Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Autovehicle lighting systems

The safety on the roads supposes that your car is equipped with several compulsory accessories such as airbags, safety belt, proper lighting system, etc. Many of the traffic accidents are generated due to lack of visibility; therefore most of the famous car brands try to come up with new developed and innovative lighting systems.
The lighting system of a car relies on lighting and signalling devices attached or integrated to the front, sides and back of the vehicle. The goal of such a system is to generate suitable illumination for the driver in order to maintain the vehicle safely into the dark, to enhance the conspicuity of the motorcar and to provide information regarding the vehicle's presence, location, size, direction of driving, and driver's intentions with respect to the direction and speed of travel. The headlight is one of the most important component of the car lighting. Its characteristics are determining factors for the safaty of the driving. The headlight like also the other electrical lamps is widely standardized by traffic convention. The hadlamps are split usually in two categories: the low beam (or meeting, dipped, dip, passing beam) headlamp and high beam (or driving, main, full beam) headlamp. The dipped beam must provide a specific distribution to give proper forward and side illumination without blinding the other driver with excessive glare. The beam is designed for being used when other vehicles are present ahead. The main beam instead is characterized by an intense, centre distribution of light without much control of the glare. Thus, they are suitable for use whe alone on streets as the intense light would bling the other drivers. There are various electical components used for front lighting such as normal filament bulbs, xenon lamps, etc. One of the newest technology is based on hid lights which allow the driver to see the road with an impecable clarity, thus avoiding the presence of invisible spots, blured images. The hid headlights are known to have a longer lifetime and a hight brightness than the halogen bulbs like xenon gas based lamps.


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