life. When viewed together by both partners into a romantic environment, a film can initiate an experience even more exciting than the sex itself. The key is to not make a habit of it and to impose a judgement limit, namely that not everything that appears in a porn movie you really need to apply in real life. In the couple frame, the limits are set by both partners according to their preferences, fantasies and their capabilities approach. A film can indeed be an interesting way to exploit the taboo topics. Fantasies remain fantasies simply just because they are not implemented. But here comes the role of a movie that should make the fantasies come true. Such films can be easily downloaded on the internet from various profile sites such as bangyoulater.com, etc. Nobody should be judged if watching more often or less frequently films about sexuality. A recent study in the USA revealed that couples that watch the movies together, not only that improve their own privacy but also strengthen their couple outside the bedroom door.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Business tips for a tradeshow exhibit

You have to be aware that a tradeshow might not bring sales at the exhibit moment, instead it offers you the possibility to successfully build up your name in the profile industry.
A lot of money are usually spent to exhibit products at various displays over a year period. It is somehow surprising that many of those who attend the events do not really know the purpose of such participation. For example when asking about the reason of an exhibit you might receive an answer like: "Well, we are not quite sure but we attend because we have always used to".
This problem stays in the fact that the people do not make a draft aimed at outlining the benefits of the trade show displays. Indeed, a display event might be costly but it is the best way to show off your products to the public. Practically you need to sell yourself to a specific niche. There are dozens of advantages provided by a trade show event but I will cut it short and present just a few of them: promoting you brand name, finding customers (leads), strengthening relations with present clients, spying the latest marketing trends and competition, establishing media connections, testing new items or analyzing the market.
In general the main purpose is to make a positive impression about your company or business which aims at catching the attention of the visitors around who might become possible future customers.
Of course during a tradeshow, the best way to promote your products is by booking exhibit boots. That is highly recommended but if it's too costly for you some other improvising or creative options can be employed, e.g. renting a suite at a nearby location suh as a hotel, restaurant when you can easily set up your brand items.
It is good to be innovative and have imagination when revealing your business to the outer world. Hence a lucrative option to highlight your image is by using suitable logo floor mats. You can choose among a large selection of logo mats with trendy designs which can fulfill your intentions.
A last but not least thing to keep in mind as a marketer is the truss. Trusses are attactive items used as supporting frames and they should be made up of light materials, hence much reliability is put into aluminium-made truss. The trusses come in various sizes and designs and normally they are absolutely necessary in the lighting system structures for entertaining shows.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

BrainDriver technology: driving the car by... thoughts?

Could you ever imagine that you might steer your own vehicle using just your...thoughts? Well the BrainDriver technology allowed a team of German researchers from Freie University in Berlin to drive a car using the power of the mind.

The new technology is based on an advanced electronic equippement comprising video cameras, radar and laser sensors which offer a three-dimensional view of the surroundings and the "driver" is fitted with a 16-sensor headset wirelessly connected to the vehicle's electronic control system.

Video: Car control by Brain Driver technology


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trucks contribution to transportation industry

Truck transportation is undoubtely one of the most popular mean of shipping. The trucks are widely spread across the globe being usually seen all over the roads carrying various-sized items from senders to recipients - door to door delivery. Such a transportation mean is swift, safe, cheap and also time efficient. Regarding the delivery, one of the unquestionable benefits of using trucks relies on the fact that there is no dependency on airplane, ships or train time schedule. The customer has the freedom of setting the arrival and the departure time of the cargo himself.

Another significant advantage is the ease of loading the cargo of a truck.While for trains and planes there is necessary to hire specific equipement and highly skilled personnel to load them, for trucks the only requirement is just a well trained team of workers who can perform the job within one hour. These facts lead to a reduction in the costs of loading and downloading the goods.

Some important aspects to keep in mind are the repair or breakdown situations. What would the outcome of a breakdown be while shipping by air or sea? Probably that's hard to imagine. Now let's think about a truck breakdown. Well, in such a case there are no serious consequences as long as the truck can either be repaired on site or replaced by another one in the shortest possible time. Commercial Trucks For Sale can be easily found at a simple search on the web. There are plenty of offers, opportunities and also discounts. As the roadway network is under continuous development, the truck will ever remain a benchmark of the transportation industry.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Simplest way to claim your favorite mp3 song

It is well known that sometimes is a time consuming job to search the internet and find your favorite musical piece. Many people use torrents, peer-2-peers services but that is a risky task because of the piracy terms and rules, others just pay for the song. However a simple solution to claim for free your favorite audio file is offered by the videotomp3converter.com website.

You can use either a software program to convert video files to mp3 or you can do it also online. By such methods you can quickly convert a video so that you can add the new file to your phone, Apple iPod or Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable). The video converter is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The principle of operation is trivial, for example add your favorite videos, select the format in which to make the video conversion and wait. Your video files can be converted in various formats such as: mp3, flv, swf, mpg, avi, wmv, ogg, wav, aac, wma, etc.. The best option of such a conversion service relies on the fact that you can download videos directly from video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Google video, and you are delivered straight an output file in the chosen format. So far, this procedure consisted of two steps: first it was supposed to download the video and subsequently to convert it. However in the new software the only thing you must do is just to copy and paste the link of your preferred song and the job is done. The video converter is freeware, can be downloaded from youtube to mp3 website and is compatible with most versions of Windows OS from W2000 to W7 on both 32 and 64 bit platforms.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Gold investment advices

It is unlikely for the value of gold to fall dramatically in short periods of time. Normally the investors who embrace the idea of​hard assets appreciate the idea that the gold can protect against inflation and currency devaluation. Quotation of gold is separated from the value of the dollar, euro, etc. Of course if the dollar gains value this might cause also a drop in gold prices.

Before you decide which is the best investment for you, the best advice is to either inform yourself or talk to a specialist who can provide you with some tips. The first rule is to make sure you are informed enough about what the gold investment means and what the shortest period of investment recovery is. Be aware that there are several ways to invest in terms of gold, namely: bullions, jewellery, physical gold, plates, coins. Of course there are also two possibilities to make money from such investment, namely: stock exchange traded funds and traded notes exchange. So, did you decide to become an investor of precious metals? Well, then you have to open a gold IRA account.

Business matters: The amount of money you can get from a gold investment depends on several factors such as: growth and falling of U.S. dollar, gold supply and demand, interest rates, international economic issues or value change of other goods. These are some of the main aspects you should consider before investing in gold.
People who want to invest their money in hard assets should contact a gold dealer or any bank and buy gold. However before doing that you must find a reputable bank which takes care of the administration services. Once you own a 401k gold account, then you must fund it in order to be able to buy gold (from dealers).

Two methods are mostly preferred by successful investors: gold bars and bullion coins that meet specific requirements. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The gold bars and coins come in different weights and sizes. The investors are attracted by bullion bars because they bring a considerable profit, but it is preferable to be a short temr investment.

