Monday, January 3, 2011

Arkansas mistery death of birds and fishes in Beebe and Ozark

The towns of Beebe and Ozark have been struck recently by mistery events involving death of thousands of blackbirds and drum fishes. The beginning of the tragedies started on New Year Eve when citizens of Beebe called the authorities reporting that blackbirds fall out of sky. There were estimated that 1000 birds died (CNN) but some sources (AP) stated that the number might rise up to 5000. A few days later a large scale fish kill was spotted along Arkansas River near Ozark. The specialists believe the birds died due to firework display or weather, instead Arkansas Game and Fish did not figure out why 100000 fish were floating dead 30 km along the river. The pollution effects are excluded as long as this would lead to the killing of all kind of fishes.


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