Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zimbabwe woman killed by lion while having sex with lover

Zimbabwe woman killed by lion during sex act with boyfriend in bushes
A lion attacked a couple who was having sex in a wooded area and killed the woman while boyfriend managed to escape and run away naked.

The king of the jungle devoured the woman identified as Sharai Mawera as she was enjoying romantic moments with a man whose name was not released. The incident occurred near the town of Kariba, a region known for its large number of wild animals.

The attack apparently took place on Tuesday on the outskirts of the town while the twosome had sex in nature. It seems that the lover ran away wearing nothing except a condom and left his female partner behind. She died after being torn apart by the creature.

Mawera was a vendor at a local store, while her partner is a fisherman. The bush where she died was one of their favorite meeting places.

"Unfortunately she was killed by a lion, but her friend managed to escape. He ran to a safe distance, where he witnessed the attack. Later, the man called for help ", said a friend of the victim.

Currently, authorities are trying to catch the lion, which is blamed for several deaths in recent weeks. City residents are afraid because dangerous wild animals began to eat people.


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