Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chelsea - Barcelona semifinal 06/05/2009 video highlights UEFA Champions League 2009

06.May.2009 Just a few hours to go untill one of the most disputed semifinals of the Champions League, Chelsea - Barcelona. In the last game, Hiddink had defensive problems on Saturday when claimed a 3-1 victory against Fulham and he does not want to see that against Barcelona, while the spanish opponents come in a good mood after a prestigious 6-2 over Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Because of the blank score from first leg at Camp Nou, this evening the goals are compulsory. If Chelsea qualifyes, then it will play the second consecutive Champions League final against same last year rivals, Manchester Utd.
UPDATE: Chelsea Barcelona 1-1. Tragically, Chealsea lost the qualification in the final of the champions League in the last minute. Chelsea had the lead of almost the whole game by the superb goal scored by Essien, instead Barcelona got one of the luckiest day in the history, Iniesta drawing in the last minute of the game (92) and denying Chelsea's chance to get revenge against Manchester. Actually Iniesta's 93rd-minute strike was Barcelona's first shot on target of the entire match. Chelsea played pretty well and had most of the good occasions missed by Drogba who also claimed a penalty. In the last minute, Essien (who scored for Chelsea) made a huge mistake missing a simple ball which subsequently was shot nicely by Iniesta from outside of the area and ended in Cech's net. Another aspect to be noticed is that Anelka is one of the worst players (he missed also last year final's penalty) and Chelsea should get rid of him. After Drogba got injured, Chelsea's attack was doomed. Luckily Barcelona is the second team who booked the tickets to the UEFA CL final where they will meet the present champions, Manchester United. Video Chelsea vs. Barcelona goals and highlights UEFA Champions League semifinals second-leg (Iniesta goal min 92)


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