Sunday, March 13, 2011

Video: Acces Direct, Oana Zavoranu cries on phone

Oana Zavoranu seems to be a tough and restless woman but unfortunately her marriage turmoil is even tougher. That situation determined her to show that she is still human and has feelings. Zavoranu is puzzled because Pepe's action are somehow senseless. Her husband picked up his baggage and ran away. For one month he was not seen at all. He motivated his absence because of trying to avoid a couple scandal; anyway he generated a bigger one accompanied by divorce procedure. Oana was invited at several tv shows at Antena1 TV. She attended three times "Un show pacatos" and during a phone interview with Simona Gherghe (Acces Direct) Zavoranu started to cry when unveiling her love for Pepe.
VIDEO: Acces Direct-Oana Zavoranu crying on phone


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