Coins are a long term investment that will protect you against inflation during bad economic conditions. The coins are in general certified by a certification agency and placed individually with inviolable capsules and followed constantly by the State Mint. Therefore it is obvious that a IRA gold investment represents nowadays one of the safest and best business.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Companies could replace .com registration extension with personalized Internet domains

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the governing body that controls the association and allocation of Internet domain names, decided on Monday after meeting in Singapore, that in the future the web page addresses can be ended in a suffixes specific to company profiles.

ICANN decision is one of the most important factors that could affect the way to develop and reorganize the Web and Internet addresses.

Despite fears that change might create confusion and could favor large companies, ICANN members voted overwhelmingly for change: 13 votes for, one against and two abstentions.

Following this decision, Web addresses will be able to move from general notations such as ".Com", ".Net" or ".Org" to the extensions dedicated for each company type like ".Apple", ".BMW" or ".Toyota."

The personalized domain names will not be cheap, however. Although ICANN is a non-profit organization, adjusting the technology behind the implementation of such a domain will cost 185 000 dollars. Also, as a measure against speculators, companies will have to meet a long list of requirements to apply for a corporate domain


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Elena Basescu and Syda, reconciliation in Cannes

Elena Basescu aka EBA has forgiven her boyfriend Bogdan Ionescu aka Syda after three months of separation. The twosome made an unexpected peace agreement in Cannes where they met each other in late May.
Elena, the youngest daughter of the Romanian President Traian Basescu was being quite upsed on her amigo because of some aledged flirts and in consequence she made him suffer emotionally during the past three months. However their common friends managed to bring them to a promising reconciliation where else than in the luxurious French Resort of Cannes. EBA arrived on the french riviera at the beginning of the weekend. Impressed by the fact that Elena and her ex-boyfriend Syda were in deep love pain, their friends decided to try to bring them back together. How? For instance planning a face to face meeting between the "former" lovers. It looks like the plan paid off.
Initially EBA and Syda were embarrased and were smiling shyly by adterwards they caught courage and started talking to each other. It seems that they started to debate past things with EBA blaming Syda for flirting with various girls in Bucharest's Boa Club and Syda claiming that EBA did not respond to the dozens of sms's all during the past three months.
They had booked accomodations at different hotels, not knowing that they will meet each other in Cannes, however they spent two days having fun in clubs.
Elena and Bogdan did not back together in the country because she was compelled to buy plain ticket bound to Brussels, where she works as a MEP. Anyway the encounter between president's daughter and Syda was promising, there everyone expects the wedding bells to ring again.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A few tips to know when shopping on the internet

Shopping is something compulsory and necessary for anyone of us. Going to shop on a daily basis might be a burdensome task, however it can be turned into a pleasure if make a plan to get what you want at very low prices. Usually the difficulties arise from the fact that sometimes you might not find the merchandise you wish especially when needed to make a present, gift for a special occasion. That is a case when the shopping experience is irritating. Why would it be possible not to find the desired item? Well, that depends on many factors such as reputation of the store, availability of products, quality of salesmanship, sales support, personnel behavior, etc.
However there is a simple solution: online shopping. Nowadays the online shopping is a widespread tradition regarding the fact that the internet evolved to unthinkable scales. For anyone is applicable the well-known saying: time is money; therefore the online shopping is the perfect choice. There is large variety of products which can be found and purchased on the web from computers to vehicles, from personalized food to trade show items.However it is compulsory to check for some tips, advices prior to getting deep into the shopping addiction. Before spending your money it is highly recommendable to check for online companies who offer various promotional items at the best discounts and the lowest prices. But that it is not all! At the same time keep in mind that also other factors are important such as the reliability, reaction time, delivery services.
In consequence pay much attention for such details. For sure there are a lot of reviews on the web related to the shopping techniques, experience, etc. Such reviews express the opinions of both shoppers and vendors and help improving the online shopping procedure, therefore it’s worth to read a few of them.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Main advantages provided by tractor trailers

The tractor trailers are seen all over the roads, carrying goods from one point to another of the world. Quite popular in US and Europe, these vehicles show numerous advantages compared to other means of transportation and delivery such as boats, aircrafts, trains, making them the land vehicle of choice for most of the businesses. One of the main advantage provided by tractor trailers consists of the fact that they can use almost any road in order to deliver its load. It is actually related to the motion freedom. Even if the road network in a country is not extremely developped, however the tractor trailers can easily handle out of route destinations. A second important benefit relies on the simplicity of being loaded. If in the case of the plains or trains there is compulsory to have special fitted equipment and a personnel struggling for hours or days to load them, when comes to a truck, a well-trained team of workers can load it within one hour. A third important aspect for tractor trailers is related to the ease of repairing the breakdowns. None wants to think about the consequences of a breakdown when shipping the goods by air or sea. If a truck experiences a serious technical problem, then another truck is sent to pick up the cargo and transport it to the delivery spot. Then the truck can be fixed on site even if the load is already on the way to its destination. Tractor Trailers For Sale can be found by searching various websites which offer a large variety of models and prices.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

A few ideas for advertising a business

If you run a business it is important to attend the trade show exhibitions, therefore you take advantages from all aspects of event participation and magnify results. A trade show event is regarded as one of the greatest opportunity to increase your business popularity, advertise a brand or a product image, promote new released (or already existing) products and enhance sales. Furthermore, by participating at such shows you can stay on top of your niche industry, accumulate orientational insights or ideas, make new contacts and tighten connections with your presents clients. Practically the essential purpose of such events is to attract as many visitors as possible; part of them are very likely to become your future customers.
Trade shows aim at impressing the visitors and making them to go away with your brand name in their mind. The trade show display involves the use of several advertising products and one of them are the vinyl banners. These banners can be easily employed for interior of exterior exhibits and the main advantages rely on the vinyl material which is cheap, flexible,waterproof and portable. The vinyl banners are ideal to advertise your business because of the customization possibility. You can promote your image by choosing among a lot of options such as size, design, color, one or two-side printing, shape, price,etc. Another important factor to keep in mind is the durability of the vinyl banners which is estimated at up to 5 years or even more. It is obvious that if you run a long-term promotional activity you can use your banners without worrying about the weather conditions or other climate factors. In conclusion, when highlighting your business it is more profitable to use vinyl banners than involving other costly advertising forms such as radio, television or the written media.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Horrific murder suicide in Hudson River

One of the worst suicide attempt in the last decade occured last night when a mother killed herself and three of her children after driving straight into the waters of Hudson River near Newburgh. All people in the mini van were found dead due to drowning.
Read detailed story Hudson River NY murder suicide


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Video: Massive Air France A380 jet collides with smaller plane at JFK Airport » Foxcrawl.com

