Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is Lara Logan a bad mother?

This is the odd question asked recently and connected to Lara Logan, the reporter who was abused these days in Egypt. Hollywoodlife website considered that what happened to Mrs Logan is partly her fault. Why? According to website writers it is irresponsible as a reporter to have 2 kids at home and dare to go into a conflict area where your life is jeopardized. The problem is that many other reporters who risk their lives in dangerous regions around the world have families, spouse, kids, etc waiting at home. If following Hollywoodlife opinion, most of the news correspondents should be singles but also in that case they might have parents worrying about them, therefore what is to do? The answer is “simple”: quit the job and do something else.
Here quoting writer, Katie Dunn on Lara Logan:
It’s great that Lara is so passionate about her job and that she loves what she does for a living. And it’s so awful what happened to her in Egypt — there’s no excuse for that kind of violence. But did your feelings about putting yourself in danger change when you had kids? Some people start wearing a seatbelt after they become a parent. Or stop smoking, etc., wanting to be there to take care of their kids as they grow. Don’t your needs come second when you have a child?

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