Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Video Rockhampton floods. Pictures and updates

People from Rockhamton, Queensland are struggling to save their lives and goods from serious floodwaters.  The main "culprit" is Fitzroy River which claimed so far the evacuation of about 1500 homes but instead the river level remained stable with 0.2m below the expected predictions (level of 9.2 m than of 9.4 m foreseen). The 0.2 meter raise would have damaged 400 homes and riched the doors of other 4000). Videos of pictures of floods from Rockhampton show the huge extent of the flooding with residents switching cars for boats. More rain is foretold for the next weeks and the danger heads to the town of St George. 10 people died in the Queensland floodwater since the start of the tropical storm on November 30. About quarter a million australian have been affected and 1 million km2 flooded. Water animals like crocodiles and snakes have been spotted in the waters and the authorities warn the people not to enter the waters. Video of Rockhampton floods, pictures, updates,forecast.


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