Sunday, April 3, 2011

Natalia Mateut, boyfriend detained in Amsterdam

Natalia Matthew the daughter of former Romanian footballer Dorinel Mateut wanted to spend her holiday at Amsterdam along with her boyfriend and some close friends. However she found herself involved in the middle of incident with false-cards accusations.
Natalie and her boyfriend flew to Amsterdam, the Dutch capital that reminding them of the beginning of their romance. They enjoyed the beauty of the city but when wanted to do some shopping, they were astonished to find that thier cards are not quite valid. The vendors called quickly the police who arrived at the spot and seem to have arrested Natalia and her company. In an interview for Cancan, Natalia's mother did not give too many details wishing to spread the impression that she does not know much about the incident or her daughter. Read more and see video arrest moments with Natalia Mateut Amsterdam streets.


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