Video: Massive Air France A380 jet collides with smaller plane at JFK Airport » Foxcrawl.com


Japan hit by 6.4-magnitude quake within hours after 6.6 shock » Foxcrawl.com

Japan hit by 6.4-magnitude quake within hours after 6.6 shock » Foxcrawl.com


Photo: Audi R8 Spyder GT comes out next year » Foxcrawl.com

Photo: Audi R8 Spyder GT comes out next year » Foxcrawl.com


Shocking images. Explosion at Minsk metro station kills 11 » Foxcrawl.com

Shocking images. Explosion at Minsk metro station kills 11 » Foxcrawl.com





Monday, April 11, 2011

Video: Motorola Xoom tablet running Android and competing with iPad » Foxcrawl.com

Video: Motorola Xoom tablet running Android and competing with iPad » Foxcrawl.com


Video: Dutch electric bus to reach 250 km a hour » Foxcrawl.com

Video: Dutch electric bus to reach 250 km a hour » Foxcrawl.com


Video: Loose green tractor shocks audience by demolishing Walmart parking in Richmond Hill » Foxcrawl.com

Video: Loose green tractor shocks audience by demolishing Walmart parking in Richmond Hill » Foxcrawl.com


Sunday, April 10, 2011

When iPad2 looks like a laptop » Foxcrawl.com

When iPad2 looks like a laptop » Foxcrawl.com


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Video: Japan quake light unexplained

As well known the recent 7.1 magnitude Japan quake triggered an unusual effect: a light in the sky. The misterious phenomenon was filmed during the tremor and its image was widely debated. Of course that made the delight of the UFO passionate who are fermly convinced that some aliens are behind the weird lighting. Howeverer the scientist came up with several explanations regarding the flash and they reminded that previous instance had been recorded. Although the pizeoelectric effects of the radon emission might be placed as generating source of high atmosphere flashes, yet such phenomena are not completely understood.
Video and explanations: Japan earthquake light


5 died in Dutch shopping center shooting

The 24-year-old Tristan van der Vlis who killed five people at a mall in Alphen aan den Rijn was a member of a shooting club. The identification of victims are near completion. In 2003, Tristan got in contact with the police for weapons and ammunition possession, but OM did not ultimately prosecut him. Why the case was dismissed at that time, the District Attorney could not tell. According to a letter found in Tristan's car it is thought there might be explosives in three other shopping centers. Therefore the evacuation of the centers has been ordered. After 21.00 there will be more cleared. The investigation is still underway. About one hundred fifty officers are involved in the investigation. "The crime scene is still under forensic examination. We're going to be very meticulous with our work," said the police chief. Alphen aan den Rijn police got support from officeres across Netherlands.
VIDEO images: Alphen aan den Rijn killings


Photo: Rostock chain crash kills at least 10

Dramatic chain collision on the motorway A19 near Rostock, northeastern Germany occured on Friday. A powerful sanstorm effectively "stormed" the roadway reducing the visibility under 100 meters. That was a real problems for the german drivers who are not really constrained by speed limits and in consequence around 80 vehicles collided at once. The accident led to total burn out of about 20 cars and unfortunatelly at least 10 people (drivers and passengers) lost their lives. The most complicated situation was with the cars running at high speeds which ended up packed together in a conglomeration of twisted debris. The traffic in both directions was closed and the rescue teams on site fear the death toll might yet rise.
VIDEO and photo: Dramatic chain car collision A19 freeway Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, northeastern Germany.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video: Iranian man set himself in fire in Amsterdam

Disturbing event in the Dam Square from central Amsterdam. A male originating from Iran shocked everyone with a self-immolation attempt in front of dozens of people around. It seems that previously the male requested asylum from the dutch authorities and he was refuzed constantly. As a protest measure the Iranian man set himself in fire. Several persons tried to extinguish the violent fire while the emergency services were under way.
VIDEO: Shoking images Iranian guy immolated in central Amsterdam


Deputy Victor Surdu died at age of 63

Romanian PSD deputy Victor Surdu has just passed away at St. Pantelimon hospital in Bucharest. Victor Surdu has been suffering of pancreatic cancer for many months. Victor Surdu was married the singer Angela Similea and their love story started back in 1968 although both were married to different spouse at that time. Their frienship and love was kept quite discreet from the scandal media and in 1999 Surdu and Similea get married being surrounded by a small group of close friends. Unfortunately it seems that in 2009 or 2010 some medical analysis revealed that Mr. Surdu was suffering of pancreatic cancer. Despite all kind of interventions nothing could be done anymore and today Victor Surdu died at 63.
See media reactions and videos with Victor Surdu, Angela Similea.


Bank robbed in Bucharest

Another robbery took place in Romania; it seems that it became more trendy than in US. A maen got into a bank located on Constantin Brancoveanu zone in Bucharest and managed to take away the money after threatening the employees. Fortunately the incident occured in early morning when no clients were at the spot. However nobody was wounded in the robbery.
Video report Bank Robbery Constantin Brancoveanu Bucharest


Killing during college shooting in Alabama

So far, one individual has been murdered ad three more wounded during a shooting that occured at a college in Opelika, Alabama. A child aged 4 and an old lady (90s) are among the three wounded people.
More info on Opelika college shooting


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shocking video: Libyan Ahmed Gheriani death

Another shocking footage emerged on the Internet revealing the atrocity of Gaddafi troops. Ahmed Gheriani, a libyan citized was shot dead after he refused to say "Long live Gaddafi". In the video Gheriani is seen bleeding, laying face down on a street surrounded by Gaddafi militia. He is requested to praise Muammar but after saying differents words (Allah Akbar) some gunshots are heard and the camera image goes blank. Everyone believes that Ahmed Gheriani is dead although some hope that he is being held in detention. The rebels praise Gheriani for his devotion.
Shocking video Ahmed Gheriani (expected) killing and his entire story


Dishearting image of decapitated bald eagle in Louisiana

A bald eagle having its head cut off was discovered in a drainage ditch in Franklin Parish northeastern Louisiana
Bald eagles represent the national symbol in United States and are federally protected; anyone who kills such an eagle might get either a high fine or even 1.5 year in prison.
The US officials started an investigation into the decapitation case and a phone number goes online for thosee who own information about the bird killing.
Story: Bald eagle decapitated in Franklin Parish Louisiana


Ionut Marinescu separates from wife Luminita due to Roxana Ungureanu

It is a pitty to see couples breaking up just because of the...pussy. It is the case of the recent scandal with Roxana Ungureanu being deeply involved in the break up between millionaire Ionut Marinescu and his wife, former model Luminita Marinescu. The couple have together a very young daughter. Practically the stupid rich males need well-shaped women and the women need money and the only advantage they can use it relies on prostitution.
Read story: Roxana Ungureanu sparks divorce between Ionut and Luminita Marinescu


