Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor nude photo proved to be a fake

A white-black picture with Elizabeth Taylor in nude scene spread and overwhelmed the internet after the British gossip newspaper Daily Mail made it public first. Actually the italian claim that Liz Taylor's nude photograph is far from being real. Corriere della Sera revealed that the woman in image is not Liz. The genuine picture seemed to have been worked out by using a software and the outcome was hat we saw these days across the web and titled as "Elizabeth Taylor's uniqe nude photo". This is not something nice regarding the fact that the actress has just died on 23 March 2011 when aged 79.
Daily Mail wrote indeed a very thrustful story with the nude photo handlaed by several people, displayed for 30 years in someone's home and revealed recently.
See who is the real woman from fake (Liz Taylor) nude photo


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