Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Colombian football team Los Maniceros killed by guerilla

The bodies of ten players of the Colombian football team Los Maniceros were found in the Venezuela district of Tachira. Los Maniceros players who had been kidnapped 2 weeks ago were known also as "Peanut men" because usually they were selling nuts across the Colombia-Venezuela border. Everything started on 11th of October when according to the witnesses, 15 armed people showed up at the Fernandez Feo municipal stadium and sized 10 colombian players, a venezuelan and a peruvian national. Leomango Flores, the senior official of Tachira state blamed ELN - a colombian guerilla - for the killings. The colombian national Manuel Junior Cortez aged 18, was the only survivor left alive by the extremists in order to tell the people how his team mates were tortured under a bridge and later shot dead.
Video report Los Maniceros team massacre site.


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