Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NWA pilots playing on laptops instead of landing

A situation which can be met only in the comedy movies. The FAA investigation revealed finally what the Delta Airlines/NWA jet pilots were doing when they missed the approach at Minneapolis airport a couple of days ago. Many people may have imagined that the pilots fell asleep or they were drunk but NO...the Flight 188 pilots were busy on laptops while their airplane was passing by the destination airport. According to the unbelievable statements of the two NWA pilots - Timothy B Cheney (53) and Richard I Cole (54) -, they were aware of the air traffic radio communication but were too focused on the notebooks, probably they were watching some new released movies, etc...anyway the A320 jet with 144 passengers just went further by about 150 miles when suddenly the crew remembered that have also to come down to the Earth.


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