Natalia Mateut shocking revealings about Amsterdam detention

Natalia fnally landed on Romanian soil, her parents cried, Mihai Morar swore her during "Rai da' buni" show, etc. After a 2-day-detention Natalia was welcomed in amsterm by te Cancan reporters who looked forward to listen to her story that could not wait her return. Anyway Natalia Mateut made a series of disclosure but only the idiots might believe her. She complainedow difficult were the detenion moments in Amsterdam police station. Her parent had said that her anturage is not very good for her bu Natalia already thinks at her boyfriend who is still locked down (and hope will stay there lnger).
Read a contradictory story about Natalia Mateut detention in Amsterdam


Lighter incident Bonton club Bucharest

When would the junkies go away or disappear from Romania? How comes to have a 200Keuro apartment, a convertible car and yet to steal a lighter? George aka. Tiganu did it (it seems that he has a perfect nickname). Another wonder: How the heck a scam like him could get together (in the past) with Adelina Pestritu. This kind of cancan keeps the headlines of the Romanian daily life.....aaaah, and also Mrs. Natalia Mateut who tried to use fake card in Amsterdam. What she did not know? Here in the Netherlands the police is more professional and more vigilant than the Romanian counterpart.
Anyway check story: George Tiganu makes Rani Adamescu lighter disappear


Video: Tudor Ionescu, indecent scenes dedicated to Oana Zavoranu - toilet footage

New exciting stage in the conflict between Querida and Pepe. While Oana was almost dying in the hospital, the situation becomes more and more serious in show-biz with Pepe revealing hot pictures, videos and scenes starring Tudy Ionescu, the aledged lover of Oana Zavoranu. Initially Pepe and Marioara Zavoranu had a private view of the compromising pictures and messages facing Oana and Tudy. Marioara declared herself disgusted of what she saw. Then the bomb news: a video showing Tudor Ionescu onanism in a toilet leaked on the internet. That is even more disgusting!!!
See all these Videos, links, pictures and comments in the following entry 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Video: Pregnant wife murdered by Romanian spouse in Spain

A romanian living in Madrid shocked the world after he killed his pregnant wife and revealed her cadaver to their family using a webcam. The killer was talking with his father in law through webcam and after showing the dead body he said that will kill also his sister-in-law, 13, who was around. The father of the dead woman called the romanian police which quickly alerted the spanish authorities. The fast reaction of the spanish officeres led to the arrest of the murderer and the salvage of the teenager. The name of the criminal is Marcu Dorel and his wife was named Moldovan Viorela.
Video report: crime as it happened: Murder rocks Spain: Romanian kills wife


Elizabeth Taylor nude photo proved to be a fake

A white-black picture with Elizabeth Taylor in nude scene spread and overwhelmed the internet after the British gossip newspaper Daily Mail made it public first. Actually the italian claim that Liz Taylor's nude photograph is far from being real. Corriere della Sera revealed that the woman in image is not Liz. The genuine picture seemed to have been worked out by using a software and the outcome was hat we saw these days across the web and titled as "Elizabeth Taylor's uniqe nude photo". This is not something nice regarding the fact that the actress has just died on 23 March 2011 when aged 79.
Daily Mail wrote indeed a very thrustful story with the nude photo handlaed by several people, displayed for 30 years in someone's home and revealed recently.
See who is the real woman from fake (Liz Taylor) nude photo


Monday, April 4, 2011

Natalia Mateut released from Amsterdam arrest

Naalia's manager Duitru Tudor, announced that Miss Mateut has just been release from the custody of the Dutch police. Natalia was arrested a 2 days ago in Amsterdam along with her boyfriend and other friends under accusations of using fake credit cards
Tudor had already said that footballer's daughter will become free soon as also the hired lawyer announcd. It is believed that Natalia had no idea about the tricks used by her friends and was caught herself in the middle of a law breaking in a country where the rules are respected.
"Natalia is ejoying a coffee right at this moment downtown Amsterdam", Dumitru said. He also blame the for this situation the "multiculturalism" of Amsterdam.
Read more detailed story on Natalia's arrest and release


Oana Zavoranu aborted her child

Oana Zavoranu just passed through terrible moments as she experienced a tragic miscarriage. The doctors suspected her of ectopic pregnancy and unfortunately needed to abort. Oana is still unconscious and her condition critical. The doctors keep her under continuous surveillance. The medical staff concluded that the recent stressing period experienced by Oana Zavoranu had a determining role in the abortion. Pepe -who was playing football- looked like did not care too much at hearing that Oana fainted in the cafe. He said: "the doctors will take care of her"
See pictures with Oana Zavoranu collapsed in Dorobanti cafe.


After 2 year, bodies of flight AF447 found

Amazingly but human remains have been found recently at 2 years after the tragic crash of the Air France 447 flight which killed 228 people. The debris gathered during the 2009 search operations led to conclusion that the Airbus A330 hit the Atlantic belly first, and most likely intact. New debris have been recovered in an underwater operation which has taken place in the past 24 hours. AF 447 flight disappeared off radar while flying through critical weather conditions. After a few warning signals were released, the jet crashed into the Atlantic during the night of June 1, 2009.
Read more detailed info on Bodies from Air France 447 crash found recently 


Video: Rooney swearing at tv camera during his goal joy

Manchester United is getting closer and closer to its 19 trophy in history after the 4-2 win against West Ham United. The first half was disastrous for the devils who saw themselves led by 2-0. After break time it seemed that Alex Ferguson applied some magic tricks because his team managed to score no less than 4 goal and thus claiming a hard worked victory. Rooney scored 3 goal out of 4 and his performance was praised by anyone excepting only a single moment: when he cursed in front of a television camera. It was a weird way of expressing the joy but the English Federation will take soon a decision.
Watch Wayne Rooney swearing into tv camera during MU-West Ham match


Never-before-seen photo with Elizabeth Taylor

Even if she died recently on March 23, Liz Taylor still lingers in people's mind especially due to the release of a never before seen photograph with her posing nude. The pictures was shot by Taylor's best friend, actor and photographer Roddy McDowell as an engagement gift for actress's third husband Mike Todd. The nude portrait appears to be from 1956 when Liz aged 24. After sudden death of Mr. Todd in his personal plane crash over New Mexico the photo was enthrusted to Taylor's personal make-up stylist Penny Taylor. Penny seems to have passed it next to a collectionar in 1980. The photograph collector posted the nude picture on the web just less than 2 weeks after Taylor's death.
See nude photo Elizabeth Taylor 1956 


