Friday, March 4, 2011

Liberal deputy Tudor Ionescu, key of scandal between Pepe and Oana Zavoranu

Update 05/Apr/2011: Tudy Ionescu, shocking indecent video recorded in the toiled (Oana dedication)
Cancan made extensive efforts to see what exactely is behind the near-breaking of relationship between Oana Zavoranu and her husband Pepe. The news reporters discovered the 26-year-old liberal politician Tudor Ionescu who was in fact the company of Zavoranu at the end of November 2010 when the two individuals were spotted in a club at dawn. It looks like Ionescu is rather Zavoranu's lover and not her friend and their relationship is quite advanced. Tudor Ionescu, nicknamed also Tudy by his friends, wrote some words on his facebook profile giving understanding that he is totally in love with Oana and wants her to divorce Pepe. Zavoranu's reaction at hearing that media found out about her separation was somehow weird to everyone because she tried to be more discreet and avoided the scandal, which is her favorite game. Now with Tudor Ionescu in the middle of the battle field the things are more clear.
Video update 10 Mar 2011: Oana Zavoranu just filed for divorce: interview


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