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Drasius Kedys, a lithuanian hero killing pedophiles

Drasius Kedys, a 37 year old lithuanian citizen from Kaunas became an international supported hero after shooting to death two high ranked lithuanian officials supposed to have molested Kedys's 4-year-old daughter. Following the findings on her daughter sexual ordeal, Kedys called for justice for more than 1 year but his pleas remained unlistened which determined him to make justice on his own. Therefore the police believes Drasius Kedys is involved in the very recent killings of the judge Jonas Furmanavicius and the speaker of Lithuania's Parliament, Andrius Us. The murdered officials were 2 of the 5 blamed of allegedly raped and sexually assaulted the youngster Deimantela.
Despite that fact that Drasius Kedys got onto the Interpol wanted list, he became a hero in Europe and Lithuania with thousands of fans on Youtube, Facebook and other social media networks.
Video footage Drasius Kedys killing pedophile case, interviews, reports.
Video Drasius Kedys and his daughter, homemade footage fragments.


Kilbarry1 October 23, 2009 at 1:59 AM  

The following is from a discusssion on the Irish website

The killer is a criminal fantasist. There has been no proven case of an "Elite Paedophile Ring" ANYWHERE in the world and I doubt if Lithuania is the first and only example.

In previous cases, either there was no Ring, or no Elite involvement, or no Child or no sexual activity of any kind (i.e. the entire story was a fake).

Let's not forget that different countries tend to have different kinds of child abuse hysteria. The USA and the UK had Satanic Ritual Abuse and Repressed Memory. Neither of these cut much ice in Ireland but we did have lots of allegations of child killing by the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy. Some of these claims related to times when no child died of ANY cause - so I coined the terms "Murder of the Undead" and "Victimless Murders" (try Googling these.) Child killing hysteria did not feature at all in the USA and in the UK there was only one example - the "Haut de la Garenne" hysteria on the island of Jersey in 2008.

Lithuania seems to have developed a type of murder hysteria also but instead of imagining that non-existent children were killed, this guy claims that 5 people prostituted his daughter and he has now murdered two of them. Perhaps just as serious, he seems to have huge popular support. What this means is that other nutcases are liable to do the same!

Al April 23, 2010 at 2:00 AM  

... Kilbarry1 u a morron!
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