Video: Julian Assange spotted dancing in a club from Reykjavik

Julian Assange turns out to be a great dancer!!! At the beginning of last month a few pictures emerged on the Internet showing controversial Wikileaks founder Julian Assange believed to be dancing in a night club. The author of the photos who kept his identity anonymous stated that the location was Reykjavik, Iceland. Just a few days ago a video footage was uploaded on the net by a DJ from the club where Assange is thought to have danced. DJ. Seth (Serp) is very sure that the person who practically claimed the dance floor was right the Wikileaks star. The footage is not 100 percent clear but almost everyone seem to confirms the club's DJ.
WATCH VIDEO and photos: Julian Assange dancing in Reykjavik club


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Japanese accuse TEPCO for Fukushima disaster

The situation at Fukushima reactors is still alarming and dangerous. The plant operator announced that the bodies of two workers have been discovered inside the facility building. The workers disappeared during the 11 march tsunami and so far were reported as missing. A new leak was observed on Saturday when the workers figured out that contaminated water was flowing into the Pacific through a fractured area.
Public media outrage: People risking their lives at the Fukushima plant are regarded as heroes by the Japanese. Yet the general opinion is opposite when coming to the leaders of Tepco company, which owns Fukushima Daiichi. The leading board is under accusations of being careless when planned the design of the plant and inefficiency during the disaster aftermath. The fury sparked especially over the Internet.
Read detailed report on Fukushima outrage.


Photo: Oana Zavoranu hospitalized at Floreasca hospital

Oana Zavoranu was taken to Floreasca hospital on Sunday after swooning during a coffee break with Anamaria Prodan. It seems that Oana went with Mrs. Prodan in Bucharest's Dorobanti district for a coffie chat and suddenly she felt like loosing consciousness. A Surd ambulance was sent to the site and stabilized Mrs. Zavoranu by employing an oxygen mask. At Floreasca hospital doctor Bogdan Oprita concluded that Oana had a nose hemorrhaging and weakness state. Further sets of investigations are going to be performed. Several people went to hospital to support Querida, among them Tudy Ionescu, Catalin Botezatu and Anamaria Prodan.
See more info and picture Oana Zavoranu hospitalized


Video: Light bi-motor plane crashes in Saskatoon

One person was killed and two other were wounded after a two-engine airplane smashed into a sound wall along the busy Wanuskewin North road in the city of Saskatoon, Canada on Friday evening. The plane was preparing to land at the local airport in Saskatoon when its two engines suddenly failed working with just about 5 kilometers before the touch down. The pilots diverted the aircraft to a nearby road but unfortunately it was rush hour and dozenz vehicles were moving back and forth on both directions. In a last effort to avoid other ground victims involvement the pilot and copilot smashed the plane into a sound barrier lying along the street. The pilots survived but unfortunatelly the passenger died.
Video images: Wanuskewin road plane crash Saskatoon Canada


Flore Salalidis posing with Danny Trejo in South Africa

Flore Salalidis knows what she wants. A couple of days ago she was enjoying her time in an extravagant way in a Brasov club, but recently she posed with Hollywood star Danny Trejo in a club from ...South Africa. It seems that the world is not too big for Mrs. Salalidis. In the picture Danny Trejo is entertained by Flore Salalidis who felt a little too hot and decided to opt for an underwear-bra outfit. Nice image for any man on earth. Read more on Flore Salalidis and her famous encounter -Danny Trejo (photos)


Natalia Mateut, boyfriend detained in Amsterdam

Natalia Matthew the daughter of former Romanian footballer Dorinel Mateut wanted to spend her holiday at Amsterdam along with her boyfriend and some close friends. However she found herself involved in the middle of incident with false-cards accusations.
Natalie and her boyfriend flew to Amsterdam, the Dutch capital that reminding them of the beginning of their romance. They enjoyed the beauty of the city but when wanted to do some shopping, they were astonished to find that thier cards are not quite valid. The vendors called quickly the police who arrived at the spot and seem to have arrested Natalia and her company. In an interview for Cancan, Natalia's mother did not give too many details wishing to spread the impression that she does not know much about the incident or her daughter. Read more and see video arrest moments with Natalia Mateut Amsterdam streets.


Video: Holed fuselage makes Southwest Airlines 812 land urgently in Arizona

SouthWest Airlines flight 812 from Phoenix to Sacramento made an emergency landing at Arizona's military air base after a gaping hope popped up into the upper fuselage. Short time into the flight the 118 passengers of the Boeing 737 heard a noizy bang and some of them were able to see the open sky besides the wiring and the aircraft insulation. The ripped-off cabin made the pressure decrease suddenly and determined the pilots to descend quicly (and safe) at Yuma Air Station. All the passengers of the jet experienced just feightening moments with no reports of injuries.
SEE VIDEO of holed SouthWest Airlines Flight 812 incident and passengers reports.


Three double assassinations shock Republic of Moldova

A double crime induced terror in Republic of Moldova. A teenagers couple were massacred and murdered in cold blood. The girl was 15-year-old and the boy aged 19. The fear is even greater as the pattern is similar as two previous cases of double assassination, which puzzled the Moldovan police.
The bodies of the teenagers were discovered in an abandoned vehicle close to a monastery. The boy was "packed" in the trunk, and the girl, undressed, laid on the backsite of the car. The couple were shot in the head.
After collecting the first evidence, the investigators suspected the girl was raped before being murdered.
Olga and Ilie formed a couple since a few months. Olga was a secondary school grade (8) and Ilie who almost finished the the high school was preparing for the summer Baccalaureate. The twosome attended the same school and were respected for their pure love story.
See more: Moldova crimes: Video Olga and Ilie comemorativ film


Video: Slavena Vatova caught in leaked tape scandal

Miss Bulgaria in 2006, Slavena Vatova is in deep troubles after a leaked sex tape with her and Bulgarian boxer Sergey Rozhnov became public. Slavena was filmed by Rozhnov while being together in bed.
Miss Vatova, 22, agreed to let Sergey Rozhnov record their intimate actions and suddenly the boxer uploaded the footage on the Internet. It is suspected that Rozhnov wanted probably more media atention as his career does not look great and successful Slavena was the ideal opportunity.Unfortunately for Miss Bulgaria the things are the other way around as this leaked video might represent the end of her professional boost.
The troubling video was shot in 2008 and Slavena Vatova was regarded as a quite famous model in Bulgaria. She claimed several modelling contracts and posed for Maxim. Despite tha fact that she is nice and a pretty inteligent woman, this time she turned out to be inattentive to permit Sergey Rozhnov to film her in such a situation. Regarding Rozhnov's career, he can be proud only by his bronze trophy at the European Champs from Croatia in 2004. Now he can be proud also by the tape as be seen in the video images.
In the following article you can find the link to DOWNLOAD Slavena Vatova - Sergey Rozhnov leaked tape


