Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Western star Jane Russell died at 89

Hollywood sex simbol and starlet of Western movies Jane Russell past away at age of 89. The actress was discovered by Howard Hughes and appointed her for a role in the 1941western The Outlaw. Mrs Russell was in the middle of one of the most advertised censorship in the history of cinematography with the very delayed "The Outlaw". Etta Waterfield, the actress daughter in law revealed that the cause of the death was a respiratory related disease. Jane Russell was a medical assistent and when turned 19 Howard Hughes - a billionaire who shifted the field of his activities to movie making (following successful aviation career) - introduced her as the tempestuous Rio McDonald, Sheriff Pat Garrett’s girlfriend, in “The Outlaw,” -directed by rich magnate. As can be seen in the photo, a Jane Russell sitting in a haystack with the dress falling down along her arm raised controversial debates related to how much an actress can reveal her breasts - which at that time seemed too much. That led to an one year delay of the film. One of the main opponent was the Roman Catholic Church. The Outlaw was finally released in 1943 with a premiere in San Francisco but it was not admitted in New York till 1947 and obtained national coverage in 1950, just about 10 years after its production. Most of Mrs Russell career was based on western movies made between 1948-1957. She was famous between 1970-1980's as a television spokeswoman. Jane Russell was married thrice. She adopted 3 children - a girl and 2 boys-along with her first husband Bob Waterfield from who she divorced in 1967 followinf 24 years of marriage. One year later (1968) she married shortly to Roger Barrett, an actor who passed away three months after wedding, and in 1974 Russell married her last husband John Calvin Peoples who deceased in 1999. The deaths in her family determined the actress to become alcohol addicted and her children sent her to rehab when she was 79. Jane Russell's last stage appearance was in 1986 in an episode of Hunter, a drama aired by NBC.


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