Thursday, March 25, 2010

Terneuzen coffee shop fined 10 million euros

Meddie Willemsen, the owner of the biggest cannabis-selling coffee shop in the Netherlands was fined ten million euros ($13.3m) for infringing the Dutch drug law. Furthermore Willemsen, 58, was sentenced to 16 weeks of jail term as well. The owner of the Terneuzen Checkpoint coffee shop was convicted because of possessing much more than the allowed amount of 500 grammes of drugs at the cafe. Checkpoint coffee shop was known as the biggest coffeeshop in the Holland with more than 3000 people served daily before being closed in May 2008. Previously the police confiscated more than 200 kg of cannabis when raided the coffee house. The prosecutors proposed initially a fine of 28 million euros because of the "high role of the authorities in permitting the coffee shop to grow unverified". The municipality had a great contribution to the expansion of the drug cafe. The city hall installed signs showing the direction to the Checkpoint and built a parking lot near it in order to diminish the traffic jam in the town. At the moment there are about 700 licenced coffee shops across Netherlands allowed to stock up to 500 grammes of soft drugs.


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