Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Elena Basescu and Syda, reconciliation in Cannes

Elena Basescu aka EBA has forgiven her boyfriend Bogdan Ionescu aka Syda after three months of separation. The twosome made an unexpected peace agreement in Cannes where they met each other in late May.
Elena, the youngest daughter of the Romanian President Traian Basescu was being quite upsed on her amigo because of some aledged flirts and in consequence she made him suffer emotionally during the past three months. However their common friends managed to bring them to a promising reconciliation where else than in the luxurious French Resort of Cannes. EBA arrived on the french riviera at the beginning of the weekend. Impressed by the fact that Elena and her ex-boyfriend Syda were in deep love pain, their friends decided to try to bring them back together. How? For instance planning a face to face meeting between the "former" lovers. It looks like the plan paid off.
Initially EBA and Syda were embarrased and were smiling shyly by adterwards they caught courage and started talking to each other. It seems that they started to debate past things with EBA blaming Syda for flirting with various girls in Bucharest's Boa Club and Syda claiming that EBA did not respond to the dozens of sms's all during the past three months.
They had booked accomodations at different hotels, not knowing that they will meet each other in Cannes, however they spent two days having fun in clubs.
Elena and Bogdan did not back together in the country because she was compelled to buy plain ticket bound to Brussels, where she works as a MEP. Anyway the encounter between president's daughter and Syda was promising, there everyone expects the wedding bells to ring again.


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