Saturday, February 26, 2011

Customer orders food but gets money bag at KFC

It happened in Overland Park! A 21-year-old young man was praised for reporting after he received by mistake a bank bag filled with money instead of his ordered food at KFC-drive. The honest man drove through KFC’s drive-area and picked up his food without looking in the bag. When he arrived at home was surprised to see that actually he was handled a bank bag with cash inside. The man called the police and announced the happening. The officers went to man’s place and as they were leaving the residence they were announced by the dispatch that the KFC employee reported the missing cash bag. A restaurant employee deposited the money into the bag which was picked up by another employee and delivered mistakenly as food to the customer. All the money were given back to KFC. “I would like to thank this young man for his example of honesty and right-doing things”, police Chief John Douglas posted on his blog.


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