Thursday, October 15, 2009

Experimental homemade balloon carrying 6 year old boy over Colorado

A six year old boy untied his family homemade balloon which started to float randomly over Fort Collins, Colorado . According to the family, two boys were playing around the balloon before getting airborne. The parents became alerted when one of the two kids said that his brother remained trapped inside the balloon compartments. The authorities started chasing the hot-air balloon which subsequently touched down gently, but nobody was found inside. The Colorado officials ask themselves whether the boy was inside or not and even worse they are worried that the kid may have fallen down during the flight because the craft door was unlocked. A sibling saw Falcon Heene get into the basket and seconds later the balloon took off after the anchoring rope was undid. Such experimental balloon like craft is capable to reach as high as 10000 feet (> 3 km). The boy was finally found scared in the attic of his family house.
The final conclusion? International breaking news started simply by a little boy who untied a rope. It seems that the world media broadcast live images of the Colorado balloon odyssey. Various websites like Al-Jazeera, Australia's Sydney Herald, Twitter, Facebook, The Sun, BBC broadcasted updated news on the aerial odyssey occured at Fort Collin city, north of Denver, Colorado.
Watch video how the Colorado experimental homemade balloon lands (runaway US balloon landing).


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