Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Facebook-related shocking crime: Girlfriend killed for a breakfast

A 16-year-old UK teenager killed his ex-girlfriend after he posted threatening messages on Facebook, and one of his friend promised him a breakfast if committing the murder.

Joshua Davies, aged 16, took the former girlfriend, Rebecca Aylward, to an isolated place where he killed her by using a rock as big as a rugby ball.

Joshua, a young student who comes from a religious family, shocked by the way he used the Internet to plan the death of his former girlfriend, aged 15.

Everything started from a stupid joke:
A few weeks prior to the murder, one of Joshua's (grild) friends made a joke saying she will buy him a breakfast if taking Rebecca's life. Shockingly, just 2 days before the tragedy Joshua responded: "You might be forced to buy me that breakfast."

Rebecca and Joshua Davies have known each other for five years and had a three-month long relationship that was ended by the young lady. However, Rebecca was very happy in October 2010 when ex-boyfriend said he wants to see her again. The boy killed her with several hits and abandoned the body in a forest, where he later brought a friend and showed him the corpse.

Subsequently Joshua Davies changed his Facebook profile, writing that he was at home during the crime and even stated he was concerned about ex-girlfriend's fate. Davies planned to blame the pal to whom he showed the body.

Young friends said that the murderer had a dark side and was extremely jealous and possessive with Rebecca. Shortly after their separation, Joshua began to share rumors about an abortion and her attempts to continue the relationship with him. The killer used to write threatening messages on social networking sites and sometimes sent them to friends via SMS.

Joshua revealed to his friends that he would kill Rebecca, by drowning her in a river or throwing her off a cliff, but none of the young people believed that these threats were real.

For several months before the murder, Joshua had posted messages on social networks like Facebook, Bebo or MSN Messenger, saying he wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend, but his friends responded to these posts with smiles and not taking it in seriously.

Joshua Davies was found guilty of murder.


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