Friday, April 1, 2011

Google facial recognition application

Google intends to lauch a quite new and sensitive product: the facial recognition app. What is this exactely doing? Well, briefly, the application can allow anyone to take a picture of an individual and based on the recorded image the Google profile information of that person can be accesed. The puzzling situation is related to the user information privacy. Google has to analyze that very carefully. Imagine that any anonymous person can get people's private data by simply using a photocamera. In order to be identified by the app, people need to check a box grant consent to Google to access their photos and profile information, said Hartmut Neven, the Google engineering director for image-recognition development.
Once there is such an option implemented and available for Google's users then the privacy arguments are considered as solved.
Read more about Google development on Facial Recognition App.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Video: Loudest supporters in the world found at Galatasaray-Fenerbahce game

The Turkey and Istanbul's derby between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce set a new world record as the loudest crowd on an outdoor stadium. In order to list an eventual record, a delegation from the famous Guinness Book went to Turk Telecom Arena and performed acustic measurements. It seems that they chose the rightest possible place on Earth. Galatasaray fans managed to generate 131,76 decibels despite the fact that their favorite team lost the home game by 2-1. It is a pitty because any team on Earth would be very proud to have such fans.
VIDEO RECORDED DURING THE GAME: Galatasaray-Fenerbahce, the loudest game ever - Guinness World Records.


Liviu Varciu big celebration on his 30th birthday

Liviu Varciu organized a very monden party on the occasion of his 30 year anniversary. It looked like the number of invited people exceeded 100, among them spotting Pepe, Jean de la Craiona, Oana Roman, Andreea Banica, Oana Lis and her husban Viorel, Costi Ionita and many others. During the party there have been lots of entertainment but also emotional moments with Varciu remembering the death of his brother last year. The distinct guests enjoyed the funny moments innitiated by the celebrated person however the media reporter noticed that Varciu's father was somehow upset on his son's former wife Adelina Pestritu.
Watch VIDEO, PITURES, and more detailes from Liviu Varciu's 30th birthday party (17/03/2011)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Video: Acces Direct, Oana Zavoranu cries on phone

Oana Zavoranu seems to be a tough and restless woman but unfortunately her marriage turmoil is even tougher. That situation determined her to show that she is still human and has feelings. Zavoranu is puzzled because Pepe's action are somehow senseless. Her husband picked up his baggage and ran away. For one month he was not seen at all. He motivated his absence because of trying to avoid a couple scandal; anyway he generated a bigger one accompanied by divorce procedure. Oana was invited at several tv shows at Antena1 TV. She attended three times "Un show pacatos" and during a phone interview with Simona Gherghe (Acces Direct) Zavoranu started to cry when unveiling her love for Pepe.
VIDEO: Acces Direct-Oana Zavoranu crying on phone


Oana Zavoranu and Pepe staged marriage during "Te pui cu blondele" show

One month ago none believed the scandal about to ignite between Pepe and his wife Oaza Zavoranu. On Valentine's Day the twosome have been invited by Dan Negru at his show "Te pui cu blondele". During the show Zavo and Pepe were supposed to play the role of the perfect couple and it looks like they proved to be good actors: nobody figured out they were in troubles. Actually they staged their marriage in front of the romanian nation and three days after the TV show Pepe left his wife and home. Since then they did not meet each other because Pepe tried to avoid as much as possible Oana and...he managed that.
VIDEO: Pepe Pascu and Oana Zavoranu- Te pui cu blondele show (Dan Negru/Antena1/Valentine's Day/14Feb2011)


Amazing videos of Japanese tsunami and quake

The disastrous quake and tsunami which struck Japan showed stunning images with the unleash of the mother nature. There have been numerous amazing footages recorded during the catastrophic events and 2 of them are related to the swaying of the Tokyo skyscrapers and the moments when the tsunami waves raged into the Japan territory.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Video Japan quake triggered tsunami moves fast inland

Devastating video footages of Tsunami triggered by a strong 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan which took place Friday.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

BBC news team held and beaten by Gaddafi forces in Zawiya

Three British men who were making up the BBC news team in Libya were detained by Libyan Gaddafi's troups when trying to approach Zawyia city. The news team members were locked down for 21 hours and over that period they were  hit with knees, fists and various kind of weapons. They were also threatened to face execution by libyan police. Reporters Chris Cobb-Smith, Feras Killani and cameraman Goktay Koraltan identified themselves at a road stop close to Zawyia - a city at just 50 km from capital Tripoli. The three people were arrested, blindfolded and transported to a Tripoli military base where they experienced terifying moments. They were convinced they are going to die and during their ordeal they saw evidence of torture of Libyan detainees mostly originating from Zawiya. Over a 6-hour detention period the BBC members made efforts to help the other detainees to drink, urinate or sleep; it was a difficult task because most of the prisoners were badly wounded and did not have part of any treatement.
It seems that later a Libyan government official appologised for BBC team's bad experience.


Australian fisher escapes crocodile attack

Todd Bairstow, a 28-year-old Australian miner, was fishing at Weipa creek in Queensland when suddenly a 4 meter long crocodile came up from under water and grabbed him.
Mr Bairstow was using a lure for fishing and while he was throwing the lure into the water the reptile jumped and bit his hand by cutting off one of his fingers. Even that action did not threaten his life, yet the man had the bad luck to slip and then the crocodile caught him and tried to drag him into the water. At that point Todd Bairsow started screaming for help which fortunately were heard by one of his pals who were sitting on a pub porch. The rescuer ran quickly to the fighting place, grabbed a big tree branch and started hitting the crocodile over the nose. Then the animal left Todd Bairstow free and dissapeared into the water. Mr Bairstow does not suffer of life threatening wounds but however he has to recover from a missing finger, two broken legs, punctures and dislocated joints.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Relevant tips for profitable trade show display

The benefits of the trade event participations are based on the fact that can prompt you on top of the latest marketing trends, allow you to make new contacts and strengthen the connections with the former and future customers.
In general a trade show room is fitted with updated items and articles chosen from a large list of trade show displays manufactured and designed specially for such events. The primary purpose is to spread a positive impression about yourself and your business which aims at catching the attention of any visitor around who might become an eventual customer.
It is recommendable to have imagination and be creative in promoting the products or advertising the company’s name in a lucrative way. Hence an original option to highlight your image is by employing suitable logo floor mats. You can pick out a wide selection of logo mats with catchy designs which can fulfil your intentions.
An innovative method to make your trade exhibition even more unforgettable is by making use of exhibit booths. They must look like something new and special, with conceptual prints and high quality drawings in order to get observed and determine a possible client walk out with your brand name in his mind. Last but not least, an attractive item noticed during a trade show event is the display truss. In general the trusses are regarded as supporting stuff and they should be made up of light components therefore much confidence is put into aluminium-made truss. The trusses are found in various sizes and profiles and many times they are indispensable in the lighting system arrangements for entertaining shows or concerts. When thinking about a show display, it is good to remember several relevant factors such as the type of event, the allocated budget, how reliable is the advert investment, etc.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Video: David Arquette injured and taken to hospital after serious car crash

