Friday, January 7, 2011

Lady Gaga presents polaroid picture-taking sunglasses: Video

Yesterday at Consumer Electronics Show, Lady Gaga showed the outcome of her Polaroid design. Gaga did a pretty well job by describing in a professional manner the new GL20 Polaroid sunglasses fitted with a built-in photocamera. The GL20 camera stores the images on a chip placed in the glasses frame. Besides the photo camera, the pop star revealed info also on the new GL10 polaroid printer which can be easily connected to a mobile phone (not iPhone) and able to print a 3 by 4 inch picture in less than 40 seconds. The last surprize of the Polaroid event was the GL30 traditional camera which copes with both digital and polaroid prints.
Video Lady Gaga Polaroid GL20 camera sunglasses, GL10 printer and GL30 camera at CES Vegas


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