Saturday, March 19, 2011

Liviu Varciu big celebration on his 30th birthday

Liviu Varciu organized a very monden party on the occasion of his 30 year anniversary. It looked like the number of invited people exceeded 100, among them spotting Pepe, Jean de la Craiona, Oana Roman, Andreea Banica, Oana Lis and her husban Viorel, Costi Ionita and many others. During the party there have been lots of entertainment but also emotional moments with Varciu remembering the death of his brother last year. The distinct guests enjoyed the funny moments innitiated by the celebrated person however the media reporter noticed that Varciu's father was somehow upset on his son's former wife Adelina Pestritu.
Watch VIDEO, PITURES, and more detailes from Liviu Varciu's 30th birthday party (17/03/2011)


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