Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oana Zavoranu and Pepe relationship to be terminated?

Hard to believe but true. Oana Zavoranu is in deep troubles: Pepe is missing!!! It was a harsh March 1 for Oana Zavoranu who was practically chased by paparazzi. Her possible separation from Pepe will be a perfect for a delicious hot news. Furthermore Oana is involved also in a scandalous lawsuit against her mother. She behaved unusual on Tuesday. During the daytime she wore a pair of sunglasses even if it was not necessary and in the evening she went out for a tanning session at about 9:30 p.m. She was very shy and tried to avoid the paparazzi. Furthermore she did not want her face to be seen. Late in the night Oana Zavoranu, known also as Querida, rejected live phone call with Dan Capatos during "Un Show Pacatos" parogramme, instead she sent him 2 SMS messages.
Detailed story of Oana Zavoranu and Pepe, scandal start, March 2011

10 Mar 2011 update: Oana Zavoranu handled divorce papers: interview


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