The 39-year old David Arquette just experienced a car crash shortly ago. He was driving his silver Cadillac behind another vehicle which stopped suddenly. The the actor tried to prevent hitting the fron car and swerved to left into the oncoming traffic. Following his manoeuvre, he crashed into a car coming from opposite sense.
See VIDEO and PICTURES from crash scene and moments when David Arquette is taken from crash spot.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Irina Columbeanu stays with her father. Child makes video revelations about Monica

The law-court rejected Monica Columbeanu claim for Irina's custody, hence the kid will remain with father Irinel until divorce is ended, it was said in an official statement today. Also Friday Irinel Columbeanu posted on the internet many videos which blame Monica for beating her 4-year-old daughter. The videos shows Irina's experience with her mother and also disclosures by Veronica Gabor, Monica's mother. The divorce battle announces to be very tough with he first term already scheduled for the end of March 2011. See info and video with Irina Columbeanu declarations recorded on tape.


Liberal deputy Tudor Ionescu, key of scandal between Pepe and Oana Zavoranu

Update 05/Apr/2011: Tudy Ionescu, shocking indecent video recorded in the toiled (Oana dedication)
Cancan made extensive efforts to see what exactely is behind the near-breaking of relationship between Oana Zavoranu and her husband Pepe. The news reporters discovered the 26-year-old liberal politician Tudor Ionescu who was in fact the company of Zavoranu at the end of November 2010 when the two individuals were spotted in a club at dawn. It looks like Ionescu is rather Zavoranu's lover and not her friend and their relationship is quite advanced. Tudor Ionescu, nicknamed also Tudy by his friends, wrote some words on his facebook profile giving understanding that he is totally in love with Oana and wants her to divorce Pepe. Zavoranu's reaction at hearing that media found out about her separation was somehow weird to everyone because she tried to be more discreet and avoided the scandal, which is her favorite game. Now with Tudor Ionescu in the middle of the battle field the things are more clear.
Video update 10 Mar 2011: Oana Zavoranu just filed for divorce: interview


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oana Zavoranu and Pepe relationship to be terminated?

Hard to believe but true. Oana Zavoranu is in deep troubles: Pepe is missing!!! It was a harsh March 1 for Oana Zavoranu who was practically chased by paparazzi. Her possible separation from Pepe will be a perfect for a delicious hot news. Furthermore Oana is involved also in a scandalous lawsuit against her mother. She behaved unusual on Tuesday. During the daytime she wore a pair of sunglasses even if it was not necessary and in the evening she went out for a tanning session at about 9:30 p.m. She was very shy and tried to avoid the paparazzi. Furthermore she did not want her face to be seen. Late in the night Oana Zavoranu, known also as Querida, rejected live phone call with Dan Capatos during "Un Show Pacatos" parogramme, instead she sent him 2 SMS messages.
Detailed story of Oana Zavoranu and Pepe, scandal start, March 2011

10 Mar 2011 update: Oana Zavoranu handled divorce papers: interview


Elena Basescu and Syda get separated

Elena Basescu is engaged to Bogdan Ionescu aka Syda and they were scheduled to marry this summer on June 19. According to the last gossip news EBA broke up with Syda recently. The reason was nothing else than infidelity. Romanian president's daughter visited her fiance by stealth and was absolutely surprised to see Syda in the company of another...girl. Subsequently Syda tried to calm down EBA but without success. It seems that she told him..."adio". Good for her. Read more details on separation between EBA and Syda.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Western star Jane Russell died at 89

Hollywood sex simbol and starlet of Western movies Jane Russell past away at age of 89. The actress was discovered by Howard Hughes and appointed her for a role in the 1941western The Outlaw. Mrs Russell was in the middle of one of the most advertised censorship in the history of cinematography with the very delayed "The Outlaw". Etta Waterfield, the actress daughter in law revealed that the cause of the death was a respiratory related disease. Jane Russell was a medical assistent and when turned 19 Howard Hughes - a billionaire who shifted the field of his activities to movie making (following successful aviation career) - introduced her as the tempestuous Rio McDonald, Sheriff Pat Garrett’s girlfriend, in “The Outlaw,” -directed by rich magnate. As can be seen in the photo, a Jane Russell sitting in a haystack with the dress falling down along her arm raised controversial debates related to how much an actress can reveal her breasts - which at that time seemed too much. That led to an one year delay of the film. One of the main opponent was the Roman Catholic Church. The Outlaw was finally released in 1943 with a premiere in San Francisco but it was not admitted in New York till 1947 and obtained national coverage in 1950, just about 10 years after its production. Most of Mrs Russell career was based on western movies made between 1948-1957. She was famous between 1970-1980's as a television spokeswoman. Jane Russell was married thrice. She adopted 3 children - a girl and 2 boys-along with her first husband Bob Waterfield from who she divorced in 1967 followinf 24 years of marriage. One year later (1968) she married shortly to Roger Barrett, an actor who passed away three months after wedding, and in 1974 Russell married her last husband John Calvin Peoples who deceased in 1999. The deaths in her family determined the actress to become alcohol addicted and her children sent her to rehab when she was 79. Jane Russell's last stage appearance was in 1986 in an episode of Hunter, a drama aired by NBC.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Video: Drunken lady makes show after car accident in Chisinau

A 29-year-old lady from Chisinau was involved in a road accident after she crashed her vehicle into a State patrol car. This situation did not look too serious for the young lady and her subsequent reaction was surprising for everyone. Under the curious watch of the bystanders the lady started to strip, dance and sing. She admitted her fault in the incident to a TV reporter and witnessed that she drank some “early beer” during the morning. In the video she says that celebrated her birthday since the previous day and it looked a bit angry because none congratulated her. Furthermore the good mood of the Moldavian lady continued even if the police withdrew her driving licence.
Chisinau woman makes spectacle after car crash


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Customer orders food but gets money bag at KFC

It happened in Overland Park! A 21-year-old young man was praised for reporting after he received by mistake a bank bag filled with money instead of his ordered food at KFC-drive. The honest man drove through KFC’s drive-area and picked up his food without looking in the bag. When he arrived at home was surprised to see that actually he was handled a bank bag with cash inside. The man called the police and announced the happening. The officers went to man’s place and as they were leaving the residence they were announced by the dispatch that the KFC employee reported the missing cash bag. A restaurant employee deposited the money into the bag which was picked up by another employee and delivered mistakenly as food to the customer. All the money were given back to KFC. “I would like to thank this young man for his example of honesty and right-doing things”, police Chief John Douglas posted on his blog.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Libyan military plane crashed in Ajdabiya

A Libyan fighter jet just crashed near the city of Ajdabiya after its pilots refused to follow orders to bomb Benghazi. The pilot and co-pilot of the Sukhoi-22 aircraft bailed out and parachuted before crashing the jet. The military plan took off from Tripoli and was scheduled a bombing mission on protesters but fortunately the pilots denied the orders.
Video and updated info on Libya's Ajdabiya fighter jet crashed by pilots 


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Massive blaze devastates Diergaarde chemical company

Fire at Amsterdam chemical company which covered the Western Harbour region of the city is already under control, the firemen said. Diergaarde company was affected by the blaze which spaked at two of its sheds, one with cocoa and another one with rubber. Despite the fact the situation is restained, yet the fire at the rubber warehouse is not completely extinguished. 4 companies in the close area had been evacuated and nobody was injured in the incident. The cause of the incident is still unknown.
Detailed info and video on Diergaarde chemiebedrij fire incident


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is Lara Logan a bad mother?

