Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lighting systems overview

The lighting of a facility can be considered a very important strategy especially when regarding reduction of costs and energy savings. The lighting of any indoor or outdoor area might be done with various types of electrical white light products such as lighting leds – which are known as very economical -, ionizing lamps, bulbs, advanced fiber optic, etc. When it comes to the term ampoule it is obvious that is related to one of the best illuminating systems. The commercial lighting manufacturers are able to provide a wide variety of products categorized by design, power, spectrum or colour. It is good to make a comparison between the bulb lamps and the led-based lamps. The led lamps are known for long life time and high efficiency therefore is very profitable to choose them despite the fact that they are somehow a little bit more expensive than the fluorescence or incandescence lamps. Assembly such as ampoule a led turned out to be a very efficient and reliable light product with a large angle of illumination and containing a multi-led array which is comparable in intensity with a 50 watts power incandescence lamp. To notice here another advantage that relies on its very small dimensions. 137. Now it is also possible to use the simulateur d’aube which performs simulation of the sun rising or fall of the night. The simulation system is practically designed to calculate and organize a specific schedule based on the light intensity during the daytime.


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