This is the odd question asked recently and connected to Lara Logan, the reporter who was abused these days in Egypt. Hollywoodlife website considered that what happened to Mrs Logan is partly her fault. Why? According to website writers it is irresponsible as a reporter to have 2 kids at home and dare to go into a conflict area where your life is jeopardized. The problem is that many other reporters who risk their lives in dangerous regions around the world have families, spouse, kids, etc waiting at home. If following Hollywoodlife opinion, most of the news correspondents should be singles but also in that case they might have parents worrying about them, therefore what is to do? The answer is “simple”: quit the job and do something else.
Here quoting writer, Katie Dunn on Lara Logan:
It’s great that Lara is so passionate about her job and that she loves what she does for a living. And it’s so awful what happened to her in Egypt — there’s no excuse for that kind of violence. But did your feelings about putting yourself in danger change when you had kids? Some people start wearing a seatbelt after they become a parent. Or stop smoking, etc., wanting to be there to take care of their kids as they grow. Don’t your needs come second when you have a child?


Mobile phones leading protests and Middle East and North Africa

The cell phones turned out to be a powerful tool used by protesters against their governments. It was proved these days in Bahrain where demonstrators confronting the heavily armoured police in Manama’s Pearl Square used the gadgets of the tiny devices for protection.  The phone cameras were employed to picture, record footages and upload them to Webpages like YouTube, Facebook, yFrog and Twitter reflecting thus the real happenings. These actions put the governments into a sensitive situation as the info spreads quickly and catches the worldwide attention to people’s demands. Practically the cell phone became a vital tool to connect to the world. The initial reaction of the countries rulers and their governments is to shut down the internet or to limit the phone coverage in specific areas but it looked like this was not enough. It was demonstrated in Egypt. “A video gadget which fits into the palm of a person can film everything and the footage can get around the world within seconds”. The information is used by human rights organizations and activists as well as the global news broadcasters. In conclusion the cell phones represent the knives to the throat of many autocratic regimes in North Africa and Middle East. A first example was proved in Tunisia where long time president Ben Ali was ousted: phone camera stores the revolt and the uploaded scenes determine important broadcasters, satellite TV news networks to focus their attention on the conflict. But the mobile images are used also by the protesters to coordinate their deeds. Bahrain authorities shut down Bambuser, a Swedish based live streaming company but that is not the only website in the field. The next target is probably to enhance the video resolution of the filming devices as the demand for breaking real time news is continuously increasing.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Entertaining with online casino games

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

At least 10 died in Hordorf train collision near Magdeburg Germany

Ten people have been killed in a serious train accident in Saxony-Anhal on Saturday evening. A spokesman for the Federal Police said at least 18 people were seriously injured. A freight train and a local passenger train collided in Hordorf bei Oschersleben and the cause is yet unclear. The witnesses said that the crash took place around 10:30 p.m local time in heavy fog weather conditions. The rescue operation is ongoing with more than 50 people sent to help at the collision site. Read more on the Hordorf Magdeburg train collision.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Video: Egyptian killed by police during protest

The Egypt protests escalated and are already out of control. Yesterday a man was shot deadly in the street as can be seen in the video footage filmed by one of his friends. He died in short time despite the fact that people around tried to rescue him.
Video: Shocking images: Young Egyptian man deadly shot during street demonstration
Latest news confirmed that Mohamed ElBaradei was placed under house arrest (More info here)


Monday, January 24, 2011

Video: Terrorist bomb attack at Domodedovo Airport 24 January 2011

A bomb was detonated by terrorists at Moscow's crowdest airport on Monday, killing 35 and injuring around 152, Russian authorities said.
President Dmitry Medvedev asked for more security forces at Moscow's other two airports and metro transportation lines, and authorities raised the alert level in case of other bombings.
The blast took place at about 4:30 p.m. local time at the entrance of the international arrivals section of Domodedovo Airport.
Russian authorities revealed that the bombing was carried out by a suicide bomber who built up a homemade bomb containing small metallic objects to make it more deadly, then gone off in a packed zone where lots of people were either preparing for boarding flights or waiting for incoming passengers.
Video report Bomb explosion at Domodedovo airport in Moscow.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Video Nicolas Mahut wearing female dress in mixed double with Kristina Mladenovic

Nicolas Mahut delighted the public who attended a training match at Hopman Cup in Perth, Australia. The spectators from Burswood Doom have been surprized by Mahut who was wearing a female outfit in the company of Kristina Mladenovic. The French player looked pretty gracious and at a certain moment got closer to Mladenovic to compare their breasts. Which ones were bigger? SEE VIDEO AND PICTURES HERE. 
Nicolas Mahut, 28, is famous as the one of the protagonist of the longest tennis game in history but after his female dressing aspect at Perth's Hofman Cup, his popularity will get higher.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Universe map released by Sload Digital Sky Survey

Sky surveillance SDSS program successfully announced the most detailed map of the sky following a scanning work which started in 1998. The Universe Map contanins about 7 million images and about 3 trillion pixels such that half a million HD tv's would be necessary to display the image. The scan of the sky was done with a 138 Mpixels camera on 2m telescope at Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico. It is estimated that about half  billion of starts and galaxies are mapped on the huge new image.
Photograph and video of Universe map by SDSS project.


Hundred of pilgrims died in stampede at Sabarimala celebration in Kerala

More than 100 people have been killed while coming back from a religious feast that takes place annually on a hilltop temple in Sabarimala area in Kerala, Southeastern India. The pilgrims died because of a stampede which occured following a car crash. A vehicle with pilgrims plunged into the crowd after the driver lost control. The devotees who were walking along a Pulimedu forest path in Idukki district of Kerala, became scared and got trapped in the stampede. The hindi feast is in general attended by 2 million people and following the ending ceremony on Friday it was thought that more than 100,000 took the paths out through the dense forests.
Detailed info and updates on Sabarimala Kerala tragedy

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